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O UR COVER Civil Service Commission XI celebrates the agency’s 113th Anniversary

Joey Sem G. Dalumpines Southern Mindanao


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Palace remains open for peace talks with leftist rebels



Feces, snake venom traces found in landmine shrapnels

Joey Dalumpine


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SP adopts Rules of Procedure of Blue Ribbon committee CdeOSP

MHARS-RTTHospital gets “Excellent” rating for ARTA implementation Rutchie Cabahug-Aguhob


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Caraga Region Institute of Peace to hold Regl Peace Education Contest Conference Jennifer P. Gaitano


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DAR Caraga chief lauds groups’ environmental protection efforts to save Mount Mayapay

DSWD sets 2nd survey to identify poorest families Danilo E. Doguiles

OPAg-S. Kudarat, conducts cassava livelihood training to 4H club members

Shahana Joy E. Duerme

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 Vol. 3 No. 15


Civil Service Commission XI celebrates the agency’s 113th Anniversary By Joey Sem G. Dalumpines


eptember is Civil Service Month with more than one million government workers nationwide commemorate the occasion.

This year’s celebration goes with the theme, “ Tatak Lingkod Bayani: Isabuhay, Ipagmalaki, Ipagbunyi. In Davao Region, Anabelle Rosell, director of the Civil Service Commission XI said

this year’s celebration aims to promote, showcase and celebrate heroism in government service and to highlight stories of triumph and sacrifices among public servants. Speaking after the Holy Mass at the San Pedro Cathedral that preceded the launching of the celebration, she urged the 700 government workers representing various agencies to perform their respective task with punctuality, honesty, dedication and quality service to the people.

Several activities lined up for the month include bloodletting and free medical and dental check up for government workers. “We are targeting to cater 113 government workers in Davao City to avail of the free medical and dental check-up from September 12-13,” Rosell said. She said there will be five slots allotted for every agency. Rosell said the bloodletting activity is set on September 12 from 6:00 am to 11:30 am at the Healing Garden of the Southern Philippines Medical Center. “We are encouraging individuals who have been

donating blood to join us during the bloodletting activity,” she said. Rosell said employees who are interested to donate blood may coordinate with their respective Human Resource Management Officer who will submit their names to the Civil Service Commission XI.



Malacanang cites impressive tourist arrivals for first seven months of 2013


he Philippine Tourism posted an impressive 11.05 percent growth in tourist arrivals for the first seven months of 2013, a Palace official said on Thursday.

During a press briefing in Malacanang, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez reported tourist arrivals from January to July this year aggregated to 2,798,881 arrivals or an increase of 11.05 percent from the same period in 2012, maintaining the growth momentum FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

recorded in the first half of the year. “The first seven months corresponded to 50.9 percent of the 5.5 million target arrivals for 2013. Arrivals in July reached 418,288, the second highest record during the year, and the first for the said month over the past years,� Lacierda said.


He said South Korea remains the largest source market with 706,998 visitors or a total of 25.26 percent of the total inbound traffic, recording a doubledigit growth rate of 22.30 percent. “Following at second place is the United States of America with 417,904 arrivals; while China rose to third place, overtaking Japan, and posting the strongest growth among the top markets with 48.58 percent,” Lacierda said. “Other important source markets with double-digit gains include Russian Federation, which is 34.36 percent; Indonesia, 26.70 percent; Saudi Arabia, 23.24 percent; France, 19.95 percent; Thailand, 18.07 percent; and India, 17.07 percent,” he said. In a bid to improve the country’s tourism sector, the Department of Tourism, Department of Public Works and Highways, and Department of Transportation and Communications have collaborated for the improvement of connectivity infrastructure (roads, airports, and ports) leading to priority tourist destinations throughout the country. The DOT estimates that it would require approximately P63.13 billion FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

to implement a sustainable tourism destination infrastructure program by 2016. The government is also strengthening the aviation industry cognizant of its vital role in facilitating not only tourism, but also trade and industry. The President signed RA 10378 in March 2013, which rationalizes the taxes imposed on foreign carriers (air and shipping). The law aims to address the clamor of the airline industry for equal tax treatments between local and foreign air carriers and encourage the re-entry of aviation players that have left the country in the past due to unequal tax treatment (e.g., Air France-KLM), among others. Further, the government, through the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and DOTC, instituted reforms to align Philippine air safety standards and practices with those of international organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These reforms resulted in the lifting by ICAO of the Significant Safety Concerns (SSC) on Philippine civil aviation in March 2013 and the lifting of the EU ban on Philippine Airlines (PAL) on July 10. 2013.


