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Vol. 2 No. 01 | The Official Newsletter of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan

Feb. 24, 2014

Business tycoon insinuates

Sta. Teresita is vannamae capital By Benjie S. de Yro STA. TERESITA, Cagayan – At a combined production rate of five tons per day, this town can now be called the unofficial soft shelled shrimp (vannamae) capital of Northern Luzon. Engineer Danilo D. Tamayo of DATAJ Farms said the production comes from three independent farms

in Simbaluca and Caniugan this municipality and Calamegatan in Buguey. In a rare meeting and interview with the members of the local media from the Presidential Communications Operations Office through an arrangement made earlier by Mayor Lolita C. Garcia, Tamayo said the establishment of the three farms for the softshelled shrimp is for the purpose page 4

Diwata Ng Kalikasan fever is on By Angely L. Mercado With reports from Luis Tabulog, Jr.


Move over Mariang Makiling and Mariang Sinukuan. Your great grand daughters are out to take your roles as environment watchdogs, at least in Sta. Teresita, Cagayan. Mayor Lolita C. Garcia said the Search for Diwata Ng Kalikasan is a new attraction as the municipality goes on its second year of hosting the National Ecotourism Festival. A surefire crowd drawer, the pageant’s ultimate goal is to highlight the issue of environment protection and conservation not only to the present but likewise the future generations to come in the municipality and elsewhere, she said. Diwata ng Kalikasan like the legendary Mariang Makiling has always been a part of the Filipino cultural psyche that a mere mention of the name connotes environment protection. In fact, according to folklore, page 6 Makiling fell in love with a

Engr. DANILO D. TAMAYO Feature

What excites Design Center of the Philippines Aside from the lake and the hundreds of migratory birds sweetcalling their mates on a rather cold misty morning, the most common sight along the Laguna De Cagayan (historical name of Bangalao Lake) in Bangalao, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan is a plant, known in the scientific community as Hanguana Malayana. Known locally as Bakong and Sumsum in Myanmar, natives have always considered them as pests in the areas where they thrive. Not anymore. Not until the Product and Design Center of the Philippines (PDCP) conducted a massive research on the plant and unveiled its economic potentials. Formerly called Design Center of the Philippines, and part of the Department page 5 of Trade and Industry official

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PIA Notebook

2nd National Ecotourism Festival 2014


here has never been an easy road to grandeur and glory. Even the eternal city of Rome was not build in a day. So will the national ecotourism festival of Sta. Teresita, Cagayan be. What was initially dreamt as a provincial festival has become a festival of national significance. Before it came, the country is flooded with festivals of all names and gimmickry. Here is a festival whose main objective is to advocate the protection and preservation of natural endowments. Actually, along this line, tourism is second-fiddle. That maybe was the reason why the Department of Tourism in the region successfully wrestled for its inclusion in the exclusive list of festivals in the country today. Sta. Teresita, despite its youthfulness, it being the youngest and smallest municipality in the province, is on the right track when it comes to sunrise industry promotions like tourism. While majority of us have become wary of the kind of local leadership we churned in the last few years, hope springs eternal that at least, in Cagayan, a municipality braves the turbulent tourism industry waves. Only last year when it saw light as a festival, the Department of Trade and Industry-Design Center of the Philippines was tasked to do a research on the commercial viability of an endemic flora locally known as bakong. The DTI-DSP verdict was interesting: the stakes are high. Likewise, today’s acknowledged biggest vannamae (soft shelled shrimp) farm have been established in the area five years earlier. That it produces 5 tons of fresh vannamae daily has given Sta. Teresita a new name: vannamae capital of Northern Luzon. Over in the United States and Britain, spelunkers have bet their bottom dollars to be with their own kind in the Philippines as all caving roads lead to Bangalao and other caves this very day. To offer other people what you have is normal but to protect and conserve at the same time what you are offering will always remain as the human survival factor.

rial B Edito


Thelma M. Mercado Editor-In-Chief

Visiting Associate Editor Benjie S. De Yro, PIA-2

Graphic and Design Alvin delos Santos, PIA-2

Consultants Mayor Lolita C. Garcia Dir. Purita S. Licas, PIA-2 Bangalao is the official newsletter of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival with editorial office at the Mayor’s Office Sta. Teresita Municipal Hall, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan For comments and suggestion pls. contact number 0927-748-7799, email adress

