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Regional Aids Training Network Member Institutions Directory

Table of Contents Acronyms & Abbreviations.............................1 About RATN....................................................3 Eastern Africa African Medical and Research Foundation....4 Centre for African Family Studies...................5 Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital Professional Training Centre...........................................6 Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors.................................................7 Liverpool Vct Care and Treatment ...............8 Network For Researchers in Eastern And Southern Africa ..........................................9 University of Nairobi, The Nairobi Clinical Epidemiology Unit.....................................10 Kigali Health Institute.................................... 11 Pro Femme/ Twese Hamwe, Rwanda (Associate Member).................................12 Eastern and Southern Management Institute.....................................................13

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme...14 Aids Information Centre................................15 Infectious Diseases Institute ........................16 Mildmay Uganda..........................................17 The Aids Support Organisation ...................18 Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together Against Aids..............................20 Uganda National Consumers Organization (Associate Member).................................21 Southern Africa Institute of Development Management.........22 Malawi College of Health Sciences .............24 Malawi Institute of Management ..................25 Health Economic And Hiv/Aids Research Division University of Natal.......................27 Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative.....29 Southern Africa Aids Dissemination Service (Associate Member).................................31

Southern African Aids Trust (Associate Member)...................................................33 Mananga Centre For Regional Integration and Management Development......................35 Churches Health Association of Zambia......36 In-Service Training Trust..............................37 Kara Counselling and Training Trust Ltd......38

The Salvation Army, Chikankata Mission Hospital.....................................................39 Connect Institute of Systemic Therapy.........40 Family Aids Caring Trust .............................41 Genitourinary Centre....................................42 Zimbabwe Open University..........................43

Acronyms & Abbreviations AIC AIDS Information Centre AMREF African Medical Research Institute RATN Regional AIDS Training Network CEU Cinical Epidemiology Unit CSO HIV Human Immune Deficiency Virus HCT HIV Counseling and Testing TB Tuberculosis STIs Sexually Transmitted Infections CAFS Centre for African Family Studies KAPC Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors LVCT Liverpool VCT and Treatment VCT Voluntary Counseling and Testing GoK Government of Kenya FBO Faith Based Organisation CBO Community Based Organisation NARESA Network for Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa PMTCT Prevention of Mother -to-Child Transmission KHI Kigali Health Institute ESAMI Eastern and Southern Management Institute TGNP Tanzania Gender Networking Programme

IDI Infectious Disease Institute MU Mildmay Uganda TASO The AIDS Support Organisation TEACH TASO Experiential Attachment to Combat HV and AIDS SADC The Southern African Development Community UNHCO United National Consumers Organisation IDM Institute of Development Management MIM Malawi Institute of Management BCC Behaviour Change Communication HEARD Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division REPSSI Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative NGO Non Governmental Organisation SAfAIDS Southern Africa AIDS Dissemination Service SAT Southern Africa AIDS Trust CHAZ Churches Health Association of Zambia ISTT In Service Training Trust FACT Family AIDS Caring Trust ZOU Zimbabwe Open University MCHS Malawi College of Health Sciences

About RATN


he Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN) is an international/Regional NGO with operations in 11 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa region. Currently, RATN has 30 full members and four associate members in Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. RATN’s secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

RATN develops and integrates into its training programmes modules that aim to develop skills and competencies on design and effective implementation of HIV prevention interventions. This catalogue contains a list of institutions that form RATN Member Institutions. The information provided is constantly updated to reflect any changes in the member institutions listed.

Through Training and Capacity Development, RATN facilitates the strengthening of individual and institutional capacity for prevention and effective HIV and AIDS response. RATN also functions as a forum of exchange of ideas and experiences for developing and delivery of quality of HIV capacity building programmes.


KENYA Priority intervention areas include control of HIV, TB, and STIs. Other areas of work include clinical outreach services, development of health learning materials, training and consultancies. Geographical Coverage: AMREF’S headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. AMREF has country programmes in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia and has operations in more than twenty other countries in Africa.