Palace remains open for peace talks with leftist rebels


he Palace reiterated that the Aquino administration remains open to continuing the peace discussions with the leftist rebels but they must show some goodwill and sincerity.

“May National Peace Consciousness this month. Ang position ng ating pamahalaan ay bukas tayo sa peace process. Ang kailangan natin sinseridad,� Presidential spokesman FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

Edwin Lacierda said in a press briefing in Malacanang on Thursday. Peace discussions with the communist rebels have not gained much momentum because of many


disagreements on both sides. The rebels accused the government for its failure to implement an initial accord on respect for human rights in addition to other violations. The government panel negotiating peace with the NPA said it may resume peace talks with the insurgents if they agrees on a new negotiating framework. Government negotiators added that the NPA should have a clear agenda for ending violence and bringing peace in the country. Malacanang also condemned this week the NPA’s reported use of landmines particularly in an attack in Compostela Valley on Tuesday that injured seven soldiers. The military claimed that the rebels had used poison-laced explosives in the attack. Asked if the government will consider declaring the NPA a terror threat, Lacierda said he is leaving FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

the decision at the hands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the national security adviser. The use of non-command-detonated explosives is banned by international laws like the Ottawa Treaty. The military accused the NPA of using landmines laced with poison based on evidence military doctors discovered from the wounds of soldiers. Reports indicated that doctors found traces of human feces and snake venom in wounds of the seven soldiers wounded during Tuesday’s attack.


NGCP prepares grid for Mindanao electricity market


ransmission service provider and grid operator National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is working on an online site that will help grid customers in the operation of the Interim Mindanao Electricity Market (IMEM). The NGCP-initiated site at http:// all players in the electricity market will be used to upload in Mindanao. and download generators’ and load This is in support of the customers’ capacity nomination Department of Energy’s (DOE) data and schedules for the use of efforts to deliver sustainable FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013


solutions to stabilize the Mindanao power situation. In its Department Circular No. DC2013-01-0001 dated January 9, 2013, the DOE ordered the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) to develop and implement an interim electricity market specifically designed for the Mindanao grid, which has been experiencing brownouts due to a power supply deficit. The commercial operation of the IMEM is scheduled to commence on September 26. Trial operation has been ongoing since August 26. “NGCP remains supportive of the initiatives of DOE and PEMC and is very much willing to assist in finding solutions to the electric power concerns in Mindanao. IMEM is the first step to ensure free and fair competition and public accountability,” NGCP Spokesperson Cynthia D. Perez-Alabanza said. “This electricity market in Mindanao focuses on filling-up the power deficiency in the grid. NGCP will be in a better position to balance the available capacities with the demand and manage constraints if the relevant data from all generators and load customers are submitted and accounted for. This is how crucial the infrastructure of the web-based program is to FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

the operation of the IMEM,” added Ermelindo R. Bugaoisan Jr., NGCP’s Systems and Standards Head of the Technical Services Department. DOE is said to be in talks with embedded generators for the installation of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) devices that are compliant with the requirements of the IMEM. Embedded generators are endusers or entities whose generating units are indirectly connected to the grid through the distribution utility’s lines and may also refer to generation facilities of large industrial customers, within the distribution utility’s network, that are synchronized to the grid. For its part, aside from developing the online program for the submission and management of generators-load customers’ capacity nomination, generation scheduling and data provision, NGCP is also expediting the installation of WESM-compliant revenue metering facilities among its directly connected grid customers. Among its 15 grid-connected generator customers with 36 metering points, NGCP already installed 26 IMEM-ready metering facilities. “The biggest challenge is in Agus 6 complex where five (5) metering facilities still need to


