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Dear ……, If the TN AN is correct, you are officially MATCHED with Name project of AIESEC FTU HCMC. Congratulations! Secondly, we want to inform you a very important notice – Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The NPS is a system to check the quality of your internship program. You will be sent 3 forms during your internship: 1/ Matched: After you've been matched 2/ Realized: After you arrive in VN 3/ Completed: After you complete your internship and return to your country. This system is aslo criteria for AIESEC Vietnam assess and rank all projects in Vietnam. The marking scheme will be assessed as follows: · 1 -> 6: Detractor - bad quality · 7 -> 8: Passive - average quality · 9 -> 10: Promoter - good quality Please take care your email inbox and fill in surveys sent to you when you see them. The title of the email you should be looking for is: AIESEC Global Community Development Programme Feedback. Thirdly, I would like to introduce you to Name – a member of our project who is your buddy from now until you finish your internship in Vietnam. If you have any concerns about visa, accommodation, flight, your job, what to prepare, please feel free to contact your buddy. I also cc her/him in this email. Here is her/his contact: • • •

Email: Facebook: Skype:

Notice: please cc me in every email you send to your buddy and always “Reply to all” Please reply to all this email as soon as you receive it. Thank you. Best regards,

Buddy Introduction email  
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