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TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2014 Vol. 3 No. 132

Substitutes to rice as staple






Land reform to continue despite termination of carper, says Palace


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South Cotabato dancers dominate 6th Gatsby Dance Competition Asian Finals Oliver Ross V. Rivera

North Cotabato’s 2014 Summer Kids Peace Camp to reach thousands

Shahana Joy E. Duerme


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Rabies cases up in Surigao City - CHO Susil D. Ragas

DTI urges business establishments to give exact change Atty. Maria Aurora R. Curaza-Maquiling & Marson Jan S

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DTI, NAMARCO sign MOA for Shared Service Facility DTI

Five line agencies scored high in SWS CDO survey Trevi Lorenz Espinosa


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DOE holds info drive vs. illegal coal mining Dominic I. Sanchez JCI, UHI launch “Search for the Most Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines” in Zamboanga Sibugay

Alma L. Tingcang



Barangay chairs urged to help monitor measles cases Joey Sem G. Dalumpines

Substitutes to rice as staple By Danilo Doguiles


ilipinos are known worldwide as generally carbohydrates eater, which research show comprise 80% of the Filipino diet. As to the staple, a very large majority of the households singularly consider rice as the staple.

However, the escalating prices of rice over the past years and with the national government pushing for rice self-sufficiency, the Department of Agriculture and its attached agencies are encouraging Filipino households to consider alternatives to rice as the primary food. Most of these alternatives, although not as commonly consumed as rice, are comparable and often more nutritious than the traditionally preferred well-milled rice. Also, these substitutes are also cheaper and can be grown in backyard gardens. Following are some alternative

staples that DA is promoting. CORN Corn – particularly white corn -- probably comes next to rice in commodities that Filipinos consider as the primary source of carbohydrates that could be paired with any “ulam� (viand). Eating white corn grits as staple in Visayas and parts of Mindanao. (Note: Yellow corn varieties are largely perceived as animal feeds.) Data from DA, indicate only 20 percent of Filipinos regularly consume

corn. Notably, however, these also indicate that compared to rice, corn has more dietary content of 4.7 g compared to only 2.8 g in rice, which along with the former’s lower glycemic index makes white corn a suitable food for those at risk of diabetes as well as diet conscious individuals. Since it is a good source of energy, it is also a good choice for diet regimen of athletes who require stamina. Corn also has more calcium, beta carotene and protein contents than rice. Corn grits may be cooked alone or mixed with rice on a 50:50 or 70:30 ratio. In some parts of Visayas, it is also prepared as “saksak” where chopped sweet potato are added fats, calories and fiber. into the cooking corn grits. SWEET POTATO SABA BANANA Like banana, sweet potato is In Filipino diet, Saba banana is often relegated as a dessert rather seldom considered as a staple. It is than a staple but it has considerably instead a popular dessert in between better nutritional values than rice. meals similar to taro, cassava, and It has also been reported to lower sweet potato. Commonly, cooked hypertension, bad cholesterol and unripe saba bananas are dipped in even blood sugar when eaten as a “bagoong” while the ripe once may substitute to rice. be eaten raw of used as ingredients It is also more filling and in sweet desserts like “ginataan,” suppresses hunger pangs, making it a “halu-halo,” or fried as “maruya.” favorable to those in diet programs. Banana is rich in protein, Three ounces of baked potato, for potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, instance, only contains 90 calories 5

compared to 361 kilocalories in 100gram serving of rice, a treat to the diet conscious. It has 0 fat, saturated fat and cholesterol but is a very good source of dietary fiber (3 grams), vitamin, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, manganese, carotenoids, potassium and magnesium TARO Taro, popularly known as “gabi” is a root crop often grown in small areas among garden plants and in paddy fields. It is grown for its edible tubers that could be also be consumed as a substitute to rice. A 100-gram serving of this could provide 145 kCal, 34.6 g of carbohydrates, 5.1 g of dietary fiber, 0.11 g of fats, and 0.52 g of protein. ADLAI Of the many

crops promoted

by DA as substitute to rice, Adlai (English name: Job’s tears) could be the least known because very rarely grown commercially. Recently, however, DA has stepped up its campaign to push for growing of this crop as a commodity, particularly for its sturdy bead-like seeds that can be consumed as staple like rice. Like rice and corn, adlai is also a member of the family of grasses. It is also known as katigbi or tigbi in parts of Visayas and Luzon. As a food source, it provides higher energy content than rice or corn (356 kcal) and comes with 73.9 grams of carbohydrates and protein. Although the crop is not as popular as rice, food researchers attest that adlai is as versatile as rice as an ingredient of rice –base kakanin such as champorado, polvoron, turon, maja blanca, porridge and many others.




