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October 2013 Volume XXX, Issue III



Benvenuti in America, FABRIZIO! Remy Williams Staff Writer This year, Pembroke welcomes Fabrizio Bisogno from Italy; Fabrizio will be staying with Seun Adebo and his family. Fabrizio, a junior, is looking forward to immersing himself in American culture and activities. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Fabrizio and discuss his upcoming year and what he is looking forward to.

Remy: What are you most looking forward to this school year? Fabrizio: I am really looking forward to learn about American ways and customs. I am also really looking forward to the opportunity to travel to New York this spring with the choir. Remy: Are you playing any sports this fall? Fabrizio: In Italy I played soccer, but I decided to try football out this fall; after going through a few weeks of practices, I decided to go back to soccer. Although I really enjoyed the coaches and players, I really missed playing the sport I played in Italy. Remy: How has it been staying with the Adebos? Fabrizio: I really enjoy staying with the Adebos. They have been very welcoming and have made my transition to America easier.

Fabrizio (kneeling,far right) at the Club Fair supporting the International Club. Photo Credit to Beth Bryant.

Remy: How do you like Pembroke so far? Fabrizio: I really enjoy all of the kids and teachers, but there is a lot of homework! Overall, I have really enjoyed myself so far. Remy: What countries have you traveled to? Fabrizio: Remy: What are your plans for the future? Fabrizio: Honestly, I don’t have any plans. It’s hard to make one when your life could be changing anytime such as in this experience. Remy: In your free time, what do you like to do? Fabrizio: Relax, listen to some music and play video games if nothing is planned for the night...

Through my sit-down with Fabrizio, it was obvious that he is really looking forward to all of the awesome opportunities ahead.


Charlie Mueller Miriam Swartz Business Manager Mueller? Mueller? Unlike our dear Mr. Ferris, Charlie Mueller ‘14 has been anypast four years. Mueller has been a starting member of Pembroke’s varsity football team since his freshman year and has been a key factor in the team’s successful seasons ever since. Mueller has played football for nine years. “I always wanted to play football, and when I was in fourth grade, makes Mueller such a valuable player is defensive end his freshman through junior years, tight end his freshman and sophomore years, and running back his junior and senior years. In addition, he is also playing outside linebacker this year. The Mueller, who scored one touchdown at the home-opening BBQ game against Clinton and two touchdowns against archrival St. Pius X. Mueller doesn’t just play football, however. He is also a four-year varsity member of the lacrosse team and three-year varsity member of the basketball team. “My opinseason it is, but overall, I like football the and the adrenaline rush before the opening time in a Raider uniform are beating Pius 34-0 last September and beating Clinton last year. Both were huge road wins for the team dinners and the closeness of the team, but hopes to continue playing football “at a But for now, we’ll keep cheering him on in his PHS uniform.




Concussions Not Just for NFL Football Players Elizabeth Gerson and Mikayla Ferguson Copy Editor and Staff Writer

the brain may not heal fully for decades. Concussed people will most likely have

Nowadays, talk about concussions is everywhere. Countless articles and debates about the topic circulate everywhere we turn. Why now? What is the reason be-

of their lives; research has shown that ath-

injury? For starters, high-level contact sports, such as lacrosse, football, and soccer, are becoming increasingly popular around the United States, which leads to a higher numbers of concussed athletes. The more important reason behind this buzz is the fact that we are now realizing what a risk concussions pose for long-term mental health. Though symptoms of the concussion may seem to disappear over time,

as thirty years ago showed early signs of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. What does this mean for Pembroke Hill? Several of our peers have had concussions; not many people realize, however, how serious these injuries really are. While concussions are not as obvious as a broken arm or sprained ankle, the recovery process is a bit more complicated for the concussed. Melissa Annecchini ‘14 suffered a concussion after she ran into another player during a volleyball game. Her recovery process was nothing short of frus-

my brain would be stimulated by something I would get a headache. So, for two weeks I wouldn’t be able to do anything but stare at a wall all day. It was the most aggravating thing.” When she returned to school, she was met with plenty of makeup work, which made the transition back cult. four sports-related concussions in her life. ing drawn to these injuries because they are much more serious than one would assume.” stop playing sports. Concussions are in-

