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Spring Quarterly



Voted #2 Daycare in the Tri-City area 2 1/2 years - 5 years Daycare includes Preschool Program as part of the curriculum

COQUITLAM and PORT MOODY For information call Jeanette 604 218 3417

Full time and Part time available

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Upcoming Events - Tri-Cities

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Inspirational Creative Artist: Mandara Lebovitz


Pro D Day; not just for kids Tamara Grand

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Accepting submission at:

The Mother Gem Melanie Montgomery

Work, life balance.... Corinne Stockford, RHN Very Quick Tips & Snack Attack


Featured Contributor Jessica Ray


Mommy Make-over / Interview Mint Hair Lounge


5 kids, Mt. Kiliamanjaro & No Coffee Shannon Thue


Jump the Fence - Jug Island Trail Melanie Montgomery


The Who, Why, What & Where Mom Cafe & Julie Nowell


Is your money marching to the beat of your own drum? ValĂŠrie McElman, RPC


VIVE - Style Tips


Daily Dirt My Garden Footprint - Rylee Blaxland


Visual Receipe for the everyday Kale Chips


Bossy Moms

positive thoughts • positive people • positive reading

Spring Quarterly


This issue is dedicated to moms everywhere.


PICKET FENCE BUILDERS Is the grass really greener on the other side? Brain child of Melanie Montgomery, a local serial project mom who started Bossy Moms, a group where existing and aspiring self-employed moms can network & connect through social gatherings & play... Melanie connected with Ciarra, artist & graphic designer.

These two ladies are striving to produce a publication that embraces imperfection, delivers positivity & re-defines the picket fence. Melanie Montgomery - { Project Mom} Wife & mother of 3. Melanie is the constant energy that has more ideas than anyone I know. Either teaching spin, hiking trails or motivating others, she has conceived her forth child...The Picket Fence.

Ciarra Saylor - {Saylor Studios} Wife & mother of one baby girl, Ciarra is an enthusiastic & positive woman with an incredible passion for creativity. She brings her lust for life to this partnership & publication through her art & graphic design.

Contributors Anna Black Goode Grammar editor - pg. 6-7 - / Ciarra Saylor - {Saylor Studios} Design and Layout of publication +pg.10, 22, Typeface: NeutraText / corrine stockford -RHNpg. 10 / DANA Smith - {Photographer} Mission - To capture my clients individuality & personality. pg. 14-15 / Jessica Ray - {Photographer} pg. 12-13, 17, 18, 20 / julie nowell - Mom Café pg. 18 / Mandara Lebovitz - {Artist} pg. 8 / Melanie montgomery pg. 6-7, 11, 14, 16, 17, 20 / tamara - From Good 2 Fabulous pg. 9 / Valerie McElman, RPC pg.19 Front Cover Image from:

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Upcoming Events Tri-cities SATURDAY APRIL 2 10am-3pm

COMMUNITY WELLNESS FAIR Port Moody Recreation Complex: 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody • 40 local HEALTH & WELLNESS vendors • Admission is free

FRIDAY APRIL 22 Earth Day 9am start

Great Cloth Diaper Challenge Put on by Toots n’ Tots - at Kinder Café #112 - 202 Oxford Connector Port Coquitlam

Saturday APRIL 30

Fund raiser - Life of Charlene Reavelely City of Port Moody

Saturday May 7 11am - 3pm

Fingerling Festival 2011 30th anniversary

Sunday April 24 Sunday May 8 Wednesday May 11 9:15am

Port Moody Train Museum • Train Easter Egg hunt eggstravaganze - 10am-2pm • Mothers Day Tea on Train - 12-3pm Mom Café - Boat House Restaurant, Port Moody BC To Register contact:

with Melanie Montgomery - Vital Energy Yoga Studio 2318 Clarke St. Port Moody, B.C You may sign up for the class anytime the day before up until 6pm: Email- • Call/Text- 604-328-1959

MMM {Music, Movement & Meditations : fairy tale meditations & visualization for relaxation} A fun, imaginative class for parents & preschoolers. Fridays 8-10 am Children, and adults to, can dress up and enjoy the magic of instruments, music & movement. Enjoy some tea & light snack with a group story & finish off with a guided meditation for you & your child(ren) as you get cozy together. This is a great class for creative play, bonding & everyone’s wellbeing.