By Benjie S. de Yro Visiting Journalist

More than the usual

The success of last year’s 1st National Ecotourism Festival hosted by Sta. Teresita, Cagayan could be spelled in three words: guts and guts. Consider. It is the youngest and smallest municipality in the province receiving only so much internal revenue allotment. Tourism is zero before the dawn of February 25, 2013. Most of the residents depend much on what the fields and the mountains can offer as livelihood. Add to that is marginal fishing along its rivers. While it is one of the 12 coastal municipalities up north, it registered another zero; commercial beach front. In short, the hell do we care if we finally locate it? Afterall, the town that logging built seems to have been turned into a sleepy old dragon who have dozed for so many years .In fact, the first time I did a cover for the town was courtesy of then DSWD Regional Director Consolacion Arafiles when she opened the first-ever core shelter project in the country in Barangay Aridowen for the indigenous peoples. @@@ These, among others, must have been the reasons why the entire local tourism universe was caught off-guard when the municipality emerged, finally, from its cocoon. Why, a local official of another municipality , with brows arched to the highest mountain asked, “Really?” I can’t decipher as to whether it was a comment or a question. Funny but the ecotourism festival was elevated to the status of a national festival, courtesy of DOT Director Blessida Diwa. Suddenly, the world took notice. For the local government unit, there was no turning back. @@@ I remember Local Chief Executive Lolita Garcia begging off for an interview in 2011 the first time we personally met. She simply said her administration is on a 24/7 schedule to transform the town into a tourist haven. Not that I was innocent but I was forced to ask her what her town can offer. Slighted, I don’t know but she said the town is banking on its lake, the Bangalao, originally named as Laguna De Cagayan in US Coast Geodetic Survey map. Slowly, the ecotourism gems start to come out from her; the marvelous and exciting new caves discoveries, the DATAJ Farms, now the toast of vannamae production in Northern Luzon with three sites to date, the 29 identified migratory birds in the lake, the nipa swamp and marshlands, the various picture-perfect nook and corner of the town’s entirety. The list became endless. @@@ Consistent to its goal of inching its way into the real tourism arena, the town manages to stage the festival the second time around. This time, with more activities to excite the adventurous spirit of the participants. By the way, the same group of American and British spelunkers who did some exploration works with the local cavers are back for more caving expeditions. Josie Bumatay, Municipal Tourism Officer said the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club and Balincaguin Conservancy are likewise in full force days before today’s opening.

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Messages I greet the proud, hardworking and beautiful people of Sta. Teresita on the occasion of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival, February 22- March 1, 2014. We are survivors so to speak. Against all odds, we stood and together we braved the rough sailings we went through during last year’s 1st National Ecotourism Festival. Since then, we tried to keep a balance of everything in our quest of promoting real progress and development for our people. With the future generations to come ahead of us in mind, vis-à-vis what we are doing now, we can safely say that somehow, we did what is best to be done. If we simply sit in a corner and wait for the proverbial guava fruit to fall into our mouth, then that would be the worse legacy we can leave our children. My dear people, we are standing right into one of the country’s potential tourism economic threshold with our various explored and yet to be discovered caves alongside our lake, now slowly earning a reputation on its own. We have more to offer and we will offer them one at a time so as to sustain our efforts towards preservation and protection of such bounties. In this regard, the local officials of the municipality would like to thank those nameless and faceless people who continue to believe in us. Whether you are a first timer, regular visitor or friends of our town, we welcome you once again this year. May this occasion be another engine to restart our development machine for all of us. Mabuhay ang 2nd National Ecotourism Festival 2014.

LOLITA C. GARCIA, CPA Municipal Mayor

Let me greet the beautiful and industrious people of Sta. Teresita, Cagayan on the occasion of their 2nd National Ecotourism Festival February 24 – March 1, 2014. For a small municipality to take the cudgels of hosting an affair of national scope is a laudable effort. It not only speak of the kind of leadership the town has, but of the quality of its people who are very much open to changes like a national festival. As communications and information partner of local government units in the Cagayan Valley, the Philippine Information Agency has always been supportive of the various programs and projects of municipalities like Sta. Teresita. Your celebration of this festival is a manifestation of your readiness to meet the challenges of ecotourism and the demands of tourists, both local and foreign, as you embark on the full development of your tourism potentials. Being a town endowed with a rich tapestry of natural wonders, the tourism door is wide open for you to explore. Be rest assured that your PIA will always be behind all your endeavors in the provision of necessary information and advocacies activities to your people. Lastly, let me congratulate the local government officials, department heads and all stakeholders for this significant and merry occasion of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival. We believe your efforts will never be in vain as you continue to find ways and means to bring about change in your locality. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

PURITA S. LICAS, MPA, LLB Regional Director

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LCE wants original name of lake

Mayor Lolita Garcia stresses a point during the press conference, February 21. From left are Sangguniang Bayan member Jovey Eduria, Vice Mayor Emmanuel Martinez, SB members Ruben Fagela, Melchor Palor, William Lorenzo.