AFRICAN MEDICAL AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION Director-General: Dr Teguest Guerma Contacts: Nzomo Mwita: Diana Mukamii:

Physical and Postal Address: AMREF International Training Centre, Langata Road opposite Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya P.O. Box 27691-00506, Nairobi, Kenya

African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) is one of Africa’s leading health, development and research organisations. AMREF implements projects to learn, and shares this evidence-based knowledge with others to advocate for changes in health policy and practice. AMREF seeks to empower communities to take control of their health and to establish a vibrant and participatory health care system made up of communities, health workers and governments.

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254 20 6993000 Fax: +254 20 609518 Email Address: Website Address:




Physical and Postal Address: CAFS Headquarters Mara Road, Upper Hill P.O. Box 60054, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya

Director: Professor Eliwo Akoto Contacts: Prof. Eliwo Akoto: Jonathan Spangler:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254-20-273 14 79, 272 56 41 Cell: +254 722 205 179, 733 601 756 Fax: +254 20 273 14 89

The Centre for African Family Studies (CAFS) strengthens the capacity of organisations and individuals by conducting training, research and consultancy services in the field of health and development. CAFS main areas of focus are HIV and AIDS, advocacy and communication, capacity building, community based service, and gender development. Other areas of focus are knowledge management, leadership and management, and reproductive health.

Email address: Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Kenya

Geographical Coverage: Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, CAFS works from strategic bases in East and West and Central Africa. CAFS’s offices in Central and West Africa include a Regional Office in Lome, Togo; and Country Offices in Abuja, Nigeria and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).

KENYA Gertrude’s Professional Training Centre is part of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital whose aim is to be the preferred healthcare provider for East and Central Africa’s children. The training centre is vital in the hospitals aim to be a centre of excellence in paeditrics whose foundation lies in proper training. Modular and short courses are offered with special emphasis on child health for all cadres of health professionals.


Geographical Coverage: Sub-Saharan Africa.

Chief Executive Officer: Gordon Odundo

Physical and Postal Address: Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital Professional Training Centre Muthaiga, Muthaiga Road Nairobi P.O Box 42325 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Contacts: Gordon Odundo: Lilian Onyango:

Eastern Africa

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254 722 898 948, +254 733 639444 +254 721 296912, +254 733 761242, + 254 20 7206000, +254 20 2445350 Fax: +254 20 3763281 Email Address: Website Address:


KENYA Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors (KAPC) has over the years established itself as a leader in the field of quality counselling programmes, mainly in HIV counseling, training and research. The programmes also target the general population with emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized groups, young people from the low social economic sectors of the communities, workplace employee groups among others.


Physical and Postal Address: Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors (KAPC) 2nd Avenue, Parklands P.O. Box 55472-00200 Nairobi, Kenya Phone and Fax Number: Tel: + 254-20 -3741051, 3741056, 3741123 Email Address: Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Kenya

Geographical Coverage: Eastern and Southern Africa Region

Contacts: Cecilia Rachier: Elias Gikundi:

KENYA providers annually and has trained over 75% of the HTC providers in Kenya and 90% of the HIV counsellor supervisors. Through capacity-building, LVCT has established over 500 of the roughly 1,000 VCT sites in Kenya, graduating 200 of them to be managed by GoK, community-based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based organizations (FBOs). Geographical Coverage: Kenya Physical and Postal Address: Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment (LVCT) Head Office, Argwings Kodhek Road P.O. Box 19835-00202, KNH Nairobi, Kenya

Eastern Africa | Kenya

LIVERPOOL VCT CARE AND TREATMENT Executive Director: Dr. Nduku Kilonzo Contacts: Catherine Theuri: Julius Gwadah:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254 20 2714590, 2715308, 2731585/6 Fax: +254 20 2723612

Liverpool VCT Care and Treatment (LVCT) utilises research and technical resources to contribute to HIV/AIDS policy formulation, inform government and build the capacity of civil society, to provide quality prevention, care and treatment services, with special attention to those with greatest vulnerability and special needs. LVCT trains over 700 health

Email Address: Website Address:


KENYA Geographical Coverage: Kenya Physical and Postal Address: Network for Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa (NARESA) Shelter Afrique Building, Upper Hill Road P.O. Box 1065-00100, GPO Nairobi, Kenya


Email Address: Website Address:

Contact: Dr. Ruth Nduati Dr. Jennifer Oyieke Network for Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa (NARESA) is one of the pioneers on PMTCT in Kenya and has been working on the implementation of PMTCT programmes besides conducting research, policy development, training, couple counselling, HIV management, early infant diagnosis and E-learning.


