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Who we are

Our Team Providing a reliable and consistent service to our clients is our number one priority. To do so requires an experienced and dedicated team, on hand to ensure smooth handling of your business waste. Our extensively trained team proactively manage our clients’ accounts, working hard to develop excellent working relationships with those businesses. We understand the need to have your waste managed with the minimum disruption to your business activities, which is why you can rely on the experience of PHS Wastetech to responsibly handle your waste disposal needs.

Our Service With a network of strategically located depots across the UK, PHS Wastetech provides a national waste collection and disposal service, with speedy local response. We consistently achieve a 99% service rate, because no matter what obstacles our service team may come across, they will always look for a way to make the collection, on time. In return for a reliable and consistent service, we offer flexible and transparent contracts, with fixed priced, long term contracts available.

Our Fleet No matter what size or type of business, we have a range of waste management solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you have just a few sacks of general waste to dispose of, or several wheelie bins, or are simply looking for a one off bulk waste collection, our diverse range of bins and waste collection vehicles provide a flexible and cost effective solution. Our fleet consists of Rear End Loaders (RELs) for sack and wheelie bin collection, Front End Loaders (FELs) for large bin servicing, Roll On Roll Off trucks (RoRo) for bulk waste collections and Skips for one off clearances. This is in addition to our range of wheelie bins for rental and waste sacks.

What we do Commercial Waste Disposal It’s becoming increasingly important to businesses and organisations to have a waste management provider they can rely on, ensuring compliance with current waste management legislation, avoiding hefty fines for incorrect waste management practices.

PHS Wastetech will help you to find the right service for your business needs, that is not only cost effective, but also environmentally responsible. We will work with you to develop a system, whether it be for sack collection or wheelie bin rental, skip hire or bulk waste services.

Mixed Recycling Since the introduction of the new Waste Regulations in 2011, requiring businesses to apply the waste hierarchy when looking to dispose of waste, mixed recycling has become a key way to achieve compliance. As well as contributing to your CSR and ISO 14001 objectives, introducing a recycling scheme could

also save you money on your waste disposal costs by reducing reliance on costly Landfill. At PHS we collect and recycle a wide variety of materials commonly used in offices and commercial premises such as paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass.

Food Waste Disposal We waste 15 million tonnes of food every year in the UK, much of which can be diverted from landfill and recycled into high quality compost for fertiliser.

industry, we’ve developed a new service aimed at helping our customers reduce their environmental impact, by collecting and composting their food waste via the process of anaerobic digestion.

Having gained many years experience in the waste disposal

Cooking Oil Disposal Hotels, restaurants and pubs, and other business premises with catering facilities who are looking to dispose of their used cooking oil must source a compliant and environmentally responsible disposal service.

Under current UK waste regulations, used cooking oils from commercial sites must not be disposed of with the general waste. They should be kept in a suitable container, separate from the general waste stream, and collected by a waste carrier, such as PHS Wastetech who will responsibly dispose of the oil at a registered site.

Tailored Solutions


Front End

Waste Sacks


46cm x 38cm x 99cm Approximate 60 litre capacity

4.6 m3 (6 cu yd) 2.00 m H x 1.87 m W x 1.69 m L 6.1 m3 (8 cu yd) 2.45 m H x 1.87 m W x 1.89 m L 7.6 m3 (10 cu yd) 2.45 m H x 1.87 m W x 2.36 m L


Rear End



240 Litre Eurobin (plastic) 1.07m H x 0.58m W x 0.72m D Holds 3-5 Regular Bin Liners

4.6 m3 (6 cu yd) 1.34m H x 1.81m W x 3.25m L

360 Litre Eurobin (plastic) 1.11m H x 1.37m W x 0.86m D Holds 5-7 Regular Bin Liners 660 Litre Eurobin (plastic) 1.31m H x 1.37m W x 0.79m D Holds 10-12 Regular Bin Liners

6.1 m3 (8 cu yd) 1.41m H x 1.81m W x 3.25m L 7.6 m3 (10 cu yd) 1.50m H x 1.81m W x 3.84m L 9.2 m3 (12 cu yd) 1.77m H x 1.81m W x 3.84m L

1000 Litre Eurobin (plastic) 1.32m H x 1.21m W x 1.09m D Holds 15-20 Regular Bin Liners

10.7m3 (14 cu yd) 1.85m H x 1.81m W x 4.15m L


Roll on

3 m3 (4 cu yd) 0.75m H x 1.80m W x 2.59m L 4.6 m3 (6 cu yd) 1.00m H x 1.80m W x 3.26m L 6.1 m3 (8 cu yd) 1.30m H x 1.80m W x 3.26m L 9.2 m3 (12 cu yd) 1.70m H x 1.80m W x 3.84m L 10.7 m3 (14 cu yd) 1.80m H x 1.80m W x 4.10m L 12.2 m3 (16 cu yd) 2.00m H x 1.80m W x 4.30m L

12.2 m3 (16 cu yd) 1.85m H x 1.81m W x 4.64m L

Roll off 15.3 m3 (20 cu yd) 1.22m H x 2.23m W x 6.07m L 19.9 m3 (26 cu yd) 1.80m H x 2.23m W x 6.07m L 26.8 m3 (35 cu yd) 2.39m H x 2.23m W x 6.07m L 30.6 m3 (40 cu yd) 2.69m H x 2.23m W x 6.07m L

Why PHS Wastetech?

Excellent service levels Consistently and reliably providing customers with a 99% service level.

Well trained and helpful staff An extensive training programme to develop staff into the best they can be.

Nationwide coverage, local response Speedy and reliable servicing from knowledgeable, local staff.

Flexible and transparent contracts Be assured you will receive a cost effective service.

Fixed price contracts available Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing what to expect, and when. No surprises.

Zero to Landfill by 2013 By 2013 we aim to divert all wastes from landfill, using responsible alternative disposal routes.

Our Environment We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible, and as such have implemented robust environmental targets. We plan to continue diverting waste away from a reliance on landfill, and aim to be “zero to landfill� by 2013, by developing our Energy from Waste (EfW) disposal route for general waste. We will always work with our clients to provide the most environmentally responsible service available.

proud to be supporting

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