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Nowadays, Phuket Island hosts many sporting activities such as running, cycling and water sports. Read informed opinions from the Director of Tourism and Sports Phuket Office, Khun Sirawee Waloh and four sports boy and girls to get an in-depth overview of the island’s sporting scene.



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Welcome to this beautiful period of the year in Phuket! Magazine issue # 40 is very happy to present a new and useful application WESERVE which provides delivery of various products on demand and is a service provider of an E-Marketplace platform allowing producers and businesses to offer their products to customers directly (B2C). Read the interview with their customers and business partners ‘How WESERVE Impresses them.’

GM Talk

Issue # 40 also features an interesting interview with Matthias Y. Sutter – General Manager of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, Chef Jamie Raftery – an Ayurveda chef, and Isara Singto, a Phuket-born kid who flowered into a flowriding or flowboarding pro. As usual, we present our travel experience section with a trip to Phang Nga Province describing eight temples and eight shrines to visit while there. We hope it’ll help you plan an extraordinary exploration in this beautiful region. It’s well worth checking out. Best regards,’s Team

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People Focus 10 - All Aboard! An interview with pro boardrider Nei Isara Singto

City Focus 34 - Sirawee Waloh - Director of Tourism and Sports Phuket Office


Chef Talk 52 - Interview with Chef Sumol Hirunmal Executive Sous Chef of Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

GM Talk 64 - An interview with Matthias Y. Sutter General Manager of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa





Business Focus 14 - WESERVE - Present and Future

Property Guide 20 - Utopia Karon 21 - Utopia Central

Charity 30 - Mr. Montri Todtane - Founder & CEO of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Lifestyle & Travel 30 Restaurant Guide 44 - Acqua Restaurant 46 - Sway With Me Garden Restaurant & Bar 48 - Savoey Seafood

Signature Dish 54 - Filo Grill Maple Salmon Steak

8 Wats 8 Shrines 55 - Phang Nga’s 8 Shrines & 8 Temples


Social 22 - Photo Albums


Lifestyle - People Focus

All Aboard! An interview with pro boardrider

Nei Isara Singto


Lifestyle - People Focus


t the age of 14, Nei Isara Singto, a Phuket-born kid turned into a flowriding or flowboarding pro. It’s described as an extreme boardsport incorporating elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Nei came in 9th at the 2016 Flowrider Chang World Championships held in Singapore. Phuketindex had a chat with him to learn more about this fascinating sport.

What exactly is Flowboarding?

You’ll ride the ‘perfect wave’ with fl owboarding. It’s similar to surfing and snowskating. You try to balance yourself on the board and perform tricks.

How about the competition rules?

You’re given about 40 seconds to perform as many tricks as you can. If you make mistake, points are deducted and those who score the most win.

How did you know that this is your thing?

Well, thanks to my parents who have always supported me I’ve tried many things. It was about three years ago when I first tried flowboarding. My mom took me to the Surf House and it was so much fun to ride on the waves and to learn new tricks. It just felt so cool in the water and I kept on doing it until the manager of the place introduced me to the competition.

How many competitions have you been in?

I’ve been to events in Malaysia, Singapore and some in Thailand; in Phuket, Hua Hin, Bangkok and Pattaya. The one I enjoyed the most was in Bangkok last year. I was satisfied with my performance and won four times over Asia’s flowboarding champion.

What is your favourite recent trick?

The trick I like now is called the ‘impossible underflip’.

What do you think bring you success today?

My parents’ support and my efforts. I trained hard.

Do you sometimes feel like giving it up?

Yes, I do sometimes, but I have a great mentor with whom I used to learn when I was ordained at younger age. He is a monk in a forest temple in Phang Nga Province.

Do you have any suggestions for beginners?

You don’t have to have your own board when you start because the Surf House will supply it for you. Just prepare yourself for the falls and look for the fun and good times. They have trainers to coach you and I learned at the Surf House in Kata but they also have a new place in Patong. Go wherever is convenient and enjoy the ride!

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Lifestyle - People Focus

FLOWBOARDING – A TRUE 21ST CENTURY SPORT Flowboarding (aka ‘flowriding’) is a heady mixture of bodyboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and skimboarding – all together resulting in an extremely physical and challenging sport. Conceived about 20 years ago, boarders ride artificial ‘waves’ (known as ‘sheet waves’) created by fast-moving pumps which project a three-inch layer of water. However, these waves do not move forward but rather create energy on which the board can ‘skate’ rather like ocean waves. The challenge of flowboarding is to harness the resultant energy and to complete complicated and visually exciting tricks and turns in a relatively small space.

The sport has two main categories – the flowboard and the bodyboard. The flowboard is also known as a ‘stand-up board’ whereas bodyboarders adapt a lower body position, sometimes kneeling or what is known as a ‘drop-knee’ position. Competitors are divided by age and gender and have a time allotment of three, 30-45-second judged runs with the best two counting towards the competitor’s score. Flowriding meets are held in Europe, United States and Asia.

2016 World Flowboarding Championships - Singapore The event was originally known as the International Flowboarding Championships and created a bigger vision for the sport. Competitors would compete in all disciplines, FlowRider and FlowBarrel, combining scores and placings to determine overall team winners and World Champions. Venue: Wave House Sentosa Dates: 27th, 28th and 29th October.


FlowRider Divisions:

FlowBarrel Divisions:

Featured Teams / Countries:



- FlowRider Teams - USA - Asia - Europe - Canada

Pro Pro Pro Pro

Mens FB FlowRider Mens BB FlowRider Womens FB FlowRider Womens BB FlowRider

Pro Mens Strapless Flowbarrel Pro Mens Strapped Flow Barrel Pro Womens Strapless Flowbarrel Pro Womens Strapped Flowbarrel Bodyboard Prone Barrel Bodyboard Drop Knee Flowbarrel

- FlowBarrel Teams - USA - Asia/Singapore - South Africa - UAE


- Link

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Lifestyle - Business Focus

Entrust WESERVE with hand-delivery, because we know your time & happiness is precious. WESERVE Present and Future I’ve been thinking about the factors that make a business succeed whenever I hear and read any news about successful or potential businesses. Most of the time I see those businesses have one thing in common; they provide solutions for people’s problems, as simple as that. And for the same simple reason, a startup company called WESERVE set up a few years ago in Phuket.


Lifestyle - Business Focus What is WESERVE? Its vision and mission. WESERVE provides delivery service on demand and a service provider of an E-Marketplace Platform that allows producers and businesses to offer their products to customers directly (B2C). We define our services as ‘LastMile Delivery’ which means a direct delivery service from businesses to customers. Our services cover every aspect of delivery whether it’s food delivery, consumer goods delivery, messenger service, furniture delivery, postal service, or even paying utility bills and suchlike. WESERVE’s delivery management system allows customers to access many destinations. We guarantee any losses caused by delivery control by our convenient platform that connects delivery staff with users. Customers can book us in advance, or choose prompt service and we also provide 24-hour delivery for certain services and areas. It’s an excellent choice for any jobs or products which require speedy delivery and with our real-time tracking, delivery can be possible within an hour. Fast, Secure, and Trustful, is our core concept for delivery WESERVE strives to be the best online delivery service provider, merging the power of innovation, creativity and social responsibility to provide better solutions for users and business partners while at the same time improving our own staff members’ quality of work and life.