Malacanang calls on all working personnel to pay correct taxes


alacanang called on all working personnel and professional organizations to join efforts in improving the overall economic development of the country by paying the correct taxes.

In a press briefing in Malacanang on Tuesday, Communications Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma, Jr. said the Bureau of Internal Revenue is stepping up efforts to improve the country’s taxto-GDP ratio to 16 to 18 percent by 2016.

“Taxes are the lifeblood of the economy. In accordance with the Philippine Domestic Program goals, the BIR’s campaign is intensifying efforts to increase the country’s tax-to-GDP ratio to 16 to 18 percent by 2016. As of 2013, the country’s MARCH 2014 | PAGE 7

tax-to-GDP reached 13.6 percent, but still below the 17 percent recorded prior to the Asian financial crisis,” Coloma said. He added that by working to achieve this target, the government is committed to strengthening its tax collection efforts to be at par with its ASEAN counterparts. According to a World Bank report,

the tax effort of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore stands at 17.6 percent,16.1 percent and 13.8 percent respectively. “We call on all professional organizations to urge their members to pay the right taxes and help in the country’s overall economic development efforts. PND

Land reform to continue despite termination of carper, says Palace


he Palace made an assurance on Tuesday that land reform under Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (CARPER) will continue even after its termination date.

Some groups in the land reform But in a press briefing on Tuesday in sector are asking the status of the Malacanang,PresidentialCommunications implementation of CARPER, which is set Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said to expire this June. the land reform program will push through MARCH 2014 | PAGE 8

despite its termination date especially land the owners who haven’t received notices of termination. “At kapag meron ka nang notice of coverage,‘yan‘yungsinasabinilangsubject to proceedings. At sabi ni Secretary de los Reyes, kapag subject to proceedings, hindi ka naman made-deadline ng June 30,” Coloma explained. “Puwede namang ipagpatuloy ‘yung usapin hanggang beyond June 30 hangga’t maresolba ‘yung isyu. Kaya sa aspetong ‘yan, sinasabi niyang hindi dapat mag-alala ‘yung meron pang mga nakabinbin na usapin at ‘yung hindi pa nabibigyan ng notice of coverage.” Quoting Agrarian Reform Secretary de los Reyes, Coloma said that under the existing law—the Republic Act 9700, Section 30 says “land acquisition and distribution may proceed for land holdings with pending proceedings even after June 2014.” Under Department of Agrarian Reform’s (DAR) interpretation, discussions on CARPER could continue even after the termination, Coloma said. People having queries on the CARP and CARPER issues could contact the Department of Agrarian Reform, which is always ready to assist the public. With regards to helping land reform beneficiaries, Coloma said the DAR set

up a dedicated group that focuses on support services. This group has been coordinating with other government agencies like Land Bank of the Philippines and Cooperatives Development Authority to help beneficiaries put up their own cooperatives. “Ito ngang year 2014, lumalahok ang ating bansa doon sa International Year of the Family Farm. Ibig sabihin, iniencourage talaga ang pagpapalago at pagkakaroon ng family farms para mas marami pang Pilipino ang lumahok sa pagsasaka,” he said. The Department of Agriculture said the average age of Filipino farmers is 55 or older so there’s a need to broaden the base of farmers in the country to include those from the younger age group, he said. PND