Which is better? The old name or the new one? Mayor Lolita C. Garcia wants to know. According to US Coast Geodetic map, what is known today as Bangalao Lake is actually called Laguna De Cagayan, a prominent inland body of water in the Northern Philippines. Old residents in town cannot fully answer whether the lake gave the name to Sitio Bangalao or Bangalao gave it as name of the lake. The body of water, now the center of a massive environment and water

resources study, has been home to at least five identified plant species that has likewise attracted 29 species of migratory birds. “I want to retain the old name of the lake,” Mayor Garcia told the media and in particular, the members of the Sangguniang Bayan during last week’s Tipon-Tipan Goes to LGU television talk show of the Philippine Information Agency. She added that for the sake of transparency, she will likewise consult the matter to her constituents before

the legislative body led by Presiding Officer Vice Mayor Emmanuel Martinez will be tasked to work. Meanwhile, majority of the local media in Cagayan support the decision of the Mayor to change the new name of the lake to its original monicker. “It sounded a different air of sophistication. Laguna De Cagayan can be globally accepted,” Eloisa Mangulad, a school paper adviser of the Linao National High School in Tuguegarao said. (BSY)

Sta Teresita ...from page 1 of providing livelihood to the people. “It was not all about business. It’s all about paying back, “the Sta. Teresita born construction tycoon said (read full length character profile article this issue). Established five years ago when all fish farmers were into tilapia and bangus production, DATAJ Farms experimented on vannamae culture at a time when the rest of the farms in the country were suffering big Rare Shot. Only heard off in whispers, the Cagayan Media finally meets Engr.Tamayo (3rd from left) rd loses as a result of a shell fish in flesh and blood through Mayor Garcia (3 from right). disease that struck them earlier. the world market, “he said. lessen cost of transport. Tamayo revealed his company is The media learned that buyers Meanwhile, DATAJ has given its in need of additional 50 hectares for a from Metro Manila have started to signal for the local government unit to 10 tons per day production harvest. knock at the doors of DATAJ instead of utilize the farm as part of familiarization/ “By then, Sta. Teresita is ready for the Visayas and Mindanao markets to package tour for Sta. Teresita.

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Cagayan lake plays host to commercially viable flora By Gene Baquiran and Lorna Pascual BANGALAO, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan – At least four species of plants in and around the Bangalao Lake here are of high industrial value, according to the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club (SMOC). Nida dela Cruz, SMOC Secretary identified the species as water hyacinths (eichorea crassipes), tiger lotus (nymphaea lotus), lamog (barningtonia racemosa) and bakong (Hanguana Malayana). Of the four, only bakong was offered by the local government unit for further study to the Product Design Center of the Philippines (PDCP). SMOC confirmed an earlier statement by Mayor Lolita C. Garcia that bakong underwent a research on its viability after product trials were conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry-based agency. Eichorea crassipes, an aquatic plant native to the Amazon basin is an invasive species outside of its native range. It is a free-floating perennial aquatic plant (hydrophyle) with long spongy and bulbous stalks. Where it thrives, it keeps the body of water clean, provide oxygen to man-made ponds and an excellent source of biomass. Considered as a symbol of creation, the Tiger Lotus

What excites...from page 1

(Nymphaea lotus) has been worshipped during ancient times. It is a freshwater aquarium plant grown for its flowers. “It is the national flower of Egypt,” SMOC volunteered. In Africa, the rhizomes and tubers are eaten for the starch they contain, cooked either broiled, roasted or ground to a flour. The young fruits are served as salad while its seeds can be cooked as meals. SMOC said the significance of the species should be part of the educational curriculum of local schools in Sta. Teresita for the young to value their environment.

Iddu Honor Role for Women Awardee, sought the assistance of PDCP to possibly conduct a research and to come up with any product from the plant. That was during last year’s 1st National Ecotourism Festival when majority of government line agencies and non-government organizations threw support to the young municipality to achieve its dream of making it big someday in the tourism industry. One of the highlights during last year’s festival was the lake where various water-based activities were conducted. For those local and foreign tourists who negotiated the narrow waterway, the bakong gets attention for itself. Less than a year after PDSC went to work, look what it has worn on its sleeves! Bakong, which for the last decades is seen Mayor Lolita Garcia shows to the media the documented as bane by fishermen results of the study made by the Design Center of the Philippines on the bakong plant. Selected individuals in the fishing and navigating the municipality are expected to attend a hands-on training on the lake, finally revealed itself various products derived from the species. as a potential source of family, it was created under Presidential Decree No. 279 issued on August 4, 1973. Its mandate is to promote industrial design as a tool for improving the quality and competitiveness of Philippine products while it services the design needs and requirements for small and medium enterprises. Through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Sta. Teresita, Cagayan Mayor Lolita Garcia, 2013

furniture, gifts and housewares, and high grade paper, among others. While the perennial rhizomatous herb is native to the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula, Palau and Australia, it only has two subspecies which grow from one to two meters tall, the kassintu and the anthelmintika. Its linear leaves are clustered at the base of the stem and have long perennial longitudinal veins. So far, research results suggest that it is only the Philippines which had conducted a study on the flora for its economic value. While the findings excite the product designers of the country, the people of Sta. Teresita await the transfer of technology to them the soonest possible time. “By third week of March, PDCP will train our people in the utilization of Bakong into products,” Mayor Garcia said. Three more flora species along the lake await rediscovery. Meantime, allow the PDCP to harness Bakong to its full potentials and be one of the gains of the national ecotourism festival. (Benjie S. de Yro)

