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PHYSICAL COMPANY Physical Company is an industry leader in offering complete fitness solutions. Producing and providing high quality, fully commercial fitness equipment, combined with cutting-edge gym floor programming, gym design and gym flooring services – Physical Company has the needs of every fitness professional and health club operator covered. Established over 26 years ago, Physical Company are extremely experienced in delivering solutions throughout the fitness industry. Physical Company’s drive goes beyond customer’s expectations, with their core focus set on making the customer their number one priority. Dedicated to providing excellent, innovative fitness equipment at great value, Physical Company stock

1,850 product lines which include an extensive range of functional equipment containing some of the most pioneering pieces of kit in the UK. They pride themselves on 99% stock holding to ensure they have the equipment when the customer needs it. Their strength lines boast full weight resistance machines, heavy-duty racking, high-quality bars and weight plates, while an impressive Mind Body and Wellness range includes some of the most luxurious Yoga/Pilates mats, full therapy and rehab ranges, and highly developed and intricate weight measuring equipment. We look forward to working with you and becoming part of your fitness solution.

Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball Stands

A great way to incorporate resistance training into personal training sessions, circuit classes and gym programmes.

Compact vertical storage solutions for holding 5 and 10 Medicine Balls or Double Grip Medicine Balls with minimal fuss. Both racks feature re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017.

• Can be used for muscular and endurance exercises

5 Medicine Ball Stand

• Dual textured surface for improved grip

Designed to hold 5 Medicine Balls or Double Grip Medicine Balls. Will also hold Slam Balls. Sizes increase with weight Warranty – 2 years


1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg

£9.72 £10.83 £13.01 £16.49 £18.00


6kg 7kg 8kg 9kg 10kg

£19.90 £21.39 £24.89 £27.00 £34.52

10 Medicine Ball Stand Space saving vertical rack for holding 10 Medicine Balls or Double Grip Medicine Balls. Will also hold Slam Balls and Wall Balls.

Double Grip Medicine Ball These Double Grip Medicine Balls can be used in the same way as a normal medicine ball but also provide much more versatility. • Textured handles allow for different grips of the ball giving you more options for rotational power drills and also allow for snatch type exercises • Complete range of weight options available

Warranty – 2 years


4kg 5kg 6kg 7kg

£24.68 DGMB8 8kg £26.54 DGMB9 9kg £28.76 DGMB10 10kg £32.81

£37.37 £41.74 £44.74

Dimensions – (5) w 440mm x h 1600mm x d 550mm (10) w 780mm x h 1710mm x d 680mm Weight – (5) 20kg, (10) 47kg Warranty - 2 years Installation available

MR5 Medicine Ball stand only MR10 Medicine Ball stand only

£66.00 £124.33

Competition Kettlebells

Vinyl Kettlebells

Manufactured to professional kettlebell lifting standards and designed with a smooth rotating bare stainless steel handle.

Designed with an extremely ergonomic handle and a colour-coded vinyl dipped base, these kettlebells provide the perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

• Smooth, stainless steel 32mm handles reduce hand soreness and allow chalk to stick better

• Ergonomic handle for safe, comfortable and easy use

• Ergonomic handle design allows for uniform clearance and shape across the range

• Smooth vinyl coating doesn’t chafe or bruise hands and will also help protect your flooring

• Solid chunky base gives maximum stability

• Brightly colour-coded for easy identification

• Individual sizes are colour-coded for easy weight identification

• Colours may vary

• Excellent weight distribution, perfect for competition use • All weights are the same size allowing the user to progress in weight without having to adjust to a different feel of kettlebell

Warranty - 1 year

Dimensions – h 280mm x d 210mm. Handle thickness 32mm Warranty - 2 years


8kg 12kg 16kg 20kg

£20.83 £27.16 £34.54 £41.93

CKB24 24kg CKB28 28kg CKB32 32kg

£49.33 £56.71 £68.06

PU Kettlebells


4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg 12kg

Red Purple Green Orange Blue

£6.17 £9.20 £12.26 £17.77 £18.50


16kg 20kg 24kg 28kg 32kg

Grey Black Blue Purple Green

£24.65 £31.40 £38.70 £43.91 £49.90

Kettlebell Rack KBR


Compact, stylish and sturdy, with two tiers of flat shelving for a clean, easy reach. Designed to store a maximum of 12 kettlebells (dependent on size). • Rubber covered shelf surfaces to prevent kettlebell damage and reduce noise

A durable kettlebell range that’s super tough yet ultra stylish.

• Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

• Stylish polyurethane bell will help protect studio/gym floors from scratches • Teardrop design improves comfort on the wrist • Smooth chrome handle to aid with natural kettlebell handle rotation • Primed for full commercial use • Unique registered design

Warranty - 3 years


4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg 12kg

£16.34 £19.88 £24.38 £28.59 £33.48


16kg 20kg 24kg 28kg 32kg

£41.12 £50.24 £58.40 £68.75 £75.00

Dimensions – l 1240mm x h 670mm x 780mm Weight - 46kg Warranty - 2 years

The Surge™

38mm Battle Rope 15m length x 38mm diameter Weight – 12kg


• This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns

Battle Rope Holder

This holder provides a safe and secure storage point for individual ropes.

Battle Rope Anchor

Provides a safe and secure anchor point for the rope (or for resistance bands and tubes) to be looped through.

Warranty - 6 months

BR38 38mm Battle Rope BRH Battle Rope Holder BRA Battle Rope Anchor


The Surge™ is a specialised training device that utilises fluid to create a “dynamic” form of resistance.

£68.25 £13.50 £6.84

Titan Bag Featuring multiple reinforced handle positions for maximum versatility, this is the ultimate multi-functional weighted bag – ideal for adding load to any exercise.

• As a result, this training apparatus provides a very unique challenge to the joints and stabilising structures to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water within this device • Reduce risk of injury due to: Greater body awareness, postural control and movement efficiency; muscular performance for muscular stabilisation of main muscles; stronger overall movements • Suggested water fill markings on tube to monitor weight

Warranty – 1 year

PBX One of the most versatile powerbags on the market. With 3 different handle variations, the high-quality PBX has been rigorously designed and tested to the Xtreme by fitness professionals to ensure the maximum number of exercises can be performed. • Ultra-durable casing made from high quality synthetic leather • High-density breathable foam core to maintain shape • Versatile grip positions: Central suitcase handle for single hand exercises, tight dual handles for controlled close proximity 2-handed upper body exercises, and regular loose dual handles to complete all typical powerbag exercises • Built-in NFC technology directing users with smart devices to extensive online exercise library • Internal webbing cage to reinforce external handles and seams • Internal compression strap and air vents protect the zip when bag is compressed quickly • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use • Not suitable for slamming

• Non-conventional loading featuring an unstable load, allowing for a greater variety of exercises • Perform conventional power lifts such as cleans, snatches, high pull movements which are not possible with Bulgarian Bags • Easy to perform functional triplanar movements, offering more challenges and a greater level of results that transfer into everyday life • Easy coaching with multiple reinforced colourcoded grips ideal for small group training

Warranty - 1 year

5kg 7.5kg 10kg 15kg

Purple £29.86 Orange £31.32 Green £32.86 Yellow £35.88

• Extendable handles on each end allow the leverage of the load to be increased, which activates more synergistic, stabilising muscle fibre, perfect for performing rotational exercises such as the Halo


• Soft shell promotes confidence when learning new movements

Multi Bag Rack PBR

• Varying weight options using sand and steel shot up to 20kg Warranty - 1 year


5kg 7.5kg 10kg 12.5kg 15kg 17.5kg 20kg

£44.93 £46.51 £48.08 £49.66 £51.23 £52.81 £54.38



• Holds up to 10 powerbags or other similar functional equipment such as Titan Bags, Wreck Bags or Bosu® Balance Trainers • Each shelf holds a maximum of 50kg • Re-engineered steel, new for 2017 Dimensions – w 520mm x h 1700mm x d 870mm Weight – 40kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available

20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg

Blue Red Light Cream Dark Cream

£38.94 £40.69 £42.47 £45.50

Soft Plyo Boxes SPBS





Made from high density foam and covered with a durable, non-skid vinyl, these variable-height Soft Plyo Boxes absorb landing impact to decrease stress and strain on joints. This makes them perfect for gym users, athletes and even children. • Soft surface reduces stress on joints during landing • Adjustable height when stacked from 3 - 39” (7.6cm – 100cm) offers all grades of users progression and regression options • Stacks secured with Velcro flaps making them ultra-sturdy

Parallettes are regarded as one of the most versatile and convenient products available for bodyweight training today. Perfect to take outdoors for group training or for use in the gym or at home. They allow for the execution of hundreds of exercises based on a variety of gymnastic, core and press positions to target the chest, triceps, shoulders and core and can even be used for SAQ drills. With such versatility that can be adjusted to suit all levels, isn’t it time you made the change? • 15” clearance, the optimum height to encourage good form, posture, stability and strength

• Non-skid vinyl assists confident landing and ensures the stack won’t move under pressure

• Heavy-duty tubing yet lightweight and portable

• Sold in sets or as individual platforms allowing the user to increase the overall height

• Comfortable, padded foam hand grips

• Sturdy and supportive, non-slip feet will not shift under pressure • Powder-coated frame • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use • Tested to support up to 400lb / 180kg / 28 stone of body weight

