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Parsippany High School Issue 8, March


The Keynote Issue 8, March

What’s Inside… Editor’s Note –1 President’s Note - 2 ELIMINATE Progress - 3 New Officers/Canning - 4 Eliminate Games - 5, 10 Contests - 6 DCON - 7 Day Of Silence - 8 Class Projects/VBM - 9 ICON Promo - 11 Contact Info - 12


ditor’s Note Hey Key Clubbers, So it’s that time of year again! It’s almost time for a new board to take over the running of this amazing club. It’s time to start saying goodbye to our senior officers and start acquainting ourselves with the new incoming officers. It’s time to wrap up projects and prepare for new bigger and better ones. It’s time to prep ourselves for DCON and the end of yet another service year. I have one word to say to you all. Wow. Time really has flown by. I’ve had a blast serving as club editor this


year whether it was making this newsletter for you all on a monthly basis, or attending each of the events held by our club as well as several divisional ones. The most fun I’ve had this year was knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of others. Keep serving and remember the importance of Key Club! Your Editor, Aleena Kazmi

The Keynote Issue 8, March

Hey Key Clubbers, It is such a bittersweet moment to be writing the last President’s message. However, as the new service year comes up, I’m very happy to introduce a new group of officers that will be just as outstanding as the last. We still have a lot of fun events coming up, so keep up your hard work because people really do appreciate your acts of kindness even though you may not remember it. Hopefully Key Club has instilled values that will last a lifetime and has changed you as it has changed me. We can’t stress it enough: thank you for your dedication. Christina Hum PHS Key Club President 2012-2013


The Keynote Issue 8, March

KEY CLUB PROGRESS Keep up the good work guys! In recent months, we’ve managed to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus from Cameroon, China, East Timor, and Tanzania! Wow guys, this is great progress! Let’s keep the ball rolling!

60,000 The number of babies that die each year from MNT


The Keynote Issue 8, March

CONGRATS! On the 26th of this past month, elections were held to determine your officers for the upcoming service year. Get acquainted with the people below because they will be your Key Club lifelines next year! Don’t worry though, they’ll be trained by their current counterparts in the upcoming weeks!

President Vice President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Editor Webmaster Historian

Jasmine Jean Amar Kakirde Toobah Wali Elizabeth Tu Raphael Sevilla Prachi Gupta Samuel Wu Spencer Chen Rianna Gran


On the 16th and 17th of February, several of our clubs members braved the cold to stand outside of Pathmark and Shoprite and raise money for the Eliminate Project. A big thank you to everyone that participated! We raised a whopping $715.78 and saved almost 400 lives! Good job guys and keep up the good work! 4

The Keynote Issue 8, March

THE ELIMINATE GAMES On February 15th, the Key Clubs from Divisions 19, 20, and 21 gathered at Parsippany Hills High School to find a champion from each of the respective areas. After participating in challenges ranging from stacking apples and cups to finding balls on the ground while blindfolded, only one participant reigned champion. Congrats to President Christina Hum for proving to be a worthy tribute and best of luck when you move onto the district level!


Come out to support Christina as she faces the tributes from each of the 22 other divisions of New Jersey. Each ticket costs five dollars and each attendant from our division buys Christina some extra time! For every 7 people that purchase a ticket, Christina will be granted the ability to use their seconds to reduce their time at an individual challenge. If you want to support Christina but cannot attend, just purchase a ticket and gain her some extra seconds!

The Keynote Issue 8, March

DCON Contests Want to get recognized for all of your hard work this service year? Enter in one of the following contests! Some of these contests don’t require you to be present at DCON so anyone can participate!

CONTESTS: Prejudged (Due March 15th) - Club Website - Club Bulletin At DCON (April 5th) - Talent (attendance required) - Traditional Scrapbook - Non-traditional Scrapbook - Digital Poster - Non-digital Poster - Video - Impromptu Essay (attendance required) - Oratorical Contest (attendance required) If you want to participate and you haven’t already signed up already, just let myself or Jasmine Jean know!


The Keynote Issue 8, March




The Keynote Issue 8, March


The Keynote Issue 8, March

Class Projects

At this point, Class Projects should be well underway so if you’re not sure what’s going on, make sure you get in contact with your directors! Good job for those of you that are done, but pay attention to the announcements and club meetings for any more news regarding projects! Freshmen: Anne Cheng Sophomores: Sam Wu Juniors: Prachi Gupta Seniors: Angela Arcinas

Volleyball Marathon On February 22nd, Montville Key Club hosted its largest fundraiser for the year: the 32nd annual Volleyball Marathon. There were over a hundred teams of 6-10 players and 3 of which consisted of all Parsippany High School students. The event filled the two basketball gyms so that every team could play three games with the top 32 teams moving on in the tournament. Par High was well represented with one team making it to the quarterfinals and another making it to the semifinals. Just about anyone who was there would agree that the event was a ton of fun. With a myriad of teams, a DJ, and a drummer, the


marathon was full of entertainment. The event was incredibly well-run and a huge success having raised about $8,300 for the ELIMINATE project! Congratulations to Montville for a job well done. A big thanks to all of the Parsippany students that participated or attended! You all helped and made an impact! - Shakti Gurikar, Club Treasurer

The Keynote Issue 8, March

$5 Where: Piscataway High School

When: March 16th, 2:00 PM


The Keynote Issue 8, March


This year’s International Convention will be held in Washington D.C. from July 1st to July 8th. The actual Convention will be from the 2nd to the 7th, but the New Jersey group will be driving down on the 1st!

Also during this week in DC, you’ll be able to observe the elections of the international board, including the International President, International Vice President, and the 11 International Trustees.

International Convention is a chance for Key Clubbers to meet service loving people just like them, learn about the organization that we all dedicate countless hours to!

If you’re interested, pay attention to any updates on deadlines, contact your officers, and make sure you get all necessary information!

The Keynote Issue 8, March

CONTACT INFO Officers: President Christina Hum Vice President Christine Yuan Vice President Alice Zhou Recording Secretary Julia Hong Corresponding Secretary Toobah Wali Treasurer Shakti Gurikar Webmaster Amar Kakirde Historian Jasmine Jean Editor Aleena Kazmi Our Website: Facebook Page: New Jersey District Key Club: Kiwanis of Greater Parsippany: 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 371-875-8755 US AND CANADA: 800—KIWANIS 12


The Keynote Issue 8  

Hey guys! So this is my latest and final issue of the Keynote! It's been an amazing year serving as your club editor, and I hope you all enj...