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Standard Provides Affordable Node Return Optics Summary Cable operators have thousands of legacy nodes with return transmitters using Fabry-Perot (FP) laser technology widely deployed in the 1990s. For advanced data and telephony services—for example, 64 and 128 QAM—higher performance return optics are required and higher output optical power may be desired. As a result, total reliability and consistent performance are critical characteristics that must be ensured prior to launching high bit rate advanced services. To support cable operators’ launch of advanced services such as high speed data and digital telephony, Standard Communications offers a high performance, costeffective alternative to comprehensive node removal and replacement.

The Decision One of the most perplexing decisions faced before launching advanced services is dealing with the budgetary and operational aspects of either: 1) removal and replacement of all the nodes throughout the network or 2) upgrading only the optical return transmitters. Node segmentation planning may be another one of the elements critical to the overall decision.

Cost Considerations Regardless of the individual factors, replacing nodes has become complex and expensive and is composed of numerous elements, such as: cost of the physical nodes, labor, equipment, shift-pay differential, fiber splicing, cable connectors, node alignment, and sweep and the potential alignment of all active devices within the node area. Some operators report node removal and replacement projects cost between $3,000 and $6,000 per location.

The Path to Improved Network Reliability The Solution: NRT™ Standard Communications now offers the NRT™, a series of return transmitters designed for most nodes. Outstanding performance, gold-level optics warranty, tremendous price/performance ratio and our nearly 40 years in the broadband industry make the NRT™ products the right choice for upgrading nodes to support high bit rate advanced services.

The Evidence Standard Communications has analyzed available original and replacement node return transmitters to understand the performance of legacy devices, current OEM offerings and third-party offerings. Our analysis highlights significant problems with existing FP and DFB optical devices and caused us to establish a number of absolute requirements for our NRT products:

• • • • •

Form and fit the same as the OEM Frequency Range of 5~200MHz CNR of >45dB* CSO of <-48dBc* CTB of <-54dBc*


• • • • •

Operating Temperature Range of 110°C (-40°C to +70°C) Flatness of ±0.5dB between 5~50MHz Flatness of ±0.75dB between 5~200MHz RF Input Headroom of +15dB Target Market Price of under $600

We strongly believe this represents a tremendous value to operators to upgrade to DFB optics for their node return transmitters. Once again, Standard Communications brings innovation and value to the broadband industry. We applied the same set of performance tests and analyses to competing node return transmitters to assist system operators with their own product evaluation and selection processes. These reports are available for each of the node return transmitters we offer. Results varied widely from low-end FP devices that began clipping after a 3dB change in RF input level, all the way to high level/high cost devices, some costing as much as $1,500. However, one common factor was observed in our analyses: The performance of the NRT™ devices exceeded the competitors’ devices.

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Node Return Transmitter Solutions


Side-by-Side Testing Shows Superior Performance… Frequency Response at -40° C, 25° C, +70° C

Relative Response (dB)

NRT SA20 25°C

Frequency (MHz)

Relative Response (dB)

OEM Product

Frequency (MHz)



…Priced for Superior Value CNR (dB)

Typical Distortion Performance (versus Input Variations) Even with input excursions as much as 15 dB, distortion is managed to approximately the same level or significantly better, over the entire 110°C range.

Side-by-Side Testing Results (Representative)

CTB (-dBc)

CSO (-dBc)


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OEM Sample

Standard NRT SA2 Actual

CNR at 12dBmV/ch 19.82dB CNR at 27dBmV/ch 34.33dB CSO at 12dBmV/ch -42.78dBc CSO at 27dBmV/ch -56.15dBc CTB at 12dBmV/ch -42.62dBc CTB at 27dBmV/ch -56.06dBc Flatness 5Mhz to 50MHz 1.97dB at +25ºC Flatness 5Mhz to 200MHz 13.5dB at +25ºC Return Loss 5Mhz-50MHz @25ºC 10.5dB Return Loss 5Mhz-200MHz @25ºC 3.2dB

48.4dB 61.6dB -82.1dBc -81.6dBc -73.0dBc -80.0dBc .5dB at -40ºC .58dB at +25ºC .57dB at +70ºC .56dB at -40ºC .72dB at +25ºC .84dB at +70ºC 17.86dB 17.86dB

Node Return Transmitter Solutions


NRT Models & Specifications







Specifications Parameter

Minimum Performance

Frequency Range CNR CSO CTB Flatness, 5~50 MHz 5~200 MHz RF Input Range Operating Temperature Range Physical Size Power/Connectors

5~200 MHz >45 dB* < -48 dBc* < -54 dBc* ± 0.5 dB ± 0.75 dB +15 dB 110°C (-40°C to +70°C) Per OEM form & fit Per OEM form & fit

Specifications subject to change.

*The use of SC/UPC optical connectors degrades performance by 3dB, typical

NRT Ordering Information Standard offers OEM replacement/upgrades for a variety of manufacturers’ products. Our units with DFB lasers can be configured to the specific requirements of your network node. Customer:_______________________________________________ System Address:________________________________________________________ Contact: ________________________________________________ City:___________________________________ State:__________ ZIP:______________ Quantity: ____________ Date Required:____________________ Notes:___________________________________________________________________ Configuration Instructions: Complete by filling in each space with the appropriate bold letter/number corresponding to the choices in each menu. The end product should contain 3 letter/number combinations. (See example below)

________________ – ________________ – ________________ OEM/Model

(see Legend)



00 0 dB out 03 3 dB out 05 5 dB out


Sample Configuration:

C-COR FlexNode 3dB output with SC/APC Connector 1310nm, DFB Laser Order NRT:

NRTCC-03-SCAPC OEM/Model Legend NRT-AC ADC/C-COR ISX: Model 3030, 3040

NRT-SA2 Scientific-Atlanta Node: Model 6920

NRT-BTN Motorola/GI Mini-Node: Model BTN-B

NRT-SA4 Scientific-Atlanta Node: Model 6940, 6942, Gainmaker

NRT-CC C-COR FlexNode: Model LN-SM3 NRT-DNA Magnavox/Philips: Model DNA

NOTE: Additional power output levels, connectors, polishes and node models available on request

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Node Return Transmitter Solutions



Gold Standard Support Program Standard offers a 3 Year Gold Warranty program: The three year Gold Warranty apply to all products marked with this logo*. The 3 Year Gold Warranty means a unit is repaired or replaced free of charge the fist year and repaired for a fee during the next two years. Please call a customer service representative for service rates. For more product information, contact:

United States Corporate Headquarters 6260 Sequence Drive San Diego, California 92121 858-546-5300 800-745-2445 858-546-5051 fax

Toll Free 800-745-2445

NRT Node Return Transmitter Solutions  
NRT Node Return Transmitter Solutions  

The Path to Improved Network Reliability