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Major League Players IN GLOBAL HEALTH

Roberto Westbrook


s Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.) President & CEO

Dear Friends, What separates good organizations from great ones? In the now classic book, “Good to Great,” business guru Jim Collins presents characteristics that outstanding organizations share, including passion, discipline and a willingness to critically analyze strengths and weaknesses. In the spirit of that book, Physicians for Peace recently began a rigorous process of selfexamination. We’ve identified specific areas to improve, but we’ve also found a multitude of strengths.

Thanks to you, our supportive partners, our aspirations and accomplishments are multiplied.

Collins devotes sections of his book to the idea that excellent people stand behind excellent groups. We’re a staff of just 20 full-time employees; yet thanks to you, our supportive partners, our aspirations and accomplishments are multiplied.

This past spring, Physicians for Peace became one of the fortunate select beneficiaries of the Richard T. Clark Fellowship for World Health at Merck. Three of Merck’s finest employees joined us for 90 days to help craft tools to continue the transformation of Physicians for Peace from “good to great.” Our fellows, Darwin Cox, Sowmya Murthy and Suan Swensen, sacrificed time away from their families and jobs to travel to three continents, where they immersed themselves in the Physicians for Peace vision. They observed and participated in workshops and training sessions to discover a sense of our efforts to train, support and empower healthcare professionals working with the world’s underserved populations. Upon completion of their fellowship, they have emboldened us with a three- to five-year strategic plan, a supportable analysis of the economic and social returns on investment generated by our initiatives and core fundraising documents that will eloquently and passionately make the case for support for Physicians for Peace.

And our case is a powerful one. As I talked to these three experts and they reflected on their work, one theme came up repeatedly. Simply put, our model works. We leverage donor dollars to create real, lasting change in communities. With a strategic vision and the analytical tools to make and assess critical decisions, we are poised to reach even more people in need. Merck isn’t the only outside group to highlight our efforts this quarter. JSI Research & Training Institute Inc. recently recognized our work to ensure access to vision care for children in the Philippines with a $130,000+ sub-award funded by USAID. The award means that we can expand our services to reach more children living with untreated vision impairment, especially those in impoverished urban areas and in remote villages with little or no access to care. While Physicians for Peace is making a significant difference in regions around the globe, there is one area where we can improve. We know our educationbased approach is the best in the world, but we have to start telling more people about our results – the transformations we see through every training mission. Patients and healthcare teams are depending on us, and they don’t have time for us to be timid. That’s where you come in. You understand the value of empowerment through education. With your support, we’ve already made remarkable progress toward our singular vision -- a world where no one has to struggle with illness, disability or death due to the lack of quality local healthcare -- but there’s much more to do. I’m asking you today to take a great leap forward to a healthier future with Physicians for Peace. Together, we can bring health, peace of mind and opportunity to even more communities, creating a world that’s better – that’s greater – for generations to come. Sincerely,

Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.) President & CEO


Moving Forward Together

This year has been all about capitalizing on momentum as we extended training across borders and propelled life-changing projects into their next phase after months – even years – of meticulous planning. Your support allowed us to position some of the world’s premier medical experts, our International Medical Educators (IMEs) on the ground to work alongside local healthcare teams and to mobilize shipments of supplies that provide relief to patients who have survived unspeakable tragedies. Your continued financial support ensures we can complete or expand each of these important initiatives, keeping our promise to local healthcare providers and the patients they serve. We invite you to visit for the latest updates.

ASIA The Philippines


Expanding Save the Sight of a Child

Stephen Katz

Elizabeth Gottwald

Physicians for Peace-Philippines continues to improve children’s vision by working directly with elementary schools and teachers. Through our Save the Sight of a Child initiative, we train teachers in basic vision screening and provide kids with full eye exams by licensed optometrists. Thanks to donations from our supportive partners, optometrists then fit students with new prescription eyeglasses. In addition, during the first half of 2013, our Philippines office successfully equipped and opened two satellite vision care clinics operated by local, volunteer optometrists for people in areas with very limited access to care.

s Local optometrist volunteers screen elementary students to catch early signs of vision impairment in Bicol, Philippines



Preparing Future Surgeons

Between January and June of this year, 22 registrars (known as residents in the U.S.), clinical officers, and interns received classroom and hands-on training on anatomy and surgical techniques. Your investment supported the guided training of 876 patient evaluations to determine surgical needs. Of those patients, 388 received direct clinical care. “The department centers around daily teaching activities that start at the early morning handovers,” said IME Daniel Aronson, MD, PhD, of the Netherlands. “This creates a true academic environment and forms a great basis for the surgical training program.” Aronson has completed a three-month rotation this summer and decided to extend his service by another six months.

