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Do Women and Men Invest Differently? Several years ago, a book titled Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was quite popular. As the title suggests, the book argues that men and women are vastly different from each other, particularly in their emotional needs and in the way they communicate. While not everyone agrees with the notion that men and women might as well be from different planets, most of us would probably concur that the two genders frequently behave differently — and this divergence in behavior may also show up in the way that we invest. In fact, various studies and anecdotal evidence suggests these differences in the way that men and women invest: • Men tend to trade more often than women. Men seem to buy and sell investments more frequently than women. This difference could result in an advantage for women investors. For one thing, if women do trade less, they may incur fewer commission charges, fees and other expenses, all of which can eat into investment returns. Also, by holding investments longer, women may be able to take better advantage of market rallies. During the 2008-2009 financial crisis, for example, men were more likely than women to sell shares of stock at market lows, which led to bigger losses among male traders — and fewer gains when some of the stock values began to rise again — according to a study by Vanguard, a mutual fund company.

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Shanna Tingom Financial Advisor

• Men tend to invest more aggressively than women. Perhaps not surprisingly, men seem to be more willing to take risks with their investments. This trait can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, risk is associated with reward, so the more aggressive the investment, the greater the potential for growth. On the negative side, taking too much risk pretty much speaks for itself. Ideally, all investors — men and women — should stick with investments that fit their individual risk tolerance.

Women are more likely to look at the “big picture.” Although both men and women investors want information, women seem to take a more “holistic” approach — that is, instead of focusing strictly on performance statistics, they tend to delve deeper into their investments’ background, competitive environment and other factors. This quest for additional knowledge may help explain why all-female investment clubs have achieved greater returns than all-male clubs, according to a study by the National Association of Investors Corp., which represents thousands of investment clubs across the country.

Neither men nor women have a monopoly on positive investment behaviors; each gender can probably learn something from the other. Ultimately, of course, it’s your decision-making, not your x- or y-chromosomes, that will determine your ability to make progress toward your long-term goals — so educate yourself about your choices, and get the help you need from a financial professional, as you invest through the years.

• Men may be more optimistic about the financial markets. Some studies show that men are more optimistic about key economic indicators and future stock market performance. Optimism can be a valuable asset when it comes to investing; if you have confidence in the future, you’re more likely to invest for it, and to continue investing. On the other hand, false optimism may lead to overconfidence, which can have negative results for investors.

Shanna Tingom Financial Advisor Phone (480) 813-2577 email: Facebook page:

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Are you struggling with weight Lost? Loosing weight has always been a struggle. Many times you just feel like just feel like giving up. Don’t worry you are not the only one. Take the time to do research on products and companies to find the best match for you. Remember all is not lost. There is help out there. However, here is a great option...

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4 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid Anyone who’s gone through a divorce can tell you that the process is emotionally draining and mentally exhausting. Yet it is in the midst of this process that you will be expected to go through your finances with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that your settlement agreement is fair and equitable. Easier said than done! Here are a few of the most common money mistakes made when getting divorced.

1.Underestimating post-divorce expenses.

You will be asked to do a financial affidavit that reflects your

expenses AFTER the divorce. This information will be used to determine if alimony is necessary or not. If you underestimate your expenses by $200 per month, that’s $2400 per year. Where are you going to get that extra money? If you’re the primary breadwinner and you could end up agreeing to pay alimony that you ultimately can’t afford. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) will help you scrub your affidavit for errors and make sure that you don’t leave anything out.

2. Believing that your attorney will handle everything.

Your attorney is an expert in the law, not finances.

You wouldn’t ask your doctor for advice about your car so why would you expect your attorney to be an expert in finances? He will ask you to fill out your financial affidavit and take your word for it that it is correct. A good attorney will glance over it looking for any glaring errors but that’s about it. The most commonly misvalued asset is a pension. I often see attorneys accept a present value statement from a pension as the correct value to include as marital property. It’s not. Not by a long shot. A CDFA™ can value it properly and make sure that tax ramifications are considered as well.

