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As you may know, Liz And The Lions is getting ready to go on their East Coast American tour! We wanted to take the time to update you with where we are at, so you can be praying with us and spreading the word about the tour. As a band, we don't consider this tour just an ordinary tour. We have a passion for music and serving the poor, desiring to see God's heart for both and to see both serve one another. In March this year, when we released our new album, "Learning To Be Dangerous”, we had a vision of a tour that would serve as a platform for people taking action and partnering with us to see that desire fulfilled. All of us are part of a ministry called Pick A Pocket, which focuses on using the arts to raise awareness and call our generation into taking action against extreme poverty. When we are not on tour, we are working with Pick A Pocket in Germany, as well as in developing countries in Africa and Asia, to help support projects that serve people in extreme poverty.  We strongly believe in the idea that art and music can bring radical change to our world. And with one-third of the world living in extreme poverty, we as a band are dedicated to bringing awareness and solutions to help end poverty through our music. We want to call our generation into living dangerously by radically and  passionately  following after Jesus, who we really believe is 'the most dangerous of all.'


This summer, Liz And The Lions wants to take our music and our message to the States! We have been booking shows and planning this tour for about six months now. We have amazing opportunities to open for bands like Jars of Clay and will be playing at the Wild Goose Festival, a festival hosted by The Simple Way, a community founded by Shane Claiborne. Altogether, we have booked over 20 shows!  We believe that through this tour, we can see music bring a message of impact and we are asking that you would be a part of that. We want to join together in a partnership with people who believe in what we are doing and want to support us in doing so. When you support this tour, you are not only financially supporting it, but taking part in a movement of using the arts to end extreme poverty. 


Tour 2012 Schedule: 06.02 : Alive Festival, Bethlehem, PA 06.04 : Cornerstone Presb., Philly, PA 06.09 : Cornerstone Comm, Kunkletown, PA 06.10 : Hopestock Festival, Bangor, PA 06.12 : Dinos Bar, Nashville, TN 06.13 : The Basement, Nashville, TN 06.14 : The Listening Room, Nashville,TN 06.15 : Red Tree Cafe, Nashville, TN 06.20 : Hope Church, Greensboro, NC 06.21 : Wild Goose Festival, NC 06.22 : Wild Goose Festival, NC 06.23 : Wild Goose Festival, NC 06.24 : Wild Goose Festival, NC 06.27 : The Crossroads, Wilmington, NC 06.28 : Once Church, Florence, SC 06.29 : City Church Eastside, Atlanta, GA 06.30 : Dandelion Cafe, Orlando, FL


Other Ways You Can Help: 1. We released our first album “Learning To Be Dangerous” in March of this year. If you are interested, you can order your digital or hard copy at 2. Get involved with Pick A Pocket! Visit our site to find out the different ways of how you personally c a n h e l p t o fi g h t p ov e r t y a n d i n j u s t i c e at 3. Speak up! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, even the mailman, about Liz And The Lions and what we're doing. “Like" us on Facebook and Twitter and help us get this tour moving! We want to thank you for all your help and support during this time! Your partnership means so much and we are grateful for your willingness to stand with us in this. Thank you for believing in us and the vision God has given to us. We are excited to see what He does on this next adventure!

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Liz and the Lions Tour  
Liz and the Lions Tour  

Liz and the Lions are going on tour!