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Piano Lessons: Playing by Ear Piano lessons are fun and will definitely help you to learn the piano, but have you ever thought of learning to play the piano by ear? Many fantastic piano players play by ear, and it is a fun way to learn the instrument. Reading music is a skill that will help any player, but sometimes you just want to quickly learn a song and have your natural ability help you figure it out. If you become proficient in learning to play the piano by ear, you can literally learn thousands of songs in a short period of time. Obviously, you probably won't play these songs as accurately as you would if you played the sheet music, but it also gives you the freedom to express the song in the way that you desire. However, playing the piano by ear requires some musical knowledge. You must learn chords on the piano during El Cajon piano lessons. Then, you can allow your natural musical ability to figure out the melodies inside these chord progressions. Chords, in the simplest of terms, can be described as individual notes played at the same time. For example, a "C" chord can use the C, E, and G piano keys to make a tri-C chord. Then, when used with other chords that are in the same key, the song easily flows. Chords require you to understand keys of music. You must know which keys (or notes) on the piano work together in certain melodies. If you happen to be a guitar player first, this should come easy to you as you are familiar with chords and how they operate together. In fact, many guitar players often play the piano by ear because it is such a natural shift in the process of chords. When you develop an understanding of chords on the piano, you will then be able to listen to a song on the radio and recognize its chord progression. You can then sit at the piano and determine its exact melody. When you combine your understanding of chords with the melody, you will likely have figured out the song to the point where it can easily recognized by others. As a result, you can easily impress them with your talent and skills as they look on in amazement that you are playing without music. Finally, just because you want to play the piano by ear doesn't mean that you can't take piano lessons. A piano instructor can show you the specifics of chords and other techniques that will

improve your ability to play by ear. Simply ask your prospective piano lessons instructor if they are willing to teach you in this way.

Finding Your Internal Piano Talent  

Piano lessons are enjoyable and may absolutely assist you to learn the piano, but have you ever ever believed understanding how to perform t...