3. Letting attorneys do the talking for you.

The more you and your spouse can work out by just communi-

cating, the more money you’ll save. If you have your attorney relay information to the other spouse’s attorney, you’re racking up bills upwards of $600 an hour because you refuse to talk. Does this really make any sense to anyone? Get over any anger and talk about what will work.

4. Letting your emotions make your decisions.

So many people going through divorce just want to “get it

over with” and will often agree to settlements just to be done. This kind of thinking is why divorce so often leads to bankruptcy! A 50/50 split of assets is almost NEVER a truly equitable settlement. You only have one chance to get it right! Take your time, make sure you thoroughly understand what your future will look like after your divorce, and be sure to hire the right experts to help you.

Nancy Hetrick, CDFA™, AWMA® Divorce Financial Strategies LLC 11811 N Tatum Blvd, Suite 3031

Mobile: (602)349-0164 Fax: (623)251-6418

Phoenix, AZ 85028

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Contents Features Mrs. Brenda Bridges

“Mompreneur� Cover Story...

The Inside Scoop! Video Blogs Hosted by MS. Brittany Ann Parrish

Retail shopping without the guilt..

Consigning Women

Summer Trends For 2013

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Coming Soon to the West Valley

Have you ever wanted to meet the “right” person?

The first thing that

comes to mind is “ I don’t know where to go to find the “right” person. Well guess what your in luck!

Phoenix Ultimate Woman is going to be hosting a series of Speed Dating opportunities in the West Valley. We cater to ages 40 and above. We cater to people who want others with high standards. We meet in a warm and friendly environment to take a “ first look” at a potential new relationship, (Friendship, dating, or long term relationship with the possibility of marriage)

Our Philosophy…. To bring people together to establish contact and open up interest where they are comfortable in a relaxed, up-scale atmosphere. Many individuals are have busy and demanding schedules. With First look speed dating you have an opportunity to meet people without a commitment or the expense.

For more information visit

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Networking: The Power of Connection Being an entrepreneur can be tremendously rewarding, but it can be incredibly stressful too! One way to both reduce stress and increase the reward is by growing a vibrant, supportive personal network. Just how important is networking to the longterm success of your business? As both the owner of a successful business (, and the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork in Phoenix, I can tell you that it is essential! Don’t just take my word for it; a recent study found that as much as 75 percent of all business is created through networking! The term “networking” is used, and misused, a lot. First, and most importantly, networking is NOT about selling. And, it’s not about passing out as many business cards as you can, either. Instead, to be successful, think of networking as an opportunity to develop key relationships and create powerful partnerships. It involves both learning about others and helping others learn about you. The success of your network is not measured by the number of business cards you collect. Instead, it is measured by the number of quality connections you establish. You may be surprised at the connections you can make at just one event. Often, when she speaks to groups, Sandra Yancey, the founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the premier networking organization for women (and smart men) entrepreneurs, tells people that, “Everyone you need to grow a thriving business is in this room, right now. You just don’t know them all yet.”

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You have probably heard it before, but it bears repeating: People like to do business with those they know, like and trust. People have to know you before they can trust you, and that’s what quality networking provides – the perfect forum to learn about others and begin to build trust. Here are three key steps for growing your network: #1: Think of every event that you attend as a networking opportunity. You never know who you will meet and how you might be able to support each other. Engage in meaningful conversations, actively looking for ways to help and connect others. This may be simply introducing them to someone you know, offering advice in your area of expertise, or identifying ways that you both might benefit from collaborating. Some of my best connections have come when I least expected them, so keep your eyes and ears open. #2: Have a plan. Before each event, think about what you want to achieve, and then approach that event with your personal goals in mind. Have an idea of who you want to meet, know what value you and your business offers to others, and be able to clearly articulate what you need in the next 30 days to grow your business.