be installed,� said Emmanuel M. Sotomil, NGCP’s Metering Services Head. He explained that in this case, large instrument transformers will have to be hauled, mounted on pedestals, then tapped to highvoltage overhead lines. NGCP has been coordinating with the power plant owner-operator National Power Corporation (NPC) because the lines should be de-energized and some of the plant generating units should be shut down for the installation to be completed. Among its 53 grid-connected load customers (i.e. distribution utilities and non-distribution utilities) with 184 metering points, NGCP already installed 180 IMEM-ready metering facilities. Yet to be installed are metering facilities inside two military camps in Iligan and NPC’s Regional Office and its Ditucalan Complex, both also located in Iligan. The IMEM is expected to address the need to establish a venue for transparent and efficient utilization of all available capacities, particularly during periods where the contracted supply capacities of the load customers, such as the distribution utilities and industrial customers, are not enough to meet the demand. IMEM is also intended to reflect FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

the true cost of electricity and, therefore, encourage the dispatch and utilization of existing available power generating facilities and/or to attract the entry of new generating capacities in Mindanao. As such, the successful operations of the IMEM would be dependent on the finalization and approval of the Dispatch Protocol by the DOE and PEMC, and the full cooperation of the grid-connected generators, customers and prospective IMEM suppliers. According to the DOE Circular, the IMEM will have a day-ahead market wherein market participants submit their nominations a day before the actual delivery or curtailment of energy. All generation capacities, directly connected customers, and distribution customers shall be part of a mandatory program that aims to address only the deficiency of supply in the grid. It also provides for energy efficiency incentives meant to contribute to the supply in the grid, real time imbalance correction through the use of a merit order table (provided by the IMEM operator), which will have the same principles and features of the merit order table used in the Luzon and the Visayas grids.


Del Rosario vows to buckle down till the end

TAGUM CITY– There is no stopping Governor Rodolfo del Rosario in attaining his vision for Davao del Norte.

In local politics, where term limits usually affect the efficiency of chief executives, del Rosario made it clear that he will continue his brand of no-nonsense and untiring leadership until the last day of his governorship. The last-termer governor said there will be no let up in his innovative governance as he vowed to faithfully


carry out and implement relevant and responsive policies and programs that will have genuine impact in the lives of the Dabaonons. “While I am still here let us continue rolling up our sleeves and stay late at night until we finish what we need to do,” he said, during the recent celebration of his 79th birthday at the Clubhouse of the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex in Tagum City. The Septuagenarian governor was greeted by his family, close friends and associates, local officials and his official family in the provincial government. Looking every inch an institution in local governance, Del Rosario hinted he is not slowing down a bit although he is poised to celebrate his Ruby Jubilee 80th anniversary next year. The decorated leader said


he intends to realize his legacy of making Davao del Norte a premier and outstanding province, before he takes his final bow in public service in 2016. “I will work hard as if this is my first term of office and I will do it up to the last day of my governorship,” the governor said. His retirement from office will coincide with the observance of the 50th founding anniversary of the province. The unblemished political career of Governor Dolfo, as he is fondly called, started in 1978 as assemblyman of the Batasang Pambansa, where he concurrently served as minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and of Natural Resources until 1986. He continued to serve the legislature when democracy was restored, being elected as Congressman of the 3rd District of Davao del Norte for three consecutive terms in 1987, 1992 and 1995. He was elected as governor in 1998, and reelected in 2001, during which he was elected by his peers to be the president of the League of Provinces of the Philippines and, subsequently, the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines: a rare acknowledgment of his being a primus inter pares. With the sound policies adopted by del Rosario, Davao del Norte leapfrogged from the 52nd spot in the 2000 Human Development Index, to 32nd in 2003 HDI, outpacing the other 20 Provinces already in the top 30.