So How About Them Chiefs? Harrison Swartzman and Macauley Greif Contributors

who is one monstrous linebacker. So far, Houston leads the entire

So, how about those Chiefs? I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I didn’t see this 6-0 record coming. The Chiefs’ success is due to their acquisition of Alex Smith (QB), running back Jamaal Charles’ speed, and their defense—number one in the league, thanks to Justin Houston,

games. The Chiefs (6-0) are tied division at the moment with the Broncos (also 6-0). By the end of the season, we predict the Chiefs

jor fan development this season is

the breaking of the crowd noise Seahawks earlier this season and formerly held by the Chiefs. The new record was set at Arrowhead Stadium against the Raiders, with the decible level topping 137. So far, head coach Andy Reid is front-runner for coach of the year. The rest of the year should be very exciting!

evitable; the best we can do is understand the seriousness of these injuries and how knowledge, we have much more information about concussions: what a concussion is, what the symptoms are, and the protocol for recovery. After recovering, players have more assurance that they are healed cause of increased awareness, more kids take concussion tests today than ever before. Athletes, coaches, and parents are much more sensitive to any type of head injuries because more information is accessible about the related dangers. Although concussions will never deter kids from as aware as possible about this “underrated” injury.

student life


Freshman P.E. Not W rking Out Brooke Bethune and Ellie Gorny Contributors Freshmen traditionally have to endure the physical education course, which is essentially a lecture on the amount of exercise students should be doing on a regular basis, once or twice a quarter during Meetings period. StelI feel like I get enough exercise doing that, so I think that P.E. is pointless in high school.” A prerequisite for the required class is the purchase of an expensive textbook the

majority of students never even open outside of class. Yes, the information we receive is important. It involves our health, but is a textbook really the best way to deliver this information? Throughout middle school, each child endures three years of P.E.. While some units were enjoyable, I’m sure less popular activities, such as bowling, could be replaced with an informative section that would down in an auditorium is an extremely unproductive way to properly convey physical education information to

Isabella Way Staff Writer This year, The Kemper Library acquired a new database that will serve all of the student body. This database is Bridgeman Education, an art image library. artwork. The website includes images of works from reputable art museums around the world, along with pictures from art galleries and private art collections. The images come from 30,000 artists and 1,600 museums and galleries, creat-

freshmen. Fiona Eckert ‘16, who was enrolled in the freshman P.E. course last year, explains, “The gym class throughout freshman year was somewhat pointless. I feel like nobody really took anything from it. It also took up a lot of time that we could’ve used for homework.” A seminar or lecture every few months on physical activity would be useful (or maybe even just for students who are not participating in sports during that season). Regardless, it seems

ing a colorful learning environment. In addition to this new powerful resource for Pembroke Hill students to access through the library webpage, students can also download the free Bridgeman app that comes with the school’s subscription. Students will be able to learn about topics such as the history of art, fashion, medicine, archeology, and politics. Whether they must do research to write an essay in history class, or they would just like to have additional knowledge in the art world, both teachers and students alike will be able to learn from this new database.


student life

Sophomore Retreat

Fantastic, Terrific, Great, All Day Long!