Mali |

s IME Dr. Aronson in Blantyre, Malawi

Safe Blood for Maternal & Child Health

Our quest to establish a blood bank in Ségou is finally a reality. Now operational, the blood bank can save the lives of women who would otherwise die of maternal hemorrhage and children who suffer from severe malaria and need access to safe blood. This quarter marks an exciting transition from years of preparation and partnership building to implementation. We’ve completed two trainer visits and shipped important supplies to our partners, and we’ve collected baseline information on safe blood supply, transfusion, and storage at the facility to track changes over time and ensure the best possible return on your investment. Because of your funding for training and supplies, the blood bank can save lives throughout their community.

STILL NEED FUNDING With your additional contribution to cover the costs of training and supplies in 2014, your gift will make the difference between life and death for mothers and children in Mali. Learn how here:


s Hands-on training for the new blood bank in Ségou, Mali

Morocco |

Saving Babies’ Lives

At Cheikh Zaïd Hospital in Rabat, we delivered classroom education and hands-on training to 48 physicians, medical students and nurses participating in rounds in real time with actual patients. While

2 013

Q1- Q3

there, we were heartened to see a four-month-old girl named Benababou who dramatically recovered from a viral infection directly because of Physicians for Peace training. Your support to fund our programs saved her life and allows us to work alongside this team to provide continuous improvement in their neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit. Still in the early stages of development, we are putting together a plan for a pilot project to prove that low-cost interventions, including training and mentorship, can make a huge difference in patients’ lives.

West Bank




Train the Trainer

The exchange of information across borders continued this spring with a visit from Mohannad Mansoor, a Physicians for Peacetrained physical therapist who leads the Inpatient Department at Rafidia Hospital in Nablus. Mansoor is one of only two therapists working in the West Bank’s sole burn unit, and most of his patients are children. During his visit to the U.S. and our partner site in Nicaragua, Mansoor trained alongside healthcare providers from different disciplines and countries, giving him the opportunity to see best practices in action. In the West Bank, the Ministry of Health is reviewing opportunities to open three additional burn clinics in a region plagued with pediatric burn injuries. Thanks to supporters like you, Mansoor has been trained and is now fully prepared to train the new teams for the new centers, the first of which will open in the near future.

Elizabeth Gottwald

t Physical Therapist Mohannad Mansoor training alongside other providers in Managua, Nicaragua


2 013

Q1- Q3

THE AMERICAS Dominican Republic |

Improving Tuberculosis Screening

Past Medical Diplomat Award Winner and lead physician in the Richmond (VA) City Health District’s


patients served by PFP & Partner

Tuberculosis and Chest Clinic, Fred Ward, MD, and a team of IMEs provided guidance on nationwide tuberculosis protocols and best practices in screening and prevention. After observing healthcare teams in different settings, including an HIV clinic and multiple clinics in Santo Domingo, the team collaborated with the Ministry of Health to improve communication and strengthen practices surrounding treatment and care of those suffering from tuberculosis. Among the challenges: a lack of updated medicine and trained staff. Upon returning to the U.S., the team continues to work in consultation with the Ministry of Health to develop best next steps for training and exchanging knowledge.

Ecuador |

Neurosurgery Diagnostic Training

We returned to Ecuador this summer under the leadership of IME David Waters, MD, a neurosurgeon from Norfolk, VA, to continue the holistic neuroscience program that includes interventions and Cassidy Parroco

neurosurgery at the Luis Vernaza Hospital operated by the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil. The IMEs and volunteers rallied support from local friends, donors and national corporations to raise funds for the training outreach, including hosting a beer-tasting at Smartmouth Brewery in Norfolk, VA. s IME Dr. Waters providing direct care and training in Guayaquil, Ecuador

s A fundraising event hosted at Smartmouth Brewery of Norfolk, VA


Third Quarter NewsPeace

Haiti |

Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinic Opening

Alongside our partners in the Haitian Amputee Coalition, Physicians for Peace celebrated the reopening of an orthotic and prosthetic clinic facility at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children near Port-au-Prince this summer on July 12. The original facility, the oldest in Haiti, was destroyed during the unforgettable 2010 earthquake. The renovated clinic includes patient screening areas, a gait training room and expanded workshop areas for fabrication of orthotics and prosthetics. Technicians staffing the clinic are graduates of the school, and they themselves have disabilities ranging from hearing impairment to