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LCE bares interesting discoveries By Gene Baquiran STA. TERESITA, Cagayan (PIA) – Continues research by the Local Government Unit (LGU) here on anything about town has resulted to discoveries that enhanced its identity. Mayor Lolita Garcia said an old map, published as early as 1899, revealed that the Bangalao Lake was actually named Laguna de Cagayan. The lake according to the Mayor has “Paniki Island” (island full of bats) and “Monkey Island” because of a good population of monkeys living in the island. “Until now there are still monkeys in the place but villagers kill them now as they have become a threat to their crops,” the Mayor added. The lake, she added, can be a potential tourism winner in the next few years. “We discovered a local grass, the bakong, and thought of studying how we can utilize it,” she said. The LGU has send samples of the plant to the Designs Center of the Philippines which found out that the plant can a good material for furniture, fabric, paper and display materials. With this, the LGU will conduct a four-day training on the processing of the bakong plant as another source of

Sinangraban Cave livelihood for the people of Sta Teresita. The Mayor also revealed the presence of 29 species of migratory birds documented in a two-hour bird watching by the University of the Philippines (UP) Mountaineers. The presence of wild ducks, endemic to Europe, are likewise observed. A species of white shouldered starling bird was likewise seen in the lake which, according to research was last sighted in Europe in September 20,

1911. Moreover, a species of yellow orange – breasted pigeon and other birds were likewise noted. The LGU has already declared the Bangalao Lake as a Protected Area. With the desire of the LGU to beautify, preserve and protect the lake, Mayor Garcia thought of making it a tourist destination.

Diwata ng kalikasan...from page 1

Bird watching at bangalao lake

mortal who have been doing the same for the forest. On the contrary, she put to death those who rape the forest bare and naked. Candidates from competing street dancing groups are expected to provide the Diwatas who will compete for such titles as Dama ng Lawa (1st runner-up), Dama ng Yungib (2nd runner-up), Dama ng Bundok (3rd runner-up) and Dama ng Gubat(4th runner-up) and the title of Diwata ng Kalikasan who is expected to be richer by undisclosed amount and other minor prizes. Luis Tacuboy, board of director of the Local Tourism Board and chair of the Search said other minor awards include Best in Creative Attire, Best in Diwata Attire and Miss Photogenic. The candidates were identified as Jerika Nicole Puyaoan (Sta. Teresita), Kate Chelse Jara (Gonzaga), Minette Soliven (Sta. Teresita), Aimee Belen (Sta. Teresita) and a candidate whose name was not included in the documents shared by the organizers.

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Sta. Teresita to hold invitational street dance competition By Alvin C. delos Santos

Photo shows entries to the street dancing competition during the 1st Ecotourism Festival.

Tourist Spot Packages A. Lake Sightseeing/Boating Entrance Fee..........P 20.00 Tour Guide Fee......P 10.00 Boating....................P 20.00

D. Karkaratu Cave/Maquera Cave/ Marciano Cave (by appointment) Entrance Fee..........P 20.00/cave Tour Guide Fee......P 400.00 Boating....................P 20.00 (Minimum for a group of 4)

B. Tabaco Cave Entrance Fee..........P 20.00 Tour Guide Fee......P 10.00

C. Tabaco & Bangalao Cave Entrance Fee..........P 40.00 Tour Guide Fee......P 10.00 (Minimum for a group of 5 additional P30/head in excess of five)

E. Sinangraban Cave (by appointment) Entrance Fee..........P 20.00 Tour Guide Fee......P 400.00 (Minimum for a group of 4 P600/ P800 minimum for a group of 6, 8/10 or additional P150/per head in excess of the group)

Only two entries outside of Sta. Teresita will participate in this year’s first-ever Invitational Street Dance Competition on February 28, 2014. Thelma Mercado, Committee chair for the event, identified the two entries as those from the municipalities of Baggao and nearby Gonzaga. The rest, she added, will come from three national high schools in town namely Luga National High School, St. Francis Academy, and Sta. Teresita National High School. However, the competition took a dramatic twist when, instead of an immediate showdown, the entries are given special days to perform their street dancing which will culminate on a grand showdown on February 28. It is from these dance contingents that the candidate from the Diwata Ng Kalikasan will come from as a prerequisite to the competition. Mercado said three special awards are at stake including Best in Musicality, Best in Costume and Best in Headdress with a certificate and a cash price of Ph5,000. For the grand winner, at stake is Ph50,000 cash. The non-winners will be given Ph10,000 as consolation prize.

Your Checklist of Activities

Lake Boating Experience the fresh cool water of Laguna de Cagayan (Bangalao Lake) good for boating, sightseeing, bird watching the virgin forest and the center island overlooking the surroundings where you can find the wide water grass called “Bakong” Caving Another tourist destination of Barangay Luga is the Bangalao cave and Tabaco cave. Once inside you can see wonderful rock formations, the stalagmites, stalactites, the wide dom where the most bats stayed. Trekking There are more caves found in the different baragays of Sta. Teresita. You can find Caves 0-15 located at Brgy. Arindowen, the Sinangraban cave with 26 meter terraces, Bangalao and Tabaco cave at Brgy. Luga, the Karkarato cave, Buddha cave, Marciano cave, Maquera cave and Puswak cave at Brgy. Mission.

