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Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . Dear Siriusmo. . . I am sending you a letter from years 2365. Everything is coming with a price. If only the ancestors could be wiser, then this tragedy would not happen to us. Nothing is free in our world. You might think that people from the past also need to pay for everything they had, but NO! They lived in a better life than what we had. Everything was free and unlimited until that ‘day’ was coming when we eventually pay for our life. Why? This is your fault, people from the past! There is not enough air in this earth for us to breath. We are running out of water. We need to pay for everything or else we would die. Nothing is worse than when nature disaster comes. Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . This is 2365. Your life depends on your suit. Suit also indicates your social status. Unfortunately, no matter how high is our social status, none of us could own that suit. Government owns all of them. They collect money every hour, of course, in a very high price. If we cannot pay, they would say, “ My dear. No money, no goods.” That is how cruel our life. Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . .


Air is very limited in this era and a suit called ‘OUP’ is our only savior, it is essential. We could not live long without it. Jump in inside and be safe. The suit is not a fully covered bodysuit. It is more of a bodice bodysuit that cover your head as well. It was made from a heavy elastic fabric, more like diving bodysuit. It has a masker attached to filter the toxic air into a safe O2 for us to breathe. Without it, the whole bodysuit will not mean anything. The bodysuit also equipped with a few pockets that would be useful in an emergency. It designs with 5 exposed pockets that attached in front of the body where you could store your essential items in it as your survival kit. In this pocket we usually put our other important bodysuit such as a raincoat that could supply a drinkable water for us to drink ( Yes, no more fresh water. We need to process them first. ). We also store an emergency bodysuit that would be used when nature disaster happens ( And yes again, nature disaster is not something new in this era. It happens all the time and everywhere ). The other important thing to store is synthetic food, first aid kit and money. We could not live without this 5 essential items. Not for long. The amazing bodysuit protects our life. And that is the reason why it cost a lot of money. Nothing is crueler in this era other than money speaks for your life. You cannot own this bodysuit but the government owns it. They make a very high profit from it. The rich lives long, the pauper would die faster. If you could not afford the rent, the government would come and collect your OUP. When it is happen, it means you are dead. Simple. Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . We are human could live for several days without food, but we cannot survive without water. Our sources of clean water keep on running out. The ancestor left our generation with nothing. We need to produce our own clean water to consume. Don’t you think this is a bit too much?

2365.image2 Another clothing is required to produce our own clean water. The cloth that we need to use is more like a raincoat. But it is not like any ordinary raincoat. It is an extraordinary raincoat that has a rubber tube attach to the collar. In a rainy day, everyone would step out of their shelter and collect the rainwater, as many as the collar could hold. The collar is more like a pond for us. We collect the rainwater on it and when we need a fresh water to drink, all we need to do is grabbing the rubber tube and satisfied our need. The secret magic of how to turn the rainwater into drinkable water is in the rubber tube. The rubber tube that is used in this raincoat was specially made with many elements that could help to process the acid of rainwater into drinkable water. But unfortunately, when the rainy day is over and our water stock is running out, we are pretty much screwed. Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . .


In 2365, we could hardly live our life but the worst has not been told. Everything would get more difficult when nature disaster happen. We, indeed, do not have anything other than our life and OUP that we always carry around. OUP also supplied a cloth that help us survive when the nature disaster happen. The most often nature disasters that happen are everything that connect with water and soil such as flood and earthquake. During the flood, we are all will live in a tree. We do not build a tree house, since we are just too tired, we will wear our bodysuit for water’s nature disaster and hang on the tree until everything is all in control. This might seems out of sense, but this is truly happen to us. We have left with no other choice. The string that provided in the bodysuit is really strong. It could carry up to 1000 kilograms of weight. The other problem is raising up. If the string is that strong, would the tree branch become as strong as the string to hold us? The answer is yes. Trees in 2365 are planted by scientists, they injects some chemical compound to make the tree grows like a steel. It is a discovery after decades of researches. So, during the flood, we would all be safe. In the other time when the earthquake happens, this cloth would transform as a tent that perform as a shelter. The fabric that used for this cloth is made especially for a protection. The touch of it might be light and slippery but the performance is much better than that. It is as strong as steel, but as light as cotton. It is also fire-resistant. The cloth is made with a quite roomy design so that mom and her newborn baby could fit in together and would not be separated. Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . We want to see the next generation growing up. We do not want to be the last man standing in this earth. We need to do something. One of the ways is sending a letter to the past. No joke is involved in this letter. You might wonder who is the sender and why did I send it to you. . . Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . Zeus Siriusmo, you are my ancestor. Let me introduce myself, I am Zeus Siriusmo Jr. I sent this letter to you to let you know how would our family end up if your generation keeps on destroying this earth. The next generation would end up with nothing but misery. It is not too late to start building a new better world for a better future.

Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo. . . Siriusmo, my ancestor. . . Please do not disappoint us.

Regards, Zeus Siriusmo Jr.

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Future Year 2365  

A letter to ancestor from year 2365

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