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PICCOLO milano

Visions and ideas that becomes locations of desire,life,travel,work....

Architettura degli interni


PICCOLO milano

Visions and ideas that becomes locations of desire,life,travel,work....

Architettura degli interni


From more than 40 years il piccolo, realize and furnish interiors. With a unique heritage of creativity,abilities, Planning and Organizational, Artistical and handcrafted skills, innovative technologies.

INTERIOR DIRECTORS In Milan, IL PICCOLO is in the heart of brera, just in front of ilpiccolo theater.One of the most important cultural institutions of the city that inspired our brand and Our logo. After all, making a working environment is a little bit like setting up a show: an essential role is a [played either by art either by techinque. Begin the subject( the idea of a home where to live, the sketch of a stylist for a shop), write the script ( the architectural project), ,make an accurate casting ( the craftsmen) and far away, to the other part of the world.

As in theater for the first, there are inescapable deadlines: the opening, the shop, the airport , the office who opens in that determined day. And that day must be perfect. But with difference: here there are not scenes to be watched a far of, to be realized for the showtime and then to be thrown away. There are places where to live forever,shops to hike over and to touch. Everything must be thought and realized for the show time and then to be thrown away. There are places where to live forever, shops to hike over and to touch. Everything must be thought and realized to last in time, to be use,lived, seen close by with the best materials and a perfection uptill the smallest details.


Nothing works without the capacity of immaginating and dreaming, but also planning and organizing.

A FAMILY, AN ITALIAN STORY We born as upholsterers, and till today we realize big complexity interiors all over the world, we carry with us everywhere this handcraft soul made of high quality materials, attention to the detail, tradition and testing, perfectionism and tenacity. The company is at its second generation: Federico Galimberti beginned in 1968,in the last years his sons Massimiliano and Andrea followed him, with their postgraduates in management in engineering and marketing. The first workshop was in piazza Borromeo. In the sixties the upholstery had a central part in the furnishing of a home, especially for our clients, the high bourgeoisie and the aristocracy of milan, very engaged and qualified into fabrics, trimmings, nuances and colours combinations.


From the upholsteries we pass to the furniture, slowly slowly to restructurings: So we start working with other hand-craftsmen, coordinating entire furnishing projects.


In Brianza, we open a woodworking workshop, and we learn a new craft just in the oldest italian furniture district. At the beginning of the eighties we move on into Brera, where we open our first shop, designed by the tandem of architect Massoni and Cazzaniga: the brand and the logo were born, inspired to Il Piccolo Theater. pg

Brera is most of all art and design. Il Piccolo overlooks to this new world first by selling furniture articles and objects signed by big international designers, then by collaborating with architects. In the first years of the nineties, the turning point. The memorable christmas arrangement in Via della Spiga, and the first proposals for the realization of shops and showrooms comes along.


For ten years, we work almost exclusively for Gianni Versace. For everybody a legendary brand, for Il Piccolo a school and a testing workshop. Giving concreteness to Versace's dreams means take a stab at change and precious materials: boiserie, gold, brass, crystals, inlays.


The stylists are FerrĂŠ, Verri, Versace. We are attracted by change and we pass from high level hand-craft to the interpretation of tends and lifestyles.

Realizing shops all over the world – around 500 in ten years – put to the test our abilities in coordinating and warantee not only quality, but also the ones of other handcraftsmen and professionals, and by organizing and managing very complicated projects. With compelling deadlines and high-level expectations.And it is through fashion world that we come back to origins: the redecoration and the the furnishing of private homes. To the assignments of Versace's residences, follows the ones of other stylists, artists, actors. By now, beyond our shop windows in Brera there is a strong and profeed structure: Cerruti Contract, the producing workshop and the forge of ideas for the engineering and execution of the works of Il Piccolo.

As many other companies of the made in italy, we are small – 50 persons among hand-craftsmen, surveyours, architects, administration and management – but the dimension of our activities is planetary. We worked up to now in 50 countries in the world, and all over the world we seek and select materials, ideas, solutions, technologies and talents.



We are ready to handle new visions. Etro, Cavalli, Bulgari, Frank Muller, John Galliano entrust us their shops. Each one, aesthetics and a world to give shape and content. And more and more are the privates who ask us to create an exclusive home, the environment of their life, where in flow together inspirations, styles, wellness and beauty. Industrial design and unique pieces.

We represent a unique legacy of skills e handcraft traditions Rooms and furniture of very high-level quality, long-lasting, professionally made.Upholstering and carpentry are part of the genetic legacy of Il Piccolo and the dedicate workshops are the heart of the

To any new requirement, the net operates a research that leads up to into the discovery of excellence hand-crafts and technologies all over the world: some locks comes from England, the golden leaf from Toscana, the curved glass walls from Spain, the tensil structures from Germany, the mosaic from a friuli school. The materials are the first quality element of an environment.In an experimental shop they must be authentic and involving for the tact and the view. In a home they must be beautiful and long-lasting,and pass through generations.



c o m p a n y. F o r o t h e r a b i l i t i e s a n d specializations, grown by now around us are strong and experienced hand-craftsmen and workshops.