Eastern Africa | Kenya

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254-20- 2726644/ 4180 Fax: +254-20- 2726413

KENYA The Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU) a department at the University of Nairobi’s School of Medicine promotes and facilitates high quality health and medical education research. It focuses on health research, training in study design, data collection, data analysis, translation of research findings among others. It also organizes scientific workshops and seminars.

Eastern Africa | Kenya

Geographical Coverage: Kenya


Physical and Postal Address: Faculty of Medicine University of Nairobi, College of Health Sciences Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Principal’s office Annexe P.O. Box 19676-00202, Nairobi, Kenya

Director: Dr Erastus K Njeru Contact: Dr. Erastus K. Njeru: Janet Musia:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +254 020 2713462/ 2726300 Ext. 44013 Fax: +254 020 2710164 Email Address: Website Address:


RWANDA Kigali Health Institute (KHI) is a training and development institution for health professionals in the following areas; ophthalmology, dentistry, physiotherapy, biomedical laboratory sciences, medical imaging sciences, nursing, midwifery, mental health, anaethesia and community health development.

Rector: Dr Kabagabo Chantal Contact: Dr. Desire Ndushabandi: Zachary Bigirimana: Fidèle Rutayisire: Bonavenure Tuyisenga:;

Geographical Coverage: Rwanda Physical and Postal Address: Kigali Health Institute Career Advisory and Counseling Centre P.O. Box 3286, Kigali Rwanda Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +250-57188/ 572172 Fax: +250-571787 Email Address:;; Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Rwanda




Pro Femme/Twese Hamwe conducts research, Training and advocacy for People Living with HIV and AIDS. It also does institutional capacity building targeting women, community organizations, groups and associations through workshops and seminars.


Geographical Coverage: Rwanda Physical and Postal Address: Avenue de la Justice Nyamirambo, BP 2758, Kigali

Eastern Africa | Rwanda

President: Thérèse Bishagara Contact: Ms. Emma Marie Bugingo

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +252 578432 Fax: +252 578432 Email Adresses: Website Address:




Geographical Coverage: Kenya; Uganda; Tanzania

Director General: Dr. Bonard Mwape

Physical and Postal Address: ESAMI Headquarters, Njiro hill P.O. Box 3030 Arusha, Tanzania

Contact: Leon Malissa

Phone and Fax Number: +255 27 2508384-8/5/7 +255 27 250 8285 Email Address: Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Tanzania

Eastern and Southern Management Institute (ESAMI) is a Regional Management Development Institute where middle and top level personnel in the government, public, private and civic organisations attend open management development programmes. The Institute aims at enhancing interaction in order to facilitate improvements in managerial performance and effectiveness of client organizations. ESAMI offers courses in information technology, gender and development, health management and human resource management.


Eastern Africa | Tanzania

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) is an activist non partisan organization committed to the goal of contributing to the building of a vibrant transformative feminist movement that challenges patriarchy and neo-liberalism at all levels. TGNP advocates for gender equality/equity, women’s empowerment, social justice and social transformation in Tanzania and beyond. Geographical coverage: Tanzania


Physical and Postal Address: Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) Gender Resource Centre, Mabibo Road P.O. Box 8921 Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Executive Director: Usu Mallya Contact: Usu Mallya: Nasim Losai:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +255 22 2443205/450 Cell: + 255 754 784050 Fax: +255 22 2443244 Email address: Website Address:


AIDS Information Centre (AIC) is a NonGovernmental Organization established to provide Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV). AIC builds the capacity of HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) counselors, HCT supervisors and Training of Trainers for HIV Counseling and Testing, laboratory technicians in HIV testing protocol/algorithm and HCT data management. AIC has also conducted an HIV services Management course targeting mid level service providers (Trainers, Supervisors), project coordinators and managers in East and Central African Region.   Geographical Coverage: Uganda

AIDS INFORMATION CENTRE Executive Director: Dr. Raymond Byaruhanga; Contact: Kellen Tumuhairwe: Nassir Musoke:

Physical and Postal Address: P.O. Box 10446, Mengo-Kisenyi Kampala, Uganda Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 312 264453/4, 414 231528 Email Address: Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Uganda


UGANDA Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) offers training in a number of subjects, including HIV/TB, Malaria, Laboratory Services, and Systems Strengthening.  Courses are available for all levels of care providers, and can be offered at IDI or on-site at facilities.  IDI’s technical team can also provide on-site technical support and training follow-up, to ensure that skills that participants learn in courses are being effectively applied in the work place.