Dimensions – l 470mm x h 38mm x d 425mm Weight – 2 x 2kg Warranty– 1 year

Dimensions– (Landing Platform) l 914mm x w 762mm (36” x 30”) Warranty – 6 months

Swamp Box SWAMP


The world’s first sinking Plyo Box! The Swamp Box is a very unique mix of foams designed to mimic soft sand training where eccentric loading and stabilisation onto an ever changing surface forces your body to adapt and improve. • Whether jumping on or striking, the unique sand concept will make you dig deeper and breath harder • Soft design reduces injury by minimising impact and decreasing stress on joints

Wall Ball Wall Balls were developed from a need to absorb the velocity of a returning medicine ball after it has been thrown against a wall or flat target. The basic throw sees the user launch the ball from a deep squat up to a target and catch it as it returns. • Heavy-duty vinyl cover, designed to be tough and soft at the same time • Maintains the perfect diameter for biomechanically correct throws • Press, jump, throw, squat, deadlift, lunge and clean the Wall Balls to really get your heart rate pumping • Not suitable for slamming exercises • Easy to clean, moisture resistant surface • Available in 8 sizes

• Broader size and non-slip base makes it less intimidating for users and in turn, gym owners • Excellent UV performance for exterior applications • PVC coated polyester, warp knit for durability • Extensively backed by Nathan Helbergs’ online programming

Dimensions – 35cm diameter Wall Ball Warranty – 6 months

Dimensions – l 800mm x d 800mm x h 500mm Warranty – 1 year


3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg

£16.02 £16.82 £17.62 £18.42


7kg 8kg 9kg 10kg

£19.22 £20.03 £20.83 £21.63

Slam Ball

BOSU® Balance Trainer Pro

These balls don’t bounce! Designed to perform exercises which involve explosive power, Slam Balls can be used to develop virtually every muscle group.


• Perform a wide variety of exercises to improve upper body, lower body and core strength, flexibility, coordination, and joint integrity – all without damaging the ball • Doesn’t roll or bounce


The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a truly unique balance, core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or stand alone as an outstanding functional tool. • Use dome or platform side up • Endless options and exercise progressions

• Redesigned, enhanced rubber texture gives superior grip

• You can walk, run, step, hop, jump and leap on the BOSU® linking into your routines or a complete BOSU® class

• Thick rubber shell to ensure durability • Not suitable for slamming on rough surfaces (e.g. concrete, gravel)

• Can be used by anyone, regardless of age

• Wear and tear due to impact on rough surface is not covered under warranty

• Maximum User Weight – 136kg

• Latex free • Dimensions – (Inflated) l 673mm x w 635mm x h 254mm • Comes complete with the BOSU® Balance Trainer Pro, pump and owner’s manual

Dimensions: (3kg-10kg) - 22cm diamter, (12kg-15kg) 26cm diameter Warranty – 1 year


3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 7kg

£7.90 £8.11 £8.57 £9.74 £10.65


8kg 9kg 10kg 12kg 15kg

£11.63 £12.50 £14.02 £16.15 £22.51

Warranty - 1 year

The Tyre2

BOSU® Rack

Taking inspiration from the popularity of tyre flipping, but with a square twist! The Tyre2 takes the typical round tyre to new levels. It still delivers immense whole body strength and power gains and also benefits from a more practical side, 4 in fact!


• Flips in a predictable direction meaning it may be used in classes in close quarters with other clients • A large area in the middle of the product to allow users to carry and lift without being restricted by the inner shoulder of the circle • All straps are connected to steel clasps welded to a steel box section and built to ISO standards to ensure they will not snap off in a few years


• Holds up to 5 BOSU® Balance Trainers or other similar functional equipment • Each shelf holds a maximum of 50kg • Shelves have trays for storing Sandbells, Steelbells etc • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

• Soft yet extremely tough and durable • 4 weights allow regressive and progressive options

Dimensions– l 1080mm x w 1080mm x d 300mm Warranty – 6 months

SQR45 SQR60 SQR80 SQR100

45kg 60kg 80kg 100kg

£945.00 £990.00 £1,080.00 £1,170.00

Dimensions – w 520mm x h 1700mm x d 870mm Weight – 35kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available




TRX® Commercial Suspension Trainer is our most durable product to date, designed to meet the demands of high-volume usage in commercial environments. The TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer is armed with commercial-grade rubber handles, a Kevlar® Equalizer Loop, easily adjustable barrel-locks, and a locking carabiner to keep your investment safe and secure.

ViPR’s are versatile - they can be lifted, dragged, rolled, thrown, stepped on. ViPR’s are made from rubber and are available from 4kg – 26kg making them suitable for all ages and abilities.

