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Clash of Clans Top Defense Strategies This may end up being the most critical part of this strategy. A Person wish to basically lure your own enemy in to be able to a spot which in turn looks easy. Presently there are a variety of ways to complete this. My favorite one is appropriate inside the center involving the base, with the city hall correct subsequent to be able to it. A Person leave one square the area exactly where the enemy may drop their trops and you basically place all your maxed teslas, giant bombs, spring traps & bombs proper there. Tip: Room out the actual giant bomps the bit because the enemy will often drop one guy in order to detonate your traps first, maybe place the small bombs very first in order to detonate and then when he drops the heavy load your own concentrated traps, giant bombs download clash of clans hack tool and also teslas will do the vast majority of the particular job. Then anyone room out the gold & elixir reserves (not most in one spot) and very importantly area out your defense constructing types, i.e. 1 tower with a canon along with mortar, etc. Also maintain your anti-air defenses BEHIND WALLS AND MAX THEM EARLY ON! I observe method a lot of bases that underestimate anti-air defenses, max these out along with protect them, its among your very best defense. Once I discover a few attackers dropping their own dragons without taking out my BEHIND-WALLS-MAXED-OUT air defense first, his or her find destroyed in 2 seconds, literally. This really is one of the most crucial points. (Also being an attacker bases with well protected maxed out air defense are generally my final choice involving attack)

Now realize which with this particular strategy once an individual lure the actual enemy within your "wanted" spot certainly not just the giant bombs along with teslas will concentrate on them, your entire various other protection around will douse them with shots and they are unlikely to outlive unless extremely strong.

Its additionally vital in which you area out the particular gold & elixir reserves as even though that they acquire one or two down one other ones will most likely be safeguarded. You don't possess to lure these people correct in the center involving the base, if could be on any single facet where the walls are generally left open up and all your current concentration associated with bombs as well as traps, teslas are generally there. Anyone can start to play with various combinations in order to end up being able to find one in the most successful technique of luring for the base.

Clash of Clans Top Defense Strategies  
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