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Accept all the following terms and conditions once you choose to join this program + Homestay program (HP) guarantees to provide interns with a place to stay, Internet access, bus routes to the city center and integration to Vietnamese lifestyle + HP do not guarantee to provide interns with free food. The provision of meals is optional, depending on the host. You can either have free meals with your host family or pay an amount of money for your food – an incurring fee. + Interns are obliged to pay 35 USD (homestay fee) and give it to their buddies. Buddies will be in charge of delivering the homestay fee directly to interns’ hosts. If interns take any other action (such as giving money directly to the host, etc), buddies will not be responsible for the money interns spent. Interns will have to bear such fee. + Homestay fee should be handled in within 3 weeks after the arrival date of interns at Vietnam through the above-mentioned channels. Interns are highly recommended to be active in submitting the fee, instead of being reminded by supporters. + Interns are required to adapt to their host family’s lifestyle. If there is anything unfamiliar or different from your countries’ custom and culture, you should ask your host for advice. Adapting well with host family’s activities can make your homestay period more comfortable. + If anything wrong occurs, please speak directly with your host to solve the problems first. After that, inform your supporters about the problems. + During internship, if you want to change from homestay to hostel/ a different host: We will count the days that you have lived with your current host and pay him/her based on the amount of days. + During your internship, if there are any changes or inevitable reasons which prevent your host from continuing hosting you, your buddy will find a different host. a) If you have stayed more than half of your time in Vietnam, you will pay half of the homestay fee (which is equivalent to 350,000VND) b) If you have stayed less than that period, you only have to pay for the new host. + Interns should prepare the necessary items for private and daily usage. It is possible to ask the host to help interns buy new things at the supermarket. If you violate any of the rules and recommendation mentioned above, AIESEC will not be responsible because we have stated clearly in advance. For other circumstances, your buddies will help you to deal with. Please feel free to contact and talk with your buddies.


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