Sarah Chamberlain and Shaina Desai Contributors Sophomore Retreat is a fun, unique experience for the sophomore class to bond as a whole despite the small number of new people coming into the grade. Says Aymeric Foyer ‘16, “Sophomore retreat allows students to come out of their comfort zones and usual friend groups to communicate with people that they would not interact with on a color groups overseen by teachers and led by Leadership Advisory Board members for a day full of spirit, laughter, and adventure. Each team created a song and cheer relating to their particular color and then performed their cheers for the rest of the sophomore class, with chants such as “Go green or go home” and songs like “I’m bringing sexy black.” Ellison Rooney ‘16 concludes that her favorite part of the day was coming up with the cheers and watching the other groups perform theirs. An unexpected, added treat to the cheers was when student-led groups came together without any instruction. For example, the red and green teams congregated together and began Christmas caroling, and the black and yellow groups formed an alliance and began singing Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” After all the cheering came to an end, everyone enjoyed pizza outside. In the afternoon, each color group completed bonding games and activities that encouraged students to use teamwork and support to succeed. The day took on a more serious tone as color groups were paired up to discuss what it feels like to be an out-

Above: Varun Chada ‘16 shows his Team Pink spirit. Top Center: Sophomores enjoy playing “rollercoaster.” Top Right: Mr. Romick, with his giant orange glasses, supports Team Orange. Bottom Left: Team Animal Print sings their team chant. Photo Credits to Caroline McCray.

sider; each person wrote down anonymously why they the statements out loud to the entire class, allowing each student to realize that they are not alone and that there are students in their grade who share similar feelings. Following the discussion, every student was asked to lie face down on the grass. Color group leaders elected a person from their group each round to stand up and tap other fellow students as LAB members read statements such as “Going to accomplish great things in the future” or “Most trustworthy person.” The afternoon ended with

A rollercoaster simulation, led by LAB members, providthe day, the teams were judged on spirit, enthusiasm, and their performance in the games and cheers. The winner, announced during assembly, was the Animal Print group, who received Chipotle as their award.

student life 7

Re-Orienting the Orientaion Drake Ronan Contributor Freshman Orientation, or Freshman-O, has always had one purpose: to help freshmen prepare for the joys, and mostly terrors, that are high school, and to help them survive the many hazards that await them over the next four years. The question is, however, does it really do its job, or is it just a waste of perfectly good Meetings periods? The answer seems to be that no, freshmen, for the time spent in Freshman-O, while having the potential to be helpful and informative, is usually wasted. Although many freshmen might just socialize the hour away, some have home-

work they would like to get done during the time that they instead spend in Freshman-O. On any given Tuesday, Freshman-O

serve no practical purpose whatsoever. I recommend removing the exercise of organizing into these groups, as it would some presentation is done, which is usually redundant, wasteful, or unhelpful. For example, one whole session was wasted looking at pictures of our teachers from when they were in high school. What’s the point? So far, the only useful thing gained from

Freshman-O has been the session learning about the October community service day. only useful topics, such as how to make the most of study halls and sessions with advisors, would be presented to the freshman class. Otherwise, Freshman-O is not worth

are dismissed and snacks are handed out. While the idea of snacks is commendable, they are put in inconvenient places for the students to access. Snacks should be placed so they may be easily picked up after the session. Also, there are never enough snacks. The class size has been known

since long before school started, and one would think by now the organizers would know how many snacks to bring. All it would require is some simple math, and we happen to have a wonderful math department at Pembroke. How hard would it be to calculate? I wish to stress that Freshman-O is, at its core, a very good idea and could be worthbe today, the program could, if improved, greatly enhance the students’ high school experiences. I hope this article may help remedy the current predicament and improve the lives of all freshmen, present and future, at Pembroke Hill.

Trending in October

Royals by Lorde Gravity


student life

Pembroke Hill Joins International League of Online Education Saurabh Goel Assistant Editor ing to enhance learning opportunities for

dents notice connections with their other

act with peers and teachers from around of college counseling, is the site director

teract and share ideas with other educators

cellent resource for students and teachers

New Chef Brings Changes to Menu Michael Rubel Head of Web Design Early this school year, many students and teachers were amazed upon entering the

V: How do the changes impact the cafeteria Voice: in the cafeteria? D: Davidson

way of doing things, so I wanted to try to step things up and see what we could do to

V: implemented? D:


student life



Mrs. Abernathy & Writer’s Club

on this...