This was brought about by the dynamism of his development agendas that were attuned to the changing needs of the times. In 1998, the governor put premium on the Minimum Basic Needs approach to development to uplift the living condition of the Dabaonons. While in 2007, he elevated the locus of intervention through his RDR WHEELS, which is community hardinfra oriented platform. In order to make the people the driver of their own development, the governor unveiled in 2010 his humancentered development agenda, known as P.E.O.P.L.E., which focused on better health, improved education and more livelihood opportunities. The strategy echoed President Aquino’s thrust of engaging the private sector and non-government organizations to attain global competitiveness of the province. However, after getting a fresh mandate this year, del Rosario revealed he is mainstreaming climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management to his 6-point strategy, in order to instill the culture of safety in every household and protect the development momentum of the province. Among other big ticket projects, Del Rosario’s leadership saw the rise of the P2-billion Talaingod-Bukidnon Road and the P242-million Davao del Norte Sports and Cultural Complex, which recently hosted the highlysuccessful Batang Pinoy Mindanao leg. (Noel Baguio PGO DavNor)


Feces, snake venom traces found in landmine shrapnels DAVAO CITY- A top military officer cited the need to investigate the alleged lacing of bacteria and venom by the New People’s Army in their improvised landmines making it more lethal to its victims.

Major General Ariel Bernardo, commander of the 10th Infantry Division said this development must be brought out in public given the ferocity of the method which impacts not only on the soldiers but also on innocent civilians. He stressed that the continued use of improvised landmines is a violation of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Bernardo said the use of landmines and explosives is prohibited and the CARHRIHL concurred with it. “The worst thing that is happening and we are bringing out that the rebels are lacing biological agent on these explosives making the more lethal. This must be stopped,” he said. Ednar Dayanghirang, representative to the government peace panel talking to the Communist Party of the Philippines, National Democratic Front, New People’s Army said the government must take immediate action after getting the official report from the 10th ID. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

He condemned the use of bacteria in the pursuit of the insurgency warfare. Dr. Victor Dato, orthopaedic surgeon of the Camp Panacan Station Hospital in Davao City, said they have confirmed that shrapnels recovered from landmine blast victims were positive of bacteria usually found in feces of human. He said that a rebel returnee who is now a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines also confirmed to them that the NPA’s mix landmine components with feces and snake venoms to make them more lethal. Dato said a patient hit by a landmine in August 10 manifested blood infection and traces of Enterobacter Cloacae and Streptococcus Agalacteiae which are commonly found in the human intestine were recovered in his wounds. He said the manifestation prompted them to use higher antibiotics in treating the patient. Dato added that one of the patients recently, whose flesh quickly deteriorated and blackened despite heavy antibiotic treatment. He said the blackening of the flesh could be due to a deadlier venom ingredient. The doctor said they have yet to confirm their suspicion though thru medical tests. (Joey Dalumpines PIAXI)


Oro pugs bags 1 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze medals in Batang Pinoy by CIO

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The Cagayan de Oro City amateur boxing team brought home pride and honor to the city as it pocketed one gold, four silver and 4 bronze medals in the just-concluded 2013 Batang Pinoy Mindanao Qualifying Leg in Tagum City, Davao del Norte on August 27 to Sept. 1, 2013.



Carlo Paalam shone brightest among the Cagayan de Oro City boxing team members as he claimed the city’s lone gold medal in the Philippine Sports Commissionorganized national competition participated in by the country’s topnotch young athletes. Cagayan de Oro City’s four silver medals were snatched by Bruce John Palapar; Aldren Pamisa; Francis Jay Diaz and Falcon Criz Ocaña while the four bronze medals are courtesy of Luijie Bangalan; Hurry Bert Basadre, Mark Lumbab and Junil Pamisa. City Mayor Oscar Moreno, an avid boxing enthusiast, congratulated Cagayan de Oro City amateur boxing team’s sterling performance, citing the stiff competition posed by other competing boxing teams all over Mindanao.

He reiterated the city government’s all-out support to the city’s grassroots-based sports development program saying that a sustainable, scientific sports development program will help ensure young athletes and youth engage in wholesome activities and shun away from drugs and vices. Meanwhile, two of the city’s finest boxers—Jason Daming and Paul Gilbert Galagnao, have already left the country bound for Kiev, Ukraine to compete in the World Junior Championship on September 17, 2013. Mayor Moreno expressed optimism that the two boxers will display their outstanding performance in fighting against foreign boxers as they brim with guts and confidence to make Cagayan de Oro City and our country proud.