Warranty – 1 year


4kg / Purple 6kg / Red 8kg / Blue 10kg / Black

£98.96 £107.96 £127.76 £146.66


12kg / Green 16kg / Grey 20kg / Black 26kg / Black

£170.96 £179.96 £206.96 £266.36

7 Set - 1 x 4kg, 1 x 6kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 10kg, 1 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg £1,039.19 8 Set - 2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg £962.64 12 Set - 2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg £1,664.46 12 Set (inc 20kg) - 2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg £1,691.46

ViPR™ Upright Rack The perfect storage solution for ViPR™ based small group personal training sessions. Warranty – 1 year

TRX® Rip Trainer

• Holds up to 8 ViPRs™ sized between 4kg and 10kg • Rack incorporates unique oval tube design

The TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit provides professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts everything they need to get a full-body, strength and conditioning challenge.

• Durable powder coated finish Dimensions – w 1250mm x h 1350mm x d 800mm Weight – 34kg Warranty – 1 year Installation available

• Complete with medium resistance cord and karabiner • 42 inch-long bar (1.1 m) with commercial-grade rubber handles • Splits into two pieces for easy portability • Carry bag and online content also included

PSBRK ViPR™ Upright Rack only VIPR8 ViPR™ Upright Rack complete with 8 ViPRs™ (2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg)

£91.99 £1,054.63

ViPR™ Studio Rack & Club Packs If you need to store multiple ViPR’s of any size, then this is the solution for you. Our ViPR Studio Rack holds 15 ViPRs up to 10kg. • Stores 3 ViPRs per shelf if 10kg or under • Stores 2 ViPRs per shelf if 12kg or over • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017 Weight – 1.9kg Warranty – (Bar) 1 year, (Cords) 3 months


TRX Rip Trainer Kit + Medium Resistance Cord Light Resistance Cord Medium Resistance Cord Heavy Resistance Cord X-Heavy Resistance Cord

£108.00 £12.79 £14.00 £15.60 £16.79



The X-Mount provides an easy anchor for one to two TRX Suspension Trainers or Rip Trainers. Complete with screws and fitting kit.

Dimensions – w 1480mm x h 1580mm x d 840mm Weight – 70kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available

VIPRRK Studio Rack only £222.12 VIPRRK7 tudio Rack complete with 7 ViPRs™ (1 x 4kg, 1 x 6kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 10kg, 1 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg) £1,261.31 VIPRRK12 Studio Rack complete with 12 ViPRs™ £1,886.58 (2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg) VIPRRK12X Studio Rack complete with 12 ViPRs™ (inc 20kg) (2 x 4kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg) £1,913.58

Digital Fitness Timer TIMER


Large programmable sport interval timer, perfect for HIIT and Crossfit. • Six digit multifunctional interval timer in aluminium case • The number of rounds, length of rest, and length of work can all be set up by the user for total custom intervals. The timer displays the time in red while the numbers of rounds are displayed in blue 4” high numbers • Remote control for easy programming • Adapter, wall brackets, screws, remote control and user manual included

Weight - 0.6kg Warranty – 1 year

Dimension:  l 345mm x h 100mm x d 40mm Warranty - 1 year  

PU Competition Bumper Plates

Bumper Plate Sets

Made from tough yet tactile Polyurethane, our PU Bumper Plates are designed to stand up to the toughest lifting environments.

108kg EZ Curl Set Includes: 4 pairs of Bumper Plates (2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg), 1 x Olympic EZ Curl Bar (8kg) and 1 pair of Olympic Clamp Collars.

• Drop tested over 10,000 times, so we know they’re tough

115kg Set Includes: 4 pairs of Bumper Plates (2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg), 1 x 6ft Pro Olympic Bar (15kg) and 1 pair of Olympic Clamp Collars.

• Solid colour coded nonscratch PU with a central steel ring

170kg Set Includes: 5 pairs of Bumper Plates (2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg, 2 x 25kg), 1 x 7ft Pro Olympic Bar (20kg) and 1 pair of Olympic Clamp Collars.

• All plates are 450mm in diameter with a 50.4mm hole • Calibrated within 2% of specified weight • Sold in singles

Warranty – 3 years Warranty – (PU Plates) – 3 years, (Rubber Plates) – 2 years, (Bars & Collars) – 1 year


Black 5kg Bumper Plate (20mm thickness) Green 10kg Bumper Plate (40mm thickness) Yellow 15kg Bumper Plate (45mm thickness) Blue 20kg Bumper Plate (52mm thickness) Red 25kg Bumper Plate (57mm thickness) 800kg PU Bumper Plate Pack (10 x 25kg, 20kg & 5kg, 12 x 15kg & 10kg)

£33.11 £51.36 £68.95 £88.11 £107.80 £3,659.26

PBSPEZ 108kg PU Competition Set with Pro Olympic EZ Curl Bar PBP6 115kg PU Competition Set with 6ft Pro Olympic Bar PBP7 170kg PU Competition Set with 7ft Pro Olympic Bar

£527.40 £544.43 £792.22

Olympic Toaster Rack

Olympic Mixed Bars



A selection of durable brushed steel Olympic bars ideal for isolating muscle groups. Also, a new Aluminium Training Bar has been added, ideal for newcomers looking to perfect their technique before progressing to the full 7ft steel bar. All bars feature:

