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ICHANGE SUMMER CAMP 2014 I. Introduction. II. Job Description. III. RequirementsBenefits.

Introduction AIESEC FTU HCMC was officially established in September 2008 and became the first stable university based branch in Vietnam. We have more than 3 years of operations with 8 talented generations recruited from Foreign Trade University- the best business school in Vietnam. An award for our high determination and excellent work is “the fast growing local chapter� in 2010-2011.

About the project: It's promising to be a creative way to raise youth's awareness about world's issues, culture and most importantly: THEMSELVES. Ichange summer camp is one of the biggest multicultural camp in Viet Nam. Established in 2012, this camp aims to provide wonderful experiences for 100+ highschool students and 10+ interns from many countries all over the world.

Job description: Cooperate with organizing committee to build detailed agenda for the 5-day camp.

Cooperate with OC Marketing to promote for project, execute both online via social network and offline promotion in school or partner or social area (culture exchange, make viral clip, photoshoot, poster, banner, bandroll, ‌). Prepare needed materials for camp (presentation, traditional items, culture performances, traditional games, ‌). Be in charge of running the camp with OC members (speaker, supporters, performers,etc.). Cooperate with organizing committee and other interns to build a successful camp for customers. Suport other projects if it is needed and fill in 3 GCDP feedback surveys on time.

Requirements & benefits • • • • •

Accountability Adaptability Friendly & patience Teamwork skills Deep knowledge about culture

Benefits Key learning points • Vietnamese cultural understanding. • Diverse cultural exchange and international relationships. • International working environment. • Creative and public speaking. • Understanding about Vietnamese working style. • Event management skills. •Negotiation/teamwork/communication Free home-stay program.  Pick-up at the airport. skills.  Buddy service.  Welcome party.  Project bonding.  Farewell party.

Homestay service

Reference & Contact This summer was probably the best in my life! I never went in an Asian country and I never worked with so many international students. I learnt so much: Presentation skill, English skill, adaptation skill,etc. -Tony Mahgoub OllivryFrance

Contact Email: TN Manager Mr. Nhan Quang Nhat Linh. Phone:+84 169 2332 565. Skype: Frustrated16

Organizing Committee President Mr. Huynh Manh.

Email: Phone: +84 963 150 339. Skype: huynhmanh.ftu2

TN ID: TN-In-VN-HF-2014-495 TN-In-VN-HF-2014-496 TN-In-VN-HF-2014-497 TN-In-VN-HF-2014-498 TN-In-VN-HF-2014-499

Ichange summer camp 2014