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Architectural Design Studio I Ross Piccinini

Model 6 Description I will title this design ‘The beginnings of Abstract’ because of its unique and unprecedented shape. The describers that I have carried over through my descriptions have been flow, glide, balance. The essence of flow seems to be most apparent in the shape of this creation. The reflective lustier of the copper adds to the way the shape changes angles as it progresses through its inter-laced lattice. I can see a human quality in the reach of the ends of the copper wire like they are attempting to reach out and lightly contact something. I might be able to add a new descriptor to my list as desire. The flow tells me that it wants. Wants to pull in things and grab things. I can see that one side is open and one side is closed. Maybe this is where flow comes into play. To define desire one has to define the motivation behind it and the driver for this force of wanting. Want can be organized and rational or it can be chaotic. I believe that the purpose behind this desire is even and flowing, a quality that people will find appealing.

Model 6 description  
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