We focus further than online delivery through smart platform and we also place importance on customers, society, and human resources as well as nearby communities. We stick to what we call our ‘SMART’ concept:

  

Service Minded


(professional, enthusiast and responsible work)


(the right perceptions about policy, quality and security)



(toward customers, business partners, society and our team)

(building trust among customers, business partners and our team)

SMART is therefore an attitude that

guides and directs the team to strive for excellence under the leadership of the two co-founders who believe in the business’ future; Khun Phattanan Pisutwimol (CEO) and Khun Natchaya Suebsak (CMO).


Lifestyle - Business Focus

Why choose WESERVE? What do you do and how do you help your customers?

We’re not only an online platform that’s convenient and easy for almost anyone to use. WESERVE also sees that customer service is important to improve our quality. We realize that not every customer will understand or be familiar with online technology so we want to make sure that WESERVE provides ‘TwoWay Communication’. Our delivery riders are familiar with the area and our technology helps make each delivery correct and as fast as possible. There are more than 400 restaurants on our site, along with products and many kinds of services from messenger and postal service and much more to follow in the future to make your life simple and easy.



Choose vehicle which matches your parcel.


Specify pick up point and destination with details.


Press button to request service.

* For express delivery service in 45 minutes or request in advance. * Pay at drop-off point or pay online.


Lifestyle - Business Focus


WESERVE’s growth may differ from other startup companies. This is because we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of our service. We value our franchising partners and look out for those who have the same vision as us. They have to have the ‘heart’ to see ‘opportunities’ in this business and are prepared for ‘hard work.’ We expect our partners to follow these principles and polices in order to move forward together in the same direction. Being our franchising partner doesn’t require much investment but it does have a quick return. We provide clear and comprehensive guidance and have logistic innovations to help in between, so that our business partners are able to work effectively and smartly while our support teams are available to provide assistance around the clock. Besides Phuket, our service areas now include Trang, Chonburi and soon Haadyai, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Ubonratchanthani and Suratthani.

Check out more about WESERVE and our services at


Lifestyle - Business Focus How does WESERVE impress their customers and business partners? Customers

Chaipat Na Ranong

Managing Director Toyota Pearl and Toyota Next I have used WESERVE for many years now, probably since they first started. I remember that there were only a few restaurants that joined them at that time but now I think there are over a hundred restaurants available on the WESERVE website. They have plenty of choices whether it is Thai, Chinese, Italian, or Japanese food. Almost everyone in my family is now familiar with WESERVE. We use their food delivery service quite often, especially on rainy days when we don’t want to go out. It may take a little longer for delivery on rainy days, but they always ask us in advance if we’re willing to wait or not.

Kanok-Orn Tunbutr Spa Manager Club Med Spa

I randomly go to WESERVE website to order food. The delivery is quite fast and they act responsibly should any mistake occur. Once the restaurant forgot to pack a side dish for the food I ordered. Though it wasn’t a big deal, the delivery man absolutely insisted on going back and returned with the missing dish. For me, that’s quite impressive.

Their customer service is nice and sometimes gives us recommendation for food choices. The delivery man is also nice and many of them are familiar to me by now.

Business partners

Tanaphat (Khun Kob) Tu Kab Khao Restaurant WESERVE is a local business and we naturally support locals since our restaurant is offering local Phuket food. We trust the delivery service when our customers want to eat at home or eat out. I see they keep developing. Now they have WESERVE MESSENGER (Messenger Service) and plan to have franchises in other areas throughout the country. We are so happy be WESERVE’s business partners.


Keamjira (Khun Lee) Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant To be honest, I didn’t have much interest when they first approached us a few years ago. But nowadays customers require more delivery services, so I started to think about it and decided to work with WESERVE. We have had very good feedback and it’s helped us save a lot of time. Our customers also don’t have to queue up or wait for food in front of our restaurant. They just order and WESERVE takes it to their places.

Lifestyle - Property Guide Our Property Guide recommends the best and trendy properties available in Phuket at the moment. We have two properties from one of Phuket’s top developers to share with you; Utopia Karon and Utopia Central.

Utopia Karon Winding coastlines, soft beaches, gentle waves and tropical breezes


etting in an ideal location 800m from Karon Beach, a freehold ocean view apartment / 33.6sqm / 68.87sqm with great deal for selective rental agreement

1-20 years with fixed annual income of up to 8% 5-year repurchase with original price option Fully decorated, complimentary home appliances and balcony view, Jacuzzi No maintenance or utilities charge during the course of the rental period 40 nights of free stay per year (at any Utopia Project.) Imag Im ma mag m age Copyri Copyri py ght pyr gh ht Utop Uttopia a Karon Karon on

Developer : Utopia BQ Karon Co., Ltd.



- Rooms and Villas: 238 units

Patak Soi 14, Karon Phuket

- Land plot area: 7 Rai - Nearby amenities: Beach, Makro, restaurants and bars

Facilities - Furniture - Swimming pool: shared - Parking area: shared - Ownership: leasehold - Rental program: yes - Utopia island free tour bus service Imag Image m e Co opyri pyr p yr ght y ht Utop topiia ia Karon n

Imag mag age eC Copyri pyright pyri ght Uto Utop Utop topia ia a Karon K n


Image Imag e Copyr Copyr yrightt Utop Utopia a Kar aron aron n

Contact Information: Tel +66 (0) 80 886 9660 Email:


- Property Guide

Utopia Central 10 years, Fixed annual income 8%


he UTC project is close to urban-grade facilities such as the Prince of Songkla University, Country Club golf course, Makro supermarket, Phuket International Hospital, Big C supermarket, King Power luxury shopping mall, Central Phuket shopping mall, and Phuket sightseeing railway. The project oer 10 years, fixed annual income 8% and 10 nights of free stay per year at any Utopia Project.


Image Imag e Copyri Copyright ght Utop Utopia ia Centr Centr nt all

- Rooms and Villas: 410 units

Developer: Utopia Central Co., Ltd.