Eastern Africa | Uganda


Geographical Coverage: Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa

Executive Director: Dr. Alex Coutinho

Physical and Postal Address: Infectious Diseases Institute Makerere University College of Health Sciences P. O. Box 22418 Kampala, Uganda

Contact: Dr. Alex Coutinho: Leah Thayer:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 41 4307000; +256 31 2307000; Fax: +256 41 4307290; +256 31 2307290

The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) focuses on strengthening services for the prevention, care and treatment of HIV and related infectious diseases, through training and capacity building; advanced clinical services; and operational research across Africa.

Email Address: Website Address:


UGANDA Mildmay Uganda (MU) is a Christian not-for-profit international NGO specialising in the provision of holistic HIV and AIDS care mainly in resource limited settings and training of health care providers in the provision of such care. MU offers long Modular work based programmes, tailored short courses and clinical placements. Courses target both multidisciplinary and cadre specific health workers groups.


Physical and Postal Address: The Mildmay Centre Uganda Plot 127, Entebbe Road Naziba Hill, Lubowa near Lweza P. O Box 24985, Kampala

Country Director: Dr. Emmanuel Luyirika Contact: Irene Kambonesa

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 312 210200 Fax: +256 312 210205 Email: Website:


Eastern Africa | Uganda

Geographical Coverage: Africa


Eastern Africa | Uganda

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Uganda Limited is an indigenous organization founded in 1987 to contribute to a process of preventing HIV, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of persons, families and communities affected by HIV infection and disease.

THE AIDS SUPPORT ORGANISATION Executive Director: Robert Ochai Contact Persons: Juliana Kyegimbo Nyombi:; Hannington Nkayivu:;

The Training function of TASO engages in building competencies of individuals, communities and institutions to develop a critical mass of service providers in prevention of HIV and mitigation of its impact to the communities. This is done through development and delivery of training packages and provision of technical support in a wide range of issues relevant to HIV prevention, care and support. TASO is also involved in building of capacity of AIDS Service Organizations in Sub Saharan Africa through on job experiential attachment under the TASO Experiential Attachment to Combat HIV and AIDS (TEACH). To date, TASO has trained over 18,000 service providers from Uganda and 27 other African Countries.



Physical and Postal Address: Head Office The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)-Uganda Mulago Hospital Complex P.O Box 10443 Kampala, Uganda Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 414 532580/1 Fax: +256 414 541288

TASO Training Centre Kanyanya, off Gayaza Road after Mpererwe Trading Centre P.O. Box 10443, Kampala, Uganda Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 414 567637/256 392 767 637 Fax: +256 414 566704 Email Address: (TEACH Project) Website:

Email Address: Website:


Eastern Africa | Uganda

Geographical Coverage: Uganda

UGANDA Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together against AIDS (THETA) is a Ugandan NGO dedicated to improving quality heath care of rural communities by promoting collaboration between the traditional and conventional health systems. THETA aims at improving the health of rural Ugandan populations served by Traditional Health Practitioners through capacity building in HIV and AIDS, health education, provision of quality care, counseling as well as supporting community initiatives of vulnerable groups such as women, orphans and persons with disability.

Eastern Africa | Uganda


Geographical Coverage: Uganda

Executive Director: Dr. Joseph Baguna

Physical and Postal Address: Plot 724/725 Mawanda Road, Kamokya P.O. Box 21175 Kampala, Uganda

Contact: Andrew Luyombo: Dan N. Badebye:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 414 532930 Fax: +256 414 530619 Email address: Website Address:


Uganda National Consumers Organization (UNHCO) Raising awareness among health service users, providers and policy makers about health rights and responsibilities; Policy research, Advocacy and review processes to address access, equity, quality and accountability; creating synergies with other CSOs, relevant Government departments, development partners and strategic allies and establishing a credible working partnership with the media among others; promote and improve communication between users and providers by strengthening referral and redress mechanisms and building a partnership for conflict resolution.


