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Portfolio 2013-2014

All Scattered Up

April 28, 2014

BriAnne Chayer Journalism Advisor Paola High School

Cover Letter

The panther yearbook staff is a great opportunity to learn and practice skills that would be helpful in the future. I would love to be considered for a staffer position because I can positively contribute to the yearbook. My strength, experience, and bright ideas will be of much value. I would display my talents and abilities for this position.

I want to apply for this position so I can make a difference in the school yearbook. I would love the opportunity to share ideas and positively work together with others. This year on staff, with taking classes like Photoshop and InDesign I am comfortable navigating through these programs. I have many experiences with the camera and being able to capture and edit photos. I enjoy taking pictures, looking at other pictures and giving creative opinions to others. Alongside photography I grew a passion for design. I feel my creativity and open mind helps with a more creative and overall better looking yearbook. I have enclosed a resume for you to assess my qualifications and accomplishments. I feel that a personal interview will show more passion and quality for my love of yearbook. So I would appreciate the opportunity meeting with you. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope I hear from you soon.

Objective: To obtain experience and develop skills by becoming a part of the yearbook staff Education: Completed three years of Paola high school, Graduation Date: May 17th 2014 GPA: 2.5

Honors-Awards: The Panther Team On Top of It Most Awesome Headline Best Spread Design References: Leslie Windler, Current employer at Kreative Korner Daycare Jacci Hayes, Current employer for babysitting



Self-Analytical I have always been attached to my camera. I always snapped pictures and when I showed them to my family they always said what an amazing job I did and that’s what my profession should be. So when I saw an opening to join in yearbook I took it for the photography. I then realized that was not what journalism was all about. I mainly wrote stories and got interviews. My communication skills weren’t so well in the beginning. I felt like nobody wanted me in the class. I slowly started talking more and it got a lot easier. It even helped out of class when I was in the spring play. I get the feeling nobody wants me in that class still but it helped a lot with communication skills. When the deadlines came up I didn’t have a camera, or I got caught up with everything else so I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures. The ones I did take didn’t show my actual passion for the camera. Because I snapped a picture to get credit. The biggest thing that I learned would be that time management is the number one priority to be able to get everything done. First semester I was going to school every day from seven thirty to three ten, work at three thirty and got off at six. I was exhausted all the time I get home at six and crash. I spend that time to myself when I could. Second semester didn’t get any easier. The same thing over again go to school, work till six and come home. That’s not including my mom has been in and out of the hospital this whole semester. That stress on me worrying about my mom I couldn’t focus on any schooling.

Reflection #1 My most significant pieces of work would be title names. Whenever I heard a coworker was in need of a headline I jumped on ideas and clues to help them out. I have made names like “All Made up” Meet one…” and “Together we can.” It was mostly easy to figure out headlines. I looked at my surroundings and use my environmental resources. Meet one ended up being a huge hit and many spreads used that secondary coverage. I first used “Meet one…” on the art spread for this year. We made it meet one artist and talked about how they felt about their biggest project. I loved how all the “Meet one…” secondary coverage’s worked out. I won most awesome headline for “All made up.” I felt really good after I told my coworkers the title and they were speechless and all loved the headline. The spread was about girls having to hide behind makeup or a mask to be beautiful. Together we can wasn’t one of my bigger pieces of work it was for the mentorship spread and the staff working on the spread made up the subhead for it. To figure the headline for this spread I just looked at a poster around the journalism room and found “Together we can.”

Reflection 2 This was one I consider as the ones that need the most work. They are not horrible. All the spreads look wonderful. This first spread I just dont seem to keen on the color. The spread did not turn out at all like I thought it would. Actually this was a spread I worked on and could not even recognize anything I helped with on it. The second spread just looks really rushed. It turned out good with the exception it would be better if it was not black and white. The pictures would have came out better.


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Favorite Photos

This was more of a desperate shot. I went into the art room during seminar to get pictures of projects students were doing at the time. When we needed more pictures of people doing something with art. I like the pile of paint pans in the distance and Tiffany Wolverton is more in focus. They were cleaning the paint pans from class the hour before. J:\Pictures 2013-2014\Art\Amber Brasket 1-14-14 Seminar

I like how this turned out it turned out being a good movie photo. This one used more rule of thirds. This was a black in white spread but it still looked better as black in white then color. J:\2014 Panther\Staff Folders\Amber Brasket\Movies\Pictures

I was proud of this picture. They were the main focus of the picture and the background is blurred. My camera shoot that day was not going very well. I borrowed a camera from a classmate and they only had a long lense. Not including the other times I tried this photo shoot and the camera was dead the day of my shoot. I also like the memories I am going to have with this picture and being able to work with these two kids. They wanted more pictures of PHS students helping the mentorship kids. The mentorship spread and pictures turned out good overall. J:\Pictures 2013-2014\Mentorship\Amber_11-6_Mrs.Nash

Reflection four

I believe that I was a valuable asset to the staff through my creativity. Being able to come up with creative headlines and secondary coverage titles made it easier for other staff. Many struggle with coming up with headlines and I come up with many ideas for every spread. They might not always work but four of them did. Two headlines and two secondary; All Made Up, Together We Can; Meet One.., Four Perspectives. Another asset was that I cared so much about the book that there was no way the supplement or the index would be cut out of it. This is my senior year. Graduation and prom were my biggest memorable moments and it would not be in my senior yearbook. The supplement must happen. We even had problems with the index this year. I made sure I did my part in making sure the names on my assigned spreads were in the index.

Reflection five

My biggest hardship this year for me was motivation. The biggest thing that I learned would be that time management is the number one priority to be able to get everything done. It’s the last semester of my senior year and only ten days left. I lost every motivation to do anything. I am ready for summer. That’s not what lost my motivation my whole time and energy went to driving to the hospital after school and work to see my mom after multiple surgeries. I never had that motivation to get anything done and couldn’t focus on anything with mom being in the hospital. Long term assignments I procrastinated on or wasn’t able to get done. I am not going to blame this on mom for having surgeries and putting any stress on me. I put it on myself. I never give myself a break and my body will literally shut down and I will become very sick. I even had surgery of my own this year. I want to relive my senior year over. I am ready to see what life will bring after school and yearbook made me able to manage my time a lot better.

Reflection six I think I achieved my goals quite well. I started talking up to the other staff on my spreads and helped alot more. In the beginning I didnt talk to anyone and felt bossed around. I now understand that yearbook was one big stressful and fun place that things need to get done and if we work together it gets done faster and easier. My other goal was to keep up with making cool spread titles and ideas and i have achieved that multiple times. I made up many secondary ideas and came up with multiple spread names for people. They may not always work but they helped alot. i was a big part of yearbook and lots of help.

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Photo of the year I liked these two photos. They showed reality against a students life during school classes. Facial expressions give the nobody cares look . Reed starring off to space shows paying attention in class. The first one was during science class and we had to right a report over something we loved doing. The reality against after you make creative art you pick up the mess afterwards. Even when you mess up you have a chance to clean up your mess and make it better. This one was the only one published. This was for the art spread and it was good to think beyond people making the art.

Amber Brasket  
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