Pre-Natal YOGA for conscious birthing A continuous drop-in class. Fridays 10:30-12:30 pm This is a safe, informative, and kind class for expectant moms in all stages of pregnancy. Class will provide: open discussion, modified yoga asanas, breathe work, pelvic floor/vocal toning, handouts, meditations & visualizations. (Always have your Drs Approval)



This past summer I had the pleasure of being a student of Rhonda Victoor, Expert in the Rituals of High Performance- All I can say is, this is the first time you will hear me mention her, and not the last! Rhonda came into class with a HUGE RED RING on and I thought- that’s the only accessory she’s wearing and wow! I loved it- I thought to myself, and even admitted to my girlfriend beside me- I would get one. Little did I know we will all get them, and this week I can say for sure, that I got one...this one is the one I would call- the MOTHER GEM!! Okay, okay, so it wouldn’t be too random to think that I hit up a Stella and Dot Party A LA Meaghan McPherson, and although Megs been dazzling the Port Moody scene with her S&D Gems, this gem I’m talking about isn’t something you can put a price on...this is the one BIG GEM that Rhonda Victoor has described as that light bulb moment, the switch going on. That one Gem, whether it be big or small that you take a risk on, move forward and apply it to your life or business. Well, I would say for me, the one that I found is a GEM that all Mothers should hear, hold on to and act on- like I said it is the MOTHER GEM!

that light bulb moment, the switch going on...

As I spent the day getting made over for the Picket Fence Spring Quarter Mommy Make-over, a light bulb was growing brighter and brighter as the day went on. The first bit of light came when I was watching Lisa, MINT Hair Lounge owner & Stylist do my hair. She dry curled it with no product, except for some finishing spray at the end. I had honestly thought I missed the part when she secretly snuck something into my hair when I was checking MINTS new brochure with all the new services. Turns out I was wrong and the only thing she snuck into my hair was the truth that I could actually achieve a simple, easy to do hairstyle on my own. The light grew a little brighter as I moved on to Jag, MINTS Certified Makeup Artist. She applied a daytime look with earthy colours in my eyes, and provided tips and education along the way. Since I was getting a photo done, Jag, created a nice even tone across my face, which started off with a silicone layer to create a barrier between the foundation and the pores- how fabulous I thought, since that is something I always found icky, hence mascara and lip gloss. When I had looked in the mirror from a distance, as if seeing a picture I was just absolutely blown away, I couldn’t believe what a quick lesson in applying make-up for portraits could do for much better photo result (my sister in law was right!!) How did I know the photo result was better?? Well, when Dana Smith of Dana Smith Photography arrived and took a snap of me- I saw the difference and was pumped to see more. The light bulb grew brighter as I stood there with Eli and confidently tilted my head and put out my chin (thanks top model circa 2003) and I heard the voice in my head questioning why it has taken me this long to

picket fence | 7

get photos like this done with any of my children? Any reasons I may have for that question have all been MYTH BUSTED at MINT Hair Lounge in under 2hrs. As the 2nd part of my Mommy Make-over moved over to VIVE Clothing, Newport Village, I decided that bringing some existing pieces of clothing from my wardrobe and getting them polished up with some new pieces, would show moms that you can shop on a budget and create more looks with a few great staple items. It is evident that at this point I have underestimated the direction of the days brightening light bulb. As Ciarra Saylor and myself chatted with Christie and the wonderful ladies at VIVE Clothing, we showed them our tired out gear, within moments, between a mutually agreed opinion that not enough moms get out to take care of themselves often enough, I had a change room full of new items partnered with my existing pieces. The VIVE ladies delivered such a nurturing environment, I cant explain how appreciative I am of that. On top of that, I didn’t mention any sizes or style/colour preference, yet every outfit I put on fit me like a GEM, provided functionality, and complimented my personal style. I’m not going to lie, the light bulb got brighter as I realized I that they had it all under control, and I didn’t have to do much at all. No one needed me to help them, I just hung out and thoroughly took in this uplifting experience. Jessica Rae of Jessica Rae Photography came like a bolt of lightning, flashed in and out, literally. Jessica came in like superwoman- changing from mom to photographer with the flip of her hat (no really, she came in with her black cap on frontwards, and as soon as the huge lens came out she flipped her hat around- flip of her hat) took a bunch of photos and was gone. Ciarra and I were having a blast, I felt myself just exploding with a gain in much needed, untapped positive energy. The light bulb grew brighter and brighter as I said things like- I haven’t felt like I have taken time to do this in ages, all moms should get a chance to do this, I cant believe what a few good staple items can do to your wardrobe, really who would have thought. Then all of a sudden, out of the VIVE air, I was struck with – THE MOTHER GEM as these words came out of my mouth- all moms (and dads) should take time to have fun and re-connect with themselves- GUILT FREE. There you have it,my light bulb moment- THE MOTHER GEM...take time to have fun & re-connect with yourself- GUILT FREE. As Rhonda and Yoda will say...there is no try, just do. Melanie Montgomery