2 013

amputation. With the clinic open, our training efforts s Technician, Fredlin Jean, standing inside the newly refurbished orthotic and prosthetic clinic at St. Vincent’s Center near Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Nicaragua |

have expanded and Haitian healthcare providers can

Q1- Q3

now help more patients.

Burn Care Training Exchange

In Managua, we gathered burn care professionals from around the Americas for hands-on workshops that directly addressed patients’ health needs. IMEs Jonathan Niszczak, MS, OTR/L, of Hatfield, PA, Michael



Serghiou, OTR, MBA, of League City, TX and Ingrid Parry, MS, PT, of Carmichael, CA guided participants through essential burn care techniques and practices, including face mask construction, splinting, compression garments, scar massage and patient psychology. By delivering focused information in a centralized, accessible location, we’ve created a hub of learning in Central America – with life-changing effects that will ripple throughout the region. On a separate training mission to Managua in early spring, IMEs Gretchen Carrougher, RN, MN, of Gig Harbor, WA, and Lisa Tropez-Arceneaux, PsyD, of New Orleans, LA, collaborated with the staff at the APROQUEN burn clinic to create a pre-operative manual and a booklet detailing procedures through visuals and simple language. These new tools are helping to allay fears for children going into surgery, and their parents.

THE CHANCE TO GROW & THRIVE In January, six-year-old Wilber was playing in his backyard when a gas tank exploded. He was rushed to the hospital in his hometown of León, Nicaragua. After assessing the extent of Wilber’s burns, the medical Elizabeth Gottwald

staff made the life-saving decision to transfer him to a specialized burn clinic at Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital in Managua. There, Wilber received care from a group of individuals trained by Physicians for Peace. Now, he’s on the road to recovery. This spring, healthcare teams in Nicaragua learned more about specific burn care techniques during a patient-focused, hands-on workshop at the hospital in Managua, so that they’ll be better prepared to help kids just like Wilber.

s After 37 percent of six-year-old Wilber’s body was covered with second- and third-degree burns, he needed the specialized care of trained burn therapists.


Brian Clark s The life-changing camp was made possible by the investments of individual donors and a generous grant from the Major League Baseball Players Trust, which also supplied baseball caps and baseballs, gifts that helped buoy residents’ spirits as they reveled and healed in the peaceful setting.

Physicians for Peace Honors Major League Baseball Players with Humanitarian Award This fall, the Major League Baseball Players Association will

Since 1996, the Major League Baseball Players Association,

receive the 2013 Charles E. Horton Humanitarian Award for

through the charitable donations of the Players Trust, has

Global Health at the Physicians For Peace Gala on November 2.

touched the lives of thousands of disadvantaged people in

The annual award, Physicians for Peace’s highest honor,

hundreds of communities around the world. Through

recognizes an individual or organization who has improved

investments in nonprofits such as Physicians for Peace,

the healthcare of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

they have provided life-saving medicines and preventive

The award is named in honor of the founder of Physicians

treatment for children in the Dominican Republic and

for Peace, Dr. Charles E. Horton Sr.

supported long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts in

“On behalf of the Players Trust and all Major League baseball

areas devastated by natural disasters in Haiti, Japan and

players, I want to thank Physicians for Peace for this honor,”

disaster-ravaged regions in the U.S.

said Major League Baseball Players Association Executive

In receiving the award, the Major League Baseball Players

Director Michael Weiner. “We are humbled and proud to be

Association will join an elite group of past winners, including

recognized along with previous Horton Humanitarian Award

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2011), President William Jefferson Clinton

winners, including President Clinton, Dr. Gupta and ONE.”

(2010), the ONE grassroots advocacy organization (2009), Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD (2008), and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of The Earth Institute at Columbia (2007).


