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Beky Glacier's Relentless Reaffirms Reggae Relevance

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Beky Glacier Press Release on Beky Glacier concert and album release Online PR News – 15-March-2011– PRESS RELEASE Beky Glacier’s Relentless Reaffirms Reggae Relevance New York, March 15, 2011: Despite reports that arguably indicate a decline in the marketability of Reggae in terms of promotions, concerts, and sales in recent times, the hypnotic waistline roll and thumping rhythms of the islands is omnipresent. The resurgence of Reggae in its variant forms can be seen, felt and heard as an uncharacteristic rebirth fused in local genres around the globe. The American pop assemblage of the West meets the Caribbean includes the platinum selling and rousingly edgy sex pistol Rihanna, who has masterfully enchanted a cult following. Those who remember dancehall’s brazen entrance with the flamboyant and gravel-voiced Shabba Ranks and the sanitized and affable appeal of Mr. Lover Lover-Shaggy can now rest assured that the dancehall mantle will be picked up with the auspiciously crafted RELENTLESS album by Beky Glacier. The veritable sing-jay artist has covered the traditional elements of a reggae album appeasing to the culturally conscious with Why Heathen Reign and Poor People anthems. The RELENTLESS album produced and released by Phyah Proof has incredible range and reach for those seeking something fresh and new for their playlists. None of the distractions that delineate from reggae’s euphoric mood altering qualities will be found here as the music continues to be a mission and not a competition. Everyone under the sun should be thoroughly entertained and can get together and feel all right once again with tracks like Burn it

Up and Good Night . The veritable Glache expounds on the message of violence both locally and around the world in a riveting social commentary called Murderous Times accompanied by a video dismissing the use of guns as more of an end than to a means is poignantly received. Beky Glacier, born Karim Beckett is from the inner rural garrison of Rockfort on the reggae island where he honed in on his sing-jay style from the familial venues of church, the afro-centric niyabinghi styling of Count Ossie in communal settings, to the irreverent and saucy dancehall venues from New York back to Kingston. Beky Glaciers’ artistic expressions have been craftily ensconced in the reggae fused hiphop/rnb instrumentals in a resounding and relevant way that engages the masses. RELENTLESS is currently burning up the charts on with nearly 20,000 spins in just a little over a month. Beky Glacier is slated to perform at the South Florida Music Awards on March 20, 2011 at the Hollywood Central performance arts center starting at 7pm. Be sure to follow reggae’s newest rising star on Facebook and on the PhyahProof tumblr. The vibes of the RELENTLESS Album is widely available on iTunes, Amazon and Reverbnation and can easily be requested on Internet radio.

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Beky Glacier's Relentless Reaffirms Reggae Relevance  

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