Location: Vichit Songkram Rd, Kathu Phuket

Imag mage e Co Copyri opyri pyri yrright y ght h Utop Ut pia a Centr entra en ent all

- Land plot area: 4 Rai - Nearby amenities: School, Hospital, Shopping Malls

Ima Imag mage mag ma e Co opyri pyr y ght gh h Utop topia aC Centr entral entr all a

Facilities: - Usage area 24sqm/33sqm/48sqm/53sqm - Hotel management Ima Imag ma mag age Co age C pyri pyri right gh Utop ght Utopia i Centr ia Centr entral all

Image Imag e Copyri Copyri pyrig ight ght ht Utop Uto opia aC Centr ent entr ntr nt ntr tral

- Standard in-house companion system - Gym - Children’s playground - Restaurants - Infinity glass swimming pool - Utopia island free tour bus service

Contact information: Tel +66 (0) 80 886 9660 Email:

Imag Imag m ge Copyri Copyri pyr yri r ght ght h Utop top pia ia Cen e al entr


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Two-Time Pizza Acrobatics World Champion at JW Marriott On Wednesday July 4 JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa hosted a fun-filled gourmet experience at Cucina Italian Kitchen. The guest chef was Pasqualino Barbasso. He held the World Championship for two consecutive years in 2001 and 2002 for Acrobatic Pizza. Chef Pasqualino’ signature pizza promotion will be available from Wednesday, July 4 to Friday, July 8. His signature pizzas include arrotolata, bolero, gran fume, sapori di bosco, al pistachio and mediterranea. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Grand Opening: Market All – Smart Purchasing System On Monday August 20 – Phuket hosted a Grand Opening: Market All – Smart Purchasing System. Mr.Mongkontep Khoo-Aroon from Phuket Innovative Development Co., Ltd. launched the application Market All, (an online platform, smart purchasing system) at Suuko Wellness & Spa Resort. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Run to Give – Press Conference On Tuesday August 28 – Marriott International held a Run to Give – Press Conference at Phuket Marriot Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach. Marriott International is bringing back the successful ‘Run to Give Charity’ run which takes place at Bangwad Dam in Kathu, Phuket on September 23 (21 km – 450 baht, 10 km – 350 baht, 3 km – 300 baht.) Going into its seventh year, Run To Give Phuket raises funds for Pun Fun Pun Yim Foundation and Maha Jakri Sirinthorn’s Children Development Project in remote locations. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Exclusive dinner @Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa On Friday August 10 - Phuketindex had an exclusive dinner at Takieng restaurant, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. The Exclusive Evening Dinner was a six-course Thai fine dining menu with predinner wine of Perlino Spumante Rosato and live guitar. Through Thursday August 9 to Monday August 13 Thai Michelin Star Chef Phatchara ‘Pom’ Pirapak hosted exclusive dinner events at Takieng restaurant. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Monsoon Valley Dinner @Ginja Taste On Monday September 3 – JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa hosted a ‘Monsoon Valley Dinner’ at their Thai restaurant, Ginja Taste. The dinner was an extraordinary five-course Thai set menu paired well with Thailand’s fine wines and will be available from August 31 to September 7. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

WESERVE Delivery – Press Conference & Thank You Party WESERVE Delivery Co., Ltd. held a Press Conference & Thank you Party on Friday, August 31 at New Dara Hotel to thank the media for their continuing support and to give the first demonstration of the new WESERVE application which will soon be available to end users in Phuket. The event had an executive interview with Mr. Phattanan Pisutwimol – Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Natchaya Suebsak – Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Jantima Julavittayanukool – Managing Director of WESERVE Trang and Mr. Prawit Boonbunjerdsri – Managing Director of WESERVE Chonburi. In addition, Mr. Pracha Asawateera, Manager of Digital Economy Promotion Agency gave an introductory session about business in the digital transformation era, followed by a WESERVE application demonstration by Mr. Wirawat Lian-udom, Product Manager of WESERVE. The event included entertainment and games with prizes worth up to 200,000 baht. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Por Tor Festival 2018 The 2018 Phuket Por Tor Festival took place from August 29 – September 9. Also known as the Hungry Ghost festival, it is an important merit-making event for the ethnic Chinese. Special food, flowers and candles are offered to ancestors. Other offerings are made to ‘feed the ghosts without relatives’ that are said to have been released from hell during the festival. Event


Lifestyle - Photo Albums

Phuket Harmony World Puppet 2018 – Press Conference On Wednesday September 12 Phuket hosted a press conference for the Phuket Harmony World Puppet 2018 at Limelight Avenue Phuket. The festival will be held on November 1 – 5; a grand festival opening on November 2 at Patong Beach and November 3 – 5 at Phuket Town with a world puppet parade along Thalang Road. Event


Lifestyle - Charity



Lifestyle - Charity

imag m e courte courtesy sy of of Phuket Phukett Elephan Eleph t Sanctuary

The elephant has long been considered the symbolic animal for Thai people who have for a long time engaged with elephants from the past to the present. Mr. Montri Todtane, Founder & CEO of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has a new project for elephant care. We asked him about it.

How will the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary impact our society?

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is my new concept for the elephant tourism business, and a more ethical way for people to learn about the elephants’ way of life. The objective is to create a home for elephants in which they can live freely and peacefully without being forced into work.

Tell us about your business experience.

I’ve been in the elephant business for more than 10 years now, mostly managing animal shows such as monkey and snake shows as well as running ATV tours and an elephant trekking camp.

What inspired you to create the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary?

I’ve been among elephants for over 10 years now and I seem to be part of their lives. My idea is to show people how beautiful they are – not only by riding on them or by watching a show – but to get to know them deeply. That’s why the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary was created. Some time ago, I had an injured elephant and it took almost a year for her to recover. I decided to send her to a new home in which she could live freely. This home is called the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, which is operated by Khun Lek (Sangduan Chailert) who is my role model. im mage courte mag ma mage ccourtesy urrtesy y of P Phuke ke ket et Ele et ephan pha hant Sanctu h Sanctu nct nct ctuary y


Lifestyle- Charity The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is my new concept for an ethical elephant tourism approach.

image courtesy of Ph huket k t Ele E Elephan phantt Sanctu phan San tuary ary ry

What kind of knowledge was required to set up Phuket Elephant Sanctuary?

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai has been around for 20 years, and I have learned from their experience and have followed their path on how to treat previously chained elephants in an ethical way. The elephants are living a carefree life, yet they are looked after by trained professionals, have enough food and water, and are treated by a qualified veterinarian.

How to support Phuket Elephant Sanctuary?

Every single visit is considered as support. All income from visiting tourists is spent on the welfare of our herd, as well as to rescue more elephants in the near future. Local students are also welcome, just to visit and to learn more about why these magnificent animals need to be protected. We also appreciate if visitors share their experience on social media as it helps to spread the word about ethical animal tourism.

What makes Phuket Elephant Sanctuary team come together?

We have the same passion and mission. We share the same concept, we love animals and we try our best to help them. Not only in Phuket but also in Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Surin and Samui – which is our latest project – we’re all on the same team.

What’s the procedure for the sanctuary?

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has a clear policy to focus on the worst-treated elephants, especially the handicapped ones or those that have been abused. We want them to be released from backbreaking hard work, to stay here with us and to be happy. Abused elephants are found and reported to us by our nationwide network, and some from agents.


imag mag ge co c urte rtte rte esy sy of Phuket uket Ele uke El phan a t Sa Sanct ncc ary nctu y

Lifestyle - Charity

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary can be a role model for other projects in the elephant business in the future and we hope that this will be a successful attempt at sustainable tourism.

imag m e cco mag ourte rrte esy y of of P Ph huket uk uket u ket et Ele e El pha E Elepha phan han ha a tS Sa anctu nctu t ary

Also we’d like Thai people to support our project and spend more attention on animal health and welfare like many countries in Europe. Eventually we want Thai elephants to be presented in a real Thai Cultural way.

