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Section I – Person-Ventured→ Self-Employment 07 09 10 14 19 25 30 31


Section II – Person-Ventured→ Planning 37 39 45 49 62


Section Overview Putting together a Business Support Team Using The A.A.A. Approach Exploring as a Team Generating Person-Ventured Business Ideas

Section III – Person-Ventured→ Concept Development 66 67 68 71 72 74 80 85


What are #JobCreators? Section Overview What is it? The benefits of Self-Employment What are my motivations? What are the implications on my life? Is this the right model for me? Key traits of an entrepreneur

Section Review Planning the Startup Thinking Questions Focusing on the “LOVE” Factor Setting the Mission & Vision Understanding Your Target Audience Strategies for a Shoe-String Budget Business Structure & SSI

Section IV – The Person-Ventured→ Business Plan 87 90 91 93 96 100

Executive Summary & Descriptions Personal Goals Business Structure Market Research Finance Business Plan Final Checklist

FOREWORD Responding to employment needs of our community, especially to those most impacted by disabilities is core to our mission at Picasso Einstein. In order to respond accordingly, we needed to establish a deliberate & immediate approach to this most critical need. The ever-increasing unemployment rates specifically for persons with disabilities as well as the equally increasing number of individuals diagnosed with developmental (hidden) disabilities served as a call to action. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), enacted over 3 decades ago, although well intentioned, lacked serious foresight and wisdom, and most importantly, lacked a clear path to sustainability for millions of families and individuals with disabilities. Now these same families are facing the end of programs such as sheltered workshops, with little or no options moving forward. In view of current state of affairs, we thought it critical to not just teach selfemployment, but more so to allow self-employment, serve as an advocate for the basic human right to self-determination. Not all who learn about self-employment will actually start a business. However, we do know that self-employment education serves as a vehicle to inspire individuals to take a sincere interest in learning & preparing for their future. It is our hope that this publication help you change course for the future, broaden your hope, and most importantly, inject meaningful employment and purposeful days into the future of a loved one with disabilities.

Minerva Vazquez Santiago Chief Executive Officer

Boaz Nelson Santiago Chief Operating Officer


ABOUT THE CURRICULUM Each module is divided into seven sections. Our goal for this guide is to effectively lead you through the self-employment exploration and to the "learn it-live it" experience. The Scoop: Simply put, this is an overview of what's contained in the module. You will read the basics of what is covered or discussed in the module.

Learning Objectives: The goal is what you will achieve or learn in the module. Whichever way works for you is the best way to learn it. It's possible that you may learn more than one educational objective for each module.

The Lesson: This section includes critical content on the topics covered in each module. Lessons include background information, statistics, explanation of terms, and much morel

Activities: Read, think, do! -This section challenges the reader to apply the concepts learned in this module.

Case Study: Each unit introduces a case study featuring a persons and/or families with disabilities whom have chosen self-employment as their future. This allows the reader to learn more about entrepreneurship through other budding entrepreneurs' real-life experiences. A Word to the Wise: Throughout each unit there are motivational and inspirational quotes and critical information. You will find positive, thought-provoking messages in every module.

Check it out!: Here you will find a series of tips, organizations, books, websites, and publications that provide additional information related to that particular unit


ABOUT THIS WORKBOOK This Workbook is designed to help someone who is concerned about the future of a loved one with a disability. It is also designed to increase the level of supports the individual can rely on and increase the sustainability of longterm plans through a small business. This workbook has a variety of uses. It can be utilized for parents as a guide in their journey to creating employment for their loved one with disabilities; it can be used as a guide for professionals supporting an individual seeking self-employment as an employment outcome, and it can also be utilized to educate support team members who come on board to support the business. All-in-all, this workbook is versatile in nature, designed for the person with disabilities & the entire team to use for years to come. Also within this workbook are activities designed specifically for the parents/professionals, others designed for the person in mind, and others that both parent/professional can do together with the person. Some terms are new and other words are specifically used to drive home a learning objective. These terms are bolded and are also located in the glossary so that you can become familiar with the terminology, their usage and its applicability within the context of the subject-matter. Please remember, that although we have poured our heart & soul into this workbook, it is only as good as your support team, and its effectiveness depends entirely upon the motivation the person with disabilities has for the business concept.


Person-Ventured Self-Employment A Business Plan Workbook A Guide to Job Creation Through Self-Employment

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