MARCH 2014 | PAGE 9

NorCot solon supports call to investigate power shortage in Mindanao


orth Cotabato Rep. Nancy Catamco (2nd District) has supported the call of colleague South Cotabato Rep. Ferdinand Hernandez (2nd District) to investigate the prevailing power shortage in Mindanao. Catamco said that Mindanao bloc congressmen are planning to Catamco said the people in tackle the issue on the committee Mindanao, particularly in North hearing set on Wednesday. Cotabato, deserve to know the present MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 10

power situation in the island-region. “We will deliberate for an immediate solution, in aid of legislation, and will immediately give the people of North Cotabato an update on the inquiry,” she said. The Cotabato Electric Cooperative (Cotelco), which is the sole power provider in North Cotabato, is currently implementing a three to five-hour load curtailment following a ten-hour blackout that hit Mindanao last week. Engr. Godofredo Homez, Cotelco general manager, said the Mindanao grid remains on “red alert” due to generation deficiency. He further stated that the Mindanao grid has “zero contingency reserve.” The Pulangi 4 hydroelectric power dam has reduced its capacity to 60megawatts due to water constraint in Maramag, Bukidnon; while the coalfired Steag power plant in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, shutdown its 210-MW power generator. This developed as power consumer groups in North Cotabato has reiterated before local officials to push for the 25 percent priority load dispatch from Mt. Apo geothermal power plants to Cotelco following the long brownouts. The geothermal plants are situated at the foot of Mt. Apo in Barangay MARCH 2014 |

Ilomavis, Kidapawan City, which is the capital urban center of North Cotabato. John Pagaduan, member of Philippine Jaycees, has warned of street protests should their request “fall on deaf ears”. “As host of the power plant, the city and the province should be given priority in the dispatch of power during energy crisis. There is a law protecting this privilege,” he said. Cotelco is one of the petitioners in North Cotabato that filled a case before the Department of Energy urging the 25 percent load dispatch from the Energy Development Corporation (EDC). The EDC owns the two geothermal power plants on Mt. Apo with a total capacity of 104 MW. It plans to construct another plant that is expected to be fully operational by 2015. The electricity generated by the geothermal plants is directly transmitted to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines. The Cotelco acquires power from the NGCP and distributes it to its consumers. Under the law, the 25 percent priority load dispatch for North Cotabato would be taken from the total generating capacity of the existing plants, which is estimated at 26-MW. PAGE | 11

NorthCot LGU opens P68M Agri-Center Complex By: Shahana Joy E. Duerme KIDAPAWAN CITY, North Cotabato--- The local government unit (LGU) of North Cotabato inaugurated on Friday its P68 million Agri-Center Complex inside the Provincial Capitol grounds in Barangay Amas, this city.

MARCH 2014 |

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The complex is composed of a three-storey building constructed at a cost of P58.5 million from the savings of the provincial government. It also has a Product Display and Food Laboratory Building worth P5 million and a covered court which costs P3 million both funded by the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) and an augmentation fund amounting to P1.5 million for the Food Laboratory from the Soccsksargen Area Development Program. The construction of the complex started in November 2012 and was completed early this year. The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPVet) and the Provincial Cooperatives Development Office (PCDO) will occupy the 1st floor of the building while the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg) will use the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor being the rooftop, is intended as venue for trainings, conventions and seminars. Governor Emmylou Mendoza in her message during the inauguration, said that the AgriCenter Complex will enable the three offices to carry out their duties and responsibilities more effectively and will enhance the flow of service to the constituents as they are now already in one location. She stated that the new building and facilities will inspire employees MARCH 2014 |

to perform better thereby working decisively to attain good results. “As much as we want to upgrade the capacity of the OPAg, OPVet and the PCDO to serve, we would also want to bring the truthful service the people of North Cotabato province deserve. “This is not about what legacy I will leave the province but it is to enable our agriculture offices to work for the sake of the farmers in the province,” the governor also explained. She then said that the heads of the three merging offices namely Engr. Eliseo M. Mangliwan of the OPag, Dr. Rufino Suropia of the OPVet and Samuel Aquino of the PCDO, now face a bigger challenge to perform and prove to the taxpayers that their taxes are truly working for them. Meanwhile, Amalia JayagDatukan, regional executive director of the Department of Agriculture 12, who served as the guest speaker of the event, commended Mendoza and the provincial government for the accomplishment of such project. She particularly mentioned the effective fiscal management of the governor and other officials of the provincial government who were able to utilize the savings of the capitol to build a comprehensive agricultural center. “Obviously, your leaders are certainly doing their best to come PAGE | 13

up with programs and projects that would uplift the conditions of practically everyone in the province,” Datukan told the residents of North Cotabato present during the inauguration. She also revealed the good news of having the province as one of the 10 provinces chosen as National Awardees of the Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers Award of the DA this year granting the province P4 million. Apart from the province, Datukan announced that three municipalities which include Midsayap, M’lang and

