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Team Alexies CEBU TRIP

Meet Eral, Alexies, Pat, Pau, Meg and Mairin!





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Letters from your Directors How March went Business of Design with Design Pickle Hello DILL-ightful Pickles!

Team Leaders Meetup

First thing first! Eli and Lei here! Welcome to the new beefy version of The Pickle Chronicles!

Team Alexies’ Cebu Trip DILL of the Month Winners

We’re excited about this and we know we’re going to have some fun improvements as we go along the way!

Pickle Highlight 2018 Graphic Design Tools





The new Pickle Chronicles aims to bring us all together as one family. Get official updates on what has happened in the previous month, get to know your new (and old!) fellow pickles, learn some tips and some smart working moves! Hit us up if you want to share and we’d love to hear from you, too! Quick shoutout to our first batch of contributing writers and designers Abbey, Krissie, Karl, Charms, Clark and Nicole! It has been a challenge getting these pages done and we appreciate all your help guys! Happy reading!





How March Went REORGANIZATION AND PROMOTION, MEET OTHER PH DEPARTMENT March opened up a lot of changes! And when we say CHANGE, the whole team literally got BIGGER! Aside from the continuously growing Production Team, we’ve already established several teams that provide support to our pool of creatives. Let’s meet the leads who handle the following teams!

• Jureiga Cabarrubias leads our HR&Payroll • MC Tambunting, our 2017 Designer of the Year, is now heading the Hiring Team • Pamela Bermudez singlehandedly manages a new team in the PH - Designer Assignment Group • Karl Suministrado leads Timmy Ibañez and Miguel Lingao in the Training Team • And Charmaine Centeno, once a kick-ass designer, handles our Events and Recruitment! Of course, we wouldn’t forget our newest Pickles who recently joined the US Team: • Brian Froelich, Marketing Director • David Ball, Paid Ads Director • Kate Rooney, Marketing Executive

BUSINESS OF DESIGN WITH DESIGN PICKLE Last March 24, 2018 the Designers League of Pampanga conducted a meet-up that tackled topics such as pricing, promotions, merch, and more. As a way to give back to the design community, Design Pickle sponsored the event.

our team, Boots took the stage and gave a short talk. Design Pickle isn’t unheard of for the members of the Designers League of Pampanga, but most of them haven’t applied yet because of the lack of info about the company. Thanks to Boots for this little nudge and encouragement, and we’ll hopefully have more pickles in the jar from the event soon!

With Boots Diaz as our representative, a ‘mini-recruitment’ happened during the event. Encouraging his fellow kapampangans to join 3

Team Leaders Leaders from both Production teamsattended the Team Leader’s meetupat Toby’s Estate Cafe, Ortigas on March 25, 3pm to discuss and finalize topics in preparation for the Q2 Bi-monthly video huddles. Ideas, collaboration and most of all, a stronger bond was established between colleagues. 4


Among the leaders who attended are as follows: Maria Eleonor Alcazar (Director of Production), Isabella Eslava & Kristina Phee (Production Manager), Alexies Marie Dela Cruz, Patricia Castro, Gia De Vera, Joana Cinco (Assistant Production Manager). Abbigail Ambrosio, Alyssa Africa, Clarisse Malabuyo, Conrado Salazar, Hanako Yabut, Karla Magtaka, Karen Codorniz, Kariza Cruz, Melena Sevial, Oliver de Guzman Santiago Immanuel Suck, Patricia Garvida, Cha Zulueta, Jhoana Soriano and Leonise Tañaquin (Team Leaders).

The group were broken down to four subgroups where APMs took the lead in discussing the chosen topics and plans of each team leaders with the group. Everyone in the group has shared their opinions and critics to help improve and polish the concept that will be used for their video huddles.

The meetup was closed with a small token of appreciation given to all Team Leaders in a form of a care package. Inside each package were things that are useful and fun to help combat the stress from challenges they may encounter at work. The care package consists of a small clipboard, DP themed stickers, pen, sticky note, mint candy, 5pcs. Advil for headaches, and 1 sachet of shampoo as a joke to remind them we should still take a bath even if we work from home. The Team Leaders enjoyed it and started to form their own flat lay with the stuff they received and posted it on their social media accounts. Everyone said their goodbyes and carried with them new learnings, fresh ideas, new friends and gained inspiration and energy that will equip them to face the coming work week. Till our next Team Leader’s meetup!