#3: Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Many people who attend networking events, never reach out after the event to the contacts they’ve made. Remember, it’s not about how many business cards you collect. It’s about beginning the process of establishing trust, and that usually takes more than one brief encounter. Making follow up phone calls, sending promised information, or just checking in is a great start. Offering additional information that wasn’t specifically mentioned is another great way to help build a new relationship. I often send people articles or ideas that I think might be of interest to them. First, I genuinely want to help them, and second, it reminds them that I am thinking of them and the success of their business. Follow these three steps and watch your network grow in both size and quality. Remember, focus on quality first. A small, quality network is much more valuable than a larger, lower quality network. Learn more about

eWomenNetwork at: Contact Johnell McCauley, the Phoenix Managing Director for eWomenNetwork at:

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? That is such a fascinating question, as so much of our world or our limitations and doubts are based on fears. Fear can stop us in our track, fear that can seem so real that it immobilizes us from taking actions that we actually want to take. In my own life I have wanted to paint for a couple of years now, but the fear of ruining the painting with the first brush stroke onto the canvas sacred me so gratefully that I never allowed myself to even pick up a paint brush. I recently took a class and found myself sitting there thinking well, here goes nothing. And as soon as I got into that space of saying yes, it all fell into place. Almost miraculously you are able to make out what the image is. My fear is that it would look more like a finger painting and although those are precious it was not the image I had in mind for my ideal painting. With a little work I was able to create my first “masterpiece” it may not be perfect, it will never sell for millions like a Van Gough or PIcasso might but it is worth far more to me. As I look at it, it brings me great joy and it reminds me to just do it! What is the worst thing that could happen? Well, in painting I learned the worst thing that could happen is that I make a mistake and can simply paint over it. With a canvas you can paint white and then paint over it again. And viola it is a clean canvas…. who knew? Well, artists knew, but I had no idea. I was so afraid I would break it that it kept me for 2 years from even starting. Isn’t that also true in life, if we make a mistake or do not like the direction we are moving in we can simply start over. When we look at things from this perspective we are able to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. This same insight can give us the incentive to make changes when we feel it is time to do so. Looking back I had to ask…. what stopped me from doing something so creative so wonderful? Duh? It is was me! It was my own internal fear of failure of not being good enough that seemed larger than the desire to do what I wanted to do. Today, I invite you to explore what would you do if you knew that you could not fail? The truth is you cannot fail, by simply taking inspired action you have already succeeded. You are here to do amazing things! What masterpiece are you here to create? With Love & Gratitude, Elizabeth, The Gratitude Girl, Author, Speaker, & Coach June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

What’s a Mompreneur?

As Wikipedia de-

fines it, “Mompreneur is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.” This definition is very cut and dry and to the point, which to be a successful Mompreneur is actually part of how you would have to be to manage this role. We are happy to feature in this edition an up and coming Mompreneur that is doing big things and has a tremendous future ahead of her, Brenda Bridges, standout mom and entrepreneur.

Brenda shares with us how she became a mom and what she is involved with today. Originally she was born and raised in Hawaii, but let’s skip ahead a few years past those teen years to just seven years ago. Brenda shares this was an instrumental part of her life in that this is when she meant her husband, Jeremy Bridges (a current 10 year NFL vet). Her love story is unique and precious in that she met Jeremy and started with a long distance relationship from coast to coast. Jeremy was in North Carolina while she was in Las Vegas. They got to know each other via a phone courtship which developed to a loving relationship of marriage in July 2008. What she loves is that she got to know Jeremy’s soul and that’s what she fell in love with. Brenda has four children (Joseph – age 17, James age 14, Anaia - age 9, Sparrow - age 1), an adopted daughter (a young lady, Celina that she adopted when she was 25 whom is now 22 with a child of her own), and another daughter by marriage (Daija - age 9, Jeremy's daughter from a precious relationship), so this is her large happy family.