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Mandara Lebovitz {artist}

Mandara Lebovitz creates unique works in a variety of mediums including paint, sculpture and installation. Her themes are timeless and reflect the forms, patterns, textures and movement found in nature. Her many artistic styles, ranging from Expressionist to Surreal are ever changing as she explores new material and new subject matter. Her latest body of work was exhibited at the Plum Gallery at the Port Moody Art Centre in Port Moody, BC. The solo exhibit “Painting with Fire”

Her fresh, original and raw approach to wood working aroused curiosity... featured both figuratives and landscapes made out of wood and created or “painted” with a blow torch. Her fresh, original and raw approach to wood working aroused the curiosity of The Province news paper, which featured her in their monthly “portrait of an artist” review in July 2010. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Lebovitz studied painting at Concordia University for three years before transferring to Emily Carr University’s Fine Art Program. She is a professional artist and art teacher living and working in Port Moody, BC. Most recently she has joined Arts Connect, a non-profit organization servicing Arts and Culture in the tri-cities where she maintains the position of Event Coordinator for PechaKucha Night Coquitlam. Serving on the committee for Arts and Culture in Port Moody as well as their Public Art Panel, she strives to educate the value and importance of art in the community.

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She has exhibited her work in numerous galleries throughout Quebec and British Columbia.

1) Wood Landscape 2’x2’ 2) Tofino Landscape,oil,3’ x4’ 3) Hollow Tree, oil-canvas 6’ x 4’


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business - From Good 2 Fabulous

Pro D Day; not just for kids! Tamara Grand is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She lives in Port Moody with her husband and three children and can frequently be found in and around the weight room, aerobics studio and indoor cycling studio at the Port Moody Recreation Complex. She believes that fitness is the best way to find balance and wellness in life (but knitting helps too!).

As a self-employed mother of three working in the fast-paced fitness industry, I was finding it difficult to stay on top of the latest health and wellness news not to mention the newest exercise tool-of-themonth. Much of the time, I found myself scrambling to prepare a class plan or a client program just a few minutes before the class or training session was to begin. The stack of books, magazines, newspaper articles, fitness DVDs and YouTube videos to watch was ever-growing. The list of client handouts to prepare and photocopy never seemed to get any smaller. Telephone and email inquiries were taking longer to get to. There didn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done, let alone grow my business. I’m sure this sounds familiar to many of you. The first tasks to be completed are always the immediate ones and those that directly generate income. But what about the ‘behind the scenes’ work? The nonincome generating projects and tasks that take your business from good to fabulous? About three months ago (after complaining to a friend about yet another Pro D Day at home with my children), I realized that teachers have got it all figured out. Take a day each month away from your regular job to work on skills, long term projects and general professional development; the things you can’t possibly accomplish in the little snippets of time available during your regular work day.