What is the future of Thai elephants in your point of view?

Previously, foreigners have known Thai elephants through tours and shows. However, there is another side which they should experience - life in nature with no suering or torture. imag ma e courte cou urrt urte rtessy y of P Phu uket ke ket ket E Ele eph phan hant Sa h S nc nct nctu ctuary ct ary y


Lifestyle - City Focus Sport in Phuket


Director of Tourism and Sports Phuket Office


huket nowadays hosts many sporting activities almost on a weekly basis, especially local and international running events, not to mention cycling and water sports. More and more amateur and professional athletes arrive to compete here. Phuketindex took the opportunity of talking with the Director of Tourism and Sports Phuket Office, Khun Sirawee Waloh to get an in-depth overview.

What is the main role of the Tourism and Sports Phuket Office? We work together with other offices and organizations. However, our main mission is about development. The TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) takes the main role in publications and advertising to attract more visitors while the Tourist Police are responsible for issues involving law and security. The Tourism and Sports Phuket Office is responsible for the development of tourism in every aspect, including improving attractions and human resources. We’re also concerned about sports – meaning both basic sports and public sports. This involves different age groups such students up to senior levels. The office works with networks that support and strive to achieve each mission according to the national sports policies.


I also have the role as the Director of Tourist Assistance Center (TAC) which is located in three places; Phuket International Airport, Phuket Gateway and at Chalong Pier. We also take care of Tourism Business and Guide Registration Office in Phuket.

beach sports. We also need to mention the Sports Authority of Thailand who works with us to support young athletes who have the potential for excellence and who may rise to professional levels. Our kids don’t just only have strength – they use their brains, too.

Not only that, Phuket is also a part of a plan to develop tourism in the greater Andaman Region. Taking the lead of Ex-Governor Noraphat Plodthong, we act as a committee and secretary for the development team.

Tell us about popular sport events in Phuket

Also, our job is to look after production teams from overseas who come to Phuket in order to make movies or documentaries. We work with local administrative offices, national parks, provincial public relations office and the Tourist Police to make sure there is nothing in the film or documentary that violates or denigrates our morals, culture, and traditions.

What are your views on sports in Phuket? I see many parents supporting and encouraging their children to participate in sports at a very young age, whether it’s swimming, gymnastics or football. We support them from kindergarten level up to higher levels of education. There are sports events held to push this forward. Just about all popular sports in Phuket for students are promoted such as football, volleyball and some

I think people have more interest in running than almost anything else. Even our Ex-Governor Noraphat Plodthong supports running and when the business sector wants to organize a running event you can count on it attracting visitors. We also have popular cycling events. These events not only attract athletes themselves but also their family members. I think there will be more events with new routes introduced in the future.

Any international sports events to be held in the future? There will be a ‘Phukethon’ organized by the Sports Authority of Thailand to be held soon. A cycling event ‘Tour De Andaman’ will also take place in the Andaman region. Cyclists will be able to enjoy the beautiful views along the routes through Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun and this year even up to Ranong.

Lifestyle - City Focus Sport in Phuket


What sport do you think will be popular in Phuket five years from now?

I think running is the exercise that requires the least equipment. You just need shoes to run! But not only in Phuket; I think that running is going to be ‘in’ for Thailand and indeed all over the world. Cycling is also still very popular as well as water sports. We can even have a cycling event in Phuket connected to cliff climbing in Railay (Krabi). This is what we expect to see more in the future, cooperation between provinces to build up a strong sports and tourism culture in the Andaman Region. These sport events not only boost people’s health, they also bring income to the local communities. We would like to ask locals to welcome and come out to cheer athletes along the way when we host these events to create a warm welcoming feeling so that athletes themselves will be encouraged to find out more about the village and community.


Lifestyle - City Focus Sport in Phuket

PRAPA HEMMIN Director of Destination Marketing & Corporate Events Laguna Phuket

Favourite Sport Badminton was my favourite sport during my years in junior-high school. The reason I enjoyed badminton was because it’s a fun thing to do with my family after school, and the equipment was inexpensive and easy to find. However it’s become more and more difficult to get together for a game. Now, running is my favourite exercise.

Sports activities at Laguna Phuket Phuket is known as one of the world’s leading sports tourism destinations and Asia’s premier destination resort, Laguna Phuket is proud to be one of the first established international sporting event venues in Phuket. We’ve hosted many annual sporting events in our 31-year history such as the Laguna Phuket Marathon that saw its 13th edition last June. Our own 18-hole golf course has also hosted renowned series and opens such as the All Thailand Golf Tour’s Singha Laguna Phuket Open in May, and this November we’ll see the return of Faldo Series Thailand Championship (south). This year is especially exciting for us as we’re celebrating our own Laguna Phuket Triathlon’s 25th anniversary during 17-18 November. Dubbed ‘The Race of Legends’ as Asia’s longest-standing triathlon race, LPT launches ‘25 For 25 Sprint’ 25km triathlon race for the first time this year to celebrate the occasion. We’ll also welcome the second LPT Charity Fun Run ‘Run for Fun, Run for Kids’ to raise funds in support of seven orphanages in Phuket. Interested runners and triathletes can register online at Laguna Phuket not only hosts national and international sporting events, we are also a place where people come to exercise on a daily basis. Whether running on the footpath along the road, cycling, or swimming at Bangtao Beach, our guests, community members and associates enjoy their workout amidst the tropical parkland at our resort. We also have our own associate running club to encourage sports participation and a healthy lifestyle.

Sporting facilities at Laguna


In addition to our own onsite golf course and exercise area at Laguna Phuket, each of the seven hotels within our resort has a dedicated gym/fitness centre, swimming pool and recreation department. Activities such as table tennis, fitness training, swimming, bicycling, kayaking, yoga, sailing, water polo, beach volleyball are available at most of the hotels.

Lifestyle - City Focus


Sport in Phuket

Associate Director, Marketing Communications. Amari Phuket

Favourite Sport I love running. This sport is easy for everyone to start with and it’s good for your health. Many people that I know are a lot healthier and less prone to illness when they consistently keep it up. Running is very popular in Phuket and there are several running charity events held to raise funds, with the majority to support education for underprivileged children or to purchase medical equipment for hospitals.

Sports activities at Amari In August 2018, Amari Phuket participated in the annual Patong Games, which was organised by the Patong Hotel Association. Some 44 team members from Amari Phuket joined in this event. Many sports are included in this competition, such as football, volleyball, sepak takraw (foot volleyball), pĂŠtanque and running. Amari Phuket will continue to take part in this event annually as the team members of each organisation in the Patong area get the chance to know each other more and to strengthen their relationships within the community.

Sporting facilities at Amari We have a professional recreation team that includes several sports and workout programmes for all guests. For children, we have a Kids’ Club daily from 10:00 to 19:00. Children aged 4 to 12 are welcome to join in at many sessions such as making batik T-shirts, caps, plaster and umbrella painting; flower making; and DIY products of their own design and creation. We also provide lots of adult activities, starting from beginning to advanced sessions. As Amari Phuket has a large area, there are many locations at which to conduct activities. Our popular classes include muay Thai (Thai boxing), yoga, pilates, abdominal exercises, body combat, tai chi, cardio workouts, weights and circuit training. We also have a personal trainer available for guests who would like private classes to focus more on exercise during their stay.


