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Language Education Adaptability

Build an effective team with cultural differences

Expected Outcome + Interns understand about cultures and lifestyles of Vietnamese people + Interns understand about cultures of the other interns and can introduce about their own cultures + Interns know some basic travelling words in Vietnamese + Some notices in communication practices in Vietnam + How to deal with cultural shock + Tips for interns from different countries to work well with each other

GUIDELINES FOR REFLECTION DAY Agenda Project updates Review Development Plan and self-evaluate => sharing Feedbacks of interns about work, service Interns set goals and clarify how to meet that goal in the next weeks

Expected Outcome _ What interns have done so far in the project _ Interns see their improvement during the time working in the project _ OC get insights to improve in Interns’ JD and service _ Interns understand about next steps

Cultural training and guideline for reflection day  
Cultural training and guideline for reflection day