Improved heavy-duty steel rack is designed to store up to 10 pairs of Olympic Bumper Plates and 2 Olympic Bars. • Incorporates handle and wheels for easy mobility

• 28mm grips

• Can store an additional 3 pairs of smaller Olympic Plates

• Bar weight displayed on end caps

• Precision bearings for smooth rotation

• Will only store 8 Olympic Bumper Plates if all plates are over 15kg • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017 • Stylish and sturdy - the ultimate storage investment Dimensions – w 1300mm x h 290mm x d 370mm Weight – 19kg Warranty – 2 years

Olympic PU Plates A durable PU Olympic Plate with clean aesthetics designed for the toughest environments.

Weight – (Aluminium Training Bar) 7kg, (EZ Curl Bar) 8kg, (Tricep Bar) 10kg, (Dumbbell Bar) 4.5kg Warranty - 1 year

6ATB 6ft Aluminium Training Bar – Max loading 90kg (No Bearing). 25mm Grip PEZOB Pro Olympic EZ Curl Bar - Max loading 318kg POTB Pro Olympic Tricep Bar - Max loading 400kg

£56.26 £55.09 £52.59

Olympic Lockjaw Collars (pair)

• Steel 50.4mm bore hole for added strength and durability

Small and solid. Made from strong plastic – perfect for commercial use.

• 3 ergonomic grip handles

• Single-action lock securely clamps the collar to the bar

• Sold in pairs

• Silent when putting on bar due to injection moulded pads • Superior durability

Warranty – 3 years


2 x 1.25kg 2 x 2.5kg 2 x 5kg 2 x 10kg

£7.76 £18.45 £36.92 £53.97

POPU30K 2 x 15kg POPU40K 2 x 20kg POPU50K 2 x 25kg

£79.20 £100.80 £134.94

Warranty – 1 year

Olympic Quick Release Spring Collars (pair) Chrome plated and easy grip handles make the spring clip collar easy to fasten and remove. • Quick release mechanics makes them very convenient to use • Extra-long rubber handles make removing the collars from bar much easier

Olympic Pro Lifting Bar Premium grade Olympic Bars with precision bearings for a smoother rotation, finished in durable hardened chrome. • Pro Lifting Bars available in 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft

LJCO Olympic Lockjaw Collars QRSCO Olympic Quick Release Spring Collars

Warranty – 1 year

£14.79 £3.84

• 7ft (30mm) bar weighs 20kg, 6ft (30mm) bar weighs 15kg, 5ft (28mm) bar weighs 13kg

Back Protector

• Maximum loading 680kg (7ft), 317kg (6ft and 5ft)


• Bar weight displayed on end caps

A thick padded back protector fits Olympic and 1” bars. It’s easy to fit and remove and is surface washable.


Warranty – 6 months

Olympic Bar Holder 8OBH


• Perfect space saving device holding up to 8 Olympic bars • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

Warranty – 1 year

P50B 5ft Pro Olympic Bar P60B 6ft Pro Olympic Bar P70B 7ft Pro Olympic Bar

£68.44 £72.47 £109.73

Dimensions – l 840mm x h 300mm x d 500mm Weight – 18kg Warranty - 2 years

TuffTech PU Dumbbells

Barbell Racks & Club Packs

A durable dumbbell range designed with clean aesthetics made from tough PU.

These barbell racks have been designed to hold 5 or 10 barbells with minimal fuss. Both racks incorporate re-engineered steel, new for 2017.

• Knurled straight handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure grip • Stylish polyurethane ends will help protect your studio/gym floor from scratches • Raised numbers for easy weight identification • Drop tested over 6,000 times • Unique registered design • Sold in pairs

Warranty – 3 years


2 x 1kg 2 x 2kg 2 x 3kg 2 x 4kg 2 x 5kg 2 x 6kg 2 x 7kg 2 x 8kg 2 x 9kg 2 x 10kg 2 x 12.5kg 2 x 15kg 2 x 17.5kg

£5.81 £12.38 £18.58 £24.13 £30.27 £36.67 £42.79 £45.49 £49.85 £61.09 £69.91 £91.68 £98.57

TP40K TP45K TP50K TP55K TP60K TP65K TP70K TP75K TP80K TP85K TP90K TP95K TP100K

2 x 20kg 2 x 22.5kg 2 x 25kg 2 x 27.5kg 2 x 30kg 2 x 32.5kg 2 x 35kg 2 x 37.5kg 2 x 40kg 2 x 42.5kg 2 x 45kg 2 x 47.5kg 2 x 50kg

£112.74 £127.42 £140.72 £156.51 £171.13 £186.10 £198.62 £214.37 £230.65 £235.36 £249.21 £279.57 £289.29

