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CONTENTS SAN DIEGO BREWING MUSEUM P. 4-11 The San Diego Brewing Museum is a space where visitors interested in brewing can come learn about the culture, and methods of San Diego’s brewing culture.

FRACTURED DWELLING P. 12-15 Fractured Dwelling is a residential design to be used by fictional characters from the play by Edward Albee, titled “Zoo Story”.

CORPOREAL JAZZ P. 16-21 Coporeal Jazz is a thesis project in which rules that dictate jazz are used to create a process that leads to architectural design.

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The culture of brewing has been a cornerstone in San Diego since before prohibition in the early 1900s. After Prohibition, San Diego’s brewing market was slow to recover after prohibition. Until the late 1980s, San Diego did not have any brewing facilities. As of 2014 there are about 50 unique breweries in the San Diego area. Designing a building that embodies the culture of San Diego along with the culture of brewing allows visitors to the city to experience a conglomeration of all that this city has to offer. The museum would serve many functions, including, a brewhouse, a classroom, a tasting room, and an exhibit space. Guests can learn everything there is to brewing, while enjoying beer inside San Diego’s Balboa Park.

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The concept for the San Diego Brewing Museum was derived from the site’s immediate context. The main east-west axis that runs through the park (Prado Axis) has moments of intersection that allow visitors to travel to other areas of the park. This diagram focuses on the macro context of the park, and how a new building would adapt to the site. The main visual corridors are blocked by major structures north or south of the axis in all instances other than one, which is the location of the project. The resulting diagram was also used to develop a concept of two grids merging and utilizing the resultant forms.

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The cantilevered portion of the building is supported by large core. The brew-house grain silo is then placed within the core.

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Section B



Section C

Section D

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Interior Tasting Space








Brew-house Level Plan


Entry Level Floor Plan


Second Level Plan

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A fictional scenario in which the two characters featured in Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story” are forced to cohabitate. This begins an investigation of how character analysis can assist in development of interesting programmatic living conditions. The play ends abruptly with a clash between the two characters. Thus, the concept of a fractured space which allows for both separate programmatic elements and moments where interaction is necessary. This begs the question of how negative situations can yield positive design solutions.

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pure form

rough program


fracture invites context

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The Fractured Dwelling, utilizes the sloped hillside by placing space vertically. The two separate living quarters are located on the first and third floors. While the communal spaces can be found on the middle, entry level. Locating the communal spaces in the middle of the plan forces the two residents to interact in a confined space. This is a key component driving “The Zoo Story�.

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Corporeal Jazz is an investigation into methods in which architecture can extract data from non-visual environments, in this case jazz music, and use the data to create an architectural experience that feels and functions like jazz. The process involved learning, understanding, and mastering the rules of jazz, and incorporating the rules into a process that is free to explore many design options quickly.

Layered images were explored in order to understand sequencing and variations. Inspired by improvisational jazz.

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N Site Plan

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The building is oriented next to the world beat center, providing opportunities for musical collaboration.

Inked Concept Drawings

Entry Level Floor Plan

Ground Level Floor Plan

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Circulation study models

Final Model (MDF & Basswood)

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The entry space provides brief glimpses of activity before directing movement. Heightening anticipation.

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The concept imagery that results from using a set of images, then applying jazz sequencing and rules.

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CONTACT 10015 Rio San Diego Dr. #177 San Diego, CA, 92108 714-397-3962 LinkedIn:

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