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Carluke and Lanark VISION It’s hard to believe that this is now the fourth issue of the VISION. This month we are delighted to have a contribution from our local MSP Aileen Campbell, stressing the need to support business in our local community. Time is racing by and it’s only six weeks to Christmas. Before it gets

too late to book why not check out your head trying to think of the our guide to Christmas Wine and ideal Christmas gift then take a Dine on the middle pages. look at the gift section. There are some alternatives to the usual It would be a good idea to have a socks, slippers and choclates, but look at the Christmas melt down every bit as special. article which will strike a chord with many of us. Next Month’s Christmas issue will be delivered early, week starting 10th December. This month if you are scratcing

This Month We Feature...



The Story of St Andrew. The legend and the history

Shop local, buy local. An article by the MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell

10 - 11 Puzzles, Clubs and Events. If you are going to see one movie this month make sure it’s the Clint Eastwood one.



Christmas Melt Down Top 20 reasons why Christmas may cause some arguments that we should try to avoid

Community fight for local pathway “Jacob’s Ladder”

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We have inside, free cake at Harley’s Bistro and Coffee House with the voucher, win 20% off your Christmas day meal with Cafe Shabab see back page. Pink Turban is offering two lucky readers a free meal when picked at random - check out page 3. The lucky winner of the holiday to Turkey will be announced in the December issue.

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St Andrew was born in Bethsaida in Galilee. He became a fisherman like his father and his brother Simon Peter. He spoke Aramaic and was brought up as a Jew. The Bible names Andrew as one of first of the 12 disciples of Jesus. In the New Testament story of the feeding of the five thousand, it was Andrew who introduced the boy with five loaves and two small fishes to Jesus. Andrew spread the word, travelling north to Scythia, the southern steppes of Russia. He was martyred in Patras in Greece, on the orders of a Roman governor during the reign of the Emperor Nero. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross on 30 November, 60 AD.

Legend tells that Emperor Constantine the Great, planned to take St Andrew’s bones from Patras to Constantinople. A monk named Regulus was warned by an angel of the Emperor’s plan. In a dream the angel told Regulus to hide an arm bone, a tooth, a part of one knee and some fingers of St Andrew. 4

The monk did as the angel said and the Emperor took the rest of St Andrew’s bones. Again the angel appeared and told the monk Regulus to sail north to the ends of the earth. There, his boat would be wrecked but Regulus would find a safe haven. Regulus and a group of holy men were at sea for many months. They sailed further and further north until their boat struck rocks off the coast of Fife. The monk stepped out onto the shore of Pictland at a place called Muckross or Kilryment, bearing the relics of St Andrew. The monk and the holy men were given land to build a church by a Pictish king. In time the monk’s wooden church was replaced by a stone church. Today, among the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral stands St Rule’s Tower, named after the monk Regulus or Rule. Legend tells that in 832 AD the Pictish King Aengus and his men faced the Northumbrian war leader Athelstan and an overwhelming force of Angles. The night before they met on the battlefield, King Aengus prayed to God, the Virgin Mary and all the saints. Aengus vowed to give one tenth of his kingdom to the church if God would grant him victory. In the dead of night St Andrew appeared to King Aengus and promised that the Picts would win the battle. As the dawn mist rose and King Aengus and his men faced Athelstan, an angel appeared and a vision of a white cross filled the blue sky. When the Picts saw the St Andrew’s cross they charged the

Angles, cutting them down and killing their leader Athelstan. King Aengus honoured his vow, giving land to the church, dedicated to St Andrew. In the centuries that followed the town of St Andrews grew and flourished, and the white Saltire cross on a blue background became Scotland’s national flag.

By the 13th century St Andrew was regarded as Scotland’s patron saint. At the start of the 16th century the earliest Saltire flag had a white cross on a red background. By the middle of the century, when the legend of King Aengus and the white St Andrew’s cross at the battle of Athelstaneford was well established, Saltire flags with a white or silver cross on a blue background began to appear.

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Shop Local, Buy Local We are fast approaching Christmas, and like most people I’ve tried to put the thought of Christmas shopping to the back of my mind. But as the weeks pass by I know I can’t put it off for much longer!

hard to attract our business, offer an excellent service and value for money. These businesses also help to create the unique character of our towns and villages - something I’m sure none of us want to lose.

Our shopping habits have changed dramatically over the years as we increasingly use supermarkets and the internet to meet our daily needs. Though they offer convenient ways to shop, I believe it is vitally important we continue to support our local businesses and high streets. This should not be done out of some form of obligation, but because we have excellent independent shops, who work

Throughout my time as MSP for Clydesdale, I have witnessed first-hand the real effort and enthusiasm by our local businesses to attract us to shop locally more often. We have organisations such as Carluke Development Trust who has undertaken fantastic work to improve its town centre, and it was pleasing to be able to attend the first meeting of the re-formed Lanark Business Group who will be


taking forward new initiatives to promote the Royal Burgh’s High Street This year I intend to make the most of what we have on our doorstep and ensure the presents I buy include the best of what Clydesdale has to offer. I hope you will join me in supporting Clydesdale businesses not just for Christmas but all year round. Aileen Campbell MSP for Clydesdale

Please mention “Carluke and Lanark VISION” when responding to advertisements


Please mention “Carluke and Lanark VISION� when responding to advertisements

Looking For Beautiful Furniture and Accessories then head to ... look no further than our quality beds with mattresses to suit all requirements.