Lifestyle - City Focus Sport in Phuket


NOIMEECHAROEN Asst. Dir. of Marketing Communication and Public Relations Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Favorite sports My favorite sports are swimming and running. I do both these sports during the week and after work, and I find that they help me stay focused. Running can help reduce the risk of having a stroke, and is also one of the best forms of exercise for controlling weight and burning off calories. I do sports to relieve stress, which can have a negative impact on your health and mood, as well as affecting your appetite and sleep quality. Swimming and running can also reduce your chances of developing tension headaches. I find that by keeping my body active, I have more energy and don’t get tired when I have a lot of work. Sport is incredibly beneficial to the body, mind and spirit and will leave you feeling more energized, more focused and better able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Sports activities that the hotel is involved in We support and sponsor local races as part of our Marriott’s ‘Spirit to Serve’ commitment, which allows us to make positive contributions to our local communities. By supporting Thanyapura’s annual events, such as the “King of the Mountain” races which took place in September, we and other Marriott hotels in Phuket aim to promote the benefits of exercise to even more people in the region. Health and wellness are so important in life, and running is one of the best and most straightforward ways to achieve the benefits of exercise. For information on future events, you can check out our Facebook fanpage, “Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach”.

What facilities supports exercise in the hotel Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach has a wide range of facilities to promote exercise and wellbeing, including our 24-hour fitness center, water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding, and beach sports including soccer and volleyball. We also offer a range of activities for individuals, couples and groups, including yoga, super stretching, body toning, pilates, abdominal workouts and Thai boxing, as well as providing bicycle rental. To book any of our activities, please email


Lifestyle - City Focus Sport in Phuket

HARIS ZAINUL -ARIFIN Recreation Manager at Andara Resort & Villas Secretary of Andara Sports Club

Favourite Sport My favourite sport is bodybuilding. It makes me healthy and also helps me look good and fit when practiced regularly. This sport strengthens my self-confidence.

Sports activities at Andara Resort & Villas Andara Resort & Villas always supports CSR sport activities as charity runs and the hotel established the Andara Sport Club in 2015. Khun Natthakanya Saengpho, the executive chairman of Paradise Group and Andara Resort & Villas is aware of the importance of exercise so she supports all of our sport activities. Please feel free to contact me by the number +66 (0) 92 262 6306 or ID Line: haris.zai

Sporting facilities at Andara We have many sporting facilities as a swimming pool, tennis court and fitness areas. We also provide personal trainers for those who want to focus on their exercise and nutrition.


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odega & Grill features rustic Italian cuisine and doubles as a steak house. The restaurant is located at Angsana Laguna Phuket, Bang Tao Bay on the island’s northwest coast. Enjoy the al-fresco setting by the pool, or dine at the elegant indoor tables. Either way, you’ll love the food and the ambience. Try out the charcoal BBQ dinner set, featuring premium beef cuts, cooked live in the dining room on a charcoal broiler with a unique sear and a tanginess only charcoal can deliver.

Experience: Charcoal BBQ Reservation: Recommended Dress code: Smart/casual Open: Every Friday 18:00 – 22.30 Mobile phone allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted Price: start from 1,200++ baht


Contact information: Angsana Laguna Phuket Address: 10 Moo 4 Srisoonthorn Road, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 76 358500 Ext. Bodega & Grill E-mail:

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im Talay Restaurant at Amari Phuket offers a special experience, a Seafood Night Buffet every Wednesday night. You can choose from a variety of premium seafood featuring clams, fresh prawns, blue crab, and slipper lobster either on ice or grilled over charcoal. A variety of salads, bread choices, desserts and fruits are also available. Rim Talay restaurant is caressed by sea breezes and looks out over the glittering waters of Patong Bay… It’s a place that the whole family will love!

Experience: Seafood buffet Reservation: Recommended Dress code: Smart casual Open: Wednesday 18:00 to 22:00 Mobile phone allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted Price: 890++ baht

Included: – Grilled seafood – Seafood on ice – International and Thai main dishes – Japanese food – International desserts, pastries, fruit and ice cream

Contact information: Rim Talay Restaurant, Amari Phuket Address: 2 Muen-Ngern Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 340 106


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he Living Room Restaurant is located at Impiana Private Villas, Kata Noi Beach Phuket. Enjoy a delightful breakfast by the garden terrace or indulge in a sunset cocktail on the outdoor deck. On top of that, be entertained by live piano performances while you enjoy your fine dining. The restaurant serves both Thai and international dishes throughout the day. You’ll get a very warm welcome from the well-trained team of butlers while the restaurant also provides a wide range of wines in the fully-stocked wine cellar. The laid-back atmosphere of the elegant cigar lounge is perfect for mellow after-dinner chats while enjoying a cup of coffee, champagne or cognac and exclusive cigars. Experience: Required Dress code: Smart casual Open: 06:30 – 22:00 Experience: Exclusive sunset dinner Mobile phone allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted


Recommended: – Crab cake – Yellow-fin tuna tartar – Lobster bisque cappuccino – Gaeng phed ped yang – Mixed grilled seafood basket – Canadian lobster – Deep-fried ice cream/chocolate lava cake – Kata Breeze (signature drink) – Impiana Sunset (signature drink)

Contact information: Impiana Private Villas, Kata Noi Phuket Address: 10 Kata Noi Road Moo 2, Karon District, Muang, Phuket 83100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 330 770 Email:

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KI is a Japanese restaurant at Sri panwa Phuket. The restaurant also serves dishes for health-conscious diners. Smoothie bowl is great for breakfast, snack time, or even dessert. The bowl starts with a thick colorful blend of frozen fruits, veggies and almond milk with hearty decorated toppings. Smoothie bowl is delicious with a creamy texture yet packed with super food nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants essential to the body. Smoothie bowls at Sri panwa & Baba Beach Club Phuket are served in three styles: Acai berry, cocoanana and tropicana. A poke bowl is a typical delicacy for Hawaiian people. Poke (Poh-Keh) is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘to slice or to cut.’ The bowl is served with chunks of assorted raw, marinated fish – usually tuna & salmon – tossed over Japanese rice and topped with vegetables and sauces. Poke bowls with IKI’s signature twists are classic kaisen, IKI’s special, summer delights, avocado crunch and veggie lover.

Experience: Japanese cuisine Reservation: One-day advance reservation is required Open: 12:00 – 23:00 Mobile phone allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted

Recommended: - Avocado crunch poke - Veggie lover poke - IKI’s special poke - Summer delights poke - Classic kaisen poke - Cocoanana bowl - Acai berry bowl - Tropican bowl

Contact information: Sri panwa Phuket 88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 000, Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 004 E-mail:


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Acqua Restaurant Alessandro Frau

Following a black-and-white theme that gifts the restaurant clean lines and a good sense of proportion, Acqua’s design fully complements an all-round satisfying dining experience. The restaurant has imaginative lighting, nowhere more so than at the bar. Trendy without being gratuitously chic, cutting edge without going over the top and spacious without being cavernous, Acqua’s décor balance practicality and aesthetics in a fine dining environment in Phuket.

