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PICK A POCKET August 2012


content 3 : liz and the lions tour 11 : lichtung : handmade shop 17 : wildnis gallery 21 : dance department Welcome to Pick A Pocket’s second newsletter of the year! We will be releasing a quarterly newsletter every 3 months to help you stay up to date and involved with what we’re doing as a ministry. If you have any questions or comments regarding our newsletter, please contact to share your thoughts and ideas. front cover illustration by : ryan burns Back Cover painting by : peter farrington website partners


celebration To start off, we as a ministry would like to say God is moving and He is doing great things. We would like to thank you for taking your time to read our news letters, for praying for us and also for partnering with us. We are thrilled to be celebrating our five year anniversary as a ministry so thank you for joining with us throughout the years. To stand for this occasion, we as a ministry are going back to where it started: Scotland. aug 12 - 16, we went back to the birthing spot of Pick a Pocket to pray together, celebrate the last few years and primarily look to God for direction for the next five years.




Photo by : Taylor POol : 4

Big things have already been happening. One of our recent events was the Liz and the Lions tour through Germany, Austria, and Holland. God not only moved the masses but also continued to show the band His provision throughout the tour. He providing vans, housing, food, and opened church doors as venues for the band to perform. Every show was a platform to freely speak about poverty, injustice and the message of Christ. At one particular show, we played a new and untitled song. Before Liz started to sing, she asked the crowd to come up and share if they felt they had a title for the song. After our set, a man named Frank walked up to Uli, our bass player, and shared his experience during the song and what the story meant to him. He was a rugged truck driving man that looked like he lived on the streets and lived a hard and burdensome lifestyle. Frank said to Uli, “I know what you should call your new song... My Heaven.” Uli’s response was, “What do you think this song means and how does this title relate to it?” Frank answered, “When you guys played this song, I felt Heaven come upon me like I’ve never felt before. So I think My Heaven is a good title for it. God was here.” With the release of the new album, “LIVE ACTION in Atlanta”, we were able to raise 400 euros for the Koshe project. Overall it was an amazing tour and we thank each one of you for being a part of it.


Photos By : Taylor Pool : 6


illustration by : ryan burns : 8

9: illustration by : ryan burns



LICHTUNG “becoming a clearing in the wilderness� New things are happening here in Herrnhut as well. The newest being the opening of the store: Lichtung. Lichtung will be located inside the Pick a Pocket cafe, Wildnis. Wildnis is the German word for Wilderness, and the name of Pick A Pocket's first official location. It was established as a place for people to retreat into the wilderness, like the prophets of old, reconnect with God, and emerge stronger and with clearer vision. Lichtung is an offshoot of that concept. A separate entity, yet an integral part of the larger picture, Lichtung was created with the intention of becoming a clearing in that wilderness. Though the wild often yields amazing growth, for one to truly find what he is looking for, a moment of pure clarity must be reached before that growth can happen. A clearing, though drastically different from its surroundings, only exists because of the vital dependency they have on one another. This is a partnership between discovering purpose and the source of truth.


Lichtung is far more than a

Everything that we sell is re-

storefront with merchandise. It

purposed vintage items, original

is a refuge. A place for people to

pieces, or created by a network

come and re-center themselves:

of independent artists all over

a venue of distinction and

the globe. Through this, we not

lucidity to get inspired, pick up

only dramatically lower waste

something old yet familiar and

and the “use- throwaway�

create something new. Alongside

mindset, but we also champion

being a fuel for creativity,

unknown creatives and allow

L i c h t u n g h o l i s t i c a l ly

them to be fairly paid for their

approaches all avenues of

unique work. Every piece is not

individual growth: spiritual,

s o m e t h i n g t h at i s m a s s-

artistic, and (can't think of the

produced or the next big fad; it is

word to put here). The core

carefully selected on its quality

values of the store are centered

of workmanship, timeless style,

on the Biblical mandate to be

and the ability to inspire

good stewards of the land- a

creativity. We believe that

counter cultur al view of

possessions should not drive us.

Western consumption. The store

We believe that not everything

aims to educate the public on

we buy needs to be taken from

practical ways to positively

someone or something else. We

impact the global economy;

believe that every person has the

constantly seeking to pass on

power and influence to

the skills and tools needed for

d r a s t i c a l ly c h a n g e t h e i r

others to live out a lifestyle of

community through conscious

responsible consumerism.

consumer decisions. We believe that creativity and inspiration is not only divine, but a carefully cultivated atmosphere.


Pillow case & journal by : mona koch : 14


speak up print by : mona koch : 16

W I L D N I S G A L L E R Y As God changes the seasons, we must also change and look for what is next. With the cafe and store moving into the next season so is the art gallery inside of Wildnis. The vision of the gallery is to showcase artwork of local and international artists, while embracing their diverse range of styles. It aims to give up-and-coming artists the chance to show their work alongside the work of already established artists. One of the bigger dreams is to h a v e t h e g a l l e r y m o b i l i z e d: international and traveling exhibitions via a van. Overall, the gallery aims to be a direct reflection of the heart and character of God, while showcasing work that advocates for the least in society and ends apathy in every sphere. We are currently showing pieces by students from The Russian


Academy of Art that is in Florence, Italy. The series is titled Studies. Each piece embodies the students' personal style, their collective strive for excellence and their heart for fine art. This exhibition will end on September 21st. This autumn we will be running our next exhibition entitled 'People Not Poverty'. The exhibition will include artwork from members of Pick A Pocket, incorporating the many different avenues of art within the ministry. Each work will raise awareness by focusing on individuals effected by extreme poverty rather than looking at the overall injustice in a dehumanized, statistical way. The exhibition will run from October December.

drawing by : tarelle parker : 18

WILDNIS GALERIE Current Exhibition : “Studien/Studies” Fine Art Pieces from :

1 9 PICK A 1POCKET : Painting & Drawings by : tarelle parker, peter farrington, & jonathan schlegel


d a n c e inside of Pick a pocket there are now new things starting. We would like to gladly announce that we now have a dance department. It will allow God to reach people through dance! Dance changes atmospheres and we're excited to incorporate it into our ministry. Although the dance department is new, it is quickly moving forward. In the future the Dance Department will not only grow but travel! We will be traveling throughout Germany, Europe, and hopefully further East. We will change lives through Christ! Dreams are taken as reality in PickAPocket and same in the Dance Department so we are keeping our dreams big. We will be performing with other passionate dancers, partnering with God and touching the hearts of people in each show. We will show Gods glory to people who do not even know who He is. Simply because God DOES! Touring and traveling will be a big part of the Dance Departments ministry. One of the more simple ways of ministry will be going to local places of dance everywhere that we go, talking to people, and sharing our hearts... Sharing Gods heart. In more of the eastern countries we will be dancing to bring joy and to bring the presence of the Holy Spirit. We will laugh and dance to praise our Lord. Everywhere that we go will look different. Whether we are in the East and dancing in a village with children or we are in the West and we are performing on a huge stage with hundreds of people watching, we will bring the presence of God. We will show His Glory. We will share the gospel. People will be saved because God works through dance.


Photo by : emily hallquist : 22




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