I now take the first Wednesday of each month and spend it reading through the references that have piled up on my night table, watching fitness DVDs and online videos and practicing the exercises I want to introduce to my classes and clients. Course work and dropping in on a fitness class at another facility are on my agenda for next month’s Pro D Day. Last Professional Development Day I generated six weeks of curriculum for each of two different courses in just a single morning, resulting in more polished, professional looking classes and freeing me from the last minute scramble. My handouts are photocopied and organized; no more running to the photocopier minutes before a client arrives! I am consistently returning emails and telephone calls within hours and I have started a fitness and wellness blog (something I never thought I had time for) to make myself more visible in the marketplace. My practice is growing consistently. My group fitness classes are almost always full with wait lists. I am getting referrals from current and previous clients. But most of all, I feel more focused, less frazzled and more in control of my time. Professional Development Days; add them to your calendar!

Contact Tamara: email

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picket fence

Work, life balance....

A concept most of us have a hard time understanding let alone achieving. By Corinne Stockford, RHN - Realife Nutrition

What if work means two jobs; and life involves two kids with activities; two dogs and a house? How do you balance that? Where do you fit in? I believe the definition of work life balance is constantly changing for each of us. Many years ago, I met the man of my dreams, then we had the children of our dreams, then the two dogs came along. Everything was wonderful. Then…about 3 years ago, when my children were 10 and 6, I thought to myself..... well this is easy, why don’t I go back to school and start my own nutrition consulting business. So that’s where I changed my definition of work life work life... no balance. I was clueless about what it would mean to work 8 hours, be a wife, a mother and a student. Oh...I also thought it would be a great idea to volunteer at a school and a non-profit organization get experience related to my courses. I am sure it won’t surprise you that it took me 3 years to complete a two year program. As if it wasn’t enough to deal with all the work, I also had to deal with my feelings guilt for not being there for my family and exhaustion. There was no balance in my life...I felt like I was spiralling out of control. Then it dawned on me....I am not doing this right. I am not using the resources around me. I did not need to do this myself – perhaps others in my life can help me create balance. First, I looked to my husband. He helped me see that although my time was limited with the family, there was still quality time. He showed me that while I was studying I was teaching my

Artist: Ciarra Saylor

children that education is an ongoing process. We worked as a family around the house and he ensured I found the time to exercise. He gave me the love and encouragement I needed. Then I looked to my children. They showed me they were proud of what I was doing, and they gave me lots hugs. One thing about myself that I didn’t mention, when I take on too much....I tend to do nothing. There was a period of time where I did not study, I did not go to gym and I lost self esteem and motivation. So putting my pride aside, I called my school to request a tutor. This turned out to be one of the best things I did! My tutor was also a mentor who helped me regain my self esteem and desire to complete my diploma program. She helped me gain perspective and balance. Today, she is still my mentor but also a colleague and a dear friend. The last thing I did was call on the support of my friends. Their constant encouragement, insight and support was paramount in my success in school and starting my business. I finally achieved a work life balance near the end of my course. I passed and I survived. I know that now, as I build my consulting business, I need to keep my balance in check. I also know that all those around me that helped me achieve it once, will be sure to let me know when the balance has shifted! Work Life Balance is constantly changing... having a strong support system around you will ensure the shifts are brief and balance will once again be achieved.

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Very Quick Tips Family Bonding • Eat meals together • Get active together • Talk before bedtime Keeping the romance Send signals through the day (wink wink), have a late night picnic, look at each other when communicating De-stress Be active - breath (get some fresh air) Be creative (tear paper, doodle) Aromatherapy (flowers, fruits, oils) Motherhood & Work balance Set goals (work & life) prioritize, know your support/outlets, find time for laughter, don’t feel guilty

Snack Attack

Pick me up trail mix Assorted nuts, assorted seeds, some cranberries- chocolate chips (dark or milk)— put them in your car/purse or kids bags for emergency energy pick me up.

JESSICA RAE {photographer}

Born and raised in the lower mainland Jessica has resided in Port Moody for the past 8 years with her three amazing boys and husband. Since childhood visual arts have always been a major focus in my life. I took a black & white photography class in high school, learning not only how to work the camera but also to develop film and create prints. I am proud and honored to be a part of a non-profit organization called Helping Hearts (www.Helping-Hearts. ca) Photographers all across Canada with Helping Hearts donate their time and services to families that have a child with a life-altering illness or disability. I am so pleased that I can give back to my community in such a special and profound way. Another passion in my life is creating hand stamped jewellery. I love that I am able to create pieces with meaning for my clients, that I can create material items that symbolize and embody a clients memories and love.