Geographical Coverage: Uganda

Executive Director: Ms. Robinah Kaitiritimba

Physical and Postal Address: Plot 91 Bukoto Street P.O. Box 70095 Kampala, Uganda

Contact: Ms. Robinah Kaitiritimba;

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +256 414 532 123; +256 414 372 115 Email address: Website Address:


Eastern Africa | Uganda


Southern Africa | Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland


INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT Regional Director: Dr. Karabo M. Mohlakoana Contact: Dr. Karabo M. Mohlakoana; Swaziland Campus, Country Director Nonhlanhla Dlamini Lesotho Campus, Country Director: Liteboho Maqalika-Lerotholi

The Institute of Development Management (IDM) is a regional organisation in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (BLS) countries to help meet the management needs of the Region through management development activities including training, consultancy, research, and the establishment of a Management Resource Centre. IDM. IDM has traditionally conducted consultancy projects in the BLS countries but, in recent years, these services have been used throughout the SADC Region. The expertise available from IDM is extensive, covering a wide range of subject areas in our five core departments. Geographical Coverage: Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland Regional Office Carbo Centre Riverwalk P.O. Box 60167 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 3906433 Fax: +267 391 3423

Botswana Campus Faith Tombale directorb@idmbls.comÂ


Swaziland Campus Kwaluseni, Matsapha P.O. Box 1534 Mbabane, Swaziland Tel: +268 5504 085 Fax: +268 5185 745 Email: Lesotho Campus Plot No. 129 Moshoeshoe Road P.O. Box 1318, Maseru Lesotho Tel: +266 22 312868 Fax: +266 22 310084 Email:

Botswana Campus Plot Nos. 21222, 21254 P.O. Box 1357 Gaborone Tel: +267 361 2100 Fax: +267 3913296 Email: Website Address:


Southern Africa | Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland



Geographical coverage: Malawi

Principle: T.G. Masache;

Physical and Postal Address P.O. Box 30368, Lilongwe, Malawi, 265

Southern Africa | Malawi

Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) Malawi College of Health Sciences is primarily engaged in the training of health workers. The institute was formed when Lilongwe School of Health Sciences in Lilongwe, the Medical Assistants Training School in Blantyre and the Zomba School of Nursing in Zomba merged in June 1996. The college now operates as a parastatal organization governed by a Board of Governors.

Phone and Fax Number Tel: +265 01 756 908/01 756 777 Fax: +26501 750 709/ 01 754 425 Email addresses:

The college trains a range of mid-level health personnel to improve the delivery of essential health care packages and primary health care. The college runs Certificate and Diploma courses recognized by Medical Council of Malawi, Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi and Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board.


MALAWI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Executive Director: John Mataya Contact: Precious Givah: Alex Chanza: Edward Mwalabu:

Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) is Malawi’s premier management training, consultancy and research organization. The Institute provides training programmes, seminars and workshops aimed at upgrading and improving managerial skills of managers in the public service, statutory bodies and the private sector. It also provides management consultancy services to the Government, statutory bodies and the private sector. Since 1998 MIM has conducted the Behaviour Change and Communication (BCC) Course for HIV and AIDS Programme Officers with support from RATN. In 2004, the Institute added on its portfolio the Management and Administration Course for HIV and AIDS Programme Managers/ Leaders in Africa. Later on in 2008 the Institute introduced a course entitled Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV and AIDS Programmes.


Southern Africa | Malawi


MALAWI Geographical Coverage: Malawi Physical and Postal Address Alimaunde Area 28, Along M1 Airport Road P.O. Box 30801, Lilongwe 3 Malawi Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +265 1 710866 Fax: + 265 1 710609

Southern Africa | Malawi

Email Address: Corporate Office: Website Address:


Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) of the University of Natal conducts research, builds capacity and enables leadership to roll back the HIV/ AIDS pandemic in Africa. It conducts applied research and runs development interventions aimed at mobilising evidence for impact in health and HIV in the SADC and East Africa region HEARD has been situated since 1998 at the University of KwaZuluNatal in Durban, South Africa and collaborates with a range of institutional and individual partners spanning the globe. HEARD supports UNAIDS in Africa, the SADC Secretariat and Parliamentary Forum and other African leadership in responding to issues of health and HIV.

Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) University of Natal Executive Director: Prof. Allan Whiteside;

Geographical Coverage: SADC and East Africa region

Project Manager: Marlene Abrahams

Physical Address: University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus, J block, Level 4 University Road, Durban South Africa

Operations Director: Samuel Gormley


Southern Africa | South Africa


SOUTH AFRICA Postal Address (Main Office): University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus Private Bag X54001 Durban, 4000 South Africa

Southern Africa | South Africa

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +27 031 260 2592 Fax: +27 031 260 2587 Email Address: Website Address: Physical address (Johannesburg Office): Regus Office Centre Second Floor West Tower Nelson Mandela Square Maude Street Sandton South Africa

Physical address (Johannesburg Office): Regus Office Centre Second Floor West Tower Nelson Mandela Square Maude Street Sandton South Africa Postal address (Johannesburg Office): P.O. Box 785553 Sandton 2144 South Africa Phone and Fax Number (Johannesburg Office): Tel: +27 11 881 5437 Fax:+27 11 881 5611     


SOUTH AFRICA Geographical Coverage: Thirteen countries across East and Southern Africa

Executive Director: Nooren M. Huni Contact:; Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) is a non-profit organisation working to lessen the devastating social and emotional (psychosocial) impact of poverty, conflict, HIV and AIDS among children and youth. REPSSI aims is to ensure that all children have access to stable care and protection through quality psychosocial support. REPSSI partners with governments, development agencies, international organisations and NGOs to provide programmes that strengthen communities’ and families’ competencies to better promote the psychosocial wellbeing of their children and youth.

For Media Enquiries: Riona McCormack REPSSI Regional Communications Officer Tel: +27 11 998 5820/ 998 5820 Email: For South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: Eric Motau REPSSI South Subregional Office Johannesburg, South Africa Email: Tel: +27 11 998 5820/ 998 5820


Southern Africa | South Africa


Physical and Postal Address REPSSI Secretariat 372A Oak Avenue Atlas Office Park Ferndale, Randburg 2125,South Africa Tel: +27 11 998 5820/ 998 5820 Email:


Southern Africa | South Africa

For Zambia, Malawi and Namibia: Fikansa Chanda REPSSI North Subregional Office Lusaka, Zambia Tel: +260 125 6478/9 Email:

For Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana and Mozambique: Alex Tigere REPSSI Central Subregional Office Harare, Zimbabwe Tel:Â +263 4 700 367/ 700 367/ 253434/ 253434 Email:

For Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda: Peter Masessa REPSSI East Subregional Office Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Email: Tel: +255222772860/1



SAfAIDS Regional Office 479 Sappers Contour Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0081 South Africa Tel: +27 12 361 0889/ 361 0889 Fax: +27 12 361 0899 Email:

SOUTHERN AFRICA AIDS DISSEMINATION SERVICE (SAFAIDS)-ASSOCIATE MEMBER Executive Director: Lois Chigandu Contact: Lois Chigandu: Sara C. Page-Mutungwiza:; Southern Africa AIDS Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) promotes ethical and effective development responses to the epidemic and its impact through HIV and AIDS knowledge management, capacity development, advocacy, policy analysis and research with special regard to gender, human rights, and other development concerns.

Country Office - Zimbabwe: 17 Beveridge Road, Avondale Harare, Zimbabwe Tel: +263 4 336193/4/ +263 4 336193/4 Fax: +263 4 336195 Email:


Southern Africa | South Africa

Geographical Coverage: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe


Southern Africa | South Africa

Country Office - Zambia: Plot No. 4, Lukasu Road Rhodes Park Lusaka, Zambia Tel: +260 211 257 652/ +260 211 257 652 Fax: +260 125 7652 Email: Country Office - Mozambique: Av. Ahmed Sekou Toure 1425 R/C  Maputo, Mozambique Telefax: +258 2130 2623 Email: Website Address:


SOUTH AFRICA Geographical Coverage Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Tanzania Mozambique, Malawi Physical and Postal Address Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)

SOUTHERN AFRICAN AIDS TRUST (ASSOCIATE MEMBER) Director: Jonathan Gunthorp Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT) is a regional organisation that supports community responses to HIV and AIDS through in depth partnerships with community groups in southern African countries. SAT’s goal is to increase the HIV and AIDS competence of communities. SAT supports community responses to HIV and AIDS through partnerships in five southern African countries as well as wider networking, skills exchange and lessonsharing throughout the region.