As a mother and a business person, she stays very busy with day to day life. Brenda is the owner of Bridges Credit Solutions, the founder of BBridgee (a woman’s flip flop) and the President of "Bridging the Gap" her husband’s foundation. With the foundation they reach out to those less fortunate and create a bridge for them to enjoy things they may not otherwise be privileged to do or provide, needs that are not met due to hardship, children in foster homes, loss of jobs etc. She enjoys what she is doing and loves working with children and mentoring them, giving them someone they can look up to and motivating them to be better. She understands she cannot take away the rain in their yesterday but what she CAN bring is the sun into their tomorrow.

Brenda’s life journey of being mom included some challenges. Brenda and Jeremy both have children from previous relationships and tried for 2 years to conceive a child of their own through invitro-fertilization of which both times being unsuccessful. Her journey includes previously being in an abusive relationship that nearly took her life. As a result of a malicious car accident by her ex, she was left paralyzed for 6 months, shattered pelvis, broken femur, broken clavicle and worst of all the ability to no longer have children (so the doctors said/thought). Brenda and Jeremy continued to try and although doctors said it wasn't possible because of her previous injuries, miracles still do happen.

With fertility acupuncture, they defeated the odds and got pregnant only to suffer a miscarriage 5 weeks later. Devastated they didn't lose hope and knew God would bless them. They prayed and waited. 2 months later Brenda was pregnant again. They continued to pray and although they dealt with 3 trips to the hospital, a rip in her placenta they continued to defy the odds! In February of 2012 she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Sparrow. Brenda is busy to the highest degrees and does a lot as an NFL wife too. Besides supporting her husband coaching youth football teams, her work with the foundation, writing the biography of her life "For the Love of My Son", her normal mommy duties to her children and the constant battle to remain healthy and sane (her proverbial sigh is visible) she is taking the bull by the horns and is ALL IN! :-) as a

MOMPRENEUR!! She also shares the accomplishments of her children which she is proud of as well. Her oldest son and his high school basketball team won the state championship last year. Her youngest son is running on the heels of his dad and breaking records in yards in football and her daughter Anaia has been selected to represent her acting agency here in Scottsdale in a national championship in New York in July 2013. Anaia has also been recently cast in a movie scheduled to start filming in November 2013 called “Secrets�.

Brenda has been through so much and continues to go through this thing called life. She is staying positive and grateful that God has chosen her for this journey. She looks to inspire and to motivate. She truly has a testimony and knows some of us are put on earth to be vessels that carry his message. She wants her story to be a lesson. Even if she can only help one person to know that things get better, she is willing to be that voice. She loves all her roles: a mother to 4 children, a wife to 1 husband, being an inspiration to many, including her.

Brenda will continue to wear ALL the hats God allows. This is Brenda’s vision, her journey and this is her life.

“From the Golf Course to the Dance Floor and a Little Bit of Cowgirl In Between" SHOP LOCAL, SHOP OFTEN AND REMEMBER-"FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS BUY RETAIL!" June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

From Concept to reality, Your idea or mine, Let us create that special outfit just for you!

Dress Designer : Kathleen Tinkler Mrs. Tinkler's Evening Wear

Model: So-Fen Chang

jewelry: Barbara Kehm

Location: The Phoenician Resort Event: IFDA Tableau Cinq "Moulin Rouge" 2012 MUA: Denise Martinez Photographer: Kristi Nelson Church June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Kathleen Tinkler’s 2013 wedding gown collection is nothing short of spectacular. She specializes in high-hand sewing, a form of tailoring offered by the finest European and couture shops and she leads the industry trends with the style and grace that each gown delivers. She works hand-in-hand with clients to achieve a unique look that accentuates their best features and reflects a refinement of taste. Kathleen’s designs have also been featured in bridal shows, where she’s gained a following for her unique creations.

Kathleen understands proper fit for any shaped figure and she knows that in order to feet confident, the clothing on your body should feel so glorious so that as you walk into a crowded room with your head held high you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve hit the mark in style and beauty. She strives to accomplish this with every design.