Third Quarter NewsPeace


Summer Camp Lifts Up Young Haitians with Disabilities

When IME Ashly-Jourdyn Landry, RN, of New Orleans, LA

Jake going in, and then some flexibility to adapt once we were

met Dumeinne, the young Haitian woman’s incredible vivacity –

there. Every patient is different.”

and her determination – made a lasting impression. Dumeinne was born without arms, but when it came to improving her physical condition, she didn’t let her disability hold her back.

The packed schedule at the July camp included time for arts and crafts, music and massage. In addition to providing direct physical therapy, each day Landry and Schwartzenburg trained

“When we would get in the pool for physical therapy she would

St. Vincent caregivers in the application of proper medical

just keep going, even when she was supposed to be taking

procedures and provided guidance on how to deliver care in a

a break,” said Landry, a member of the Physicians for Peace

more dignified manner.

medical training team at Camp Jake, a summer camp outside of Port-au-Prince for young Haitians with disabilities. “She kept doing that, for days – the whole camp. Any time we had pool time, she was in the water, practicing her exercises. It was incredible.”

“In doing so, we explained the ways that caregivers can assist those in their

the ways that

care to provide for a

caregivers can

Like all of the campers, Dumeinne is a full-time resident at

better caregiver-patient

St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-

experience, and how

Prince. Now in its third year in Haiti, Camp Jake – run by The

this also helps with the

Red Thread Promise, a Physicians for Peace partner – gives

physical issues that arise

St. Vincent’s residents the chance to receive physical and

from poor care,” Landry

emotional care in an inspiring, outdoor setting. For campers, the

said. “…which in turn

experience is a rare opportunity – and in some cases, the very

provides for better health

first chance – to move outside of their wheelchairs and receive

of the patient.”

care from expert health care professionals like Landry and fellow IME Danielle Schwartzenburg, RN, of Baton Rouge, LA.

“We explained

assist those in their care to provide for a better caregiverpatient experience.”

For her part, Landry already is looking forward to the 2014 event. “There’s a lot more that we can do for them, and more that we

Prior to this year’s camp, Landry and Schwartzenburg

can teach them to make patients’ daily lives even better,” she

conferenced with Jake McCrowell, PT, DPT, of Virginia Beach,

said. “It was an incredible experience.”

VA, who represented Physicians for Peace at the 2012 camp. To ensure continuity of care and training, McCrowell shared during his time with the residents; upon arrival Landry and Schwartzenburg were able to use those skills immediately, and make adjustments of their own to better meet the needs of each resident, including those with lower body extremity

Brian Clark

basic therapeutic exercises he had developed and refined

disabilities, a key focus of the 2013 camp. The team also encouraged caregivers to participate in the aquatic therapy – so that they could receive hands-on training and understand the extraordinary results that a few basic, core exercises can deliver, when consistently applied. “For some residents, basic stretching is a huge victory, while others were able to complete almost all of the exercises,” Landry said. “So it was important to have that knowledge from s Dumeinne hula hooping at Camp Jake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti


DONOR SPOTLIGHT Toward the end of the 2011 Physicians for Peace gala, the evening’s emcee, Morgan Davis of TowneBank in Norfolk, Va., announced “something really special” was about to happen. A parade of waiters soon entered the ballroom -- their trays stacked high with $25 gift cards to Total Wine & More, enough for every single attendee. “You get a card,” Davis called out as the room filled with excitement. “And you! And you! And you!” The moment was pure fun, but it came in the midst of a life-changing event: that evening, more than 500 supporters gathered in Norfolk to raise funds for Physicians for Peace. The annual celebration, which has raised critical funds for our global health programs since 2005, would not be possible without the support of corporate partners like Total Wine & More, who help ensure that a festive evening can lead to “We are proud better health care and a healthier future for those to support in need.

organizations like Physicians for Peace that are focused on educational solutions”

Since 2011, Total Wine has contributed about 1,000 gift cards to Physicians for Peace, to s Edward Cooper, Vice President, present to gala attendees, and the company has Public Affairs & Community Relations also gifted an international vacation to Italy valued at $5,000. In fact, the company has donated more than $20 million in cash and in-kind gifts over the last two decades to nonprofits nationwide, according to Edward Cooper, Total Wine’s vice president of Public Affairs and Community Relations.