Tulunan were chosen as municipal level awardees who will also receive cash prizes. On the other hand, the inauguration of the Agri-Center Complex was simultaneously done with the opening of the Provincial Product Display and Showroom and the induction of officers of the PCDO– Accredited FarmersFishermen Organization in the province. (SJDuerme-PIA12/JSta. Cruz- N. Cotabato Provincial Government)

South Cotabato dancers dominate 6th Gatsby Dance Competition Asian Finals

By: Oliver Ross V. Rivera KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato– The Philippines recently proved its world-class talent yet again after winning in the 6th Gatsby Dance Competition Asian Finals. South Cotabato-based Xtreme Macz Alminaza emerged as the grand Dancers members Jay-R Melody and champion in the competition held in

MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 14

Tokyo, Japan Saturday. The duo bested eight other dance groups from Asian countries including Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea. Singapore’s “Siren” captured the 2nd spot while Indonesia’s Soul of Java” was named as 2nd runner up. Part of their winnings include a medal and cash prize worth 500,000 Japanese Yen which is around P200,000. The group was named as official representatives of the country by winning the Philiippine Finals last year. According to Xtreme Dancers’ President and Manager Grey Doctolero, they are planning to join more international competitions to expose the world-class talents of dancers from South Cotabato. “After this achievement, we are targeting more international

competitions for the group. We are set to compete in Singapore for the International Dance Delight and we just registered to Australia’s World Battlegrounds,” Doctolero said. “We would like to thank the various dance groups and other artists in South Cotabato who showed their support to the Xtreme dancers,” he added. Local fans and supporters watched as the group performed in the competition which was streamed live over website and tallied over 9,000 views. Various social media sites were immediately flooded last Saturday with congratulatory messages for the Xtreme Dancers . Xtreme Dancers is an all Filipino Dance Crew from the Province of South Cotabato, established since February 14, 2000, and a member of the South Cotabato Performing Arts Ensemble. (ORVRivera-PIA12)

North Cotabato’s 2014 Summer Kids Peace Camp to reach thousands By: Shahana Joy E. Duerme KIDAPAWAN CITY, North Cotabato--Thousands of children particularly the fifth graders of different elementary schools in the province of North Cotabato are expected to converge for this year’s Summer Kids Peace Camp (SKPC) which will be launched on March 27, 2014.

Norito T. Mazo, community affairs officer I and event coordinator of SKPC, during the coordinative meeting with the Department MARCH 2014 |

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Caraga GADCC helps victims of Human Rights violations during the Marcos regime By Jennifer P. Gaitano BUTUAN CITY - In time with the opening ceremony of this year’s Women’s Month celebration at the provincial capitol covered court, this city, the Gender and Development Coordinating Committee (GADCC) through chairperson Atty. Marylin Pintor, Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Caraga regional director, vowed to help and assist Caraganons who were victims of Human Rights violations during the regime of the late president Ferdinand Marcos.

MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 16

“Justice must be served to those victims of human rights violations. The GADCC Caraga is willing to help Caraganons who face the same concern,” said Pintor. Also, CHR chairperson Loretta Ann “Etta” Rosales, who served as keynote speaker during the opening program encouraged the Caraganons whom their rights were violated during Marcos time to come out and approach the regional GADCC for technical assistance. “Let us not forget that pursuant to Republic Act (R.A.) 10368, the law recognizes the ordinary people and those who fought hard, tortured, and suffered must be given due compensation by the state,” bared MARCH 2014 |

Rosales. Rosales further said that the last year’s approved R.A. 10368 also known as Human Rights Victims’ Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 declared the policy of the state to recognize the heroism and sacrifices of all Filipinos who were victims of summary execution, enforced or involuntary disappearance and other gross committed during the Marcos regime. “With GADCC-Caraga, we encourage the concerned Caraganons to approach the file a complaint that they were victims so the committee can assist them and help them get the due recognition and compensation from the state,” Rosales added. R.A. 10368 was signed into law by President Benigno S. Aquino III on February 2013 on the occasion of the anniversary of the historic People Power uprising that ousted the dictator president.

