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Beach SS/19

02/03 Cover & right / Saffron Maxi Dress / Este Sandal – Red

The house was like nothing we’d ever seen before; curiously bizarre. We had a feeling something special was going to happen.

Stylist – Rebecca Lockwood Photography – Adam Rindy

We arrived in the May sunshine, a unique house, Joshua Tree, CA. 3 girls, 1 camera and a bunch of big ideas. Carefree, we decided to just roll with it. After all, that’s what we do.

Nayer Cover Up / Citrus Tote


We felt at home; settling into the beautiful chaos.

06/07 Simone Dress – White

The mismatched tiles, the splashes of colour; captivating our every look.

Tia Tunic


We were mesmerised.

10/11 Model Left: Lewes Trousers / Lewes Top / Nyssa Sandals – Multi-coloured Model Right: Elmo Basket – Natural/Navy / Carmel Trousers

Each tile, every stripe; told a story.

12/13 Jasmine Maxi Dress / Elmo Basket – Natural/Navy / Madrid Hat

14/15 Model Left: Virginia Maxi Dress / Este Sandal – Red Model Centre: Virginia Top / Ambra Sandal – Gold Model Right: Virginia Trousers / Ambra Sandal – Black/Gold

It felt like we had landed in a utopian dream.

16/17 Model Left: Bondi Top – Blue/White Model Right: Bondi Culottes – Blue/White / Aziza Bum Bag

18/19 Clover Maxi Dress / Sacramento Hat

20/21 Euphoria Basket

Malika Maxi Dress


Outside, the warm, Californian sun danced across the desert.

24/25 Azizi Cover Up / Azizi Sarong

Pasadena Maxi Kimono – Yellow / Limon Basket


The effect this place had on us; we were on a high.

Falling into the panoramic views, we were lost in the wilderness.

28/29 Model Left: Goya Culottes / Ambra Sandal – Black/Gold Model Right: Saffron Culottes / Saffron Visor / Este Sandal – Red

30/31 Goya Maxi Dress / Dixie Hat

Citrus Clutch


We laughed and celebrated...

...friendship and good times...

34/35 Model Left: Shakira Bardot Dress Model Centre: Zen Top – White / Zen Culottes – White Model Right: Bellini Maxi Dress

36/37 Zahra Dress / Ambra Sandal – Black/Gold

...capturing every moment; the house, the girls, the memories.

38/39 Model Left: Breeze Maxi Dress / Augusta Visor – Black / Ambra Sandal – Black/Gold Model Right: Breeze Trousers / Ambra Sandal – Gold

Slowly, our worries washed away. For 4 days, we were ourselves.

40/41 Model Left: Fazia Top / Fazia Trousers Model Right: Jourdan Tunic

This is our story.

42/43 Model Left: Pasadena Maxi Kimono – Yellow / Sacramento Hat Model Centre: Deseree Hat Model Right: Biancho Kimono Beach SS/19

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Pia Rossini Spring Summer 2019 Beach Look Book  

Pia Rossini Spring Summer 2019 Beach Look Book