Day 1: • Mactan-Mandaue Bridge • Temple of Leah • Terrazas de Flores • Sirao Garden – Little Amsterdam • Trekking at Sirao Peak • Dinner at Tops of Cebu • Wine Night at La Vie Parisienne Day 2: • Lunch at SM Seaside Mall with Mairin’s grandparents • Merienda at SM Seaside Mall with Meg’s aunt • Shop pasalubong at Taboan Market • Dinner at House of Lechon with Jureiga and Jackson Day 3: • Work mode • Chill night at Scape Skydeck


The goal was to finally meet Eral (:D) and go sight seeing at Lapu-Lapu and Cebu City. We went trekking, took photo shoots at beautiful places and ate Lechon. We were also able to meet Ms. Jureiga and Jackson!

How were you able to balance work schedule with the activities planned on your trip? We planned months ago before the actual trip. We scheduled it on weekend and book a flight after shift so our working hours will not be affected. We did nothing too tiring the night before, made sure the Airbnb house we stayed in have good wifi and a big enough place to work at, and was also near enough to the airport so we can get there quickly right after working.

What would be your advice to other teams / individuals planning to work remotely while on a vacation? Take the risk, but be prepared. Make sure that when you plan a vacation trip and decided to work remotely, our working hours won’t be affected on your flight schedule (this is to help your Superiors to not get frustrated/stressed when you’re missing in action) It also helps to have an early start so that you can finish on time, and have more vacation time after. :D I really encourage you to try, it’s fun and refreshing to work in an unfamiliar place you aren’t used to. Just make sure you got everything you need for work, (laptop + charger + hard drive with your files + back up internet (can be pocket wifi and/or data connection) and you’re good to go!

What preparations did you guys do for this trip? We’ve been talking about this trip for months just because we want to be complete as Team Alexies, and we’re so curious about hearing Eral’s voice (his mic was always not working every.single.meeting. hahaha!) then we took it seriously and finally Mairin booked a flight last January. Pat, Eral and I had a sheet for our itinerary. flight schedule and activities. Meg found a house we can all stay in with fast internet. Luckily, the owner of the house has a van to rent for our tour, Paula coordinated with them and grabbed it for Day 1 and 3. We got to use Eral’s car too, he picked us up from the airport (even our flight was 3hours delayed) and for some urgent errand purposes. On day 2, Mairin’s grandparent offered a ride and for the other places we used Grab/Uber. We planned the trip when we were still Team Alex, so nothing can stop us even when we’re not in one team anymore. #clingy

How did this trip affect you and your relationship with your colleagues? We get to know each other’s crazy habits and made us even closer. It established a friendlier environment at work because of the bond we had. The relationship was not just virtual co-workers anymore; it is actually having your friends at work. We are officially Team Clingy. <3 <3 Unsurprisingly, we are already planning our next trip. :D

As a whole, the preparation is all about Teamwork! 7

MARCH DILL INTERVIEW: Jacob Edquiban Team Melena Interviewed via Zoom

Before I proceed on the request I always check the services or content of the request this will be easy for me to create the design. How long have you been with DP? I started with DP last year, August. So, I think I have already been with DP for six months...going seven, I think. What is the best thing you like about working with your clients? Sa mga clients ko, yung iba like, for example, other places, like mga requests ni Deanna Lu, minsan nakaka-encounter naman ako nung gusto ko ‘yung ginagawa ko, ‘yung mga flyers, ganon, or gagawa (ng) logo. Syempre ‘yun ‘yung skills na alam ko na fit para doon sa client na ‘yon. With my clients, for example -- places, with Deana Lu’s requests. Sometimes, creating things like flyers and logos, which I like doing because it’s fit with my skills and the clients’ need. Clarified if it’s when he encounters or discovers new things through clients’ requests and he agreed saying Oo, yes, mas na-eenhance ko pa ‘yung skills ko parang ganon. Yes, it somehow enhances my skills. What was your worst experience in handling a client? Siguro ‘yung mga hindi ko line, tulad nung kay Adam Noonan, medyo hirap ako ‘non dati lalo na ‘yung pagka mga icons, lalo na pag ‘di ka maalam, tulad ng mga java mga ganon, kung baga ‘di ko sya line, ‘di ako nakakarelate, then after that ‘yung kay Ziv Raviv na nahirapan din talaga ako na requests, then ‘yung kay Sandler, ‘yung mga menu. Dati talagang hirap na hirap ako ‘don, ngayon medyo nakapag-adjust na ako, nakuha ko na ‘yung technique kung pano talaga i-layout ng tama. Pag nakakareceive ako ng request galing kay Sandler talagang naeexcute ko na sya ng tama. 8