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Rabies cases up in Surigao City - CHO

By Susil D. Ragas

SURIGAO CITY -- The City Health Office (CHO) here said cases of rabies virus in the city have increased from January to February, this year.

City Health Officer Dr. Emmanuel A. Plandano, during the press conference held recently, said three human deaths caused by rabies were recorded by the communicable disease coordinator in the first two months of this year. Dr. Plandano said the victims were from different barangays of the city, “one 50-year old, male from Purok 10, Barangay Mabini died on January 22; one 8 year-old boy from Purok 5, Barangay Canlanipa died on February 11 and one 54-year old, female from Purok 1, Barangay Serna died last February 26.” “One case of rabies is already considered an epidemic, because 100 meter radius of the rabies positive area should be quarantined and all dogs and cats within this area should be immunized with anti-rabies vaccine to avoid proliferation of said virus, MARCH 2014 |

that is why, we are asking the help of our friends from the tri-media to help us disseminate our campaign against rabies,” Plandano added. Plandano also said to avoid proliferation of the said virus, the city health office will continue their support to the veterinary office through its surveillance and advocacy on rabies immunization. They will also help in the conduct of free rabies vaccination especially those areas identified as positive of rabies. Plandano, further, said rabies virus is a fatal in human and animals especially dogs and cats, it can be transmitted through the saliva of animals and animal bites, common symptoms of rabies virus are fever, muscle pain, headache, brain inflammation, seizures, confusion, paralysis and coma, these symptoms PAGE | 18

will manifest after incubation period of 20 to 90 days only and should be treated immediately with rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) injections, antibiotics and rabies vaccine. On his part, Sangguniang Panlungsod chairman Committee on Health, City Councilor Baltazar Abian

encouraged all pet owners to take care of their pets and be responsible enough to bring them to the doctors and have them vaccinated. “Republic Act 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 and other local ordinances must be enforced to reprimand those irresponsible pet owners,” Abian said.

DTI urges business establishments to give exact change By Atty. Maria Aurora R. Curaza-Maquiling & Marson Jan S

BUTUAN CITY -- The Department of Trade and Industry – Caraga Regional Office urges business establishments to give the exact change. Consumers have been clamoring against the practice of distributors, suppliers, sellers and retail stores on shortchanging or giving insufficient amount of change by reason of lack of coins in their cash registers. Some establishments give candies instead of the exact change. There is shortchanging when vendors give less change than what is due in a transaction, telling their customers that they do not have coins available. Shortchanging and the giving of candies as legal tender are considered as unfair or unconscionable sales act or practice which are punishable under Republic Act No. 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines. Under Article 52 of the Act, an act or practice shall be deemed unfair or unconscionable whenever the producer, manufacturer, distributor, supplier or seller, by taking advantage MARCH 2014 |

of the consumer’s physical or mental infirmity, ignorance, illiteracy, lack of time or the general conditions of the environment or surroundings, induces the consumer to enter into a sales or lease transaction grossly inimical to the interests of the consumer or grossly one-sided in favor of the producer, manufacturer, distributor, supplier or seller. Any person who shall violate the provisions shall upon conviction, be subject to a fine of not less than P500 but not more than P10,000.00 or imprisonment of not less than five months but not more than one year or both, upon the discretion of the court. Consumers are encouraged to file consumer complaints against establishments for shortchanging. They can file their complaints at the nearest DTI Provincial Office.

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BFP-Ozamiz conducts massive fire safety awareness drive by Rutchie Cabahug-Aguhob

OZAMIZ CITY, Misamis Occidental - A massive fire safety awareness drive will be conducted by the Bureau of Fire Protection in Ozamiz City (BFP-Ozamiz) during the Fire Prevention Month (FPM) in March, this year.

MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 24

The drive aims to instill into the city residents, the importance of fire safety and to influence them to get involved in fire prevention, as the occurrence of fire is everyone’s concern, Fire F/Supt. Butch Baulete, City Fire Marshall, said. By virtue of the Presidential Proclamation No.115-A, the month of March was declared as FPM because of the alarming increase in fire incidents nationwide. Statistics show that for the past years, the most affected type of occupancy of fire is residential, hence, the BFP finds it imperative to focus the observance more on fire safety at home, Baulete said. Meanwhile, the Fire Marshall said BFP-Ozamiz has lined-up various activities in observance of the FPM, all focused on the theme: “Isulong ang Kaunlaran, Sunog ay Iwasan, Kaalaman at Pag-iingat ang Kailangan.” Among these activities are the

following: Mass at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Church, 8:00 a.m., Motorcade along the main thoroughfares of the city, 9:00 a.m., followed by Blood Letting at the Ozamiz City Fire Station in Barangay Tinago, 10:00 a.m., March 1. The activity will be participated by all BFP officers and personnel, Fire Volunteers, Fire Brigades, rescuers, students and other government employees in the city. Drawing Contest for elementary students and Poster Making and Essay Writing Contest for High School Student, city level, March 7. Fire Olympics, to include games/ events in Fire Hose Relay, Rescue Operations, Tug of War, Roof Climbing, Engine Relay and Wild Hose Recovery, city level, March 19, City Level and Provincial Level, which will be held in Tangub City, March 26.

DTI, NAMARCO sign MOA for Shared Service Facility by DTI

MALAYBALAY CITY, Bukidnon - Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Bukidnon provincial office and Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-purpose Cooperative (NAMARCO) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) under the Shared Service Facility (SSF) project. MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 25

Roderico Bioco, President of Bukidnon Kaamulan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKCCI) and its board of trustees, witnessed the MOA signing at the DTI Bukidnon Business Resource Center in Malaybalay City. DTI provincial director Ermedio J. Abang said the project will benefit hundreds of pineapple farmers and coop members in town. He said DTI will help the cooperative through the provision of processing and manufacturing tools needed to increase their productivity. NAMARCO is engaged in pineapplebased processing project in San Nicolas, Don Carlos, Bukidnon. Majority of its members are beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program or CARP of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). In the MOA, DTI will validate the capabilities of the cooperative and

determine the factors that would help improve production and eventually increase the organization’s income. NAMARCO will also strongly uphold the new collaboration that will benefit the communities in the implementation of the project with total approved amount of P84,000. The SSF is a public-private partnership (PPP) initiative which is being implemented through private sector partners who can provide facilities to house the machinery and equipment. It is implemented by the government through DTI to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly those in the countryside, to help them in their production of goods and allow them to compete with other businesses, Abang said.

Five line agencies scored high in SWS CDO survey by Trevi Lorenz Espinosa

CAGAYAN DE ORO - Five national government agencies received good score from the business group in Cagayan de Oro as bared in the latest report of Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey in its fight corruption within the workplace. SWS President, Mahar K. Mangahas personally presented the results of the 2013 Enterprise Survey on Corruption during the National Competitiveness Council (NCC)

MARCH 2014 |

Roadshow held in the city on February 26. The identified performing agencies in fight against corruption include the Department of Trade and PAGE | 26

Industry (DTI), Department of Health (DOH), Social Security System (SSS), Department of Education (DepEd), and Department of Justice (DOJ). The DTI gained a +70 or an excellent grade, the highest among major cities identified which includes the National Capital Region (NCR), Angeles, Calamba, Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. Meanwhile, DOH received a good grade perception of +52 from the business sector in the city, who were chosen as respondents in the recently concluded survey. While the three others SSS, DepEd and DOJ gained upgrades. From +37 in year 2009, SSS region 10 grade went up to +55 last year. A +10 upgrade was also achieved

MARCH 2014 |

by DepEd 10 from +40 in 2009 to +50 in 2013, while the DOJ also earned a commendable upgrade of +32 last year from the -5 rating in 2009. The Cagayan de Oro City government, meanwhile, falls short in its bid against corruption when compared to other cities who are also respondents to the survey, although it gained an increase from -13 in 2012 to +30 in 2013 or a good rating. Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno who also graced the event likewise underscored the need to bring the government closer to the people, to become more effective and accountable in bringing out its responsibilities. PAGE | 27

Pagadian joins “Fire Prevention Month” celebration By Gideon C. Corgue

PAGADIAN CITY – “Fire plays an important role in our lives if we use it safely but if we misuse it, it can cause extensive damage to both the properties and human lives,” said an official of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-9.

MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 28

Supt. Clemente Alvarez, assistant regional director for operations, BFP-9, said during the Fire Prevention Month’s kickoff ceremony on Saturday at Pagadian City Central Fire Station that fire is important to man’s life adding that “without fire our life is meaningless.” “We are observing fire prevention not only during March but each day. Every day is a fire prevention day. The fire may occur anytime and anywhere,” the fire official pointed out. Alvarez urged his fellow fire

officers and volunteer firefighters to intensify their level of alertness especially during summer season to prevent the occurrence of fire. Alvarez said the fire personnel are seriously fulfilling their motto: “To protect and serve so that others may live.” In 2013, the BFP has recorded a total 44 fire incidents of which 40 cases were accidental and 4 were arson, with an estimated damage to properties amounting to P41.3 million. Meanwhile, City Fire Marshall Reggy Olmedo urged everyone to be careful with fire. “I urged everyone to be conscious about fire safety at home and in the workplace since fire prevention is everybody’s business,” Olmedo said. Pagadian City Central Fire Station is joining all fire stations in the country in observing March as fire prevention month pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A issued by the then President Ferdinand Marcos on November 17, 1967. A thanksgiving mass, motorcade and bloodletting were the activities lined up during the opening ceremony to heighten public awareness on fire safety and prevention.

DOE holds info drive vs. illegal coal mining By Dominic I. Sanchez

ZAMBOANGA CITY - In the effort to curb the proliferation of illegal coal mining in Zamboanga Peninsula, the Department of Energy (DOE) has conducted an Information, Education and Communication Campaign on the Guidelines on the Accreditation of Coal Traders and Registration of Coal End Users” on Feb. 27 at the Garden Orchid Hotel here. The activity was participated line agencies including the Philippine in by local coal mining stakeholders, National Police (PNP).

MARCH 2014 |

PAGE | 29

DOE Undersecretary Ramon Allan V. Roca emphasized that illegal mining spawns several other problems including the use of unsafe methods of mining, the denudation of protected forest areas and especially the exploitation of children in their illegal operations. “We need your cooperation to stop illegal mining and child labor. If you continue to buy coal from illegal traders, you are becoming part of child exploitation. These children carry the coals on their backs, like carabaos,” explained DOE’s coal division chief Engr. Nenito Jariel Jr. In addition to the abovementioned issues, another effect of illegal mining is the loss of revenue for the local government units. “The total LGU returns for the last 5 years in coal mining is P22,899,304. More can be earned, but because of illegal mining, LGUs are deprived of their income,” explained Jariel. “Illegal miners never remit, ang laki ng nawawala sa inyo (much has been lost from you).” Meanwhile, Director Rino Abad MARCH 2014 |

of the Energy Resource Development Bureau (ERDB) said: “Ang daming illegal operators na yumayaman. Di sila nagbabayad ng tax, walang mga permit. Di sumusunod sa mining guidelines.” (Many illegal operators have enriched themselves. They don’t pay taxes and have no permits. They don’t follow the mining guidelines.) “If we continue to patronize them, magkawatak-watak ang (it would break up the) oil industry; as a result, legitimate operators and mining actors will be discouraged and put up business,” Abad explained. “Once there is too much illegal mining in a province, a ban will be imposed upon the area. Once a ban will be imposed, end-users will have to import, at higher prices. Lahat po tayo maaapektuhan (All will be affected).” “We are appealing for all stakeholders, the LGU partners and law enforcement agencies to take part in the advocacy and prevention of illegal coal mining,” Undecseretary Roca told the participants. PAGE | 30

JCI, UHI launch “Search for the Most Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines” in Zamboanga Sibugay By Alma L. Tingcang

IPIL, Zamboanga Sibugay – The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines and the Universal Harvester Inc. (UHI) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DA) announced that they are now accepting nominations for the Search for the Most Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines.

Dr. Milagros Ong-How, UHI Executive Vice President said the search comprises two categories: Individual Category which includes farmer, fisherfolk, livestock, woman farmer, agri-enterpreneur, young farmer, agriinnovator, urban/city farmer; and Group Category consisting of cooperatives, family farmer, local government unit, agri-initiatives, indigenous people, and other groups. “Prizes at stake include a trophy and P50 thousand cash for the Individual Category and P100,000 cash for the Group Category,” announced Dr. How in the recent launching held in Ipil. Nominations will be accepted until Sept. 30, 2014 while the validation of nominations will be held in October. Judging will be in November and winners will receive their awards on the 15th of the same month. The search is open to all and anybody can nominate more than one. MARCH 2014 |

