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Practice Consumables

Practice Consumables

1. Naqi Massage Lotion

ML500 ML5

Naqi Massage Lotion 500ml Naqi Massage Lotion 5Litre

2. Naqi Massage Lotion Ultra

MLU500 Naqi Massage LotionUltra 500ml MLU5 Naqi Massage Ultra 5Litre

3. Naqi Massage Lotion Light


MLL500 Naqi Massage LotionLight 500ml MLL5 Naqi Massage LotionLight 5Litre

4. Naqi Massage Lotion Ultra Plus

MLUP500 Naqi Massage Ultra Plus 500ml MLUP5 Naqi Massage Ultra Plus 5Litre

5. Naqi Massage Lotion Relax

MLR500 Naqi Massage Lotion Relax 500ml

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

Practice Consumables

1. Baselin Massage Milk MAS 140 MAS 145

Baselin Massage Milk 500ml Baselin Massage Milk 5 litre

2. Chemodol Massage Oil MAS 120 MAS 125

Chemodol Massage Oil 500ml Chemodol Massage Oil 5 litre

3. Chemotherm Heat Rub

MAS 150 MAS 155

Chemotherm Massage Oil 500ml Chemotherm Massage Oil 5 litre

4. Chemovine Hypoallergenic

MAS 130 MAS 135

Chemovine Massage Oil 500ml Chemovine Massage Oil 5 Litre


Arnica Massage Oil MAS 340 MAS 345

125ml 1 Litre

Arnica Sport Gel MAS 375 200ml

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

Practice Consumables 1. Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles


Classic+ Needle 0.20 x 13mm Classic+ Needle 0.20 x 25mm Classic+ Needle 0.22 x 13mm Classic+ Needle 0.22 x 25mm Classic+ Needle 0.22 x 40mm Classic+ Needle 0.25 x 25mm Classic+ Needle 0.25 x 40mm Classic+ Needle 0.25 x 50mm Classic+ Needle 0.25 x 70mm Classic+ Needle 0.28 x 25mm Classic+ Needle 0.28 x 40mm Classic+ Needle 0.30 x 25mm Classic+ Needle 0.30 x 40mm Classic+ Needle 0.30 x 50mm Classic+ Needle 0.30 x 70mm

3. Seirin B Acupuncture Needle

010465 010466 010467 010468 010469

4. Seirin J Acupuncture Needle


009769 018717 018720 018719 009770 009771

5. Preinjection Swabs 72383-01

7. Sharps Bins 09 116 2692 09 116 2734 09 116 2700 09 116 2718

Couch Roll


Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

Practice Consumables Specialist® E Plaster of Paris Bandages. The smoothness you want. The speed you need. The flexibility you require. The results you expect. Orthopaedic professionals will appreciate the creamy texture and ease of application of Specialist® E whilst patients will like the smooth feel and the way it forms a well fitting cast that is reassuringly tough and strong. The unique plaster formula offers minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and a smooth cast finish. Specialist® E is the ideal choice for all casting applications where quick setting time, enhanced versatility and optimum moulding characteristics are critical.

lH  ighly mouldable and strong - Produces a perfect fit around difficult body contours and provides well laminated casts l S ets within 2 – 4 minutes - Minimises the period when casts may be vulnerable to distortion l E asy to apply and remove - Ability to window after only 10 minutes l F ormulated to keep the plaster on the roll, where you need it, not in the wrapper or in the dip bucket lM  oisture proof packaging Protects and prolongs the product shelf life - Saves money

Special formulation l Smooth, creamy texture - Allows for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing cast

CODE 72260-02 Specialist E 10cm x 2.7m Plaster of Paris (Box of 12 Rolls) 72260-04 Specialist E 15cm x 2.7m Plaster of Paris (Box of 12 Rolls)

1. Handling Belts

Easi-Mover Glide Sheets

29 1. Easi-Mover III Glide Sheets AA88023 AA88024 AA88025

AA88001 AA88002 AA88003 AA88004 AA88005 AA88006 AA88007

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

Practice Consumables


Disinfect & Sanitise using UltraViolet Light. UltraViolet light will eliminate germs on any surface, killing micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, fungus, moulds and virus contamination in seconds. Don’t risk strep bacteria, E. coli, ring worm, virus, bacteria, staph infection, foot fungus, warts and other infections passed on by contaminated surfaces. Areas of high risk include; examination & treatment couches, knobs & switches, electrotherapy equipment, computer keyboards, mobile phones, toothbrushes, cleaning cloths & sponges, to wels and of course bathroom surfaces. Things like warts, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, such as ringworm, are commonly picked up in places where you have skin-to-skin contact with somebody, or your skin touches an area where someone who has had one of these infections has been before. The risk is higher on wet surfaces. These are all fairly common infections and will not cause serious illness, however they are persistent, annoying, and difficult to get rid of. How does UltraViolet disinfect so well? At a wavelength of 254nm, UV will break the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA, producing thymine dimmers in their DNA, thereby destroying them, rendering them harmless or prohibiting growth and reproduction. Code HH-3 Choose between a portable Ultraviolet Disinfecting Wand which runs on batteries. Or a Code HH-4 UltraViolet Disinfecting Wand which is rechargeable through mains electricity.


& after,

using U

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition


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Practice Consumables  
Practice Consumables  

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