Active in the Brianza district, with its high density of furniture dand-craftsmen, Il Piccolo is a meeting place among the traditional artisan knowledge and the visions of stylists and architects: and so, even the specialistic competence of a smith or of an Italian glazier enter into the global market and improves the made in italy. The client enters a unique legacy of creativity and workmanship, the handcraftsman to markets and projects where he could never arrive alone. Between them, there is Il Piccolo, first with its scouting and promotional passion, then with its organizing competences of complexed projects, in the assembling, the constructive techniques, the transport, the installation.

Carpentry Custom parquet, boiserie, inlays, with the most valuable woods: palm-tree, old larch, mahogany plume, macassar ebony, root of madrona and ambuina.



Upholstery From linen to carpets, from sofas to curtains, in all the materials. From fabrics to leather. We feed and conserve jealously competences nowadays very rare: from "strained" walls upholstery to the curtains' manufacturing, one of few that cannot be industrialized. six/06

Metals Fusions, iron, brass, golden leaf, steel in all its varieties.

External environments Tensil structures and iron verandas, continuous façades .



Decorations Plasters, stucchi, mosaics, trompe l’oeil.


Glasses Crystals (sandblasted, tempered, armoured), stairs, windows, carrying floors, curved walls and big dimensions walls, skylights.

We create environments in any style. We know how to perform the most various ideas and client's inspirations.

When we get close to a style that we know less, we study it deeply, to give back not only the shapes, but also the spirit and the atmosphere. For the houses, the study of the styles is even more pushed and accurate, because it also invests the objects of every day. We look for the original piece, unique, the one that will make a home special and memorable.



Versatility passions us: we have created and realized hundreds of houses, shops, airport rooms, offices, in the most different styles: moresco, oriental, classic, contemporary, minimalism, futurist, pop, deco, impero, rococò, even trash and country.

We are small, so slender, efficient and fast. A team of reliable persons, careful and reactive, always and everywhere. Il Piccolo has searched for and found a balance between its different souls: creativity and technology, hand-craft and industrial, locally and globally. We are a company with a human dimension, but equiped with highlevel engineered processes.

For the client the meanning is to have a personal and direct relationship with us, always sure to reach the scheduled targets, respect the most tight deadlines, face even the last moment problems.The project leader is the only interlocutor and the warrantor of each project, either towards the client either towards the other professionals and handcraftsmen involved. Each phase follows a precise path meticulously documented. From the planning to the prototypes, where are shown samples and versions, in order to do immediately the best choices: materials, colours, wooden finishing and lacquering, plasters effects.



Another important moment is the preassembling: each environment is completely assembled in the workshops of Il Piccolo in order to check potency, effect and maintain and be disassembled again, packed, shipped and finally reassembled on site. In the project's realization are gathered the art-like and technological soul of Il Piccolo. The idea is carried out in rigorous producing process, a punctual logistics, a vanguard plant design either from the technical than the regulatory point of view. The heating and conditioning equipments are ecologically compatible and energy saving. The choice of the materials is based also on the international security rules, in particular for what concern the places opened to public. In the homes, instead, the automation check over the alarm systems, lighting, locking up, home theatre. nine/09

Together with the materials, we can send the assembling team, the team chief, the architect, or only the assembling kit or instructions for the local team.We never stop in front of change.We are made for the most demanding clients and the most innovative stylists. If in forty years being good upholsters we became interior creators is because we have never been afraid of change, on the contrary.


Our persons are present from the beginning to the end of the project, even accross the world, according to the most flexible modalities.

In any joint and crucial moment, when we had to choose to remain in our reassuring limits or go beyond, we always chose the second way. The complexities and the changes arouse our curiosity, stimulate us and make us learn So, even today, we follow new strands that will make us become tomorrow something different: # The collaboration always more intense with the architectural studios, which sees us not only as faithful and reliable interpreters of their projects, but also as advisers of the industrial design changes and scout of unique pieces to insert in the furnishing, from collecting modern art to contemporary art.

# The external and internal building trade, with a specialization and a growing interest in matter of gardens, barbecue, facade, glasshouse, winter gardens, verandas, parapets, pools, coverings. Imagine something that does not exist yet or realize what is only in our imagination is the essence of creativity.



At Il Piccolo the client can ask for anything to have an exclusive room, with care to the minimum particular:


We are interested by arts, people, environment. We follow and partake what appears and moves in the design world. Every day we talk with almost 150 interlocutors, among clients, architects, hand-craftsmen, designers. Working all over the world carried Il Piccolo towards other cultures, arts, sensibilities.