Chef and Owner

Acqua Restaurant is the first of a series of restaurants designed by Alessandro Frau, as Alessandro dedication for culinary doesn’t stop to cooking but also to project and design restaurants and concepts. Chef Alessandro Frau was the Winner of Iron Chef Thailand on November 2013. Find more about Alessandro by visit In 2013 Acqua Restaurant was appointed as one of the Best Italian Restaurant in Phuket and Thailand from Ospitalita’ Italiana in the World.

Guide Cuisine: Italian Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: every day from 16:00 – 23:00 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit cards: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 618 127 E-mail : GPS/DD: 7.916537, 98.290996


Recommended Dishes 45-minute slow cooked egg on a Parmesan cheese fondue, fresh black truffle and crispy pancetta powder

Sous-vide cooked octopus salad, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and vinegar, fennel leaves, celery and taggiasche olives DOP

Pan-fried USA scallops with duck liver, chili jam and truffle pumpkin sauce

Trenette pasta with Alaskan king crab in its own jus with sliced Sardinian tuna bottarga

Wood-fired roasted suckling pig, saffron and violette potatoes, broad beans in its own sauce

Where Italian dining experience meet art and passion

324/15 Prabaramee Road – Kalim Bay - Patong - Phuket Tel 076 618127 email:

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Korn Chumthong Director of operation

Sway With Me Garden Restaurant & Bar

Caesar salmon salad with parmesan cheese

Sway With Me Garden Restaurant & Bar is a wonderful place for a culinary evening out in Patong. The restaurant serves contemporary western and classic Thai dishes along with modern drinks.

Tuna salad with pomelo

It’s a great venue for seafood buet theme nights every Wednesday and Saturday, at only 699 baht per person.

Lobster bisque soup

Guide Cuisine: Seafood & Modern Drink Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: 18.30 - 22.30 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit cards: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 333 E-mail : GPS/DD: 7.891068, 98.297887


Recommended Dishes

Steamed vegetables with prawns and butter

Vegetable lasagna

Seafood BBQ

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Savoey Seafood Supit Jararith Asst. Manager

Open since 1980, Savoey Seafood is considered one of the landmarks of Patong Beach. This popular and bustling restaurant not only has a wide array of fresh seafood but also offers competitive prices.

Baked lobster with butter and garlic sauce

Savoey Seafood is a large, open-plan restaurant with a seating capacity of 400 plus, but you would never know. Despite its size, with 50 staff members the service is excellent, polite and considerate.

Tom yum koong

Savoey Seafood is very popular and getting there early is recommended. It would be a real shame if you missed the opportunity to dine at this first-class seafood restaurant during your stay on Phuket.

Stir-fried crab with spring onions, ginger and garlic

Guide Experience: Seafood and Thai cuisine Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: 10:30 – 24:30 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 341 171 – 4 E-mail: GPS/DD: 7.894471, 98.295719


Recommended Dishes

Stir-fried crab with curry powder

Steamed fish with lime juice and chili sauce Deep-fried fish with sweet chili sauce Stir-fried mussels or clams with roasted chili paste sauce Oven-barbecued fish Stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce

Travel - Chef Talk I love the concept of taking raw ingredients and applying skills and craft to them



Raftery His career path and the way to Ayurveda Jamie Raftery is a holistic chef from Ireland. At Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort in the north of Phuket, he has been recently developing a range of vegan, raw food, and Ayurvedainspired dishes. Some more exciting dishes are soon to be introduced and everyone is welcome to check out the new culinary creations. Phuketindex had a chance to have him share with us about his career path and creations.


Travel - Chef Talk What are the principles and philosophy of Ayurveda and how does it work?

Who, or what, inspired you to become a chef?

I was inspired to become a chef about the age of 14. I grew up on a farm in the West of Ireland, surrounded by beautiful fertile land and my mum is a great cook so I was always inspired by food. I love the concept of taking raw ingredients and applying skills and craft to them and then giving that to someone in the form of a meal. So it’s a combination of my family, my surroundings, my region and also nature. Nature is what continues to inspire me, using raw ingredients and showcasing them into something spectacular.

knowledge is power and all I’ve learned throughout my career is serving me every day as I continue on and pass on the knowledge to other chefs.

What is your favourite kitchen equipment or gadget?

It’s hard to nail it down to one or two. But if I have to pick one of two, it would be a Vitamix. It’s a fantastic tool for refinement for making nut milks, purées, soups, and so on. Apart from the Vitamix there’s the mandoline for shaping vegetables. These two are my favourites.

Ayurveda is translated to a science of life and dates back Ancient India of about 4-5 thousand years ago. It sees food as medicine. It sees the individuality of human beings as separate identities and therefore not one diet fits everybody. We all have different needs physically and psychologically depending on where we grew up, what kind of lifestyle we live, what food we eat, and so on. It treats each person as an individual. It’s holistic health care, a system which takes into consideration of what we eat, our relationship, our social life, our exercise. It’s a complete healthcare and philosophy.

How did you start practicing Ayurveda and what made you want to learn about it?

I was introduced to Ayurveda about four years ago when I travelled to India. At first I didn’t even know how to pronounce the word! I didn’t know what it meant but you could see the word ‘Ayurveda’ everywhere in India. So that was my first introduction to it. Around that time I’d finished working

Where have you trained, and how difficult was your training?

I’m still training! I started training as a chef 20 years ago when I was 15. The beautiful thing about cooking is we are always training, we’re never finished and we always have something new to learn so that I’m learning about new ingredients and new techniques here in Phuket. I did my apprenticeship with Gordon Ramsay in England and also Thomas Keller in the USA, in California. It was the world’s number one restaurant when I trained there. I’ve always put myself in at the deep end, in a case of sink or swim. But I’ve trained with some of the best chefs in the world and it was very tough. As you know,


Travel - Chef Talk

for other chefs and I was starting my own business. Throughout my career, I’d always had a Chef as a mentor so I’d always followed their philosophies, their cuisine and their recipes. When working on my own, I wanted some sort of guiding principles to focus my cooking. There are different options: veganism, vegetarianism, Paleo and also different diets that chefs can follow but I wanted something with more integrity, something that fascinated me and inspired me. So the more I read about Ayurveda, the more I studied it, the more it inspired me. I’m still learning about it; it’s a vast subject.

What’s your favourite dish?

That’s very difficult to answer because food is so diverse depending on where I’m cooking and depending on the time of year. But one of my everyday favourites is my own breakfast. I cook porridge religiously every day. It’s the first meal I eat, about 330 days a year. It’s not exciting or maybe not the answer you were hoping for but yes that’s it.

What do you love most about your job?