Jon Chu

October is a nice time to write about cross country. We are right in the middle of the season, and the weather is perfect for running. If Goldilocks were a distance runner,

Vishesh Patel and Jack Reardon Contributors Mrs. Abernathy, a new teacher since this past January,

The “long run” is a run we do about once a week that is, as the name implies, longer than the rest of the runs we

ulary, and popular literary works such as The Odyssey.

er poetry, works spanning the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and more.

weekend to go run a large distance, and neither do I. The nice thing is, as displeased as I might be upon waking up, ry. In addition, she established and sponsors the Writers’

with the idea of a runner’s high; I can’t think of any other explanation for the sudden burst of energy I feel towards the end of a long run. Despite the fatigue in my legs, I always feel awesome by the end.

classroom. nity. When she actually looked into it, it turned out that

breakfast. All of the calories burned during the run are paid back with interest by the intense breakfast items. For in October, then began work in January. During an actual race, I usually don’t feel as good as I do while running other workouts. In fact, by the end of the Voice: How long have you been teaching? scribe, but I usually feel both tired and accomplished. Of course, there’s my eager anticipation of the many bagels I plan to eat as well.

Mrs. Abernathy:

ning fun; I once found myself looking at a power plant on


V: What drew you to Pembroke Hill after your eightyear hiatus?

V: What do you like to write about? PA: V: Hill South. PA:

V: Why did you decide to teach again? ways. It would be hard to list all of the reasons why I respect cross country because there are so many. Going forward, I can only hope that both teams make it to state again this

PA: When I began teaching, I was doing it to get my MFA. The students compelled me to rethink my decision and

an amazing season. I encourage anyone to try this satisfy

V: What do you do in your virtually nonexistent free time?

distance running, all you really need is yourself and (de batably) a pair of shoes.


V: Why take the eight-year hiatus? PA: I had my son, so I felt a need to spend more time with him. Motherly duties. V: What was it like applying for Pembroke? PA: then began teaching in January, and had already signed a contract to teach next year.



Homecoming 2013 Paige Pepitone Managing Editor

Homecoming festivities didn’t last from just 9:00-11:00 on the evening of September 28th. Spirit week began the Monday prior to the dance, featuring days where students showed their spirit by dressing in characters emulating the themes of Duck Dynasty, twins, nerds,

and jungle creatures. The Thursday of this week, cheerleaders and fall sports captains went to the Lower School campus to participate in a parade for the entertainment of the younger students. On the Friday of the Homecoming football game, students donned their spirit gear to cheer the Raiders to victory. The student body also rallied at the annual cheerleader-led Pep Assembly, which consisted of the Homecoming court, student representatives, and faculty spon-

Monday - Thursday

sors participating in contests to elicit school spirit. Following tailgating in the student parking lot, the Pembroke Hill choir set the tone for the game by singing the national anthem, and Julia Depp ‘14 and Raiders trounced Trenton High School 33-13. The following evening, students arrived at Centennial Hall for the Out-of-this-World-themed dance around 9:00, which they were required to stay at until 10:30. The


mandatory time commitment to the dance was instated last year—a new regulation some students still question. Nevertheless, students enjoyed themselves at the dance. Homecoming at Pembroke Hill is a way for all factions of the school, alumni, parents, students, and faculty to come together at what may feel like a home away from home.


Homecoming King and Queen Revealed at Football Game: Tristan and Julia Devon Dietrich Assistant Manager

This past month, the student body elected senior Ju-

each of them.

How did you feel when they announced you as this year’s Homecoming Queen? I was so incredibly surprised when they announced my name! I didn’t think I was going to win since I was in a group of four other wonderful girls. I was very happy but also really surprised! What does it mean to you to be voted Homecoming Queen? I’m so honored to have been voted Homecom-

has, is just to be nice to everyone! What are you looking forward to most this year? I’m looking forward to enjoying the short time I have left with the amazing people in my class who I’ll miss so much next year!