Entertaining this Christmas? Need a new sofa, dining table or even furniture for the guest bedroom then now is the time to visit Pinetime in Wishaw. There you will find beautiful hand picked furniture ranges from contemporary manufactures and designers. Featuring handmade furniture and distressed furniture, perfect for the shabby chic look If all the family are coming for dinner then Pinetime has a fantastic range of rustic dining tables which will add warmth and charm to your home. If you like to “walk on the wild side”, then animal prints will add an exotic touch to any home. A chair


covered in animal print will make a bold statement. Providing style, design and comfort.

If your are looking for a new mirror whether it’s large or small, over-mantle or full length, traditional, Rococo style, ornate or shabby chic then Pinetime can When it’s cold outside you want to be cozy help. Discover Pinetime’s “hall of mirrors” inside. Who can resist snuggling up under showcasing an a comforting throw while you watch amazing range of Christmas TV? Check out the new range of choice. beautiful stylish throws in store. Set the mood with lighting. After all the festivities for the day are over sit back and relax with mood enhancing soft lights getting you ready for peace quiet and a good movie on the TV. If your guests are staying over then

Pinetime also stock a full range of accessories perfect for those vital finishing touches.


Pinetime Interiors at 102-104 Stewarton St Wishaw ML2 8AG.

Tel: 01698 360 980

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Please mention “Carluke and Lanark VISION� when responding to advertisements

Christmas PartyWine And Dine


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Please mention “Carluke and Lanark VISION” when responding to advertisements

Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) has been one of the best scouts in baseball for decades, but, despite his efforts to hide it, age is starting to catch up with him. Nevertheless, Gus—who can tell a pitch just by the crack of the bat—refuses to be benched for what could be the final innings of his career.



He may not have a choice. The front office of the Atlanta Braves is starting to question his judgment, especially with the country's hottest batting phenomon on deck for the draft. The one person who might be able to help is also the one person Gus would never ask: his daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams), an associate at a high-powered Atlanta law firm whose drive and ambition has put her on the fast track to becoming partner. Mickey has never been close to her father, who was ill-equipped to be a single parent after the death of his wife. Even now, in the rare moments they share, he is too easily distracted by what Mickey assumes is his first love: the game.


Against her better judgment, and over Gus's objections, Mickey joins him on his latest scouting trip to North Carolina, jeopardizing her own career to save his. Forced to spend time together for the first time in years, each makes new discoveries—revealing long-held truths about their past and present that could change their future. Directed By: Robert Lorenz Starring: AmyAdams, Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake Releasing in UK cinemas Friday 30th November 2012 Age Rating: 12A Runtime: 111 mins

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Clydesdale Colts Youth Cycling Club

01555 895 616

Allanton Miners Welfare Social Club


01501 821811

Allanton Rd, Shotts ML7 5AX

Universal Connections

01555 666091

13 St Vincent Place Lanark ML11 7LA

Lanark Guide Association

01555 663756

Jerviswood Rd, Lanark ML11 7PB 11

Festive Family Fun Saturday 24th November Enjoy a festive day out with childrens indoor crafts and activities Falls of Clyde visitor centre

Lanark Open Night Friday 30th November Various shops staying open late on this night to help facilitate the rush for Christmas.


135 Carnwath Rd, Carluke ML8 4EA


01555 772116

John Cumming Stadium




Christmas Lights Switch on in Carluke 4 Vere Rd Blackwood Kirkmuirhill Lanark ML11 9RS Friday 23rd November Rankin Gate Carluke Real Radio will host the annual Christmas Lights Coal Miners Welfare Bowling Club Switch On. There will be giveaways, competitions 01555 820676 and a plethora of entertainment including the 42 Coalburn Rd, Coalburn, Lanark ML11 0LH fantastic “Step into Christmas” tribute show. Santa will be switching on the lights at 6pm. Carluke Rovers F.C. 4pm - 6pm

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Please mention “Carluke and Lanark VISION� when responding to advertisements