SAT Malawi SAT (Southern African AIDS Trust) Manobec Compound, Area 4 Chilambula Rd, Admark Loop Tel: +265 1 751 625/626/628 Fax: +265 1 751 628 Email:


Southern Africa

Regional Office Suite 293, Dunkeld West Centre 281 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West P.O. Box 411919, Craighall Park, 2024 Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 341 0610, 341 0660 Fax: +27 11 341 0661

Southern Africa | South ZambiaAfrica

SOUTHERN AFRICA SAT Mozambique Director Nacional do Programa Tomas Nduda Ave, Nr.555 – 1st floor, Maputo, Mozambique Tel: +258-21 486 316/317; Fax: +258-21+ 486 311 E-mail:

SAT Zimbabwe Country Programme Manager 1 Morris Road, Eastlea Harare, Zimbabwe Tel: +263 4 781 124 Fax: +263 4 725 537 E-mail:

SAT Tanzania Block 45, Plot 66, Malanga Road, Kijitonyama P.O. Box 34198, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 276 1535/1536 Fax: +255 22 276 1538 E-mail:

Email Address: Website Address:

SAT Zambia Country Programme Manager Plot 9 Beit Rd, Rhodes Park Lusaka, Zambia Tel: +260 211 256 593/257 937 Fax: +260-211 256 594 E-mail:


SWAZILAND knowledge and skills at organizational and individual level within the region; its ability to identify and tap on intellectual surplus and channel it to those who need it most; its ability to manage the process of transferring intellectual capital and expertise.

Director: Dr. Ranga Taruvinga Contact: Collin Kamalizeni: collinskamalizeni@ Mananga Centre for Regional Integration and Management Development aims to help managers become better and more effective when they return to their work environment. Mananga’s focus is on management development in key strategic sectors crucial for the development of Africa. Mananga’s strength lies in: its ability to identify shortfalls in

Geographical Coverage: Eastern and Southern Africa region Physical and Postal Address Mananga Centre Ezulwini Road, Ezulwini P.O. Box 5100 Mbabane, Swaziland Phone and Fax Number Tel: +268 4163155/6; 4161326; 4161330 Cell: +268 6020990 Fax: +268 4163158; 3232184 Email Address: Website Address:


Southern Africa | Swaziland


SWAZILAND Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) runs a number of programmes and provides other services to strengthen member institutions in the provision of health services, namely Malaria, TB, and Leprosy control, AIDS care, Prevention and Treatment. AIDS Care and Prevention Programme Overall Goal is to contribute to the prevention of HIV incidence and mitigate the social-economic impact of AIDS in Zambia.

Southern Africa | Zimbabwe Zambia


Geographical Coverage: Zambia Physical and Postal Address The Churches Health Association of Zambia Plot No 9306 Ben Bella Road, P.O Box 34511, Lusaka, Zambia

Executive Director: Mrs Karen Sichinga Contact: Weddy Silomba:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +260 211 293440 Fax: +260 211 223297 Email address: Website Address:



Director:Â Mungule Chikoye: Contact: Cynithia Muledema: Isaac Sichivula:

Geographical coverage: Zambia Physical and Postal Address: In-service Training Institute (ISTT) Natural Respurces Development College Campus Chelston off Great East Road. P.O. Box 310201 Lusaka, Zambia Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +260 211 283695 Fax: +260 211 281941 Email addresses: Website Address:


Southern Africa | Zambia


In Service Training Trust (ISTT) works with international organizations in the delivery of training programmes and consulting assignments. ISTT develops and delivers training courses appropriate to specific needs of clients, engages well qualified and experienced trainers in the design and delivery of the training programmes; and collaborates in training with appropriate local and international training and/or research institutions.

ZAMBIA Geographical coverage: Zambia Physical and Postal Address


Southern Africa | Zambia Zimbabwe

Contact: Chikuba Kabe: Kara Counselling and Training Trust is a nongovernmental, non-denominational, charitable organization. KARA conducts general and voluntary testing as well as training programmes for counselors, community home-based caregivers, counselling skills, outreach education and other tailor made courses.