Horizontal Dumbbell Rack One of the most popular racks to have on the gym floor. • Saddles allows for clutter free storage of dumbbells • Suited to round head dumbbells • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017 • 3 rack options available with several combinations

Dimensions – (6 pair) w 1400mm x h 820mm x d 790mm (10 pair) w 2000mm x h 820mm x d 790mm Weight – (6 pair) 62kg (10 pair) 75kg Warranty - 2 years Installation available

DBR6 6 pair Saddle Rack only DBR10 10 pair Saddle Rack only

£178.08 £213.02

Dimensions – (5 Rack) w 830mm x h 1420mm x d 790mm (10 Rack) w 1150mm x h 1420mm x d 840mm Weight - (5 Rack) 41kg, (10 Rack) 54kg Warranty - 2 years

BBR5PL PU Light Club Pack – 5 Rack + 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg & 20kg Barbells BBR5PH PU Heavy Club Pack – 5 Rack + 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg & 45kg Barbells BBR10P PU Club Pack – 10 Rack + 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg & 45kg Barbells

£404.81 £631.97 £201.03

Vertical Disc Rack

Pump Set Racks



Our Pump Set Racks have been designed to allow up to 12 or 30 Pump Sets to be stored with minimal floor space and to be accessed quickly in a studio environment. Both racks incorporate our re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017. Stylish and sturdy, the ultimate storage investment.

Space saving rack designed to hold 10 pairs of 10kg 30mm discs and other smaller sizes. • Re-engineered steel tubing - new for 2017 Dimensions – w 820mm x h 1150mm x d 500mm Weight – 25kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available

12 Pump Set Club Rack Space saving pump rack designed to hold up to 12 Pump Sets including bars, discs and collars.

30mm Rubber Discs (2 X 10kg - Blue) £36.71


Dimensions – w 840mm x h 1540mm x d 870mm Weight – 38kg Warranty – (PU Discs & Rack) 3 years (Rubber Discs, Bar & Collars) 1 year Installation available

Our solid virgin rubber 30mm discs have three integrated ergonomic handles giving additional exercise capabilities and added comfort. Sold in pairs.

30 Pump Set Club Rack The ultimate Pump Set Rack for a large group fitness setting. Designed to hold up to 30 Pump Sets including bars, disc and collars.

Warranty - 1 year

Dumbbell Storage Rack & Club Pack (48 pair) NDRF


This space saving rack is designed to hold up to 60 pairs of Neo-Hex Dumbbells (dependent on size). • Upright racking system • Lockable security bar to deter theft (padlock not supplied) • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

Dimensions – w 1950mm x h 1580mm x d 840mm Weight – 88kg Warranty – (PU Discs & Rack) 3 years, (Rubber Discs, Bar & Collars) 1 year Installation available

PR12FCB Rack complete with 12 Rubber Pump Sets PR30FCB Rack complete with 30 PU Pump Sets

Dimensions – w 1009mm x h 1050mm x d 500mm Weight – 51kg Warranty – (Rack) 2 years, (Neo-Hex Dumbbells) 1 year Installation available

£610.54 £1,479.87

Strength Bar Rack & Stand

Mat Storage Solutions



Our Strength Bar Rack is designed to hold 36 Strength Bars with minimal fuss.

The Mat Rack and Wall Bracket are ideal for storing large numbers of Supasoft, Vinyl Aerobic Mats and Pilates / yoga mats.

Metal Wall Bracket

• Incorporates our unique oval tube design and durable powder coated finish


• Available empty or as a club package with 30 Strength Bars.To configure your own club package please contact us

• Simple aesthetic mat rack with chrome holding prongs

• 4 Bar stand also available

• The prongs are 40cm apart and 10mm in diameter


• Holds up to 16 x 12mm Supasoft Mats and 12 x 10mm Vinyl Mats

Warranty – 1 year

Adjustable Mat Storage Rack £115.50


• Prongs positioned 40cm apart • Holds up to 38 x 12mm Supasoft Small and Medium Mats, 18 x 12mm Supasoft Large Mats and 26 x 10mm Vinyl Aerobic Mats • Mats sold separately • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

Dimensions (Rack) – w 1250mm x h 1350mm x d 800mm Weight – 34kg Warranty – 1 year

Vinyl Aerobic Mats A compact mat with unique shock absorbency and good level of comfort. • 10mm thick

Dimensions– l 500mm x h 1920mm x d 1000mm Weight – 41kg Warranty – 2 years

Wheeled Storage Cage PCAGE


• Stores any small items – boxing, aqua, studio and functional kit

• Laminated, welded and sealed for optimum durability • Manufactured from specifically formulated PVC foam with non-slip base • Hygienic and easy to clean • Comes with eyelets fixed at 40cm apart to suit our Mat Storage Rack and Wall Bracket • Available in 3 colours

• Durable powder coated finish • Lid can be secured shut with a padlock (not provided) for security • Drainage holes in base, making this cage suitable for wet equipment • Lockable wheels Dimensions: w 1350mm x h 780mm x d 650mm Weight 63kg Warranty - 1 year

Dimensions – l 1000mm x w 500mm x d 10mm Warranty – 1 year

PVMKE Black PVMBE Blue PVMGE Graphite

£11.43 £11.43 £11.43

Vinyl Studio Stretch Mat PVSMS


The standard stretch mat. durable, non-slip base with a hygenic wipe clean finish.

