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Backg�ound o� Chantawong Suphattakalyanee Meditation Center Bhikkhuni (Buddhist nun) Orawan Maneeratanachot or Mae Chee Ning is currently a meditation instructor with the right attitude, technique and methods to inspire all interested laypeople to be able to profoundly practice meditation. Her teaching at Chantawong Suphattakalyanee Meditation Centre focuses on breathing meditation (Anapanasati). The centre welcomes all priests, and practitioners who are interested in learning the practical methods of breathing meditation. The first branch of the meditation centre has been established in Haadyai, Songkhla Province with the objective to disseminate breathing meditation (Anapanasati), discovered by our Lord Buddha, to place in Buddhists’ hearts accordingly.

We �ealize what the natural t�uth o� li�e is.

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