8 - Banggalao

Sta. Teresita’s sneak preview on its various magnificient caves

It’s curtains room, Marciano Cave, Brgy. Mission

Susong baboy, Ari Zero Cave, Brgy. Arindowen

Frist ripples, Ari Zero Cave, Brgy. Arindowen

The Buddha, Buddha Cave, Brgy. Mission

Crusty foundation, Ari Zero Cave, Brgy. Arindowen

Below the mini dome, Tabaco Cave, Brgy. Luga

Banggalao - 9

Sta. Teresita’s sneak preview on its various magnificient caves

Susong baket passage, Maquera Cave, Brgy. Mission

Ceiling of curtains, Ari 2 Cave, Brgy. Arindowen

One drop at a time, Maquera Cave, Brgy. Mission

Tabaco pre terminal dome, Tanaco Cave, Brgy. Luga

Banggalau 1, Banggalau Cave System, Brgy. Luga

Lee pool, Puswak Cave, Brgy. Mission

All photos courtesy of Balincaguin Conservancy, Pangasinan and SMOC

10 - Banggalao

Tale of a Cagayano Taipan, the DDT Story An average- height man clad in white teeshirt with green pipings on its sleeves were was not prepared to meet the man of the busy shaking our hands welcoming us as if hour. For the last five years, Northeastern a permanent smile has been tattooed on his Cagayan has been abuzz with his name, no, not face. He came from a dimly- lit full-packed room even a name but an initial, DDT. For those who of people wearing the same shirts. When he was never met him flesh and blood, the only image left of them come from ordinary folks, the religious, education sector and unwittingly, politicians. For a local journalist who have been covering personalities from Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Secretaries and their minions and of course regional line agency directors and their alter-ego directors to the unheralded salt of the earth Engr. Danilo Tamayo, wife Cynthia, and daugther Maricris join mayor Garcia like the balut vendor, the during the impromptu meeting at the 5th anniversary of DATAJ farm in Brgy. Simbaluca, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan. sex-for –sale professionals, the boatman, factory worker, repentant maniacs, or the daily- hunted LGBT, finally introduced to us as Engineer Danilo D. the meeting arranged by Mayor Lolita Garcia to Tamayo, the name failed to sink in the first few meet him was virginal- it was the first time. seconds. With three mesmerized lady media in tow, It was the 5th year anniversary of DATAJ we were ushered to a vast high-end vannamae Farms, the fishery business he later claimed was production culture farm last week. So, I thought, “a way of giving back.” It was only after we the mysterious DDT, whoever he is, is willing to settled on our seats and listen to his message meet the highly misunderstood local media, finally. that we took notice. Here is the man who paid the City of Mandaluyong some Ph11 Billion (read it again, billion) in taxes earlier, for his Metro Manila-based multi-billion pesos businesses. He was funny as he was interesting. For those who don’t know, may as well conclude that he is a politician. “I will never go into that field,” the man, referring to politics said when we finally sat for the official interview. Unexpectedly, he was teary-eyed when the media started to throw personal questions one after the other it seems the Engineer was transported back in time when life was young and easy in laid back Sta. Teresita. The media were not sure as to what particular barangay in Sta. Teresita he was born. page 11 Benjie S. De Yro exclusive


DDT story ...from page 10

Banggalao - 11

It was a data we all failed to ask as a result maybe of being awed at the man. However, those in the know said it’s either Simbaluca or Caniogan, two of the three barangays (the other is Barangay Calamegatan in Buguey) he set up his business. Early on, he wanted so much to tuck a degree but as nearly all youth his age and origins knew, the claws of poverty is so sharp it can be very difficult to survive. Ambitious as he was or by Divine Tamayo announces an anniversary bonus worth one month salary intervention, he decided to seek his own for workers. fame and fortune come what may. He DDT knew that all their lives, the people sold the three burnos (payment in kind, usually in his town are fishers. To provide them with an palay) he earned and left for Manila. additional income when the seas become unruly And just like your ordinary tear-jerker, our can be fulfilling. hero was finally re-accepted by the father who He became serious. He initially went to bangus can’t send him to school because his Manang production but because he and his workers have Tinay was then taking her education degree. a limited knowledge on its culture, the venture “Agawid kan, Nakkong. Pagbasaen ka failed. The bangus did not grow big. Instead, they ulit,” was the promise. developed elongated bodies, a truth he related Forward to where he is now. Engineer Tamayo that elicited pails of thunderous laughter from his admitted fisheries had never entered his mind as a audience. future business venture because his corporation is He went to work. He soon learned about more into infrastructures. vannamae and after initial failures the first three “What do I know about fishing except for the years, he decided to turn his farm into an exporter actual catching of fishes,” he said. of the prized shrimp. The farms are now into a five But it was a decision he has to make. He soon ton per day production. found himself going back to his roots and went into “If we will be able to produce 10 tons, we will a business he has no knowledge of. have a voice in the export market,” the Engineer “I don’t consider this as a business per explained. se. It is more of paying back to the community As a show of genuine concern to the youth, he I owe my life and early development as an started his foundation some years back and began individual,” he added. sending college students as full scholars to the various colleges and universities in the country. Read again, in the country, not in the municipality or in the province. To date, the very humble yet bubbly home grown boy from Sta. Teresita has a total of 120 scholars. By next year, he will have his first batch of 15-20 graduates, a dream come true for his family. So next time you hear a philanthropist donating thousands or million peso worth of churches, school building, municipal roads, or sponsors teachers training and what have you, chances are, that is Engineer Danilo Tamayo. The world-class farm in Sta. Teresita.