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mommy Make-over

Mommy makeover #1 • Spring 2011 Mother of 3 • Melanie Montgomery

Are you a mom? Need a m ake over? Email us & tell us w hy. We will draw on quarter to e mom per receive a free mommy m akeover! picke tfence @gmailquarterly .com

MINT HAIR LOUNGE Interview with Lisa Robinson Mint Hair Lounge • 2337 Clarke Street Port Moody, BC • 604.936-3661 • 1- Lisa, you are a Stylish mom of 2 & successful business owner of MINT Hair Lounge, obvioulsy busy & doing what you love. How do you keep up your style? On my day off you would never think I was a hairstylist! I wear my black stretchy pants and hair is under a hat and i don’t wear any make-up because every other day of the week how i look is very important. When I’m working I make sure that my hair, makeup and clothing are always together. I would like to think that I put a lot of time into the prep work with my clothes, buying things that are easy to care for (inexpensive as color stains) and easy to put together. I also make sure I plan out my outfit the night before as I have the kids to help and a dog to walk before I leave the house. 2- MINT Hair Lounge has expanded and this is GREAT news... We can get the works done in one stop! Can you tell the readers what you have added? Mint has added a lot to the menu! Upstairs we now are offering esthetics. Just a few of the services to let you know about would be teeth whitening, spray tanning, massage, waxing, mani’s and pedi’s plus we have a great nail tech in now doing bio sculpture gel nails. To many new services to list! 3- A a business owner dealing with Renos , do you have any tips. How did you remain calm and keep up your customer service? Remaining calm during any reno’s is always challenging and many days it was very hard. I would have to say

that I am very lucky to have a wonderful clientele base as everyone was very understanding of the reno’s and very excited to see the end result! I don’t know if I have any tips really, just to remember that whatever you begin you will also bring to an end! 4- For anyone getting their hair done, what’s the recommended length of time between hair cuts for proper/healthy upkeep? Every guest is different as far as how long their hair is or how fast it grows but the average time I would recommend to maintain a chosen style would be 6-8 weeks. 5- For some they might say they cant afford the upkeep. Do you have any suggestions? There are a lot of things we suggest to people who can’t afford regular upkeep. Using a good shampoo and conditioner help the hair a lot more then people think. Plus mint offers dry cuts at a lower cost and of course we offer all of our clients complimentary bang trims and neck clean ups in between cuts as well. 6- Product Myth Buster- Store VS Salon - Cost & What are we putting in our hair...I was shocked when you told me some information about this, can you please share with our readers? I can 100% tell you that salon products are much better for the hair. There is a reason that there is a price increase in salon products, its because they contain ingredients that are better for the hair. People can see the cost of salon shampoo as being a lot but not realising

Photo Credit: Dana Smith




7- You curled my hair today, didnt use any product & I love it. Im scared to ruin the fabulous feel & look. Can you give the reader some advice on how to create the same look their stylist did? It is never easy to recreate the look your stylist did, and it is because we are trained to make sure you leave with amazing hair! There are many tricks we teach our clients to achieve a desired look and during your consultation we go over how much time you like to spend on your hair so that we don’t cut something that is hard for you to style yourself at home. Mint also offers “blow like a pro” nights where we have clients come in, have a glass of wine and some snacks, we encourage you to bring your own styling tools and we teach you how to use your product and tools more effectively 8- A questions for the men & MINT for them? Can you tell us how HE can come in and get pampered? Mint is definitely for men! A lot of men now are coming away from the “barber shop” short back and sides and are looking for more creative styles for their hair. We have a pretty large male clientele and they do really enjoy all the same services woman like such as a scalp massage! Plus all our products are for men and woman so you can share your products with your husband.....if you want to that is!

Photo Credit: Dana Smith

that it is much more concentrated and requires a lot less per wash. And less lather in the hair is a good thing!! It is cleaning the hair rather than “coating it” and there are many store bought shampoos that have the same ingredients as floor cleaner!

