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Bringing Disc Golf Back Much of Zoe’s 2018 was spent focusing on UPlayDG, and she ended up pulling out of major tournaments to stay back home in Oregon and take care of the many needs of a growing organization. However, the end of the year brought some incredible accolades that reignited her passion for competition and set her up for success this year. Not only did she walk away from Worlds as the FPO Putting Champion, but she also won the Most Spirited Player Award, an accomplishment that means the world to her:

Dynamic Discs Touring Pro Zoe AnDyke

Growing The Sport One Day At A Time The ladies of Dynamic Discs are all full of passion for the game and rarely do any of them stick to simply playing tournaments and then calling it a day. Business owner and touring player, Zoe Andyke, is another example of a team member who is willing to do what it takes to bring disc golf to the masses through the non-profit she founded, UPlayDG. By partnering with Dustin Keegan, the two of them have brought a unique disc golf curriculum to school-aged children in a fun and exciting way. Anyone who has spoken to Zoe for even just a few minutes can see the level of energy she brings to everything she tackles in life, so you’d think that man aging a non-profit while touring the nation would be a piece of cake for her. Sadly, folks, she is human and has had to work exceptionally hard to figure out how to find success both on and off the road: “There’s only one key to unlock this door of success, and that is being a schedule master.You have to set your business goals, and then you have to set your personal player goals, and then you have to build out literally hour-by-hour a schedule that speaks to both. That’s close to impossible if you want to be the best or the winner of top-level competition.” Andyke goes on to explain that most people don’t realize just how tough living on the road can be. Many players have a hard time completing daily routines like eating well or even doing laundry, with a lot of tasks taking much longer than they would for the average person in their own home. Add to that the responsibilities of growing a company and keeping your skill set fresh? “It’s not for everyone just because rhythm and routine are what we all seek for comfort and security.You have to be comfortable with having neither and be able to improvise,” she explained.

“To me, anything you do in life isn’t really worth doing without a whole lot of spirit and a whole lot of commitment. To win that award in what I’ve focused my personal and professional life on felt like I’m doing the right thing and I’m in the right place. To get acknowledged by the community I’ve chosen to serve is really cool.” This year will feature Zoe on the road at the nation’s major events, but she, too, is finding herself dropping away from playing so regularly, explaining, “Everyone finally realizes that we can’t play every weekend and we’re wrecking our bodies. My goals are to up my world and national rankings by playing the events that will reflect that.” Together with Keegan, she will also be spearheading the first Disc Golf Pro Tour event to come to Oregon, the Portland Open.

Addressing All Of The Elements Like the Oakleys, Zoe also found herself under the training of Seth Munsey during the offseason, focusing on getting her body ready for 2019. She’s also spent a fair amount of time evaluating the discs she bags and has completely fallen in love with the Maverick, a new addition just before 2018 Worlds. “If you’re looking for a fairway driver that can pull off some of the trickiest and most gratifying shots in disc golf, it’s without a doubt one of the most exciting discs in my bag,” she said of this mold. Always one to keep things fun and light, Andyke also referred to two of her favorite discs as pizza types - deep dish and thin crust. These, of course, are the Dagger and the Deputy, discs you’ll see her throwing quite often this year: “Basically, I’m going to make every putt with a Dagger in my hand and I can throw almost any distance and any line you can imagine with a Deputy. I don’t eat a lot of pizza but my life requires the deep dish and thin crust.”



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