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my school is located in the town ninth, my school is education: Preschool Primary (in the morning) and secondary (in the afternoon) the school is mixed, their education is very good. the school is wrong is not to play tennis, are under construction my school has two patio, the first is very large and is the main, the second is located in the back and a bit small, during breaks had tournaments, benches, volleyball etc

in our school and does the band have been to many competitions, since I have had a lot of progress, also the dance group the school has participated in many tournaments on that basis has many trophies and awards for having won Finally the school rodrigo arenas is the best school that has existed

misi贸n: el colegio distrital Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt, es una instituci贸n mixta, de car谩cter oficial y modalidad acad茅mica.orientada a generar proyectos productivos, a la vivencia de valores y cultura del trabajo; que forma ciudadanos autonomos, participativos y competentes para trascender en su entorno social y mejorar su calidad de vida vision: el colegio Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt sera en el 2011, una institucion lider en la formacion de ciudadanos gestores de su poyecto de vida y de transformacion de su entorno laboral y social

LEO project teaches us to understand a book, learn to read properly, helps us to understand. this project, we should never waste it stay forever

PES projec sexuality is not a game, do not damage your life so young, life is to enjoy, take it as a life experience

project of the environment to have a good quality of life you must first protect the environment in order to have a better future"The best legacy we can leave our children is:Love, Knowledge and a planet in which to live. "

projec of prevention and disaster I invite you to take the talks they give us, take them for life.I prefer my life, that material?

he is a well known Colombian writer, was outstanding in the field of children's literature,Moniquira born in the September 5, he began studying at bucaramanga but left his studies, was in an academy of painting and visual arts, was also professor and director of university theater groupsserved as the director of the National Library of Colombia, won many awards including the National Prize for literature, Latin American Prize shaman among others etc.

stylish students  
stylish students  

my magazine is about my school