“We are proud to support organizations like Physicians for Peace that are focused on educational solutions to building and sustaining a healthier community and world,” Cooper said. Funds raised during Physicians for Peace galas in 2011 and 2012 already have been put to immediate use and invested in projects such as our ongoing surgical training program at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi, a country facing one of the world’s greatest shortages of healthcare professionals. To date, seven International Medical Educators have conducted over 930 operations while providing essential training and guidance to the nation’s future surgeons. “Total Wine’s generosity has helped our gala become a signature fundraiser – a fun-filled evening that supports our efforts to train and empower health care teams in the developing world,” said President and CEO Ron Sconyers (USAF, Ret.). “They are a company that cares deeply about the health and well-being of others, and they want to effect measurable change. Through our partnership with them, we’re doing just that.”

YOUR LEGACY | Your legacy could be a healthier, more peaceful world.

Our team is ready to help you. (757) 625-7569


Third Quarter NewsPeace

Lasting change in our world We understand that you have many options to consider when it comes to setting financial and philanthropic goals for your income, investments and retirement. At Physicians for Peace, we can help you tailor your lasting gift. Through our giving options, your gift will become greater than you ever thought possible, because when you make a gift to Physicians for Peace, your generosity ensures the future of moving more communities from the state of surviving to a state of thriving.

IRA charitable rollovers | life income agreements charitable bequests | life insurance | real estate


‘Saving Face’ in Colombia

Five years ago, Maria was walking by a construction site, avoiding

“Acid attacks are mainly against women as the assailant wants

the catcalls and unwanted advances of two security guards. Her

to destroy the face because it is her identity,” Jawad explained.

caution didn’t matter. As she hurried past the men, they hurled a

“They become the walking dead. My philosophy is if you treat

bucket of cleaning acid at her. “I knew it was acid because it felt

these patients with a lot of compassion and restore them to

like my face was melting off,” said Maria, 29 years old and the

normality, then they can go back to be an effective member of

mother of three. “I will never forget the smell.”

society.“ Acid is readily available in many developing

Maria screamed but no one came to her rescue. For more than an hour, she suffered alone – the pain so intense she prayed for death – before police arrived and escorted her to the hospital. At a burn care clinic, she underwent six operations in two months, but her body was still ravaged. Maria’s story is becoming all too common in Colombia, now third in the world for acid attacks. Last year there were 150 reported

“Acid attacks are mainly against women as the assailant wants to destroy the face because it is her identity”

regions and victims often have no legal recourse, according to the Acid Survivors Trust International. The kind of medical training we provided in Colombia is a powerful strike against these injustices. “I am very pleased to be in Colombia with Physicians for Peace to share what we know about acid burns,” said Jawad, during the outreach. “We have achieved quite a

acid attacks in Colombia. Experts worry this year’s figures will be

few objectives here: we have transferred the skills, shared

even higher.

our knowledge and encouraged them to continue burn care

We recruited international burn care expert Mohammad Jawad,


MD, FRCS, of London, to lead a training outreach this summer in

We deployed rehabilitation experts that we had trained in the

Bogotá to address this terrible health crisis – and provide comfort

region including physical therapists Ginna Alexandra Parra

and renewal to the women struggling through painful injuries

Montañez of Costa Rica and Otilia Chin Hernandez of Guatemala

and excruciating recoveries. Surgeries performed on the mission

to join our team to deliver education and training in the latest burn

helped reconstruct the women’s bodies and faces – including

care techniques. Their efforts focused not only on acid attack

Maria’s – and they provided an opportunity for local surgical teams

victims’ needs but also on the plight of the many children who are

to learn and refine techniques that will reduce scarring and painful

burned each year in Colombia due to accidents that plague many

recovery times.

poor regions – including electrical fires and overturned pots of

At Simon Bolivar Hospital, Jawad shared the stories of Pakistani women victimized by brutal acid attacks in his Academy Award-

operating room provide an excellent example of our train-the-trainer approach in action.

Elizabeth Gottwald

winning documentary Saving Face.

boiling liquid. These workshops and side-by-side education in the

s IME Dr. Jawad with local team restoring futures for women and children in Bogotá, Colombia



International Medical Educators - 100% Volunteer Corps 1 | CO

1 | CP

25 | MD

4 | CPO

Our medical mission volunteers are known as

1 | DDS

Physicians for Peace International Medical Educators


(IMEs). These are a select group of subject matter experts who represent a range of medical specialties. On each initiative, our IMEs combine their deep clinical

85 Total

knowledge with a passion for education. Among our

Volunteer Corps by profession

ranks, you’ll find some of the most respected and innovative practitioners around the world today. With

11 | RN


psychologist social worker prosthetist/orthotist dentist occupational therapist surgical assistant

1 | MSW 5 | OTR

1 | SA

11 | Current Medical Specialties physician nurse physical therapist orthotist prosthetist dental assistant

7 | PT

3 | PSYC

them, we are able to restore thousands of lives.