Dimensions – l 2000mm x w 1000mm x d 32mm Warranty – 6 months

3 Ball Storage Tree BT3


Space saving tree designed to safely and securely store 3 Stability Balls of varying sizes. • Comes complete with 3 height adjustable screw-locking steel rings • Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

Dimensions – w 670mm x h 1710mm x d 500mm Weight – 19kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available

9 Ball Storage Rack

Supaflex X-Tube



The Supaflex X-Tubing has been created with quality and durability in mind.

This rack is perfect for safely securing Stability Balls. • Designed to hold 9 Stability Balls • It can store other items, such as BOSU® Balance Trainers, BOSU® Ballast Balls and Wall Balls • Stability Balls sold separately • Includes prongs 40cm apart on both ends for mat storage • Features a sleeve to protect the tubing from wear and tear when used outdoors

• Re-engineered steel tubing, new for 2017

• Each tube has a colour contrasting level indicator on the handle and colour-coded rubber for easy identification • 5 progressive resistance levels available • Contains Latex Warranty – 6 months

XTP2L Level 2 XTP3L Level 3 XTP4L Level 4

Intermediate Advanced Advanced Plus

Purple Green Blue

£5.40 £5.91 £6.24

Reebok Step - Professional £76.86


This unique step platform provides a strong and sturdy platform for all kinds of aerobic activity and its simple design makes it easy to use and even easier to store.

Dimensions – l 1020mm x w 385mm x h 250mm Weight - 7.5kg Warranty – 1 year

• Manufactured with high density copolymer • Features non-slip feet and a non-slip textured surface • Height adjustable from 15cm (5.9”) to 25cm (9.8”) in 3 increments Dimensions – (9 Ball Rack) w 2800mm x h 1800mm x d 1000mm Weight – 71kg Warranty – 2 years Installation available

• Maximum load capacity 118kg

Reebok Deck RDK

Pro Stability Balls Our Pro Stability Balls are made from extra thick burst resistant walls, making them heavier and more resilient than the Physical Stability Balls. • Manufactured from flexton® a Latex free2 burst resistant material that has undergone static compression testing1 • Maximum manufacturer recommended user weight of 600kg • CE mark approved and date stamped. ISO quality standard • Can be produced in any colour and branded with a company logo (call for details)


The ultimate cardio and strength workout. The Reebok Deck is a revolutionary reconfigurable exercise platform that is the evolution of the original Reebok Step. • Supports all primary exercise positions (step, flat bench, incline/decline bench and seat), providing endless whole body workout options • Integrates with Reebok Professional Studio equipment, i.e. tubing, mats, weights and medicine balls • Maximum load capacity in tilted position 110kg (150kg untilted) Dimensions – l 1010mm x w 320mm x h 250mm Weight – 12kg Warranty – 1 year

BodyZen Yoga Mat An excellent yoga mat manufactured from latex free PVC. • Features an inner cotton layer to prevent stretching • Central line aids posture alignment • Available in three colourways • Eyelets fixed at 40cm apart on purple, black and platinum

Dimensions – l 1830mm x w 610mm x d 4.5mm Warranty – 1 year

Warranty – 6 months

PPB55 55cm PPB65 65cm PPB75 75cm

Red Silver Black

£12.06 £16.61 £20.94

BZYML Purple BZYMLPE Platinum BZYMK Black

£7.95 £7.95 £7.95

BodyZen Yoga Blocks & Bricks

Yoga Natural Cotton Strap

Excellent props for all types of yoga classes, when used individually or stacked.



Ideal for improving your yoga technique and increasing your flexibility.

• Manufactured from EVA High-density foam

• Manufactured from 38mm wide natural cotton to avoid twisting

• Available in stylish charcoal and platinum colourways

• Available in two colour-coded sizes

• Latex free

Dimensions– (Small Block) l 305mm x w 200mm x d 25mm (Large Block) l 305mm x w 200mm x d 50mm (Brick) l 230mm x w 100mm x d 75mm Warranty – 6 months

YBL1P Small Block (1”) Charcoal YBL2P Large Block (2”) Platinum Charcoal YBRP Brick

£1.86 £1.97 £1.86

Warranty – 6 months

Pro-Like Sparring Gloves (pair)

Wavemaster 2XL Pro with Scoring Zones

Great for the novice and intermediates looking for a good quality glove at an amazing price.