Maybe those requests that are not in-line with my skills, like Adam Noonan’s. I had a hard time working on, like, icons and java. I couldn’t well-relate. Ziv Raviv’s requests too are hard and Sandler’s which mostly are menus -- I really had a hard time with it, but I had slowly adjusted. I learned the technique of laying it out correctly. Currently, when I get requests from him, I’m able to execute it better. How did you handle the situation? Siguro nireview ko maigi ‘yung tickets nila, the more na narerecieve mo ‘yung requests nila gumagapang naman yung flow nung ticket nila, kung baga ‘yung dati, paangat lang ng paagat na nageevolve din ‘yung request pero same parin ‘yung diskarte mo kung paano siya gagawin. Kung baga, sa una lang talaga siya mahirap lalo na ‘pag mga new requests pero ‘yung sunod-sunod na requests parang padali na siya ng padali, minsan may mahihirap pero nakukuha mo kagad. Kapag gamay mo na talaga, lalo na ‘yung kay Sandler, sa una mahirap talaga, kasi minsan four-panel minsan nagsisix-panel pa ‘ko, pero diskarte ko don, layout muna e, layout muna talaga, second na lang ‘yung design. Latag ng texts, then tsaka ‘yung design, importante ‘yung malatag ko muna. I review their requests thoroughly and the more receive requests from them, you get the flow of it. The requests evolve but you’ll be able to do the same strategy. It’s mostly on the first requests that it’s hard, but when you get the same requests over and over, they get easier. When you already know what to do, like Sandler’s requests, sometimes I create four-panel and six-panel menus, but I already got the technique -- I work on the layout first, then the design. I layout the texts then I design the whole thing, the important key is that I lay it out first.

How do you keep your creative juices flowing? Before I proceed on the request I always check the services or content of the request this will be easy for me to create the design. Sometimes I refer to the net look for modern and trend design. I like typography style sometimes I use this style on my request.

Even if the request is not yours, or it seems difficult, just analyze it, our team leads are there to always guide us.

Best advise for the probees in handling clients? Siguro kahit hindi sa’yo galing, o mahirap ‘yung ticket, analyze natin maigi, andyan naman si TL para i-guide tayo. Then, at first talaga magugulat ka lalo na pag-mahirap e, then may mga pinapasalong ticket galing sa iba na hindi mo alam pano mo didiskartehan, dahil unang tingin mo palang mahirap, pero pag-inanalyze mo syang maigi makukuha mo talaga e. Hindi ka lang talaga pwedeng magulantang na ang hirap nito ah, ba’t ito napunta sa’kin. Basta analyze talaga ng maigi at mag-seek ng advise kay TLs or sa managers natin andyan naman sila para i-guide tayo. ‘Yun ‘yung ginagawa ko mostly talaga pagka hindi ko sya mahandle nga maayos. Then ang tips ko naman, siguro, gawin natin ng tama, analyze, diskarte paano i-execute ng tama, proof natin before i-send kay QR make sure natin, na nasunod natin lahat. Even if the request is not yours, or it seems difficult, just analyze it, our team leads are there to always guide us. At first, it’s overwhelming especially if it’s difficult and there will be times that you’ll have to help out a team member and you don’t know how will you work on it. You cannot just be overwhelmed, and ask, “why do I have this kind of request?”, just analyze it well and seek advise from our team leads or managers - they are always here to guide us. That’s what I do when I think I can’t handle it well. For the tips: do it correctly, analyze and strategize on how to execute it. Proof before sending it to QR status and make sure we followed all instructions.