1 | DA

24 | Mission Support

2 013

Q1- Q3

14 students 4 photographers 2 translators 2 med. student/residents 2 other


Honoring 15 Years of Training and Empowerment

IME Volunteer Hours

This year, Physicians for Peace-Philippines celebrates its 15-

Peace-Philippines and its landmark 15th

year anniversary. Among the group’s many accomplishments:

anniversary with our President’s Award

the establishment of the Philippines School of Prosthetics and

to be presented during the Physicians for Peace Annual Gala

Orthotics in 2012, the first school of its kind in the country;

in Norfolk, VA. “Physicians for Peace-Philippines has become

innovative use of mobile phone technology to help providers

a perpetual motion, self-sustaining organization that is helping

reach patients with disabilities in remote regions; focused

amputees walk again, giving sight to the nearly blind, healing

training of in-country burn care teams through hospital

the emotional and physical scars of burn victims, and taking

trainings and the country’s first burn care conference; strategic

surgical skills to the farthest provinces where there are no

partnerships with national and international organizations

resources and considerable unmet needs,” said President and

including the World Health Organization and the National

CEO Ron Sconyers. “The Philippines team is changing the face

Council on Disability. We’re thrilled to honor Physicians for

of healthcare in the Philippines.”


This year alone, the Philippines team has delivered clinical treatment and prescription eyeglasses to 2,218 patients throughout the country.


Extending efforts from 2012, Philippines Burn Care Program Director, Dorothy Dy Ching Bing Agsaoay, MD, has spent much of the year coordinating new outreach trainings in high-need areas of the country through Philippine General Hospital.


To better serve people with disabilities, in-country volunteer teams of trained prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation medical professionals provide amputee screenings, mobility device distribution and trainings, among other services, and deployed the ASCENT mobile technology program to reach patients in remote, hard-to-reach regions.


In response to the local need, education and training efforts were introduced in the areas of therapeutic exercises for stroke and cerebral palsy, amputee screening, and prosthetic foot fabrication.


