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A LETTER FROM THE CEO Family and friends have a special meaning to our sport. They are the reason most of us strapped a board on our feet or clicked into a pair of skis. Without them, many of us may have never ventured down the frozen slopes that we now adore. Take a minute to think about that, never getting on a chairlift. No feeling of accomplishment from conquering your first black diamond. The sensation of ‘air-time’ would never be known to you. No powder…need I say more? If you’ve been lucky to spend enough time at the hill for it to feel like home, you know that feeling doesn’t go away when you ride somewhere new. Something about the early mornings, the snow covered trees, the slushy park, the ‘secret’ spots…creates what I can only describe as an exhilarated state of challenging familiarity. Chances are that any and every person that reads this has given one of our sports a try, and even better odds are that their family or friends got them to give it a chance. I have one message for those who didn’t have to be coerced to ride some contraption with metal edges and waxed for speed down a snow and ice covered mountain by a trusted friend or family member - you’re nuts, and I’m so glad you’re a part of this community, never change. Community, thats really what we are, all suffering from the same love for skiing and snowboarding. Regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, orientation, profession, ethnicity, or any other demographic that divides groups of people. I want to thank my family for introducing me to the sports that fully encompass every aspect of my life today, and my friends for keeping it fun. Without either of you, I wouldn’t be a part of this community.


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2018/2019 Phunkshun Wear Catalog  

2018/2019 Phunkshun Wear Catalog