Froilan Pastrana Jr. Team Abbigail Interviewed via Zoom

I get to encounter more challenges when it comes to designs because the clients have different needs. How long have you been with DP? I’ve been with Design Pickle for four months now. What is the best thing you like about working with your clients? I get to encounter more challenges when it comes to designs because the clients have different needs. Everyday is a new task. When I wake up in the morning and check my tickets they’re different from yesterday’s work. I get to work on varied design tasks. What was your worst experience in handling a client? How did you handle the situation? My worst experience is handling clients that are not 100% sure what they want to see or expect in a design which would result to numerous revisions. Sometimes the revisions are drastic to the point that we’re already exploring a totally new design.

When I encounter clients like these, I give my own Give suggestions or options for suggestions and options. I often suggest other design them which we think will work styles that I think is fit for their brand. And sometimes they agree with me as well. better than their provided reference, or on some of their new Everyday I look for new design requests that we think that is good inspirations for suggestion and we know the How do you keep your creative juices flowing? client will be happy with it. Everyday I look for new design inspirations, new trends Followed-up and asked tips and tricks in communicating with clients... Syempre greet natin sila bago natin i-process ang tickets nila, syempre bigay tayo ng suggestions o kaya options para sa kanila, na alam natin na pwede tayong makagawa ng mas maganda dun sa provided nya o sa bagong request nya na alam natin na ito, mas okay ‘to na maging suggestion ‘to para maging happy din si client sa request nya. Greet them first of course, before processing the tickets. Give suggestions or options for them which we think will work better than their provided reference, or on some of their new requests that we think that is good for suggestion and we know the client will be happy with it.

in Pinterest. In our team we have a pinterest account where our Team Leader Abbigail collects designs for us. I usually need this most when working on a flyer/brochure design request because sometimes I have clients who will give me the content but they couldn’t provide me with any design inspiration. So I have to be able to produce different styles for them.

My advice for the probees is for them to think and visualize that they are the client who submitted a request. They should put themselves on our client’s shoes.


Best advice for the probees in handling clients? My advice for the probees is for them to think and visualize that they are the client who submitted a request. They should put themselves on our client’s shoes. When you read the client’s instructions you should also be able to visualize their desired outcome. Also, since probees are still adjusting to our process, they should see their mistakes as a learning. When I first started, during my first 2 weeks, I had a lot of QR Failed tickets but every time I commit an error I make sure that I won’t repeat it. Make it a habit to always check if you were able to correct your previous mistake to avoid these lapses. Once you are able to make this a habit then you won’t have a problem with OTR,

with your clients and you’ll be able to work smoothly. Additional question: How do you handle your queue everyday? I work on revision requests first because most of the time these only takes less time to accomplish. The most important thing is to review tickets. When I review my tickets every morning, I am already thinking of a design for the other tickets as well so I already know what files I need and what design style I’ll use. I work on easy tickets first and I try to find balance on how much time I’ll put in on each request. If a ticket needs extended creative round I’ll inform my Team Leader ahead of time.

PICKLE HIGHLIGHT JESCON ELJAY SANTIAGO What are your hobbies? Gaming, photography and a toy collector, mostly Marvel and recently I’ve been customizing / modifying them as well. What do you look forward doing this year? Really looking forward on DP’s gathering on August. I missed 2 DP Event/Gatherings last year, won’t miss the next one. Looking forward on meeting the people I only see and talk to in slack. WHO ARE YOU OUTSIDE OF DP? My friends call me ‘Chico’, people know me as the guy where they can get free I.T. services (probably the same case for the most of us). Both of my parents are living separately in the US. My siblings are with my mom and I’m living with my relatives for 8 years now. I’m a gamer by night, I spend around 12 hrs a day with my desktop. That’s 8 hours of dp and 4 hours of anything.


Add me up on Steam! Starting next month, we will be also be featuring Pickles from the US Team! Dad 10


BY DESIGN PICKLE STAFF (SAKI KONEYAMA) Are you new to graphic design? Or have you always been one and you plan on upgrading your artillery? We all know for a fact that intensive skills make up a great designer, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to invest on better tools that could help you create better and more outstanding outputs. We’ve come up with a list of 10 essential tools that could contribute to your betterment as a designer. These are a must if you want to make your life easier – from software to computer equipment.