Third Quarter NewsPeace

2012 - 2013

International Medical Educators & Mission Support


Anas Abusafa, MD

Michael Carroll, LCO, BSPO

Erik Todd Grossgold, MD

Rajai T. Khoury, MD, FACS

Michael Daez Panlilio

Lisa C. Stallings

Miriam Elana Agisim, MD

Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP

Mario Eugenio Guevara

Karoline Alanna Kinney

Ginna Parra, OT, MSC

Wesley-Neal Stallings

Gabrielle Agola

Gretchen J. Carrougher, RN, MN

Rebecca M. Hall

Kristin Koch, MS, OTR/L

Ingrid Parry, MS, PT

Bonita Stanton, MD

John C. Agola, MD

Howard Chen

David R. Harvey, MD

Thomas O. Kraner, MD

Jillian Partington

Frank Stewart, MD

Daniel C. Aronson, MD, PhD

Jennifer Chilton, RN

Majed Hassan, MD

Jack Lambert, MD

Jonathan P. Partington, MD

Virginia Stone, RNC

Anna Avakian, CPO, FAAOP

Eric Chow, MD

Janice Hawkins, RN, BSN, MSN

David Lawrence, MSPT, ATC

Achal A. Patel

Denise Tarves, RN

Holly Axelson, RN, BSN, CPN, CPEN Jill Church Anchorage, AK

Norfolk, VA

John Michael Hay, MD

Stacy C. Lawton RN, MS, CPNP

Shital Pavawalla, PhD

John Tew, CP

Velma A. Bacak, MD

Brian J. Clark

Katie Joy Hearn

Pambos Lemonas, MD, MRCS (Ed) Sajithya T. Perera, MD

Laura Britton Thorsey

Olurotimi J. Badero, MD, FACP

Jay N. Collins, MD

Andra P. Henning, MS, OTR/L

Michael Leonard, MD, FRCSC, FAAP Laura Pickoff, MSW, LCSW-C

Emily Tinsley, RN, MSNed

Wanda Bailey

Michael R. Curci, MD

Otilia C. Hernandez

Eugenia Lindsey, RN, BSN, LCSW Erin E. Pincus Roanoke, VA

Norfolk, VA

Lynn Tolle, BSDH, MS

Jennifer S. Bandle, BSN, CCRN, CNRN

Fauziaa A. Dabre

Sarah Hershel, MSPT

Miriam Lipscomb

Ali Pirayesh, MD, FCC

Gregory Tomlinson

Tamara N. Dailey, RN

Cynthia Hester, BSED, RN

Jamie Martin

Carolyn Ramwell, RN, MSN, PNP Charlye Tran, CPO Charlottesville, VA

New York, NY

Bonnie J. Dattel, MD

Joseph Hogan, MD

Kelly Matteson

Rita Raney-Butler, RN

George Thomas Trimm

Belinda Dean, RN, MS, CNP

Ronald B. Hopkins, CPO

Gayle B. McCombs, RDH, MS

Angela Marie Ritter

Lisa Tropez-Arceneaux, PsyD

Jacob McCrowell, PT, DPT

Kim Roberts, CRNA

Melissa Cercenia Uribe

Richard L. McGough III, MD

Tiffany Romias, OTR/L

Socorro Valladares

Susan Meagher, RN

Elizabeth Lauren Runzo

Ann Margaret Vanegas

Javier Mejia, CPO

Warren E. Sachs, DDS

Leroy B. Vaughan Jr., MD

Gilberto Mejia, CP

Patrick Sannes

Ranvier Villegas

Shelley C. Mishoe, PhD

Lourdes Santiso, MD

Margaret Waite, RN

Megan Brooke Morris

Charles Schott

Martha Walker, PT, PhD

LaVern W. Morris

Leigh Rosa Schuster

Talisha Walker

Michael Serghiou, OTR, MBA

Winfred O. Ward, MD

Maria Cristina Serra, MD

David C. Waters, MD

Fayez K. Shamieh, MD

Lacey Watford, MS, OTR/L

Terrence Sheehan, MD

Kurt R. Weiss, MD

Jarrod Sheehan

Ms. Kristen S. Whalen

Sandra F. Shehadeh, PT

Connie Williams, RN

Jessica Sherman, PT, DPT

David B. Young, MD

Chad Simpson, BOCP, LP

Jerry Zimmerman, MD, PhD, FCCM

Nablus, West Bank Norfolk, VA

Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach, VA Amsterdam, Netherlands Cumming, GA

Portsmouth, VA Jackson, MS

New York, NY

San Diego, CA

Robert Stone Baxt, MD Reisterstown, MD

Christopher M. Behling Chesapeake, VA

Diana J. Behling, RN, BSN, MJ Chesapeake, VA

Steven D. Bell Norfolk, VA

Oscar Bermudez, CPO Milot, Haiti

Simrit K. Bhullar, DO, FCCP Dublin, OH

Omar Boukhriss Norfolk, VA

Kathy Bowyer

Chesapeake, VA

Scott Bracken

Virginia Beach, VA

Anna Bridgforth

Cape Charles, VA

Oklahoma City, OK Windermere, FL

Gig Harbor, WA Roanoke, VA

Virginia Beach, VA Norfolk, VA

Suffolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Cumberland, ME

Virginia Beach, VA Chesapeake, VA

Virginia Beach, VA Columbus, OH

Winnipeg, MB

Beth Franzen, OTR/L Cape Charles, VA Minneapolis, MN Michael Buffalo, DNP, RN, CCRN, Landon Funiciello ACNP Williamsburg, VA Galveston, TX Bibiana Gama Clare A. Burchenal Chesapeake, VA Golden, CO Raymond Garcia-Pharaoh, John F. Burger, MS, CPO OTA, PTA Vernon, CT

Frederick, MD

Ester Burger

Nabil A. Gayed, MD, FACS

Amanda R. Burnette, CSA Newport News, VA

Jennifer Elizabeth Butler Richmond, VA

Evelyn Cac

Croydon, Surrey

Ian Carrick, CO

Edmonton, AB

San Salvador, El Salvador Chesapeake, VA Ottawa, ON

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2013 Medical Diplomat Award Winners Healthcare Providers