12 - Banggalao OVER ALL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIR LOLITA C. GARCIA, CPA Municipal Mayor/Over All Executive Chairman HON. EMMANUEL B. MARTINEZ Municipal Vice Mayor/Over All Executive Vice Chairman HON. JOVEY G. EDURIA SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Homestay and Hotel Accommodation HON. REYNALD A. BALDIVISO SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Lights & Electrification HON. WILLIAM LORENZO SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Transportation HON. MELCHOR PALOR SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Destination Signages HON. RUPERTO TABIEROS SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Food Establishments HON. MICHAEL P. MACARUBBO SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Sports HON. RUBEN P. FAGELA SB Member/Chairman- Committee on Tour MR. JOSE I. GONZAGA SB Secretary/Chairman- Committee on Parade and Pallot MR. PEPITO SOBERANO BPLO/Chairman- Committee on Ground and Campsite Rent

BASE CAMP ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Chairperson : Purificacion T. Timbreza, Ph.D/Mr. Renato Acosta Members : Mrs. Virgie P. Lagundino, Principal III/STNHS Sr. Marcelina Doria, FAS – Principal/SFA Mr. Luciano Asuncion - Head Teacher III/LNHS Sierra Madre Outdoor Club (SMOC) OUTDOORS COMMITTEE Chairperson : Mr. Olimpio L. Muñoz (SMOC) Male Tourguides, Rescue 27, Medics, Porters,Tanods LOGISTICS, CLEANLINESS & SANITATION COMMITTEE Chairperson : Engr. James Sustiguer/Mr. Jovy P. Tactac Members : Mr. Prospero Usita, Mr. Eugene Asuncion (UI), Mr. Neil Talbo (SI) COMMITTEE ON HEALTH Chairperson : Dr. Cynthia Lyn T. Melchor Member : All MHO Personnel COMMITTEE ON STAGE DECORATIONS STA. TERESITA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL/PSI MARLOU DEL CASTILLO FINANCE COMMITTEE Ms. Consuelo S. Ildefonso, Municipal Budget Officer Mrs. Perlita C. Arellano, Municipal Treasurer Mrs. Marilyn G. Labsang, Municipal Accountant/OIC

Banggalao - 13

SPECIAL WORKING COMMITTEES CREATED FOR THE EVENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chairperson : Mayor Lolita C. Garcia Members : Vice-Mayor Emmanuel B. Martinez Sangguniang Bayan Members SECRETARIAT Chairperson : Mrs. Jane S. Lucas Vice Chair : Mrs. Jocelyn A. Bumatay Members : Nida S. dela Cruz (SMOC) Valerie T. Calegan, Engr. Liezel S. Udaundo Evelyn G. Garcia, Mari-jane I. Buraga, Junalyn Saribay Sheilla Ramos, Lovellia Labsang PROMOTIONS AND MEDIA RELATIONS COMMITTEE Blessida G. Diwa, Department of Tourism Region 02/ Jenifer T. Junio, Provincial Toursim Office Purita S. Licas, Mr. Benjie de Yro, Philippine Information Agency R02 Members : Nida Dela Cruz (SMOC), Alvin delos Santos, Efren Abella Mrs. Thelma M. Mercado, Mun. Information Officer Mr. Jose I. Gonzaga, SB Secretary/Media Relation Officer SECURITY/MARSHALLS Chairperson: PSI Raul Bunagan Members: CO-Army/CAFGU All Barangay Tanod of the different barangays BASE CAMP PREPARATION/SET-UP COMMITTEE Chairperson : Engr. James G. Sustiguer & Mr. Joel P. Labsang Members : All Barangay Officials Pedro A. Piedad Jr., Nenita Tacuboy, Marilyn Agustin