Spirit Days and Homecoming Parade at Lower School

How did you feel when they announced you as this year’s Homecoming King? I was very surprised and happy to hear my name announced. I was honored that my pears elected me as the king, and I am proud to represent our school. goals for the remainder of the school year and post-grad plans? I hope to enjoy my senior year and leave a legacy that my family will be proud of. Pembroke has taught me that your future depends on how you make use of what you are presented with. I trust that I will end up in the right place and make the most of my opportunities. What have been your most memorable and meaningful high school experiences? My most memorable high school experiences participated in. State tennis championships, are all make up the stories I will be telling twenty years from now. I will never forget playing taboo on the bus rides home and the basketball music video. The people I was able to meet and the friendships I was able to establish will be with me for the rest of my life.

Homecoming Dance

12 middle school

New Technology Lightens the Load for Middle School Students PHS middle-schoolers have each lost at least ten Gina Pepitone Middle School Staff Writer






Above: A middle school student uses her iPad. Photo credit to Gina Pepitone.

Above: educational applications used by students on their iPads. Photo credit to Associated Press.

middle school 13

From Raiders to Royals Jillian Jetmore Middle School Staff Writer

and has been playing ever since he could

Hello, Pembroke Hill community. I guarantee you all have the same question denly start writing my own article for The Voice each month about one of my favorite teachers that no longer teaches at Pem-

old when he had a terrible accident and broke his leg. He was in a cast from the waist down that covered one entire leg and half of the other. Even this experience did not keep him away from what he loved

guidance of our esteemed former English teacher, I will be informing our community monthly about Mr. Diskin through my articles entitled “From Raiders to Royals”. The goal of this column is simply to let everyone stay apprised of Mr. Diskin’s progress in his new career. Ok. Now let’s start from the beginning. Mr. Diskin has a passion for baseball

During the spring of 1996, Mr. Diskin became the assistant coach of the Pembroke Hill baseball team. Over his many years of being an English teacher and coach, Mr. Diskin has had many accomplishments. In 2010, the Pembroke Hill baseball team won since 1990 and placed third in Missouri State tournament.

His love for the game continued to grow each year from then on. Coach-pitch softball was Mr. Diskins ing throughout his school years, he eventually became Baker University’s catcher. Diskin went on to play professional baseball in the Dutch League, the best league in Europe.

Diskin is taking on an entirely new challenge. His position as Coordinator for Cultural Development for the Royals allows him to continue to carry on with his love of the English language, baseball, and building strong relationships with young people. He explains, “Sometimes in life you have to step outside your comfort zone and take chances.”

He will also be incorporating another passion of his – the Spanish language and Latin culture. He has a special love for the Dominican Republic. Mr. Diskin has been traveling to the Dominican Republic since the Pembroke baseball team. Now he has traveled many times back to the country. For four years he has volunteered at the Santo Domingo. Throughout this experience he was exposed to how hard the ball players and young men. He really loved the leadership and the direction of the organization. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Ms. Kobolt: New Middle School Counselor Grace Green Middle School Staff Writer

Pembroke. She became interested in counseling in college

The Pembroke Hill School is thrilled to see how the new middle school counselor, Lindsay Kobolt, will contribute to the community. She has taken on the big job of preparing students for the ‘13-’14 year and has executed her

mind works”. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Missouri. Ms. Kobolt has a multi-dimensional understanding of childhood teacher at Berkley Child and Family Develop-

ment. Then, she became a counselor at Maple Park Middle School. Excited to start a counseling program for the Pembroke Hill Middle School, Mrs. Kobolt decided to leave Maple Park Middle School. She is thrilled to receive the opportunity to show the Pembroke Hill community what

14 middle school

New Advisory Activities Ellie Miller Middle School Staff Writer ad-vi-so-ry [ad-vahy-zuh-ree]