Hair: Lisa Robinson / Make-up: Jag 9- Lisa, thank you so much, Ive been a MINT fan since you opened, and have always found the value in your services! For those who are new, is there any promotions new comers should know about? We always have specials going on throughout the weeks. Sometimes on product and sometimes on hair. Right now we are offering 20% off any first time booking in our spa and you can receive a complimentary cut with any color booked with either Brittany or amy! 10-Is the personality in the hair or the outfit? Because my life revolves around hair I would have to say that its in the hair. If a woman feels good about her hair she could work any outfit any day of the week!

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5 kids Mt. Kilimanjaro & no coffee

{Interview with Shannon Thue by Melanie Montgomery}

Shannon, you have amazed me from the first day I heard your introduction in our group fitness course in 2007! You are a mom of 5, you are healthy, full of energy, you hiked Mt. Kilmanjaro on your last birthday, you now teach several types of fitness classes including the latest fitness hit- Zumba- and you don’t drink any coffee! You are in the go go gear, would you say you have always been a fitness buff??

What would you say has been your biggest motivation to keep an active lifestyle and do the things you enjoy? My motivation has always been my children. For me it is important to lead by example. If I keep myself in good shape it will encourage my children to also. I wanted them to learn that it is a lifestyle. Plus I wanted to be able to do things with the children. eg, snowboarding, waterskiing, hiking and your everyday sports!

Go Go gear...Yes I have always been a mover! Fitness buff... no I can’t say I have always been a fitness buff. I think when the kids are little I was still active, but it really wasn’t until the third baby that I realized that working out was a great release for me! It is true about the endorphins to the brain! Working out gave me more energy to deal with the children and better mental clarity. It was one hour for me to focus on me and made me a better person/mom. Then as my fitness level increased the need for it to be intense was there. This is why I became a fitness teacher. I had one hour and a bit to give my all while the kids were in the daycare and if I went to a class that did not challenge me I found it frustrating so I figured there was more people like me I teach!

Your kids are older now and more independent, are you still as motivated? Is there any de-motivation now? Now my driving force is me! I think the only de -motivator would be someone in a persons life that would feel threatened/ jealous by you keeping in good shape. Tips for moms1. Don’t let the first few months of no results frustrate you. Find something you enjoy doing that is active or someone that is a motivator for you and go with it. You should enjoy it a little! 2. Never say you cant. 3. Don’t use time as an excuse. 4. Don’t feel guilty about being the best you can be for yourself first, so that you can be the best you can be for someone else eg, kids /spouse. Shannon Thue

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Jump the Fence Family Friendly Vancouver Nature Hikes by Melanie

Jug Island Trail - Belcarra Park - Jug Island trail near Vancouver, BC - a hiking trail • 3km one way Total- 6km • Family Friendly • Stroller- No • Baby Backpack- yes

Front carrier- I personally don’t like front for long hike, we already lean forward enough through our days, our backs don’t need the extra pull on long hike.

This one was a dandy!! The hike was long, pretty technical compared to admirality point & way more than Capilano Canyon.

Photo Credit: Jessica Rae

I think with long distance and two kids under the age of 4 technical is good- keeps them distracted..they enjoy the roots, rocks, ups & downs ( and wagons in the trees- keep your eyes peeped for that) I really enjoy this walk, I carried Eli on my back and walked with Tay and Sophia. Sophia spotted a rainbow (tree arching over the path) and fairy trees (bright green mossy ones) so, as you can tell it is fun for them. There are washrooms at the end of the hike, and the beach is WELL worth risking a meltdown during a nap-time hike (oops)

The beach looks over to the Island, and I think on a low-tide you could walk over...some kayakers came through, but aside from that we were the only ones there, saw some jelly fish, had some snacks and just tinkered. I would for sure go back, however I would bring a blanket to put Eli down..oh yes, and its all rocks, not a sandy beach. We didn’t want to get too comfy though, cause 3km back...well, lets just say we used some playground & ice cream motivation... See More: . Canada’s #1 trails guide for multi-day hiking trails in BC, Canada and North America with GPS way point exchange, trail stats and descriptions, driving directions, photos, maps, and community posted trail reviews. See the trail on google maps and google earth.