MR. JOVY P. TACTAC MPDC/Chairman- Committee on Night Time Activities and Other Establishments MR. JOEL P. LABSANG MCR/Chairman- Committee on Streamers Production, Placement and Hanging ENGR. JAMES G. SUSTIGUER Municipal Engineer/Chairman- Committee on Logistics, Stage & Hall Preparation MS. MARIVIC T. VIESTA, RSW MSWDO/Chairman- Committee on Prizes, Awards, Certificates & Bouquet MRS. PERLITA C. ARELLANO Municipal Treasurer/Chairman- Committee on Food Preparation MS. CONSUELO S. ILDEFONSO , MBO & MRS. MARILYN G. LABSANG, OIC-MA Chairman- Committee on Solicitation and Finance MR. GILBERT Y. SABALO OIC- Municipal Assessor/Chairman- Committee on Sounds MR. EDWIN P. MADRID MAO/Chairman- Committee on Documentation, Tourguides, Porters and Rescuers DRA. CYNTHIA LYN T. MELCHOR MHO/Chairman- Committee on Health & Sanitation and Ushering PSI RAUL B BUNAGAN Chairman- Committee on Peace and Order HON. JIMMY SOLIVEN SR. & MR. ERNESTO P. BELEN SR. Chairman- Committee on Base Camp Preparation MRS. THELMA MERCADO & MR. LUIS TACUBOY Chairman- Committee on Street Dance & Search for Diwata 2014 MS. FELYMAR L. MORALES Municipal Assistant Treasurer/Chairman- Committee on Tokens JOCELYN BUMATAY, VALERIE CALEGAN,LIEZEL UDAUNDO, LOVELLIA LABSANG, JUNALYN SARIBAY, SMOC Committee on Program & Invitation

14 - Banggalao DAY FIVE – February 28, 2014 / 05:00 AM- 10:00 PM DAY ONEFebruary 24, 2014

Engr. Benjamin Tumaliuan Regional Executive Director ) PART I. 7:00AM - 9:00AM–Opening Street 5:00AM – 8:00AM-Parade/ Bird Watching by the Lake (for interested participants Department of Environment & Natural Resources Dancing Around the Town (Bring your own gear/equipment) 9:00AM - 12:00PM – Registration of Event 8:00AM – 12:00PM Street Dance Showdown ***Intermission*** - CIASI Participants 12:00PM – 1:00PM – Lunch Break 12:00PM – 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK Hon. Romeo S. Garcia 1:00PM – 4:00PM – Tour to Agta Community 1:00PM- 4:00PM - Visit to DATAJ AQUAFARM & RESORT Board Member, 1st District of Cagayan – Basketball Tournament 1:00–-1:30 Registration of Participants (Boy Scout & Girl Scout, Rescue 27, Volleyball Tournament Hon. Leonides “Odi” N. Fausto – “PALLOT” (Inter-Municipality) Brgy. Officials & Tanods) Vice Governor, Province of Cagayan 3:30PM - 4:00PM - Travel Back to Base Camp 1:30– 3:00 - Tourism Awareness & Appreciation PART II. 4:00PM – 5:00PM - Holy Mass Alvaro “Bong” T. Antonio Blessida G. Diwa, RegionalHon. Director Governor, **OPENING CEREMONIES** Department of Tourism- Region 02 Province of Cagayan

4:00PM – 5:00PM Rest /Wash Up PART III. 5:00PM – 7:00PM – Opening- Ceremonies ***Intermission Number*** - SFA Nationalism Opening Salvo- Sta. Teresita National High School Hon. Maria Olivia B. Pascual Presentation/Acknowledgement of Sponsors, Board Member, 1st District of Cagayan Guests & Participants 6:00PM – ONWARDS - Closing Ceremonies Welcome Address – Hon. Lolita C. Garcia, CPA - LNHS Activities - Awarding of Winners of the***Intermission*** Different Contested Mayor - Film Viewing of Tourist Destinations the Emmanuel Municipality and Municipality of Sta. Teresita Closing Remarks in - Hon. B. Martinez Vice Mayor Participating Municipalities ***Intermission Number ***– DepEd Elementary Municipality of Sta. Teresita - Signing of Covenant

Closing Ceremonies…..

- Hosted Dinner Message : Madam Blessida G. Diwa- Socialization Regional Director - Fireworks Display Department of Tourism ***Street Dance Presentation***- LNHS

PART IV. Hosted Dinner - LGU- Sta. Teresita PART V. 7:30 ONWARDS - Cultural Show

Host: Luga National High School HostTeachers : STNHS Teachers

DAY TWO – February 25, 2014 / 6:00AM – 10PM DAY 6, March 01, 2014

6:00AM – 7:00AM

- Assembly by Groups Group 1- Tabaco Cave & Banggalau Cave Group 2- Karkarato Cave Group 3- Maquera Cave & Marciano Cave Group 4- Sinangraban Cave Group 5- Mt. Cagua 8:00AM – 12:00PM - Street Dance Presentation, Gonzaga - Base Camp Fun Games 12:00PM – 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK 1:00PM- 5:00PM -PALLOT (Inter Municipality) - Base Camp Fun Games - Basketball & Volleyball Tournament 1:00-1:30 - Registration of Participants to the Lecture (Boy Scout & Girl Scout) 1:30-5:00 - Lecture on Survival: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts Mr. Olimpio Munoz, President Sierra Madre Outdoor Club 7:00PM- 10:00PM - Sharing of Experiences by caving groups - Cultural Show - LIGHTS OFF Host: DepEd Elem.West Teachers (Street Dance) Host: Saint Francis Academy Teachers

