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Mike comes into a church. It still raining outside but a guy who is in a poncho seems does not care about the weather. Mike falls to his knees and starts to pray. Agent K who is in a black suit listens to his pray behind a wall. Mike does not know. Agent K reports about Mike through the phone to Oracle.

MIKE Dear God, I am trying to remind all of my sins. But honestly, it is not so easy for me to remind all the sins that I made. Fortunately, I clearly remember the night I went out to Manhattan. Also, I know the evenrything has begun at the moment.

AGENT K Oracle, he is in the church now. I will tell you after he leaves.





Mike knows who he is. His mutanted ability is going to encroach his body soon.

AGENT K Fortunately, he doesn’t seem that he knows about what his final ability is.

ORACLE Isn’t it better for him? He may become a world peace itself.

AGENT K What should I do from now on?

ORACLE Don’t chase him for tomorrow. The pain that he receiving is not easy already. Let’s allow him to take a rest.

AGENT K Yes, ma’am.

STACY (With screaming) What did you do to my husband? What have you done?


Stop. Your attitude will not change any particular situation.

STACY (Starts to shiver) Mike knows my missing is his fault. But the truth is…you did. Let me go. And set Mike free. We will quite. I promise.

ORACLE It’s too late to get him back. It is not so bad. You will see. I am not a bad person. Unfortuantely, we had to picked him as a collateral damage, but he will worth a great honor. STACY What will you do?

AGENT K It’s not your business.

ORACLE Don’t hurry. You will see.

STACY (Cry) Oh. GOD.


EXT. In the middle of New York City - DAY


Mike (Narration) Damn, I need some sleep. If I keep this life more than a week, I would die. The confusion is just confusion. If I try to consider that is not confusion, then it would not be confusion anymore. Damn, I hope it to be easy just like that. Suddenly, Mike fall on the ground and stopped moving.


Ext. In The Dark Office -NIGHT


Oracle (On the phone) Already? The time came upon sooner than I expected. I see. You remember the protocol. Bring him to me. The great project is going to be started soon.

Confusion (revised)  
Confusion (revised)  

A movie script.