f Family Friendly Vancouver

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picket fence

The Who, Why, What & Where MomCafé & Julie Nowell

(Tri-cities/Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge & Mission)

Photo Credit: Jessica Rae

An at-home mom for three years I have participated in baby groups, toddler groups and preschool activities. I have spent countless hours participating in fitness classes and kids’ programs! I have loved every minute of it, but most minutes have been arranged to support my family. For the first time in many years, I went to a coffee meeting.. a real hint of my working life past, and spent time listening to amazing moms tell us about their adventure in developing themselves, their business and their families. In my “former” life, the best part of my career was attending conferences. Whatever the cause, the professional development, the energy sharing and networking always re-awakened me. Now, here was an opportunity to do this as a mom, with moms, around moms! It felt like weight watchers for my mommy-brain!

I had to be a part of this! So I am! And I ensure that every mom could be too. What do we do? The mission is simple: To provide a forum to connect and inspire women. Through meetings, seminars and internet-based communication tools, we bring positive and inspiring role models to speak to momcafé. Their experiences and successes prove that the challenges of motherhood are no longer obstacles to having a fulfilling career, business, or community involvement. It is up to you to choose how to use their advice or experience. We just hope it brings a fresh perspective to the choices you need to make for you and your family, because our vision is also simple; to have a positive impact on women’s lives We provide all of this, as well as childcare at our events… because being a mom does mean carrying some baggage! Momcafe has just launched in the tri-cities, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission. For more information check the website at or contact Julie Nowell at

Julie grew up in the lower mainland and made a move to the tri-cities, with husband, dog & 11 month old leading the way, in 2004. Now , three children in and after having 3 years off to enjoy being a mom, she is excited to bring momcafe to the Tri-cities! A true workshop & conference junkie, Julie spent 15 years in the Fitness and Recreation industry leading and challenging people to break out of their comfort zones! As a co-owner of starfish kid (, an avid gardener and an outdoor enthusiast (from the soccer pitch to the forest), she is continually working on the right mix of work/life balance. Julie loves networking and bringing plans and people together and is thrilled to have found an organization that will be able to provide this opportunity for moms to delve into their dreams and still spend time with their families.

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Is your money marching to the beat of your own drum?

Some of us hide from it. A lot of us don’t follow it. Some don’t even have one. Some might not even know how to write one. A budget! That’s right, that simple spread sheet that goes such a long way to helping keep your finances in order and your stress levels down. My husband and I used to have the same issues of either not having one or not following it. One day, I came across a simple concept: if you budget is based on your top 5 values, it will be so easy to write and easier to stay on track with it. We sat down together and wrote down our top 5 values as a family. Following that, we wrote down 2-3 specific goals for the year for each of those values. We then wrote our budget based on our goals for the year. Doing this made the whole process of financial planning exciting and fun ( as opposed to daunting and possibly causing stress in our relationship) because it was directly linked to the core of who we are as individuals and as a family. Let me give you a clear example of how this helped us. Until we’d gone through this exercise, we always felt that spending 60 dollars a month on a gym memberships seemed outlandish considering our then relatively tight budget. Through this process we realized that the time & money we spend to keep fit, is totally acceptable and even necessary when you take into account that one of our top values as a family is Health. From our new perspective, we actually felt that 60 dollars was not much and that we’d be okay spending more if it would help us stay healthier. What a concept! Every year that we take the time to go through this process, we’ve been able to meet or exceed our financial goals for the year.

Finally, it felt good to talk about money because we made it about something other than money. We made it about us & our happiness. Written by Valérie McElman, RPC (cand.) Owner/ Counsellor and Life Coach Precious Women Wellness

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VIVE Style Experience

Christy, I came into VIVE to do photos for a Mommy Make-over. My intentions were to show readers that an entire outfit doesn’t have to be bought, but how a few great staple items can give your existing wardrobe several new, stylish & polished looks. Once I started connecting with the whole experience, I realized how this was not only a great example for the readers, but it was a HUGE light bulb - GEM for myself. You are a genuine person, who helped in nurturing this whole experience for me by understanding exactly what I was feeling, and sharing your honest opinions and confessions as well. Thank you very much

TOP 5 MUST HAVE BASICS for every wardrobe

1. Good jeans that fit well 2. Black dress 3. A well fitted bra 4. jeggings/leggings 5. Great tall flat boots and ballet flats

We cater to ages 25-55 We have a little bit for everyone.