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Four exceptional volunteers will be honored this fall as 2013 Medical Diplomat Award winners during Physicians for Peace’s 2013 gala in Norfolk, VA

Jonathan Niszczak, MS, OTR/L, Hatfield, PA Michael Serghiou, OTR, MBA, League City, TX

Since 2010, Niszczak and Serghiou have worked together to raise the level of burn care provided in Central America and in the West Bank. Through their service, they have developed reputations as passionate and tireless experts who are committed to empowering therapists and creating optimal patient outcomes. In the past three years, this dynamic duo has traveled to seven countries, donating 840 hours. Capable of introducing a variety of new techniques – and quickly adapting to local resources – Niszczak and Serghiou have a particular gift for sharing lessons in burn care rehab management across cultures

Niszczak and Serghiou have a particular gift for sharing lessons in burn care rehab management across cultures and experience levels

and experience levels, particularly with regards to face mask production. Their approachable, engaging teaching style allows them to meet with local providers with diverse skills and then elevate services provided, taking hospitals and clinics to new levels of team approaches to patient-centered care. By emphasizing special techniques and employing local materials through hands-on demonstrations, Niszczak and Serghiou offer life-changing

options for burn patients with facial deformities. Ever the teaching professionals, Niszczak and Serghiou have meticulously documented and shared stories, techniques and results from their

s IMEs Serghiou and Niszczak demonstrating splinting techniques in Managua, Nicaragua

workshops, including most recently during the American Burn Association’s Annual Meeting.

Outreach Calendar 12

Third Quarter NewsPeace

July 13 - 20 • Guayaquil, Ecuador July 26 - September 11 • Blantyre, Malawi August 1 • Camarines Sur, Philippines August 10 - 17 • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

August 18 - September 3 • Manila, Philippines August 23 • San Jose, Antique, Philippines August 24 • Pasi, Iloilo, Philippines August 25 • Maasin, Leyte, Philippines

Mission Support


Bibiana Gama, MBA, Norfolk, VA

Elizabeth Gottwald

For four years, Gama has volunteered four days a week at the Physicians for Peace headquarters, serving as a translator and invaluable right hand to global health program directors. Her hours of in-kind volunteer efforts alone do not even begin to capture the true measure of her gift to the organization. A native of Colombia and graduate of Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, Gama brings an unparalleled level of professionalism and a nuanced understanding of culture and communication to every task. Her attention to detail has ensured that State Department paperwork is filed correctly and IME mission manuals are up-to-date and ready for teams. She often serves as the primary translator for Spanish-speaking programmatic information and IME lectures – a role that she’s been known to complete from home, outside of her already extensive volunteer commitment in the office. In addition, Gama has traveled to burn care training sites in Central America and South America, acting as a translator, blogger and data collector and helping Physicians for Peace lay the foundation for our work in Colombia. s Gama with Sara, 5-year-old burn patient in Bogotá, Colombia



Eid Mustafa, MD, FACS, Wichita Falls, TX Eid Mustafa, MD, FACS, has been a leader, facilitator and trusted advisor to Physicians for Peace since our founding in 1989. For 25 years, he has led Physicians for Peace training missions to the West Bank and he spearheaded a successful mission to Morocco in 2010. Mustafa’s deep commitment to trusted partnerships has opened doors and ensured efficient delivery of services and materials in regions that can be extremely difficult to access. Under his leadership, Physicians for Peace helped to establish a regional diabetes clinic and launch burn care training in the West Bank, filling a void and serving patients in need in both cases. Mustafa successfully

Kris Giacobbe

integrates physician lectures, side-by-side teaching in a clinical setting and introduction

s IME Mustafa during training mission in Morocco

of best practices. He carefully recruits team members based on experience and skill, to ensure a full cadre of medical professionals, including medical students, are ready to meet the needs on the ground. Mustafa is a committed spokesman for Physicians for Peace and a generous donor who has introduced the organization to other prospective donors, including The Olayan Group, which has helped underwrite many of the West Bank missions.

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August 31 - September 9 • Pangasinan, Philippines September 11 - 19 • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic October 3 - December 31 • Blantyre, Malawi November 10 -16 • Moca, Dominican Republic

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS: September 17 - 20 • American Orthotic Prosthetic Association November 2 - 6 • American Public Health Association




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Physicians for Peace NewsPeace Q3  

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