# custom upholsteries (from sheets to covered tables) # industrial design # lamps and carpets expressly planned # original and unique objects.

We like to speak and be in tune with persons e different professionalites from the stylist to the hand-craftsman jealous of its own secrets, to the most demanding client for his own house. We like to study and nose around continuously in the art and design world.We like to share our discoveries with everybody, not only with the clients: the blog Il piccoloD+ is now a benchmark for architects, students e impassioned.



We like to promote youth: Il Piccolo opens its doors, for stage periods, to young people from all over the world who want to study and make some experience in the international design capital city. We like to collaborate with companies and draftsmen of other countries.We like working thinking about the environment and to life conditions of the persons who realize us beautiful things: the carpets are made in the maximum respect of the human rights and with a complete transparency of the production line; from the raw materials, woods and brass particularly, we entrust the most serious suppliers, to be sure that the materials do not come from radioactive areas or subject to deforest.

We work such as: in the contract 1.Print of all of the floor plans and of the single elements of the brand. 2.Preliminary study of the producing time, materials, co-worker, techniques and suppliers. 3.Appointment of the technical responsible, unique benchmark for the client, suppliers, the internal carpentry and upholstery production. 4.Surveys on site, in any part of the world, with an accurate survey. 5.Exam and settlement of criticalities, also with a technical support phase on site in order to afford errors and arranging backstructures or carrying structures.


6.Explosion of the order.

8.Creation of the book, that collect all the shop's history, the orders and the contacts. 9.Making of the orders to the internal and external suppliers: the technical experts send an email and fax to each supplier with the executive drawings, the delivery time, the dimensions and the finishing.


7.Study and executive disegn of each element of the furnishing: sections, sizes, heaviness and durabilities, till the indication of the place of each single screw or type of hardware used.

10.Surveys at the suppliers and the internal producing divisions to explain and control the correct execution of the works 11.Continuous supervising of the timetable, as per the established schedule. 12.Collect and delivery of each element of the furniture. 13. Quality control of the furniture in terms of execution and finishing.


14. Preassmebling of the shop in our company for the definitive control of the work.

16. Packing according transport and shipment.





17. Installation on site of the whole shop with a specialized assembling team organised or by the same technical responsible of the job order or by one of our sites responsible.


15. Disassembling of all of the furniture: each piece is numbered and each number is returned to the floor plans, in order to ease and speed up the installation.

We work such as, in the private 1.Requirement of the plan of the home, readable and in scale. 2.First encounter, to understand the desires and the functional and aesthetic demands of the client. 3.Contractual agreement of the planning. 4.Inspection and first survey. 5.Drafting of the floor plans, with detail of the functional particularity. 6.Second encounter: comparison on the organization of the spaces and the same concept of the house, that must reflect perfectly the personality of the person who lives in it. For this reason, Il Piccolo present a sample environment, with prospectives, proposal of furnishing elements and covering finishings.


7.Definitive layout.

9.Choice of the materials and floors and walls coverings: marbles, parquet, mosaics, seeds, resins, stucchi. A consultancy upon the styles and the materials, but also upon the atmospheres and colours. The finishings are the real leading threat of the style of a home and the character of the person who lives in it.


8.Technical planning: conditioning, hydraulic, electric, lighting, computerized control wirings .

10.Drawing of all of the plans to offer to the client a clear image of the residence, also from the furniture point of view. 11.Choice of the fabrics and coordination of the textile division: curtains, walls coverings, sofas, chairs, armchairs, beds See portfolio



WHERE YOU CAN FIND US The shop is in Brera: Via Delio Tessa 1 20121 Milano. Here we expose furniture and objects from the best italian and international designers. The workshops are in Brianza: via Torino, 21 20121 Varedo (Milano)

ON INTERNET our institutional web site, where you can see and buy objects and furniture the blog, where Andrea Galimberti report Il Piccolo from inside, illustrate projects, inform about designers and new trends


tel. +39-02-86.68.38 tel +39-o2-87.48.19 fax +39-o2-720.228. 89

IL PICCOLO the web site where to plan and order an exclusive carpet





Il piccolo,commercial company was born in the 70’s, known in the world of fashion as well as in the “contract” world for its highly prestigious executions.



“Cerrruti contract” productive work and source of ideas regarding the engineering and carrying out of works acquired by ‘il piccolo’. Reality is that for over thirty years,we have been working in the world of contract for shops,hotels,vilas and the public structures.




We always try to lead for productive technologies and constructive know-how, Il-piccolo and cerruti contract are always in the search for new stimulating challenges and demanding clients looking for unique products.

Few works ahead Designed byIL PICCOLO CERRUTI CONTRACT

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