SP adopts Rules of Procedure of Blue Ribbon committee by CdeOSP

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The rules of Procedure of the 17th City Council committee on blue ribbon of Cagayan de Oro was adopted and approved during the September 2 regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Caesar Ian E. Acenas through Resolution No. 11460-2013. Chaired by Councilor Leon D.M. 24 standing committees Gan, Jr., the committee is one of the legislative body. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013




Councilor Ramon G. Tabor was elected as the vice chair of the blue ribbon committee with Councilors Adrian L. Barba, Nadya B. EmanoElipe and Dometilo Acenas, Jr., as members. Councilor Tabor said the approval of the Rules of Procedure is necessary before the committee starts hearing cases filed against barangay officials. PROCEDURES Under the approved procedures, all proceedings shall be commenced by a complaint in writing and under oath, by the aggrieved party or a duly authorized representative against any elected official of the barangay within the city. The committee shall have the power to adjudicate all administrative complaints formally filed with, or referred to it, against any elected barangay official of the city and render decision based on evidence. In the exercise of its function,

the committee is empowered to administer oaths, summon witness, require the production of documents, records, books, or other things by a Subpoena Duces Tecum and issue other processes as may be necessary. Under Rule V, the committee may recommend to the city mayor to preventively suspend for a period not exceeding 60 days any barangay official pending investigation of the charge against such official involving dishonesty, oppression or grave misconduct, neglect in the performance of duty or if there are reasons to believe that the respondent is guilty of charges which would warrant his/her removal from the service. Councilor Tabor explained that under the Local Government Code supervision of barangays is lodged with the Sangguniang Panlungsod. That is why barangay ordinances and resolutions are reviewed by the City Council, he added.

MHARS-RTTHospital gets “Excellent” rating for ARTA implementation by Rutchie Cabahug-Aguhob

OZAMIZ CITY, Misamis Occidental - The Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro, Sr., Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (MHARS-RTT) in Ozamiz City, has been rated “Excellent” by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), region 10, relative to the implementation of Republic Act No. 9485. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013


Otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, RA 9485 is an “Act to Improve Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service to the Public by Reducing Bureaucratic Red Tape, Preventing Graft and Corruption, Providing Penalties, Therefore.” The said law was passed on June 2, 2007, while its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) took effect in September, the following year, Atty. Lourdes Clavite-Vidal, Regional Director of CSC, region 10, said. Vidal said MHARS-RTTH got a final grade of 90.11 percent in the Anti-Red Tape Act-Report Card Survey


(ARTA-RCS) conducted on July 4-6, 2012, as reflected in its Report of Findings, which they received, early this year. She said MHARS-RTTH passed in all areas of the RCS, namely: Compliance with ARTA Provisions, Frontline Service Provider, Service Quality , Physical Working Condition and Overall Satisfaction, thus receiving a descriptive rating of Excellent. Meanwhile, she said the RCS shall be used to obtain feedback on how provisions of the agency’s Citizen’s Charter are being followed, Vidal added.


PIA Caraga’s Power FM joins advocacy for corrupt-free Philippines

BUTUAN CITY -- The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Caraga’s radio station 107.8 Power FM has joined the people’s clamor for the condemnation of pork barrel scam and for a corrupt-free Philippines by playing its anti-corruption advocacy plug regularly.



“We will continue to regularly, http://www. play Jograd’s ‘Kawatan’ (theft) and http://www. song, a music originally performed by Jessie J (Price Tag), until everybody will heed the call against graft and corruption,” PIA-Caraga regional director Abner Caga said. “This is to show that we support the plight of the majority of the Filipino people against the pork barrel scam. We hope that by playing the song, everybody will support and participate for a corrupt-free Philippines, this is the least that we can do,” he added. The ‘Kawatan’ song can be heard hourly over Power FM and its online streaming v i a h t t p : / / w w w. p o w e r f m b x u . FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013


DAR Caraga chief lauds groups’ environmental protection efforts to save Mount Mayapay

BUTUAN CITY -- The environmental protection efforts for the protection and preservation of Mount Mayapay under the Samahang Magdalo and Philippine Information Agency (PIA-13) continue drawing accolade, the latest of which came from Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Caraga regional director Faisar Mambuay. Mambuay said the environmental efforts of these groups should be emulated. “We, in the agency are fully aware that the environmental consequence of Mount Mayapay, the city’s natural heritage, if not being conserve will result to drastic effects to our Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) -to our farmers. We also would like to do our part,” he said. Mambuay then vowed to FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

collaborate in the conservation effort and committed to facilitate and spread the sound information to the Agrarian Reform Communities surrounding the city’s natural landmark. “We will do this not just for us but also to our future generations. Hoping that someday, as example will help pave way to attain the universal goal of saving Mt. Mayapay,” Mambuay said.


