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3 Secret Tips To Play Easy Piano - Solution to No More Struggles

Are you a pianist who finds yourself struggling every time you are playing the piano? When you practice, your mind wanders and you wonder why you are practicing all these scales and boring exercises. When you get a chance to perform, you are a nervous wreck and you struggle behind the piano hoping that you can quickly get to the end of the piece.

Struggling to play well and enjoy one's playing is a problem to many pianists. I've struggled for many years wondering if there's ever hope for me to play piano well. I've often wondered whether the time I spend playing at the piano is really worthwhile. Maybe I am wasting my time. Maybe I don't have talent. Maybe I should just quit.

I write this article because I see this great struggling phenomena in many piano players.

Is there a solution to all this? I didn't find the solution until I started teaching piano. Odd isn't it? I never really tried to solve this matter on my own because as the years went on, I was not struggling anymore as I advanced. The problem seems to have solved itself without myself being aware of it. It came to a point that others were enjoying my piano playing so much that they wanted me to teach them piano.

I never thought of teaching piano. I just play piano. That's what I've been doing for 26 years. I have a lot of neat experiences on the piano teach that I never thought of sharing with people until I started writing my Instructional Piano Manual for piano players. Isn't this odd? So as people requested to me to help them play piano, everything just came together so naturally for me that even teaching piano was no struggle, let alone playing piano for myself, for others, and in front of an audience.

What is the secret? Perhaps we can turn the question the other around and ask: How to play piano in the flow. When you play with ease and in the flow -- there is no more struggle! For this session, I want to narrow down to 3 often FAQ to playing piano with ease and in the flow. No more struggle! F -- Focus A -- Acquire simplicity Q -- Quiet mind

1st Tip: F stands for Focus. You need to focus your whole being in front of the piano. Don't think about what you are going to cook for dinner tonight. Don't wander in your mind thinking about your work. Don't bother listening to the phone that keeps ringing. Just focus. It is better that you focus to play for 3 minutes than to sit in front of the piano and practice for 1 hour.

2nd Tip: A stands for Acquiring simplicity. Too many books and piano instructions tell us to do all these difficult

techniques. The elegant style of playing does not come in how complex your technique is. Techniques that sound complex can actually be very simple.

3rd Tip: Q stands for Quiet mind. Most people are not aware of this. In fact, this does not just apply to piano playing but to all aspects of life. When your mind is quiet, you are at peace. When you are at peace, you don't struggle. Quiet water runs deep. This is so true. When the water runs deep, your reservoir of creativity bubbles out from within. You cannot help but enjoy your piano playing to no end. Time flies and you wonder where they have gone. Suddenly, you are caught in a bliss. You hear yourself playing, really playing piano. You are no longer doing boring scales nor trying to memorize. You hear angels singing with you. I hope these 3 TIPS can help all pianists from struggling. • It's all in your control! • It's not in the external of what you see. • It's all within you that you need to discipline.

Next time, when you are at the piano, remember: 1. Focus 2. Acquire Simplicity 3. Quiet Mind.

You will find these 3 Tips applied in my piano online lessons that save you time and money, so that you can quickly play piano with ease in enjoyment in no time.


3 Secret Tips To Learn to Play Piano In The Flow  

Many pianists struggle with lots of wasted time practising the piano. Find out 3 Secret Tips to make your practice to fantastic piano playin...

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