Her many talents range from design start to finish, as well as alterations of your current garments, hand-painted, embroidery, intricate beadwork, custom -made accessories. Kathleen’s recent accomplishments have put her on the map as an experienced professional with features in international fashion magazines, Vedere and Avant Garde, just to name a few.

“Captured at the portrait studio of

Kristi Church located in the art district in downtown Phoenix”.

For more information visit her website at or drop a line to her e-mail at . Written by Kristi Church of Kristi Church Media. Copyright 2013

Whether you’re headed down the aisle to get married, down the red carpet or just out to diner with someone special, Kathleen and her designs will make you feel like you’re a star. June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Dress designer Kathleen Tinkler model's Bobby McCarther Julia Magdaleno Jackie Wszalek Kimberly Terrell

Hair and make up Sesen Meskel - MUA/Hair Martha Howard - Hair Tia Love - MUA/Hair

Photographer - Cedric Jones Accessories/Jewelry - Barbara Kehm June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Dress Designer

Kathleen Tinkler Mrs. Tinkler's Evening Wear Photographer - Manuel Ayala Manuel Ayala Photographia Model - Diana Acosta Hair - Brook Scharfman & assistant Stephanie Dossett Make up - Adela Arceo Jewelry - Barbara Kehm Location - El Rancho Robles Location scout - Chione Skye June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Dress Designer Kathleen Tinkler Mrs. Tinkler's Evening Wear

Photographer - Serena Ruiz SR Photography Model - MacKenzie Price Hair and Make UpBrook Scharfman assistant Stephanie Dossett

Jewelry - Barbara Kehm http:// m/ Location - El Rancho Robleshttp:// Location scout - Chione Skye June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman Resources to enhance and inspire women of the greater Phoenix Area Kayti DeLozier Graphic Intern ant

Henry Mickens IT Consult-

Deborah Petros Editor

LaTashia Parrish Assistant

Brittany Parrish Sales and Marketing Felicia Kim Sales and Marketing Contributing Writers Eva Louis, Ann P, Elizabeth Hartigan Contributing Photographer Cedric Jones Corporate office Peoria, Arizona 85345 602-492-2405

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Summer Check List for Pest Control

we like to bring awareness to pest problems and let home owners know ways that they can effectively handle pest problems without the use of pesticides. Here are some tips from Bug-Tec Pest Control that you should consider when doing your Spring cleaning to help prevent you from having pest problems:

Make sure all debris is cleaned from under bushes and shrubbery Keep your trees and shrubbery trimmed so that they aren’t in direct contact with your home..

Use yellow light bulbs for porch lights – this keeps flying insects down, which attract other insects to your home (food chain)

Replace weather stripping around doors if needed – remember a small gap is all it takes for a scorpion to get through..

Get caulking and go around your home and fill in any cracks or holes.. Eliminate standing water such as: kid pools, birdbaths, clogged gutters, etc. Avoid leaving pet food in dishes outside overnight or for long periods of time so they don’t attract ants..

Keep yard clean of pet feces – this keeps the flies on your property down..

