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FIRST CUT New Jewelry by Celia Weinstock

Celia Weinstock Celia read Modern History at Oxford University and studied Jewelry Design at the Gemological Institute of America. On returning to England, she founded Lyme Fine Jewelry, named after her family’s ancestral home, Lyme Park in Cheshire. Her jewelry designs are inspired by these historical studies and family traditions. She travels extensively throughout Southeast Asia for many months each year to source the finest gemstones, as well as the most highly skilled craftsmen.

Only working in 18 carat gold, her designs are all handmade, allowing her to create bespoke jewelry for commission, as well as themed collections. This, her first exhibition in America, combines the traditional values of her past with the more contemporary language informed by the intricacy and clarity of both the Art Deco and ancient Asian designs. We at Mallett are proud to exhibit Celia Weinstock’s debut collection.

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