Grand Theft Auto V last night … at least, it used to be. utes of their day and sit around listening ences between Advisory this year and last year: (1) an additional ten minutes has been added to the middle school’s advisory time, and (2) contests are more frequent and there have been more activities for us -

out the middle school—some students are year while others are wishing for the old system. Lauren Washington ‘18 has similar

fun, but sometimes I just want to chill out I do like some of the activities because it’s more active and I think it would be cool if we could go to other advisories sometimes for a day.” The advisors really seem to enjoy Advisory this year. Middle School art teacher -

to Advisory,” says Mr. Guthrie, the new Megan Sabharwal ‘20, coming in to her the contests.” Her favorite so far has been

to interact.” -

Nathan Turtledove ‘19 says he enjoys fun, but the contests can sometimes be an-

Middle School students in advisory. Photo credit to Ellie Miller.

as with any other class.

Thoughts on the New Late Start Jillian Jetmore Middle School Staff Writer

however, has anything bad to say about the late start. Every other Wednesday, school does not begin until 9:45.

cannot arrive at this late time, the library or Commons is available just as any other day. why India Gaume ‘18 loves the late start every other week. fast with her friends at First Watch. Although coming late


of a challenging academic week.


Artist of the Issue: Jon Chu


Top Left: Chu throwing clay during ceramics class. Top Right: Chu’s Scholastic Silver Key piece. Bottom: Chu’s gold-key winning piece. Photo Credits to Connie Creek.

Shannon Fang and Taylor Stewart Contributors Jon Chu ‘14 is well known for his involvement in many activities at Pembroke, such as the Science Olympiad team, Math team, and cross country/track. One of his skills that may not be as well-known, however, is his prowess as a ceramicist. During his sophomore the impact it would have on him. He discovered how much he loved working with clay and says, “It was one of the best classes I’ve taken, and we all loved it so much that we often came in during our free periods to work on our projects.” Chu loved it so much that he continued to take Ceramics II his second semester of sophomore year. -

to shape and mold clay into (most commonly) bowls and plates. One of Chu’s favorite particular work received a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Along

with impressive artistic skill and future potential as successful artists. His current project, and crystalline appearance.

16 arts

Matt Burke

Danny Brown:Old When compared to most rappers, Danny Brown is somewhat of a late bloomer. Brown, after all, only recently received recognition two years ago at the age of 30, with the release of his critically acclaimed album, XXX. I can safely say this album is not only one of the best of the decade so far, but also one of my personal favorite rap albums. On his new album, Old, Brown continues to amaze. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, Brown

album; however, the party tracks come in at the end in-

exhausted by his fame. In “Clean it Up,” Brown even states that maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and and considers

provides the listener with a soothing experience with outstanding vocals from Charli XCL. The album as a whole is slightly less cohesive than XXX. However, this can be overlooked because of the album’s excellent production, which was handled mainly by producers SKYWLKR (who XXX), Paul White, A-Trak, Rustie, Oh No of rap group Gangrene (who recently helped with the score for Grand Theft Auto V), and

he uses his trademark high-pitched squawk to deliver

to take a break from his serious demeanor on Side A for its closer, “Red 2 Go,” which is possibly the most energetic song he’s ever recorded. “Red 2 Go” serves as a good transition into Side B of the album, in which he relapses into decadence. Side B is basically a long string of energetic club bangers, such as “Dip” and “Drinkin’ and Smokin’.”

perfect blend of stellar lyrics and outstanding production melds together to make what is possibly the best rap album I’ve heard all year. Danny Brown may be old, but the music he makes sounds refreshingly new. Highlights: “Side A (Old),” “The Return,” “Gremlins,” “Red 2 Go,” “Smokin’ and Drinkin’,” “Float On”

and bravado, which is essentially a parody of modern rap; and the other in which he uses his regular speaking voice to portray his inner turmoil as he relays disturbing incidents from his childhood growing up in Detroit during the worst period in its history. XXX perfectly presented tracks, while the second half ventures into darker territory beneath the surface. This dynamic is used again in his new

with “Old (Side A)” once again describes Brown’s childhood in Detroit and even more of the horrible incidents he was forced to witness (“Torture”). It also explores the

as this long string of party anthems becomes somewhat taxing after about the fourth song. However, the album’s closer, “Float On,” more than makes up for it. This track