Banggalao - 15

DAY THREE – February 26, 2014 / 6:00AM – 10:00PM 8:00AM – 9:00AM 9:00AM – 12:00PM

- Fun Run ( Takbo Para sa Inang Kalikasan) - Street Dance Presentation, STNHS - Base Camp Fun Games (Carabao Fashion Show, Centipede Walk, Eel Catching, Pallot)

12:00PM – 1:00PM


1:00PM –

- PALLOT (Inter- Municipal) - Base Camp Fun Games


01:00-01:30 - Registration of Quiz Bee Participants 1:30-3:30 - Quiz Bee (About Kalikasan)


- Inter- Barangay Folk Dance Competition - Lights Off Host: Luga National High School Teachers

DAY FOUR – February 27, 2014 / 6:00AM – 10:00PM 6:00AM – 7:00AM

8:00AM- 8:30AM 8:30AM- 12:00PM

12:00PM – 1:00PM 1:00PM -5:00PM 1:00-1:30

1:30- 3:30 3:30-5:00

7:00PM – 10:00PM 10:00PM

- Assembly by Groups Group 1- Tabaco Cave and Bangalau Cave Group 2-Karkarato Cave Group 3- Maquera Cave and Marciano Cave Group 4- Sinangraban Cave - Registration of Participants for Bangkarera and Carabao Fun Race and Fashion Show - Street Dance Presentation, SFA - Fun Games by the Lake (Bangkarera) - Base Camp Fun Games (Carabao Fun Race, 100m dash) - Blood Letting - LUNCH BREAK - Lecture & Base Camp Fun Games - Registration of Participants for the Lecture - Base Camp Fun Games - (Pallot (Inter- Municipality),Carabao Fun Relay, 200m Dash, Obstacle Race/Course, Tug-of-War, Kadang-Kadang, Fortune Hunt - Basketball/ Volleyball Tournament - Basic First Aid Lecture & Demo/ Blood Letting Philippine National Red Cross - Tourism Security PSSupt. Gregorio N. Lim, Provincial Director Philippine National Police - Search for Diwata ng Kalikasan 2014 - Sharing of Experiences by Caving Groups - Lights Off

Hosts: DepEd Elementary Teachers

16 - Banggalao DAY FIVE – February 28, 2014 / 05:00 AM- 10:00 PM 5:00AM – 8:00AM- Bird Watching by the Lake (for interested participants ) (Bring your own gear/equipment) 8:00AM – 12:00PM - Street Dance Showdown 12:00PM – 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK 1:00PM- 4:00PM - Visit to DATAJ AQUAFARM & RESORT 1:00– 1:30 - Registration of Participants (Boy Scout & Girl Scout, Rescue 27, Brgy. Officials & Tanods) 1:30– 3:00 - Tourism Awareness & Appreciation Blessida G. Diwa, Regional Director Department of Tourism- Region 02 4:00PM – 5:00PM - Rest /Wash Up

Closing Ceremonies…..

6:00PM – ONWARDS - Closing Ceremonies - Awarding of Winners of the Different Contested Activities - Film Viewing of Tourist Destinations in the Municipality and Participating Municipalities - Signing of Covenant - Hosted Dinner - Socialization - Fireworks Display Host: Luga National High School Teachers

DAY TWO – February 25,Big 2014 / 6:00AM – 10PM J Marketing

6:00AM – 7:00AM

- Assembly by Groups Group 1- Tabaco Cave & Banggalau Cave Group 2- Karkarato Cave Group 3- Maquera Cave & Marciano Cave Group 4- Sinangraban Cave Group 5- Mt. Cagua 8:00AM – 12:00PM - Street Dance Presentation, Gonzaga - Base Camp Fun Games 12:00PM – 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK 1:00PM- 5:00PM -PALLOT (Inter Municipality) - Base Camp Fun Games - Basketball & Volleyball Tournament 1:00-1:30 - Registration of Participants to the Lecture (Boy Scout & Girl Scout) 1:30-5:00 - Lecture on Survival: Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts Mr. Olimpio Munoz, President Sierra Madre Outdoor Club 7:00PM- 10:00PM - Sharing of Experiences by caving groups - Cultural Show - LIGHTS OFF Host: DepEd Elem.West Teachers (Street Dance) Host: Saint Francis Academy Teachers

Bangalao Feb 24, 2014  

Bangalao is the official newsletter of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival with editorial office at the Mayor’s Office Sta. Teresita Munici...

Bangalao Feb 24, 2014  

Bangalao is the official newsletter of the 2nd National Ecotourism Festival with editorial office at the Mayor’s Office Sta. Teresita Munici...