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I think cooking is very special. When you cook for someone to eat, it is a responsibility. You can make friends with strangers when talking about food and make better friends when you serve them and let them try your dishes.


hef Alfie has been in Phuket with Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa for a few months now. This Singaporean chef has strong and passionate views about Asian food. Let’s see what his inspiration is and how he’ll bring Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa to its next chapter. “I’m Alfie Jerome Mossadeg, I’m 44 years old and am now working in Phuket for the fi rst time as an Executive Chef in Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa,” he began before we continued to talk about why he

wanted to become a chef. And here is how the story goes: “When I was 8-12 years old, my parents were separated and I stayed with my dad. He had to work in the morning and came back at night. I had to help with making dinner for three of us; my sister, dad and myself. My dad would usually call my grandmother, ask her for recipe and cook it up. I always had to help.” “One day when I was 12 years old, my dad came back from work very late. The dish we prepared was

shepherd’s pie which we’d done it many times before with my father but I’d never cooked it myself, only the preparation. So that day he came back home late so I decided just to do it because my sister was crying hungrily. When my father came back he asked me ‘Why is the kitchen so clean? And where is everything?’ and I said ‘I cooked already’. Alfie’s father was surprised, asking him how come he knew how to cook. The chef replied, ‘I see you cook all the time. I thought it was very late so I helped you.” His father then asked the chef to bring the food out. “My father was a policeman. You have to understand this; he’s very strict like Gordon Ramsey.”

Food is special. It helps you �o�ge a special connection. Image Copyright Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

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