Call now for Pest control services Bug-Tec Pest Control 602-237-1018 June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Innovation with Style: The Phoenix Fashion 411 By Eva Louis, Film & Fashion Futures Writer Phoenix Fashion Week is not resting for one second and is ready for many new ventures in 2013. For Brian Hill, Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week, fashion is not just about the fashion, it’s also about the business of fashion and he works hard to make that evident with any new announcements. In December 2012, the Fashion Meetup hosted at Majerle's Sports Grill in Old Town Scottsdale was the last major 2012 event for this always innovating group. A major part of the event was the statement about the launch of The Fashion Hub. The Fashion Hub is being established and is estimated to be available and functioning in February of 2013. The vision and soon to be reality is best described in their own words “a Fashion Hub (shared) co-workspace focusing on the Fashion Industry.” This is fulfilling “the necessity to foster growth and collaboration” for those in the fashion industry from many perspectives but especially the proactive fashion entrepreneur. The idea here with a hub is to provide a space that enables sharing of resources, ideas, risks and successes. Think of it like the new “Fashion Think Tank,” only good things can come from this. The shared space will offer to tenants the following: - Wi-Fi Access - Cubicles (for the brands) - Plug-in & work stations (for the brands) - Conference Room (shared for meetings & workshops) - Office Space (for the brands) - Showroom (to display & present the brands to buyers) - Photography studio (10x10 room) - (for shared use, head shots, brand look books, etc.) The following types of individuals should definitely consider checking into this forum and first of a kind Fashion Hub (coining the phrase now “Fashion Think Tank”): Apparel brands, Accessory brands, Stylists, PR firms, Marketing firms, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Photographers, Models, Fashion Technology companies, and any other fashion related business. If you thought that was all the announcements there were, then think again. On the second day of the New Year 2013, another notification came out today about the SHOP GARMENT DISTRICT. What is a GARMENT DISTRICT? The typical definition revolves around one of the most famous based in NY; def.: an area in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, including portions of Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 34th and 40th Streets and the streets intersecting them, that contains many factories, showrooms, etc., related to the design, manufacture, and wholesale distribution of clothing. This SHOP GARMENT DISTRICT is officially launched by Phoenix Fashion Week utilizing the power of the internet and Facebook. They are locating it on - which offers the fans the opportunity to shop their official PHXFW LIMITED EDITION apparel and accessories. The designs will be inspired PHXFW themes and will include collaborations from their long list of designers. Since they will be LIMITED EDITIONS, fans have to be among the first to 'LIKE' the item to assure they 'win' the opportunity to purchase the PHXFW LIMITED EDITION items.

The process - HOW WILL IT WORK – is as follows: they will list the item description, along with a picture, sizes, color, quantity available, list the model, photographer, and stylist. The interested FAN must 'Like' the post and add a comment with their email address, specifying the quantity they desire, size, and color. If they 'win' the opportunity to purchase the item, one of PHXFW teammates contacts the FAN for payment details. They are promising fun and exciting offerings. With the New Year already beginning in full swing, keep a look out to find out what else is in store from Phoenix Fashion Week and Brian Hill and team!! Happy New Year!!!

Eva Louis 602-492-4843

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

The Cameo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Arizona Corporation, is the latest and most rewarding of the endeavors of Herme Sherry. Following her retirement she found she couldn’t sit still. She entered the Ms Senior Arizona Pageant and won the title in 2004. After being crowned she was asked, “What do you plan to do with your year?” Herme had lost her Mother to Alzheimer’s in 2001 and she really wanted to make her year count and her dream was to utilize her newfound exposure to help her produce a Black-Tie Charity Ball to help those who were suffering with the dreadful Alzheimer’s disease.

During Herme’s tenure as a Concierge for the Scottsdale Hilton she had met Merv Griffin who owned the Resort. So now in need of a place to hold an elegant Black-Tie Ball, she made a call to Merv. After a short conversation of purpose and need, Merv made a personal call to the Manager of the Scottsdale Hilton, and she now had a place to hold the Ball. A driven individual with unlimited energy, Herme was determined to make this happen and after many meetings and with the help of her husband Ken, Marilyn Joyce, Danny Davis, and others, the Successful Inaugural Alzheimer's "This Magic Moment" Cameo Ball was held at the Scottsdale Hilton on January 29, 2005. For the next five years, all funds from the Cameo Charity Ball were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association to help with the Programs and Services for Alzheimer’s Patients and their Families.

Herme, and her husband founded the Cameo Foundation as a charitable non-profit Arizona Corporation and received 501(c)(3) and received their tax exempt status. The original five member Board of Directors included, Herme Sherry as Executive Director, Ken Sherry as President, and Board Members; Teddie Sue Brown, Jean McCurdy, Sylvia Paterno, and Beverly Eernisse.