Caraga Region Institute of Peace to hold Regl Peace Education Contest Conference by Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY-- The Caraga Region Institute of Peace (CRIP), a nonprofit organization will be holding the 2013 Regional Peace Education Contest Conference on September 30 at the Agusan National High School, this city. Said event is in partnership with the Philippine Society of Young Good Citizens (PSYGC). CRIP chair and executive director Rex Ybañez, relayed that September of each year is set by the United Nations (UN) as International Peace Month. “This year’s international theme is ‘Education for Peace’,” he said. Ybañez added that the event aims to have a better educated and informed citizenry in terms of the peace education in support to the government’s call and the UN. Participants of this one-day affair are the secondary student-journalists of all divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) Caraga. There will be one coach per delegation. Contests are on editorial writing, short story writing, essay writing, on–the–spot poster making and on–the–spot editorial cartooning. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

Also, during the activity, Agusan del Norte 1st District Butuan City and Las Nieves Representative Atty. Lawrence Lemuel H. Fortun will deliver his message, as well as DepEd-Caraga Regional Director Atty. Albert T. Escobarte. Meanwhile, among the speakers/ lecturers include the following: Philippine Air Force Brigadier General Dr. Charito B. Plaza; Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Caraga Regional Director Atty. Marylin Pintor; and Dr. Adrilene Mae Castanos of Caraga State University. CRIP is a non-profit organization founded last June 31, 2012. It was launched in Surigao del Sur State University Cantilan Campus on September 21 of the same year. Its purpose is to provide relevant education to Caraganons on peace education and human rights.


Dominga Mallonga DOST-Caraga Regional Director

for more details visit us DOST National Website: DOST Caraga Website:

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For more Details Visit us: DOST National Website: DOST Caraga Website:

Tacurong City promises new attractions in Talakudong Fest 2013 By Danilo E. Doguiles KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato-- Locals and visitors will witness many “firsts” in upcoming Talakudong Festival, which will formally open on Wednesday, September 11.



The week-long festival, which will culminate with the celebration of the 13th foundation anniversary on September 18, will kick-off with the 1st Talakudong Drum and Glockenspiel Competition-High School Level at the city grounds around 9:30 in the morning. Three groups will be battling each other in the competition’s maiden offering. This will be followed by the 1st Talakudong Inter-Barangay Dance Sport and Hip Hop Dance Contest in the City Gymnasium at 6:00 p.m. In partnership with the arts group Makasining Lahi ng Tacurong, the city government also organized the 1st Talakudong Battle of the Queens: Search for Miss Gay Talakudong 2013 which will be staged at the city gymnasium on September 13. Meanwhile, the Tacurong Runners Club will also spearhead the 1st Talakudong Half-Marathon Run on September 15. Other new events for this year’s festivity include 1st Talakudong Invitational Scooter Motocross Competition (September 17) and 1st Talakudong Invitational Badminton Tournament-Kiddie Edition (September 6-8). Aside from these ‘firsts’, Talakudong will be exuding the city’s vibrance with the following activities: Kumpas sa Syudad Folk Dance Competition and Kantahan FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