Grade: A

Gravity Directed by Alfonso Cuarón Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Alfonso Cuarón is one of the best directors working today. Not only did he direct the absolutely fantastic Children of Men, which is one of my favorite movies, but the best in the series by a long stretch. With Gravity, he’s once again proven his skill for -

space in order to save themselves after from the explosion of a Russian satellite. The performances by Bullock and Clooney are both impressive, as they are the only two actors to physically appear onscreen and, therefore, must carry the entire movie. However, the acting and story are almost completely dwarfed by the fantastic by the movie’s amazing use of 3-D. The

action of the movie is only improved by the tense score and fantastic cinematography. Cuarón is known for his skill in constructing long, continuous shots that often move about and contain vast amounts of ning with mundane expositional dialogue ie is simply Bullock going from point A to

point B, boarding ships and being forced to leave in escape pod after escape pod, the movie never gets dull, as the movie only runs for a total of 90 minutes without being repetitive. Overall, this movie is an amazing and is worth watching. Don’t miss it. Grade: A

opinion 17

Paige Pepitone Managing Editor

Not that long ago, if someone asked me what I thought of when I heard the word “October,” I would’ve responded with “Halloween” or “fall.” However, this year the thing that comes to my mind as a high school junior is “PSAT.” The outcome of this year’s topic will junior, by taking the Practice SAT (PSAT), I’m entered into the National Merit Scholarship the students for recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program (and still fewer

standardized test-takers. In short, the PSAT was kind of important this year, especially given the high-achieving culture of Pembroke Hill. Many students stress themselves out over achieving a high score on these standardized tests, dedicating countless hours studying for said tests. Pem-

those who prepare for the tests diligently, utilizing every resource available, from free students standardized test preparation that focuses on both teaching students appropri-

schools, National Merit Scholars might be more anonymous. At Pembroke, however, the tight knit community fosters additional competitiveness, and because of close relationships with teachers and peers, some students feel the pressure to meet or surpass acaDavid Burke, Head of College Counseling, notes, “Not surprisingly, the students who invest the most time into test preparation do tend to be the ones who are most stressed out about their scores on those tests.” At some point, students may ask themselves, is it all worth it? Fred Hargadon, the longtime dean of admissions at both Princeton University and Stanparents) THINK they are, but they are more important than we (college admissions folks) SAY they are.”

18 opinion

What’s With All the Pumpkin? Megan She Assistant Editor Each year on October 1st, grocery stores,

Arianna Lane and Kathleen O’Keefe Managing Editors


off campus 19

39th street truly has something special

Ari & Kathleen Photo Credit to Arianna Lane.

whispers news blurbs about pembroke

adam starr, billy humphrey, dr. clothier, and mr. medlock… are ordained ministers with the universal life church.


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Head of Design

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corrine smith-winterscheidt... is one of the seventeen students on the International youth advisory board, which represents 17,000 youth volunteers in the u.s. and canada. elizabeth lacy and shaina desai... successfully auditioned into the all-district choir.

Columnists Business Manager

Assistant Business Manager

hannah adams...

Photography Editior

remains undefeated so far in their season. mr. diffendaffer... is having a baby with his wife, whom he met at his chanticleer audition. mr. schmidt... met his wife when she called him as a telemarketer trying to sell him something.

Read us online at:

mr. smith... is getting married this spring. pembroke debate team… had 3 out of 4 novices got top 7 in their events at a recent tournament is hosting a viewing of Young Frankenstein on November 15th in the quad; everyone is welcome. tristan threatt… is organizing a drive to collect gently used coats, jackets, and blankets for those in need this winter walter fromm... is a beekeeper; he produces and sells his own honey.



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