• The glove is built around machine moulded ABA rated insert with a PU back, a connected thumb and mesh palm • Velcro closure for wrist adjustment • The material construction is designed to maximise comfort, stability and durability while producing a glove of exceptional value

All the same features as the 2XL Pro with the addition of scoring zones for training accuracy and speed. • Tapered base features an ergonomic design allowing for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes

• Size options available, all weigh 10oz Warranty – 6 months

• Innovative new locking mechanism securely locks the bag to the base allowing for the hardest strikes, day in and day out • Fully commercial

£18.26 PPGS Small / 10oz size £18.26 PPGL Large / 14oz size PPGM Medium / 12oz size £18.26 PPGXL Extra Large / 16oz size £18.26

Pro-Like Curved Hook and Jab Pads PCHJP


Ergonomically designed PU covered Hook and Jab Pad which allows boxers or martial artists to improve speed, agility and endurance. • Durable PU construction and shock absorbent foam padding • Elasticated stitched opening provides support

Warranty – 6 months

Dimensions – h 1750mm x w 711mm Weight – 125kg approx. when filled Warranty - 1 year


Exigo Ultimate Speedball

Wall Brackets



2ft and 3ft fixed and 3ft folding wall bracket options, both ideal for multi-purpose facilities, i.e. Box Aerobics and gym settings.

Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, punching accuracy, quickness and confidence.

• Manufactured from 14 gauge heavy duty steel finished in black epoxy paint

• Reinforced double lined hanging strap

• 2ft and 3ft fixed extension can hold punch bags up to 50kg

• Made of high quality cow hide leather

• Fully reinforced Ultimate 3ft folding extension can hold punch bags up to 80kg

• Tie design so bladder can be easily replaced • Compatible with standard ball pump valve

• 3ft folding comes with replaceable eye bolts

• Double layered poly cotton lining for long lasting performance

• Ultimate wall bracket, designed to take the largest of punch bags

• Suitable for home and club use

Dimensions – 17cm (6.7”) in diameter Weigh 0.25kg Warranty - 6 months

Warranty – 1 year

2FWB 2ft Fixed Wall Bracket PFWB3 3ft Folding Wall Bracket REB Replaceable Eye Bolt for 3ft bracket

Club Pro Fixed Speedball Platform CPSP

£33.30 £59.97 £18.63


600mm x 18mm MDF board precision cut for accurate rebounding and less vibrations.

Exigo PU Punch Bag £43.30

• Durable powder coated steel work, finished in black


• Speedball manufactured from tough durable leather with a laced closure

• Made from an extremely strong and durable nylon backed PU

An excellent quality PU Punch Bag complete with 4 hanging straps and heavy duty welded ‘D’ Rings.

• Ideal for home use and light commercial use • Manufactured and filled in the UK

• Ball can be easily removed by screwing it off the housing swivel

• Available in 4 sizes, 3ft to 6ft, 23kg- 30kg • Use with swivel to prolong life of bag

• Includes wall fixings, swivel, speedball and instructions Dimensions – 17cm (6.7”) in diameter Weigh 0.25kg Warranty - 6 months

Ultimate Club Pro Adjustable Speedball Platform & Speedball UCPASP


Warranty - 6 months

Speed Rope

600mm x 25mm MDF board with a black finish to both sides making it ideal for commercial use.


• Durable leather Speedball included. See top right

• Lightweight and compact


Highly regarded as one of the best skipping ropes on the market. • Manufactured from highly durable plastic polymer

• Height adjustable - simply rotate the hand wheel to adjust the height of the board

• Low friction washer for maximum performance

• 6mm steel wall plate with 8 fixings ensures the bracket is firmly fixed to the wall • Locking arm prevents any movement while in use • Complete with all fixings, swivel, speedball and instructions

Warranty - 6 months

Warranty – 1 year

The GRID® The GRID® has been designed for athletes and people of all types; from long distance runners and endurance athletes to major sports players and yoga enthusiasts. The unique Matrix and Distrodensity Zones design allows for targeted massage with a more realistic experience. Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers; built from EVA foam and designed to withstand constant, heavy and repeated use without breaking down.


• The most comprehensive and versatile foam roller and workout tool available


• Twice as firm as the original GRID® foam roller to break through the toughest, tighest, trouble spots

The GRID® 2.0

• Twice the length of The GRID®! Features Distrodensity Zones, Matrix Technology


The GRID® The GRID® The GRID® The GRID® X The GRID® 2.0 The GRID® 2.0

Orange Black Camouflage Black Orange Black

£26.66 £26.66 £26.66 £33.33 £44.66 £44.66

Dimensions – (The GRID® & The GRID® X) 13” x 5” diameter (332mm x 127mm) (The GRID® 2.0) 26” x 5” diameter (661mm x 127mm) (The GRID® Mini) 5.5” x 5” diameter (140mm x 127mm) Warranty - 1 year


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