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Architectural Design Studio I Ross Piccinini

Model 2 Description This design takes the first basic model and adds an element of a-symmetry to its form. Model 2 uses one side of model 1 but changes the other half. On the changed side, the arches are positioned 17 degrees off center to give the model a bending quality. The materials have been doubles in thickness to give the model greater presence and more of a structural feel to it. These thicker arches also cast larger shadows when directional light is shown upon it. The base of the models has been glued down to the board using a hot glue gun. I wanted to change to structure to make the arches more eye capturing. These offset angles give the sequence a human quality. The changed half rotates every arch from the center arch 15 degrees from where the arch touches the plane. 15 degree increments are added to the next 5 preceding arches. stuck to what worked for the first model, evolving the shape only slightly. My next few models will incorporate larger changes.

Model 2 description