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I chose a verse from the song “Teach Me” by Musiq Soulchild. In the song, there is sympathized mind of a man who broke his heart by his love. I especially liked “I was told the true definition of a man was to never cry. Work till you tired. Got to provide”. It feels the singer is concentrating his sad feelings those cannot be cure. The story of the song is about a guy’s lost feeling of love, and he wants to find ways how to love correctly to not feel those kinds of pain again. The guy leaves a journey to forget the past and to learn how to love. The theme of pictures is solitude of the man. The first picture shows, the beginning of the journey. He left to a big city to see people’s busy lives. He does not want to earn many rewards from the journey; he just wants to see speedy life of a big city. That is all. In the late fall or early winter, the cold weather makes him to feel that he is alive. The aesthetic setting of the picture was showing tall buildings and night scenery of a big city through a harbor. The dark atmosphere exists even though there are many lights, because the guy can concentrate more on his solitude in the evening. The second picture shows, the guy in a church. To the guy, the church is not a place for hope, not a place for pray. He just wants to ask somebody how he can love anyone else. The aesthetic setting of this picture is a love sign from the windows. With shadows, the two windows show a love mark and the guy is standing between those two windows.

The third picture shows, the city scenery of the day after he fell










picture is to show there is no light, and there are no people on the street. He left alone again in the morning. The fourth picture shows a park. It is gloomy day but there are many people who look happy. They may or may not have experience of pain in love, but they look happy now. This emotion makes him to feel that he should be happy again. The picture shows a couple in front of him in a park. In day or night, there are happy people, and he wants her to be one of them. The last picture shows inside of the church. There is no one. The second day of journey, he left the city and the night has come again. The dark setting with lights was on purpose to show the loneliness emotion. In nights, he thinks of her. In daytimes, he thinks of himself. The chronological development of emotion shows a man’s recollection of love and shows a man’s wants. His want is her happiness. Overall, the gloomy and the dark settings were on purpose to show a man’s solitude. And the big city sceneries were chosen to show how the







highlight of these aesthetic settings.






Teach Me by Musiq Soulchild I was told the true definition of a man was to never cry Work till you tired. Got to provide. Always be the rock for my fam, protect them by all means.

Teach me how to love Show me the way to surrender my heart, girl I am so lost Teach me how to love How I can get my emotions involved

Mid-term project  

A guy's love and pain.