After extensive interviews with many charitable causes, the Board chose to direct the Foundation’s full attention toward the need to support the victims of domestic violence. The physical, emotional and verbal abuse from domestic violence destroys the fabric of our families and poses an ever escalating threat to our society. The need to help the “Victims of Domestic Violence” here in Arizona was great. The Cameo Foundation chose to dedicate their efforts to two local domestic violence shelters, SWAN Butterfly House in Glendale and New Life Center in Goodyear, additional funds are pledged to the Turnbow Foundation in Mesa who provide Educational Scholarships for disadvantaged children and families.

Herme, and her husband founded the Cameo Foundation as a charitable non-profit Arizona Corporation and received 501(c)(3) and received their tax exempt status. The original five member Board of Directors included, Herme Sherry as Executive Director, Ken Sherry as President, and Board Members; Teddie Sue Brown, Jean McCurdy, Sylvia Paterno, and Beverly Eernisse.

After extensive interviews with many charitable causes, the Board chose to direct the Foundation’s full attention toward the need to support the victims of domestic violence. The physical, emotional and verbal abuse from domestic violence destroys the fabric of our families and poses an ever escalating threat to our society. The need to help the “Victims of Domestic Violence” here in Arizona was great. The Cameo Foundation chose to dedicate their efforts to two local domestic violence shelters, SWAN Butterfly House in Glendale and New Life Center in Goodyear, additional funds are pledged to the Turnbow Foundation in Mesa who provide Educational Scholarships for disadvantaged children and families.

The Cameo Ball, the original program of the Cameo Foundation, continues to be held each year at the Scottsdale Hilton Resort. The 10th Annual Cameo Ball is scheduled for January 25, 2014. It has become an annual event for many and with the help of the Hilton’s Banquet Manager, Jesse Rangel, the Scottsdale Hilton Management, and the Messinger Band, the ball has continued to grow each year and has become known as the most “Fun Balls” in town with many looking forward to receiving their invitations each year.

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

In 2008 the Foundation introduced their entertainment group now known as the AZ INSPIRATIONS, and now produce many performances and events with the help of Danny Davis from KOY Radio AM 1230. Danny has been a major supporter of the Foundation since its inception. The AZ INSPIRATIONS is made up of very professional Singers, Dancers, Comedians and Musicians, with Board member Jean McCurdy serving as the Entertainment Director. All entertainers donate their time and talent for charity. Performances may be scheduled by calling 602-788-9556. The Foundation also produces an Annual Dancing Musical Fashion Show, now in its 4th year and will be held at Union Hills Country Club on Saturday, November 2, 2014. Fashion Show information and tickets may be obtained by calling 602-788-9556.

With the help of former Ms. Senior Arizona Queens and the elegant ladies of the Arizona Cameo Club, the Foundation takes part in many local charitable events in the community and is always ready to help other charities and needs wherever they can lend a helping hand.

In March of 2012 the Foundation became the owners and directors of the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant. For the first time in its 24 year history, the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant is now a Charity event providing funds for “Victims of Domestic Violence”. A “Silver Celebration” for the 25th Anniversary of the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant is scheduled for March 22, 2014 at the Valley Vista Performing Arts Center in Surprise. The Pageant is open to women 60 years of age or older and applications may be requested by calling 602-788-9556.

The Cameo Foundation is sponsored by Lovin’ Life After 50 Newspaper, Danny Davis and KOY Radio, Moore Graphics, Dr. Pete Mellas, Attorney Catherine Leas, and Cummins Photography who have all been sponsors for many years. 2012 brought on Bobby & Penny King and The Joseph Foundation as the Presenting Sponsor, as well as Furst Properties of Scottsdale, Paul Johnson Jewelers, Sanderson Lincoln, Nussbaum, Gillis & Dinner P.C., Freedom Wireless, Gartman Technical Services, Setterberg Jewelers, Jackie Wheeler’s Beauti Control, Easy Grammar, Freedom Inn of Scottsdale, Pat Horton’s “All About Marketing”, and Catherine Peterson at Consigning Women.