Head Office 29 Joseph Mwila Road, Rhodes Park P.O Box 37559 Lusaka, Zambia Tel: +260 1 229847/222776 Fax: +260 1 229848 Email: Thorn Park Training & Counselling Resource Centre Bukavu Road, Thorn Park Lusaka, Zambia KARA Training Centre Tel: +260-1-237919 / 239795 Email: Website Address:


ZAMBIA Geographical coverage: Zambia Physical and Postal Address: The Salvation Army, Chikankata Mission Hospital Mazabuka Private Bag S-2 Mazabuka, Zambia

Contacts: Catherine H. Shapwaya: administration@chikankata. Patrick Hachintu:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +260 213 235208 Fax: +260 1 222060 Email Address: Website Address:

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The Salvation Army, Chikankata Mission Hospital trains various cadres of health workers from all over the world.



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established by a small group of professionals who felt the need to have a place where the systemic approach could be explored, practiced and developed for the Zimbabwean context. The aim of this to introduce new and readily applicable concepts to the helping professions to bridge the gap between counselling services offered by the overstretched social welfare and private psychologists.


Geographical coverage: Zimbabwe; East and southern Africa

Director: Dennis Mudede

Physical and Postal Address Street Stand 18149 Ganges Road, Belvedere Harare, Zimbabwe P .O. Box 6298 Harare, Zimbabwe

Contacts: Clara Makosa: Ennet Matanda: CONNECT (Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy) is a registered welfare organisation established to practice and develop the systemic approach to counselling in a Zimbabwean context. CONNECT was

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +263 4 741726; 741719; 741794; 2932423 Telefax: +263 4 741719; 741794 Email addresses: Website Address:




Geographical Coverage: Greater part of Zimbabwe, Eastern and Southern Africa

Director: Jephias Mundondo

Physical and Postal Address: 12 Robert Mugabe Way, Mutare, Zimbabwe Box 970, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Contact: Vhumani Magezi:

Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +263 20 66015; 63673; 67493 Fax: +263 20 65281 Email Address:; Website Address:


Southern Africa | Zimbabwe

Family Aids Caring Trust (FACT) is a national HIV and AIDS service and development NGO based in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Christian based and established in 1987, FACT is the first HIV and AIDS service organisation. It provides HIV and AIDS prevention; Care and Support interventions to communities through partnering with communities and other players in the Public Health Sector. FACT also implements sustainable development initiatives to improve people’s livelihoods.


Southern Africa | Zimbabwe

GENITOURINARY CENTRE Executive Director: Dr. Stanley Mungofa; Contact: Dr. Stanley Mungofa: Geographical coverage: Zimbabwe



Vice Chancellor: Dr. Primose Kurasha Pro Vice Chancellor Corporate Planning and Business Development: Professor Gabriel Kabanda: Contact: Ms. Esther Gandari: Phillipa Mutswanga: Webster Chihamakwe: websterchihamakwe@yahoo. The Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) offers Open and Distance Learning courses. ZOU’s mission is to empower people through lifelong learning thereby enabling them to realise their full potential in an affordable and flexible manner while executing

Geographical coverage: Zimbabwe Physical and Postal Address Zimbabwe Open University CNr 1st Street and Jaison Moyo Street, Stanley House 7th Floor P.O. Box MP 1119, Mt Pleasant Harare, Zimbabwe Phone and Fax Number: Tel: +263 04 793002/8/9 Fax: + 263 04 251873 Email addresses: esther; Website Address:


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their endeavours. In order to sufficiently cater for students throughout Zimbabwe, ZOU has a highly decentralised structure with 10 Regional Centres in all the provinces plus the 11th virtual Regional Centre to take care of e-learning students and international students. ZOU has graduated nearly 21 000 students in the last six years and our graduates are found in every sector of the economy.


Southern Africa | Zimbabwe



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For More Information Contact: The Executive Director, Regional AIDS Training Network The Navigators Building, 3rd Floor, Kindaruma Rd, Off Ngong Road P.O. Box 16035, 00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya Wireless: Tel: 254-020-2635929, 254-020-2635938 Mobile (Office): +254-734 999975, 724 255849 Fax: 254-20-3872270 Email:

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