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uring his seven years with SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL, Khun Bird,or Sittichai Tanakorncharoen, has focused his full attention from the beginning on design, sales and marketing – even the construction – in order to reach his high standards and to provide the best service to his guests.

What was li�e like be�o�e SLEEP WITH ME? “Like many others, I started working as an ordinary offi ce guy and fi nally moved into the factory business.” These various experiences taught him to be an expert on sales, marketing, productions and even logistics.

Why the hospitality business? “One day, I was thinking about being more of a professional and decided that the hotel business was my best choice”, said Khun Bird. At the beginning he did not even see the overall picture in this business but as time passed it became clearer and clearer and he could perceive the challenge of developing this hotel.

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Setting goals and making today the best is the key

is to make today the best day possible. These two factors must complement each other in order to achieve goals in life.”

The sto�� o� SLEEP WITH ME “Five or six years back, SLEEP WITH ME was only a small 20room Serviced Apartment. After discussing with the owner and investors, we realized that Patong is one of the most potential places to develop in the hotel and tourism business. Therefore, we agreed to develop this place up to be a 258-room hotel.”

Li�e a�ter Wo�k He’s addicted to his working life, “Hanging out is my favorite hobby. Not only to relax but also to get new ideas from different restaurants and places for further improvement in the hotel.” He keeps getting new ideas whether related to the hotel or not, such as in the property business which he believes can be combined in order to develop his overall business.

How to enjoy a success�ul li�e? “Setting goals is very important. People must have targets to reach in a certain period. Another equally important thing

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