It may be written in Filipino, English or mix of both which should be duly signed and notarized. Nomination forms can be downloaded from its website, www. Anchored on promoting farming among the youth in all regions, TOFARM was formerly known as Outstanding Farmers of the Year (OFY) during the early 70’s initiated by the Philippine Jaycees. The last OFY was in 2003, which was later revived in 2012 in partnership with Universal Harvester, Inc. Among the objectives of the project are: to increase private and public sector’s participation in the annual search and award; safeguard the interest and welfare of the agriculture sector; promote farming as a noble and profitable endeavor; promote the best practices, techniques and technology in agriculture. PAGE | 31

Nearly 2-T people sign-up as organ donors in Davao event by Rudolph Alama

2013. The Indians held then the singehour record of 2,755 registrants (for one site) and an eighthour record of 10,450 registrants. Davao had 944 registrants (high) for a single hour registration and had 1,941 people signing up for an eight hour registration. The single hour DAVAO CITY- Last February 28 record was grabbed by Polytechnic about 1,941 persons signed up University of the Philippines (PUP) as organ donors in the Davao leg which had 3,548 registrants. However of the Guinness World Record atthe eight hour record still stands in tempt to dislodge current record Indian hands as the six other sites holder India. failed to overtake the current world Davao City’s numbers however record. was not sufficient to overtake the Other sites in the country participating Indian record which took place in in the Guinness World Record attempt Ahmedabad, India last September 17, MARCH 2014 |

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included Marikina City, La Union, Naga and Tuguegarao. The Guinness Record was originally slated to be held last November 28 however typhoon Yolanda devastated Tacloban City, one of the original chosen sites for the Guinness attempt. The country however established a multiple site world record of about 17,856 registrants from multiple sites. The Indian record attempt was only limited to a single site. The Guinness World Record for organ donor registration was initiated by the Department of Health- Network of Organ Sharing and the Philippine Information Agency with support from different government agencies such as Center for Health Development-XI, Southern Philippine Medical Center, MARCH 2014 |

Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, the Commission of Higher Education and the City Government of Davao alongside private sector support. The Davao world record attempt held at the Davao City Recreation Center (DCRC) is an public awareness campaign to tap the public as “lifeline� being organ donors. According to statistics the country lags in the ratio of organ donors per population with about .03% organ donors per a million population. Spain is the current standard in organ donors with 35.3 people out of a million population who are registered organ donors. The United States had about 26 organ donors out of a million population. (PIA/RG Alama) PAGE | 33

Barangay chairs urged to help monitor measles cases DAVAO CITY-An official of the Department of Health in Davao Region expressed concern over the reported measles outbreak in Davao City.

Dr. Abdullah Dumama, Jr., regional director of the Department of Health 11 said that by its latest definition, even one case of measles is already an outbreak as it leads to contamination of 18 persons. He said 14 out of 300 cases have been confirmed already, but they were already given outbreakresponse-immunization. “But it is not yet enough, not until everybody is attended. Children less than five- years-old, must be brought to the health centers with or without history of vaccination,” Dumama said. He stressed that the reported two deaths attributed to measles are already significantly alarming. Dumama also revealed that the two latest mortality involved children seven and eight months old. He said children up to nine months old are easily afflicted with measles.

MARCH 2014 |

Dumama stressed that in the two cases it no longer followed that the children carried their mothers’ immunity. “It implies that their mothers did not undergo immunization or the mothers never had measles, thus the need for everyone to undergo anti-measles vaccination,” he said. Dumama also said that the two mortality cases in Calinan and Buhangin, respectively were discovered to have been sick for ten and 14 days respectively, earlier, before they were brought to the doctor. “It took time for them to get proper medical care,” he said. Dumama appealed to the barangay captains and barangay health workers to check among their residents particularly children with symptoms attributed to measles and to bring them immediately to the Southern Philippines Medical Center for treatment. He said measles cases have been monitored also in Talomo, Agdao, and almost everywhere in Davao City. (PIA 11-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

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One Mindanao - March 4, 2014  

An Electronic News Magazine of PIA Mindanao Cluster.

One Mindanao - March 4, 2014  

An Electronic News Magazine of PIA Mindanao Cluster.