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THE KEYNOTE 2012-2013 School Year!


Parsippany High School Issue 3, September 2012

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Fellow Key Clubbers, For those of you that have been in the club before, welcome back! I hope you’re all looking forward to a new and exciting year full of service, because I know I am! I hope all of you new members out there are just as pumped and excited at the old members because guess what, you’re in Key Club! Here, you’ll create some of the best memories, gain great insights about life, and learn what it really feels like to help someone. The 2012-2013 service year has already begun, and now its you’re duty as Key Clubbers to make yourselves a part of it! Join in on the action, and make sure not to miss out on a year of thrill and service. - Your Editor, Aleena Kazmi

Officers So, for those of you that are new to this club or don’t really know the officers well enough, here’s a chance to get to know why they joined Key Club, why they love it, as well as a random fact about them! President: Christina Hum Hi, I’m Christina! I’m a senior, and I’m very happy to be your president. Key Club is a great way to meet others and to develop character, and people really do appreciate your acts of kindness even though you may not remember it. However, Key Club is more than just a club- it’s more of a lifestyle. You will learn lessons that you can take with you even after high school. Hopefully Key Club will change you as it has changed me. Thank you for your dedication. :) On a side note, I like to burst out into song whenever someone uses words that are also song lyrics.

VP: Alice Zhou I’m Alice, a senior and one of your VP’s. I joined Key Club because it’s a great way to meet new people while helping the community. Also, I love kpop and traveling.

VP: Christine Yuan Hey there, I’m Christine, a senior and one of your VP’s. Key Club is awesome because not only can you give back to the community, but you can also have fun with your friends and build leadership skills at the same time. In fact, I sell custom shoes and donate proceeds to Key Club fundraisers. Recording Secretary: Julia Hong

Hi, I’m Julia. I’m a senior and your recording secretary. An interesting fact about me is that I was eating grapes while writing this. Some of my hobbies are singing and improvising on piano. For me, Key Club is a community within itself. You’ll make lots of friends and unforgettable memories, all while helping out people in need and giving back through acts of kindness. Corresponding Secretary: Toobah Wali Hi, I’m Toobah! I’m a junior and your corresponding secretary. I love Key Club because it’s a lot of fun while helping others through community service. It’s also a great way to make new friends and become a better leader. Interestingly, I’m a bookworm and I love to bake. Thank you for joining Key Club and I hope you enjoy this service year! Treaserur: Shakti Gurikar Hey PHS Key Club, I'm Shakti (or Shak if you prefer) and I am your Treasurer. Key Club is the best volunteering club because it helps the community and reaches out to help those in foreign countries (for example through the eliminate project). In Key Club you will forge friendships with students in our school and other schools too.

Officers Continued! (bear with me, there’s a lot of us!) Webmaster: Amar Kakirde Hi, my name is Amar Kakirde, your webmaster. My favorite subject is history and I enjoy programming and reading. I also feel you should know that I have an intense love for moustaches and that mine grows red and brown. Enough about me; let me tell you about why Key Club is awesome. There is a certain wonder that one achieves when helping people. If you don’t believe me, look into someone’s face when we go to Relay for Life, or any of our other service events. There is a reciprocal gratitude that can only be felt in service and there is only one place you can feel it best: Key Club. Historian: Jasmine Jean Well hello! I'm Jasmine! I'm a junior and your historian! I joined Key Club because its a great way to have fun and make friends and help the community at the same time. Not only that, it also helps with becoming a better person through volunteering and realizing that what you're doing is helping someone in need. I hope you enjoy Key Club this year as much as I do! Also, the only things I look forward to in life are Key Club, Disney, food, and cats.

Editor: Aleena Kazmi Hey guys! I’m your editor, Aleena. Key Club has been such an amazing experience for me this past year. After seeing the impact of what we do throughout one year, it makes it that much more worthwhile to serve our town and people. Key Club is an organization where you can have fun, do work, and feel better about yourself all at the same time. I really hope that all of you new members (old members too!) feel the same way throughout the year! “Fun” fact about myself: I’ve lived in three different continents throughout my life.


ICON: July 2-July 8 Here’s a message from Angela, who actually went this past year! Hey PHS Key club! This past July I had the pleasure of attending ICON 2012 in Orlando, Florida! For all of you that don’t know what ICON is, it’s Key Club International’s International Convention, a huge gathering of over 1,000 spirited Key Clubbers from all over the world- from Canada to Jamaica! So, you might be wondering what the purpose of such a gathering is. The main purpose of ICON is to elect the international board that will be in charge of the international affairs of this awesome organization. ICON, like DCON or District Convention, is the place where members can run for international positions such as International President, International Vice President, or a place as one of the 11 International Trustees. During an intense House of Delegates, these international positions were filled and amendments to the rules that Key Club is run were made. But ICON isn’t all just business—it was also a ton of fun! While there, I made many friends from other districts such as the California-Nevada-Hawaii and Pacific Northwest districts. We danced together at a benefit dance for the eliMiNaTe project, attended informational workshops, and spent time in the Disney parks together. ICON was the perfect opportunity to create international friendships and learn how Key Club works on an international level. Overall, though it was a ton of fun, ICON was also quite a bit of business. It was an amazing experience that resulted in a ton of new friendships. Everyone in the Par High Key Club should definitely consider going to ICON 2013 in Washington, DC! - ANGELA ARCINAS

Recap Continued‌

Fall Rally! October 7th, Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey gathered in Six Flags to commence the new school year, bring Key Club back into order, and just have fun!

Applebee’s Fundraiser

September 30th

Our Key Club went Applebee’s at 7 in the morning (so early!) to go and serve the Rockaway Meadow Elementary School PTA breakfast. While it wasn’t an actual Key Club event, it shows that our Key Club is about helping the world as well as those around us in our community! Hats off to those that went! CSH Volunteering!

September 30th Also on the same day, another group of Key Clubbers went to the Children’s Specialized Hospital around 11 to take care of the children, clean up the hospital, and help out all around the hospital. The officers would like to thank anyone that went to help out! Your service was greatly appreciated!

UPCOMING EVENTS Halloween at the High—

Due to the recent setbacks from Hurricane Sandy, Halloween at the High has been postponed until a further date (to be determined). When it is announced however, make sure to be there with the committee you signed up for! Let’s make this Halloween a memorable night as well as a safe place for all the little kids.

Movie Night-

Keep in mind that movie night will be coming up soon! Make sure to tell your friends to come and enjoy a new movie and snacks, as well as a chance to win the movie we watch!

CONTACT INFO Officers: President Christina Hum Vice President Christine Yuan Vice President Alice Zhou Recording Secretary Julia Hong Corresponding Secretary Toobah Wali Treasurer Shakti Gurikar Webmaster Amar Kakirde Historian Jasmine Chen Editor Aleena Kazmi Our Website: Facebook Page: Tumblr Page: New Jersey District Key Club: Kiwanis of Greater Parsippany : 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 371-875-8755 US AND CANADA: 800—KIWANIS

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