There’s a lot to love about it. If I have to pick one thing I think it’s the ability to be able to connect with people from anywhere in the world through food. It’s something we all share, something we all have in common. To connect with people through food is really a beautiful way to learn about new cultures and people. So I think it’s connecting with new people, meeting people and sharing nice food with them.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I don’t like to plan too far ahead. When I was younger, it was a question we were always asked in school: “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time, or in 20 years’ time?” I can see myself it’s a long way to go so I try to focus more on the present. Throughout my career I spent a lot of my time looking ahead to my next job, always planning ahead and what I realized through that is I wasn’t actually enjoying what I was doing here and now. I have a lot of dreams, ambitions, visions, aspirations for the future but I don’t like plan too far ahead. I just like to enjoy the adventure I’m in each day and enjoy cooking beautiful food and meeting with great people all the time.

What about the dish you prepared today?

The dish we prepared today is based on Ayurvedic and macrobiotic philosophy. It’s called a ‘Buddha Bowl’, also known as a macrobiotic bowl. These bowls of food are designed to give us all our daily food, the food we need to eat on daily basis. The Buddha Bowls that I created are based on flavour profiles from different countries around the world. I’ve developed Japanese Buddha Bowls, as well as Mexican, French, Thai, and Chinese versions. Each Buddha Bowl has

a flavour profile from that particular country and I take certain ingredients from that country and create a dish that has a balanced selection of legumes, pulses, fruits vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweed and fermented ingredients. The dish I developed here in Thanyapura is a Mexican-inspired Buddha Bowl. We made a chilli con carne which contains black beans, lentils, chillis, made with lots of local corn, spices, tomato, mango, avocado and tomato salsa which gives the raw element. We made rainbow sauerkraut which gives the fermented probiotic element. We also have cauliflower rice and our sour cream made out of smoked cashew nuts. A Mexican inspired dish with Mexican flavours using local ingredients. More holistic dishes await you at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort. Please visit for more information and queries. Also, more about holistic Chef Jamie Rafferty can be found on his own site

Travel - Signature Dish


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines

This September went on a two-day trip organised by the TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) to visit neighbouring Phang Nga Province with its fascinating shrines and temples. It was a great trip with many pleasant memories that we’d like to share with you. Here are short descriptions of the temples and shrines we visited.


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Wat Trimark Sathit (Wat Kok Kloy)


This temple enshrines Luang Pho Wat Nam Rob, believed to be a sacred Buddha image.


Takua Tung District Map

8.278805, 98.306698


Formerly known as Wat Kok Kloy and built in 1745 during the Ayutthaya period, in 1937 it was renamed Wat Trimark Sathit.

Wat Komneeyakate (Wat Kukkak) History:

Founded in 1909 as Kukkak Temple, the name was changed to Komneeyakate Temple in 1939.


Takuapa District Map

8.70564, 98.2543


The former abbot of this temple Whang Ar-pa-ka-ro was a Phang Nga native. People in Phang Nga and Phuket revere him. Although he died over 40 years ago his body remains intact.


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Wat Sara Pimuk (Wat Sa) History:

This Temple was built by Thao Thep Sunthorn in the early Rattanakosin period. This place hosted the consecrated water ceremony from the reign of King Rama V to King Rama VII of the Chakri Dynasty. The Fine Arts Department registered it as a historic site in 1999.


The temple has an ancient square-based stupa with 12 indented corners. This place also has five Bodhisattva statues which people come to pay respect to.


Mueang Phang-nga District Map

8.473725, 98.530070

Wat Tets Tham Nava (Wat Tha Sai) Highlights:

The temple is located near Tha Sai Beach and has very beautiful views. There is a magnificent teakwood chapel housing a white jade Buddha image.


The temple was built and named as the Temple of Dharma in 2010.


Tai Muang District Map

8.35477, 98.25849


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Wat Phra That Kirikate


This temple has Buddhist relics in a Chedi built in 2011.


Takuapa District Map

8.828586, 98.359069


Built in 1893, the villagers call this temple Wat Lum. This temple was registered as an archaeological site in 1999. There was reputably a Buddha footprint on a hill near the temple.

Wat Sena Nuch Rangsan History:

This wat was created by Phraya Senanuchit (Nuch Na Nakorn) Governor of Takuapa Province in 1847. The temple was built according to the royal style of King Rama III and King Rama V visited it in 1890. This place used to be a location to perform the consecrated water ceremony and The Fine Arts Department registered the place as an archaeological site in 1996.


A museum at the temple displays many antiques such as a wooden Buddhist pulpit with the monogram ‘Jor Por Ror’ of King Rama V.


Takuapa District Map


8.830314, 98.362822

Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Wat Kongka Pimuk History:

Built in 1762 during the Ayutthaya period and formerly known as Wat Kong Ka. The Fine Arts Department registered the temple as archaeological site in 1996.


Inside the temple there is an ancient Buddha statue, the villagers call Pho Than Chaofa. A new golden pagoda is also one of highlights of the temple.


Takuapa District Map

8.840827, 98.363082

Wat Thum Suwan Kuha History:

The temple is part of a mountain that has many small caves. Inside one cave is a 15-metre long reclining Buddha image. The Fine Arts Department registered this place as a historic site in 2002.


There are many monograms of the kings and the royal family of the Chakri dynasty.


Takua Tung District Map

8.42864, 98.47132


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Mar Jor Poe/Mazu Shrine


This shrine is presided over by the Chinese goddess of the sea, Mazu (AKA Mastu). She is worshipped throughout China’s coastal regions and overseas Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia and is said to grant protection for fishermen and smooth traveling with successful business.


The Mar Jor Poe or Mazu Shrine is more than 100 years old. Built in 1913, the walls of the shrine feature black ink murals depicting the ‘Hong Sin’ story written during the Ming Dynasty and on the right-hand side is the story of the ‘Three Kingdoms.’


Mueang Phang-nga District Map

8.466352, 98.532279

Bang Sai Guan Yin Shrine History:

This shrine has more than 100 years of history. Originally located in the northern market of Takuapa. Later, the new (second) shrine was built at Bang Sai and completed in 1988. This shrine is dedicated to Guan Yin and Tian Hu Nguyen Soy (god of performing Chinese opera).


This place is popular with worshippers praying for a child from Guan Yin. It’s also popular with actors seeking success.


Takuapa District Map


8.821382, 98.364903

Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Leng Sun Kang Shrine History:

The sign above the door of the shrine states that the shrine was built in 1872. This shrine is dedicated to Qingshui Zushi and his image (Kim Sin) is 100 years old.


People often ask for blessings to have a happy life and pray for their agricultural produce to flourish.


Tai Muang District Map

8.39219, 98.25962

Guan Yu Shrine History:

Boon Sung, a Takuapa villager built this shrine. A sign above the entrance door states that the shrine was created in 1945. This shrine is presided over by Guan Yu, respected as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness.


Business owners pray here for honesty and to eliminate corruption in their business while students pray for their success in education.


Takuapa District Map

8.829401, 98.364769


Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Pun Tao Kong Shrine Highlights:

This place is popular with property agents and property developers who pray for success and wealth. It’s also popular with fishermen, sailors, traders, especially those who travel or do business to do with water.