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I think shoes do make the outfit. Heels are very important sometimes-comfort is important so the heel doesn’t need to be to high to get a nice elongated look. A great pair of ballet flats and a flat tall ‘riding type’ boot are really essential to pull off the looks of the season- paired with legging or skinny jeans and a belted long tunic or sweater and you have the look of the season.

| 205 Newport Drive #102, Port Moody, BC | 604.461.6089

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{Daily Dirt}

My Garden Footprint, a Vancouver based company with a passion for putting locally grown, pesticide free food on your family’s table. This company differs from your average grocery store. Instead, My Garden Footprint brings the friendliness and sustainability of local farmers markets to your living room computers. MGF is an online community focused on the local and sustainable food movement in British Columbia. Users are able to connect with and find sell locally grown, natural foods from the comfort of your home computers. Currently My Garden Footprint is home to forty business members and 140 user members. Users have numerous options to find products which are enjoyed by their entire family. My Garden Footprint has inspired me to think about where the food that I serve to my family comes from. After glimpsing media about slaughterhouse cruelty and low quality products I have been looking for a way to eat which doesn’t negatively affect animals, the environment and small businesses. Family meal times are a time of content and relaxation. Tucking into an evening meal with those you are most comfortable with is the ultimate way to wind down a busy day. Both of my busy working parents have always been adamant about family dinners. The age old question, “well, will you be home for dinner?” is engraved in my head. Although when I was younger my sisters and I grew annoyed with this repeated question, I now know that it will be a common thing that I will one day ask my own children. My Garden Footprint helps families eat food for dinner which is sustainable and slow grown. Local farmers have put their hearts into this food and it seems only right that loving families enjoy their end products.

Where does the food you serve your family come from?



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KALE CHIPS From the sketchbook of Ciarra Saylor

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bossy moms

Bossy Moms are a great go–to group for projects/events/education The Bossy Moms Group is made up of over 100 self-employed moms. That means a lot of moms, with a lot of info/workshops/demos to share. If you are in need of a speaker/presentation/activity, there are plenty of moms who could help. Check out the Bossy Moms Facebook page, send your request and its safe to say that someone will answer your call of need. Arrangements/costs/topics etc can all be discussed with the mom that gets on board for your project.

first annual bossy moms Trade show Participants Affordable Childrens Photography- Usborne Books- Jessica Rae Hand Stamped Jewellery- Toots N Tots- Childrens Directory- StarfishKidz- Discovery Toys- Denean Mclelland Mika Lynn- Muggabug- Just 4 Fun Party Planning- Sarah Lamoureux Barefoot Books- Event Planning- Val Savage Kate Booth House- Sheila Alwell SaSha Photography- Shannon- Wee Piggies & Paws- Stella & Dot - PartyLite- Stampin It Up- Tails A Waggin Dog Walking Service- Dream Tea Boutique- Epicure- Isagenix- Arbonne- Precious Womens Wellness- Energy Healing- Katharine McDonald H-Trio- Mary-Kay- Norwex- Old Maid Cleaning Service- Karen Grace Saylor Studios-

1 stop Shop for moms • A crafty creation that allows moms access to storefront, lower mainland mom groups & jobs4moms, discussions, resources4moms, local upcoming events and more. • EVERYONE can shop at the Moms Boutique and find direct links to local businesses owned and operated by self-employed moms AKA Bossy Moms. • Moms Boutique is updated daily and right now its FREE to sign up for all users. If you would like to advertise, contribute or lend a hand improving Moms Boutique, please contact or fill out the contact form at



Fruit Smoothies 100% Real Fruit Preservative Free Vegan / Vegetarian Now Serving

Gluten Free Products

Come in & enjoy, 7 days a week!

Picket Fence Magazine - Spring Quarter 2011  

positive thoughts, positive people, postivie reading - Spring issue dedicated to moms

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