Obviously the major tool you’ll need as a graphic designer, investing on a good one could really make up its worth if utilized frequently and effectively. We all know how difficult it is to use a slow computer – it takes way too much time and patience that often leads us to frustration. Depending on your lifestyle, purchasing either a laptop or a desktop that’s specs’ heavy enough to suffice your needs will definitely help you big time when you have to beat a deadline without worrying of your computer’s capability. Apple’s iMac and Macbook Pro are some of the favorites of most designers. Or if you’re more used to Windows, the Surface Studio or Surface Pro are also great options. With their sharp graphics, true-to-life color and heavy specs, purchasing one will definitely be worth it.


Depending on what you CREATIVE need, subscribing to a SOFTWARE creative software is essential as these are tools to your design production. There are lots of them out there, but you’ve got to take your pick on which would be the most useful to you. Are you more into pixel-based photo manipulation? Vector-based illustration? Color-grading? You might want to consider the Adobe suite software packages. They offer a variety of packages, or even a whole suite subscription. It’s going to be a little costly, so be wise on choosing.


It’s called “smartphone” for a reason. Almost everyone has one already, but as a wise designer, you should take advantage of the apps out there that could help you create great graphics. There are apps that could sync with your computer software such as Photoshop Express, Adobe Capture, Adobe Draw, Lightroom CC and more. There are also lots of great editing apps that you could utilize if you’re either on-the-go, don’t have your computer with you or probably just bored at the office and want to take a break. Some of the most-downloaded are Snapseed, VSCO, and PicsArt.







Investing on a digital SLR camera would be a great idea if you want to take better and more professional photos than what your smartphone can just offer. Leading brands like Canon and Nikon offer a wide range of cheap but great DSLRs that you can check out so you know what to purchase depending on your need. A crucial tool that all designers must have – an external hard drive. Having that extra space and a home where you can store your files are important. Most of the computers’ flash storage aren’t enough so it’s a good idea to invest on a quality hard drive. You’ll thank yourself later for backing-up everything If you’re used to pen and paper, a tablet and a stylus could be a great digital translator of your ideas rather than directing it to a computer with a mouse. Some designers enjoy a tablet’s portability as it is more convenient to use. Alongside its stylus, it makes it even more favorable to play with. A common favorite is the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. They have lots of good reviews for being a great tool because of its high-precision and effectivity. If you prefer the feel of using a pen plus portability, getting your hands into these two would be a great plan!






Get yourself educated! Despite the millions of videos uploaded out there, nothing beats the classic of reading books. It’s definitely still worth investing to buy books, especially with the range of topics that’s already published. If sitting down and reading isn’t your thing, perhaps you can venture on audio-books. Most successful people attribute their successes onto their habit of reading. It’s worth-trying to flip some pages so go and drop by your nearest bookstore! Everyone always has their aha-moments. Brilliant ideas sometimes come from the most random of times – so make sure you always got a handy notebook to jot down that million-dollar idea. Having a small notebook on the go could also save you from boredom in between idle moments or boring meetings!



Artists and designers love listening to music when working, so spending on a quality headphone or speaker would be great. With the numerous brands that sell quality audio equipment out there, you’ll most likely be able to find what’s best for you. There are a couple of headphones and speakers out there that are of great quality but cheap at the same time.


NUTRITIONAL FACTS Serving Size: 1704 Amount Per Serving Calories: 0 Calories from Fat: 0 % Daily Value* Directors 2 1% Managers 7 5% Team Leaders 19 13% Graphic Designers PH1 48 33% PH2 48 33% Dayshift 5 3% Trainers 3 2% Hiring/Recruitment 3 2% TAG 6 4% DAG 1 0% CS PH 1 0% 25% 25% 25% 25%


* Percent Daily values computed weeks ago. Your intake value maybe higher or lower depending on your creativity needs.

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Working the whole day is a natural state for designers, so having a comfortable workplace is very much essential. Ergonomic chairs and desks are worth the investment because you’re going to spend a lot of time with it. Beating heavy deadlines and sticking our eyes onto screens are normal so you might as well consider comfortable workspaces that won’t aggravate the stress but help you finish faster instead.

Kristina dela Paz

Darlanne Sue-Ong


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See Job Board in Design Pickle Workplace for more details! 12

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