CHRISTMAS MELT DOWN January is a time when there is a significant increase in the number of people thinking about divorce and separation. But it needn’t get that far. The stress of the Christmas period can cause couples to forget all the positive aspects of their relationship. Christmas is a day many look forward By getting some perspective and to all year round - but it is often only taking time out for each other, people when you get into December that you can then see whether it was the time remember how stressful the festive of year which led to difficulties or if the season can be. relationship was already under strain for The combination of spending money other, more significant reasons.’ you don’t really have and hanging out Money tends to be at the root of the with the in-laws can prove to be a real most arguments during December. relationship buster. Having to visit the in-laws over the Christmas period came second in the The poll of 3,000 Brits was taken recently reasons for arguments, followed by and reveals more arguments happen someone not doing enough to help out during the festive month than at any around the house. other time of the year. Having to cook and prepare for guests The average couple will have four rows a and visiting friends and family completed day during December - a total of 124 over the top five. the month. Money worries, problems over family Other common triggers for December logistics and workloads are the main rows included drinking too much at sources of confrontation. Christmas parties, spending too much money on gifts for the children and Other top concerns include how much to even such simple matters as domestic spend on each other and on the children, arrangements in the home. and a lack of time and attention for each Twelve per cent of unfortunate couples other. admit they argue all the time over Twenty per cent have already considered Christmas. splitting up with their other half in the Almost one in five even said they were month of December, while a further one dreading this December because they in 20 doubt their relationship will survive were anticipating the rows they will have until the New Year. with their partner. If a relationship is already suffering due to For some, the arguments have proven poor communication or lack of time for too much with 23 per cent of people each other, this will be heightened during considering, or going through with, a a month when we are busy focusing separation during December in previous our attentions on keeping other people years. happy, such as extended family and But while 39 per cent put this down to friends. the amount of arguments, 16 per cent admitted the separation was simply to

Solution Corner


avoid buying them a Christmas gift. A third even claimed they like to be single over the festive period. The quest for a perfect Christmas and keeping everyone happy can often result in couples neglecting each other or just bad communication. By keeping a sense of perspective and being willing to compromise, your relationship needn’t be a casualty of the season. Even something as simple as having planned some time for just the two of you once all the entertaining is over can support your relationship over the Christmas period. But if the issues are still there in the New Year, get specialist legal advice and consult a relationship counsellor before making any long-term decisions. By working on the issues between you, the relationship stands the best possible chance of being saved before any steps are taken to separate or divorce.’

20 Top Triggers For A Christmas Argument

1. Not having enough money 2. Visiting the in-laws 3. Not doing enough to help out 4. Cooking and preparing for guests 5. Visiting friends and family 6. Deciding what food to buy 7. How much money to spend on the kids 8. Spending too much money on each other 9. How high the heating should be turned up 10. Endless washing because nothing will dry 11. Taking too long to get ready 12. Not giving each other enough attention 13. Drinking too much at a social event with friends 14. One of us feeling fat or unattractive 15. Not having sex because one of us is tired 16. Deciding who has to drive 17. One of us saying something inappropriate in front of guests 18. Drinking too much at the office party 19. The fact the house is constantly full of visitors 20. Seeing each other less due to work and social events


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COMMUNITY BID TO RE-OPEN OVERTOWN ‘JACOB’S LADDER’ ROUTE An Overtown community group (1) are leading the charge to re-open a much loved stepped footpath, called Jacob’s Ladder, which was constructed by miners to link the workers from the community of Overtown with the local pithead below Law. It was also used by families from across Motherwell and Wishaw as a day trip. The (apparently) 365 steps, currently closed due to erosion, lead from Overtown across the Garrion Burn to the Clyde Walkway and Mauldslie woods, part of the Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve. The bid to re-open the historical route is supported by the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership (2), who, along with the Central Scotland Forest Trust, North Lanarkshire Council and South Lanarkshire Council has been carrying out investigation work to see how the steps can be repaired. Gwen Syme from Overtown and Waterloo Community Council, said, “Jacob’s Ladder“ is part of our community’s heritage and has been closed for far too long. But now there is a chance to put that right and


make sure people can access the great countryside and history on our doorstep again.” Overtown and Waterloo Community Council are inviting local people and groups to an event in the Overtown Community Hall on Saturday 17th November to hear about the investigation work, have their say and get involved in the project to re-open the footpath. Doors open at 1030am with a presentation at 11am, followed by informal workshops on heritage, funding and practical conservation. Refreshments are provided. Kirsten Robb of the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership added, “When we started asking local people for project ideas, bringing back Jacob’s Ladder was top of the list. The route is remembered affectionately by many locals and we’ve been delighted with the continued

enthusiasm of Overtown folk to push this forward. We hope people will come out on the 17th November to find out more and get involved.” Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership aims to Conserve and restore the natural and built heritage Strengthen the connection between land and people Improve access and opportunities for learning Provide training in heritage and rural skills This magazine is delivered the week commencing 19th of November. The local group meeting therefore has been held two days before the magazine starts being delivered. However we thought it important to post the story to publicise and bring it to the attention of the local community.

1. Overtown and Waterloo Community Council 2. Facebook: Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership Twitter: @ClydeAvonValley

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