ng Kabataan (September 12); Haircut Mo Sagot Ko and Jobs Fair (September 13). Bicycle Tour, Talakudong Dog Show, and Dart Tournament (September 14); Ornamental Plant Show (September 16); Variety and Comedy Show with Celebrities (September 17). Continuing events include: Igpat Sang Kamera Photo Contest (Aug. 15-Sept 30); Alay sa Barangay Surgical Mission (Aug. 16-Sept. 30); Inter-Barangay and InterAgency Basketball Tournament (Aug. 20-Sept. 12). There will also be Trade Fair (Sept. 3-20); For Art’s Sake Painting Exhibit, Workshop, and Contest (Sept. 5-18); Talakudong Painting and Salakot Decorating (Sept. 6-8); Inter-school and Invitational Sepak Takraw Tournament (Sept 12-16); and Lawn Tennis Tournament (Sept. 14-15). Eleven candidates will be battling for the title of Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2013 on September 16. To complement this event, the Local Women Development Council organized the 1st Talakudong Search for Munting Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong on September 18. Talakudong Street Dancing and Field Demonstration, the festival highlight, will be taken a notch higher by participating schools on September 18. “Participating schools prepare for this event for almost two


months. They have never failed to deliver a refreshing presentation of Tacurong’s culture every year,” said City Mayor Lina Montilla. Tacurong became a component city of the Province of Sultan Kudarat by virtue of Republic Act 8805 that was issued on August 16, 2000. The cityhood was duly confirmed by the Tacurongnons

in a plebiscite held on September 18, 2000. This year marks its 13th Foundation Anniversary. Malacañan declared September 18, 2013 as a special non-working Day in Tacurong City through Proclamation No. 643, s. 2013. (DEDoguiles-PIA 12/JLCBillanoTacurong-LGU)

DSWD sets 2nd survey to identify poorest families By: Danilo E. Doguiles KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato -- Over 15 million households nationwide are being targeted for the second nationwide assessment of the National Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), which will begin soon. In Soccsksargen Region or Region 12, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 12, a total of 775,335 households will be visited and interviewed in the coming months. The number is comprised of 245, 055 households in North Cotabato, 212, 590 in South Cotabato, 146,777 in Sultan Kudarat, 93, 178 in Sarangani, and 77, 736 in Cotabato City. “We will be covering a total of 50 Local Government Units (LGUs) in the region, which includes four provinces (Sarangani, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato), five cities (Cotabato, Kidapawan, General Santos, Tacurong and Koronadal City) and forty-five municipalities,” said regional field coordinator Ashraf Dirampatan. The National Household Targeting FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

Office (NHTO), in coordination with the National Statistics Office (NSO) and National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), generated the list of all urban and rural barangays, including their population based on the 2010 Census of Population. DSWD targets to assess a total of 1,194 barangays in Region 12 composed of 168 urban barangays and 1,026 rural barangays. In the first cycle in 2009, some 581,853 households were assessed. Out of which, 296,043 were identified as poor households. NHTS-PR is an information management system that identifies who and where the poor households are. Its system guarantees the establishment and management of a national socio-economic database of poor households using a globally-


accepted methodology. programs such as Pantawid Pamilya The NHTS-PR database was the sole Pilipino Program and Social Pension. basis for the selection of beneficiaries (DEDoguiles-PIA 12/DSWD 12) of the National Government

OPAg-S. Kudarat, conducts cassava livelihood training to 4H club members By: Shahana Joy E. Duerme

KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato--The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg) in Sultan Kudarat conducted recently a two-day cassava livelihood training for food consumption to some 30 4H club members in the province.

Some of the topics tackled during the event were food hygiene and sanitation and the important uses and benefits of the cassava plant. The participants underwent hands on cooking of different cassava dishes which include cassava roll jelly, yoca sticks, cassava roll, cassava chips, sweetened cassava with topica peals, and egg ball and cassava puffs. Aside from this, characteristics and traits of a good leader were also taught to them. Provincial agriculturist Nestor D. Casador said that the event is a helpful means of training the youth when it comes to livelihood production. He also noted that the activity was a manifestation FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

of empowering the youth in the province by giving them opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities. Meanwhile, the participants were grateful for the chance given to them by the management of the training. The cassava livelihood training for food consumption was a collaborative effort of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg) in Sultan Kudarat and the 4H Club in the province. 4H is an organization which promotes programs for the youth. Its area of concern is youth leadership and empowerment. (SJDuerme-PIA12/ JAujero-PPDO-SK)


One Mindanao - September 6, 2013  
One Mindanao - September 6, 2013  

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