As Executive Director, Herme says it is now a “maxed-out”, “full time”, “24/7” job with many more additional events and activities being added as we work to make our impact toward helping the Victims of Domestic Violence more meaningful each year.

Our belief is by giving of our time and talent to make life better for those in need, we are achieving our goal! , Don’ forget August 4th 2013

Swinging With The Stars Proceeds to Benefit the victims of domestic violence.

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Summertime Fun! Long live the hot summers! If you are like most Permanent residents of Phoenix, AZ you don’t look forward to the hot summer in the Valley of the Sun. However, It is a great time for outdoor family activities. Water Parks, Swimming, and Traveling are among the most popular. There is nothing like trying to keep the kids entertained for the summer. So here are a few ideas.. 1. Park Time.. Arizona has many parks that offer a number of beautiful scenery. Pack up a picnic, the sunscreen, a Frisbee, and the family dog and head for a day to remember! 2. Water Day.. Yay! Cool off in your backyard or head to your favorite water park. You’re sure to wear out the kids. 3.Bike Riding.. Get up early and find the perfect bike path and roll on. Don’t forget to wear a helmet. 4. Hiking… Arizona offers some of the most prestige hiking trails. Fresh air, and exercise can be refreshing and rejuvenating. 5. Backyard fun in the Sun! Play tag football, light up the grill, swim like a fish or hook up the waterslide. Just remember to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun.. June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Summer Trends


June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Hot Tips to keep your Man Interested!

How many times have you ever wanted to keep your partner engaged with your sexual relationship? Here are some hot tips sure to help‌

Change your sex positions, find more ways through books, cards, and toys. Visit the store together. Spice things up.. Get into character. Don’t wait until Halloween to dress up. Weather you dress up as a cop, naughty school girl, or the maid be sure to wear those high heels.

Try different rooms

in the house. A change in scenery can be exciting.

Set the atmosphere. Music, candles & oil are sure to set the romantic mood. Be spontaneous..

Be spontaneous. The difference between sex and intimacy is PASSION. Find your partners sexual weakness. Touch him softly , grab his hand and move into action! June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and raising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect‌.. Adlai Stevenson

On behalf of Phoenix Ultimate Woman we would like to thank all the Women and Men that have served our country .. Past and Present. You services have been invaluable for all Americans. Please be safe , no drinking and driving. Be kind to your fellow Veterans.

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Planned Activities Water balloon fights Celebrity dunk tank A HUGE slip and slide Watermelon toss competition Seed-spitting competition Melon carving competition Culinary contests Ice cream socials Tug of war contest Rock climbing wall Antique car and engine show ...and much more!

Family Fun!


Crowned Watermelon Queen Family

Live Music! The Watermelon Festival finds its roots reaching back to 1949 in Glendale, AZ. A celebration of the agricultural achievements of Glendale melon growers, the popular summer event once drew annual crowds of up to 40,000 people who were served more than 80,000 pounds of watermelon. The 2013 Watermelon Festival revives this tradition in Glendale's Murphy Park. Maintaining much of the traditional integrity of the original events, the 2013 Watermelon Festival will highlight a crowned and Miss Arizona-qualifying Watermelon Queen along with a multitude of watermelon centric activities and games to entertain the whole family.

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Brittany Ann Parrish

Share the Spotlight! Brittany interviews women business owners and people who want to share their experiences and provide services or resources with you. We have a dedicated Youtube channel, where Brittany Ann gets valuable information that helps women with their daily lives. So look for Brittany out in the community, and be sure to check out our website and Youtube channel for the latest business videos. Follow Brittany at.. and

June/ July 2013 Phoenix Ultimate Woman

Phoenix Ultimate Woman June/ July 2013 Issue  

MOMprenuer, Fashion, Financial, Divorce Tips, Summer Trends and More.....

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