Chinese from Hainan built this shrine in 1872. The shrine is dedicated to the god of land (Pun Tao Kong) and the god of water.


Takuapa District Map

8.69914, 98.25202

Hok Leng Shrine History:

This shrine was built in 1930 and is dedicated to Qingshui Zushi. The shrine was renovated in 2000.


People pray here for a happy life and for the wellbeing of their agricultural produce.


Takua Tung District Map


8.278225, 98.306632

Travel - 8 Wats 8 Shrines Tao Bo Keng Shrine History:

Tao Bo Keng Shrine carries out vegetarian rituals and is 100 years old. It is dedicated to the goddesses Tao Bo Tien Chun and Jiw Huang Dadì.


People pray here for longevity and to live peacefully.


Takua Tung District Map

8.38789, 98.4526

Pun Tao Kong Shrine History:

There’s an old story about this shrine: there was a once a Chinese merchant who came from China in his big boat but when it was in Phang Nga Canal (near this location) his boat became stuck, so he ask god for help, and prayed that if his boat could get out he would build a shrine – which he did. His Royal Highness Prince Chitcharoen, Prince Narisara Nuvativongse visited the shrine in 1902.


This place is popular with property agents and property developers who pray for success and wealth in their business. Locals also believe that if sprinkle yourself with water from the cave it will bring you good fortune.


Mueang Phang-nga District Map

8.463816, 98.543733


Travel - GM Talk

An interview with

Matthias Y. Sutter General Manager of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa


W Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, the wellknown beachfront resort in the north of the island, earlier this year announced their newly appointed General Manager Matthias Y. Sutter. Phuketindex. com was honoured to have him share about himself, his past experiences and his vision for his new challenge in Phuket with JW Marriott. Matthias Sutter is originally from a little town close to Zurich, Switzerland. He grew up along with three siblings in a little village of about 682 inhabitants where, meeting on the street, everyone greeted each other by name.

What motivated you to go into the hotel industry? I entered the Hospitality Industry a little later than usual and only started the Hospitality school at the age of 26. As a teenager I dreamt of becoming a professional golfer and I was in fact playing for the Swiss National team. I started off studying Architecture for 4 years whilst playing in tournaments however I felt something was amiss.


Only when I started organising private parties in my early twenties did I realise my passion in hospitality. I had a big Birthday party and I turned it into a public event. Eventhough no one knew it was my Birthday, many people still came up to say thank you as it was so successful. All my best friends were working behind the bar and we had such a fabulous time creating the party together and making people happy which sparked my interest in hospitality. So I enrolled myself in the Hotel Management school in Zurich and later Chicago became my first overseas destination. I have never looked back since.

Travel - GM Talk

image imag e courte courte rte tesy y of JW W Ma M Mar a riot iot ott Phuk Ph huk uket u k Re R Resortt & S Spa

What attracts you to work in other countries? This is now my 11th country to live in and some countries I have had a chance to return to like Thailand. I used to work in Bangkok before and I think the most rewarding aspect is the culture, the people… people make a place. I’m always asked where it is I like the most. Shanghai, Chicago, and Zurich – I can’t really tell. I think at different ages you have different priorities. But it’s definitely always the people who make the place happen, different cultures, sometimes different

religions but at the end of the day we are all citizens of the world. I think when you work in the hospitality industry, you have healthy exposure and it gives you a better horizon than being stuck in Switzerland the whole time.

At work what puts a smile on your face? My colleagues. Throughout the whole day, I see their interaction with each other, interaction with the guests. It’s when I see them advancing their career and also on

a day-to-day basis when they achieve small successes. I think in hospitality, the beauty is when you get plenty of positive feedback and that always puts a smile on my face especially when it’s created by one of my colleagues.

As you’re a new face on Phuket, how do you plan to start your new journey here? My first priority was to take the time to get to know the team because I’ve just started here and I plan to be here for many years. I don’t think my goal was to make changes from the beginning. This is a mature property with mature colleagues so at the moment it’s my task to learn from the team, to understand where we are, and then from there to move in the right direction with the right attitude.

What are your top goals for JW Marriott and Phuket Island?

imag ima imag im age e ccourte urtesy sy of JJW W Ma Marrio rio iottt Phuke huk hu uk t R uke Resor so sort o & Spa a

This resort really offers endless opportunities which means that you really have to focus on one at the time. We are definitely an ideal resort for families, weddings and MICE but I


Travel - GM Talk Some have been with us for 20 - 30 years. So their journey has many different paths. We come to a crossroads and either you go left or right. I think the Marriott’s journey shows there are many different ways but the company places priority on you and yourself.

What advice would you offer to those who wish to become successful in the hotel industry? imag image mage courte courte urtesy sy of of JW WM Marrriot riottt Ph riot huket ket Resort Res esort o & Spa Spa

What makes Marriott the employer of choice?

ima e courte imag urtesy sy of of JW Mar Marriot riottt Phuket Phuket kett R Resort & Spa

Look after your team and they will look after your guests also think JW Marriott should be a place where people meet, activities are held, where people come to learn something about wellbeing, sports and fitness on the career path, there are many journeys, That’s why it’s really important to first understand the market and the people here in Phuket.

What makes JW Marriott different from other resorts? There’s an endless list I could share with you. I think first of all it’s the team; we are one of the more mature properties here with mature team members. I’m always amazed how many long-term employees we have since the pre-opening who have a lot of knowledge and know our regular guests well as we have a lot of guests who come every year. It’s a very unique property, the space is enormous, with 14 different restaurants! So the choices are here. It’s like its own little world and this is what other hotels would not be able to compete with.


I think it started from day one when Mr. Marriott, the founder, said ‘employees fi rst’ he also said ‘look after your team and they will look after your guests’. That’s what he said in the beginning and now after 90 years, we still live by this concept. Whatever we do, every strategy, every event, it’s always our people first in terms of taking care, in terms of their career development, wellbeing and many different aspects. I think that is what to look for in an employer of choice. You want to have a sense of belonging. You want to feel being a part of it and I have to say that since day one I’ve had it myself. That’s what I try to pass on to my team.

We’ve heard that you launched ‘To the Journey’. What is that and how this relate to JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa? On the career path, there are many journeys, I always say and what we see as the journey is the journey with our company. There are associates who retired, a few have left and then came back.

Choose your employer carefully. Choose the employer who chooses you because you are you, because of your strengths, your skills, and your personality. Don’t try to fit in the pattern which you think is expected. I think it’s good when you let people go to their potential and give them the confidence that they’re doing the right thing. Of course, you have to have guidance along the way, the company needs to fit your pattern with the right guidance. I think the company of choice is the one you know you are going to be the first priority, not just one of the candidates being hired for whatever reason. When you make your choice, make your choice because of the people, the culture, not about the amount of dollars involved. I think during the early days, it’s very important to start on the right track with the right fundamentals. Later on once you understand industry, you may have different motivations for what you choose in your career. But in the early days, it’s absolutely necessary to begin with the right company.

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