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Recordsmanagement at your fingertips, not under your feet. PHS Recordsmanagement has been established to fulfil the market need for a specialist national document storage service that can deliver fast and consistent access to any archived information.

Storage to suit you

Easily accessed

Staying compliant

We offer a range of storage solutions for companies needs, our storage service caters for your archive boxes, company files and business documents safely and securely allowing you instant access.

We have multiple storage facilities located at strategic points throughout the UK so there will always be one which is convenient for your business. Every box and file is bar coded and indexed, giving you complete peace of mind in our capability to provide you with 24 hour access to your information.

PHS Recordsmanagement works in partnership ensuring you remain compliant in the eyes of your regulator and the law as well as being cost efficient. Our experienced staff have an in depth understanding of the issues facing different industries, enabling us to help you maximise the potential of your information assets while at the same time reducing costs and eliminating risk.

PHS Recordsmanagement also provide deep storage options for archive material which only requires occasional access.

Tell us what you need

Request document storage

Stored safe & sound

Dispatch documents securely

Get in touch via our website or call us and we will arrange for one of our experienced team members to go through the process with you.

We will arrange to collect your documents. Our team barcode and scan your boxes on arrival and take electronic signatures to confirm receipt.

Your information assets are placed in our storage facilities, all assets are scanned at multiple points maintaining the audit trail at all times.

Simply make a request via our encrypted portal with your unique username and password. Your documents will be delivered in as little as 2 hours.

T: 0800 970 4871

Vaulted Storage Vaulted Storage

For high value documents, computer back up and media tapes requiring enhanced levels of security.

Our vault facilities are designed for computer back-up tapes, media tapes, disks, CDs and DVDs. We provide a scheduled service tailored around your needs to provide you with a secure data back-up retrieval plan, to protect your business and mitigate the risk of data loss. By maintaining the appropriate environmental conditions for long-term storage we can ensure its readability and integrity. Every business, large or small, has valuable documents and media which it needs to store in a safe and secure way. This may be in the form of tapes, wills, deeds or agreements which are proof of title to shares, land or assets. Irrespective of the nature of the information and the media it is contained on, it simply must be kept safe.

T: 0800 970 4871

We offer a service that not only stores this material safe from fire, theft and flood, but also transports it in the correct packaging, ensuring that it is not damaged or corrupted.

Our vault storage facilities are built and maintained to exacting standards and benefit from the following features:

Clients who use this vault service typically include those storing tape rotations. For those clients, we also offer a scheduled collection service which means that there is no delay getting mission critical RPO (recovery point objective) data off site.

•Gaseous fire suppression system.

In the event that the unforeseen should happen there is a 24/7 delivery service with a maximum response time of 2 hours so that you need never be down longer than is absolutely necessary.


•Minimum 4 hour fire integrity rated.

•VESDA fire detection and temperature and humidity controlled environment. •Coded door access points.

Security Security SECURITY

PHS Recordsmanagement invest heavily in protecting and securing your company’s critical information.

Our nationwide storage facilities: • VESDA. •2  4/7 remotely monitored CCTV and intruder systems.

All our vehicles are fitted with GPS asset tracking, which means we know where your records are at all times whilst in our custody. This also improves the security and our response times for emergency requests.

Data Protection As part of our commitment to meeting our regulatory requirements PHS Recordsmanagement is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 as both a Data Controller and Data Processor.

Authorised Personnel •S  trictly no public or unauthorised access. • Staff vetting.

Customers can only retrieve records if they are requested by an authorised member of staff. These designated members of staff can be changed at any time simply by re-advising us of your list of authorised personnel. Any request we receive from staff who are not an authorised signatory will be declined and the request referred to the clients Records Manager for clarification.

Were you aware that, under Data Protection legislation, all company directors are personally liable for the safekeeping and secure destruction of all documents and data which identify living individuals? As part of Recordsmanagement’s extensive consultancy services, we can provide you with the advice you need to ensure that the regulatory demands of your specific industry are met. We can also provide invaluable guidance in respect of retention scheduling and best practice in records management.

T: 0800 970 4871


Some documents contain information which is so valuable that their loss could threaten business continuity, result in litigation and damage the reputation of a company.

To prevent this the simplest way is to make a copy – we will scan the documents on your behalf and host the electronic copies on our secure, off site data storage system while retaining the originals. Alternatively, if you simply need to retrieve information from your paper archive quickly, you can use our scan on demand service. All you need to do is tell us which document you need and we will retrieve it, scan it and post it to a secure location on either your server or ours. You will then have access to it in a matter of moments using a username and password from your desktop. This is ideal for inexpensive, regular access to records and it reduces your carbon footprint. PHS Recordsmanagement has a dedicated scanning division. Centrally located in Coventry our scanning facility uses Kodak equipment and production software as well as Alchemy, a world leading software package in the field of document management. The services we offer our clients fully compliment our range of hard copy storage services and include the following.

•B  ureau scanning services, allowing clients to selectively scan key documents to either local, hosted or cloud based document management systems. (DMS) • Digitisation of microform (microfilm, microfiche), allowing customers to move valuable historic data from ageing, unstable media to easily accessible electronic formats • Large format scanning, for example architects plans or technical drawings • Scan on demand from legacy archives with delivery through secure email or hosted systems • F orms processing and data capture solutions which allow organisations to extract information in volume from paper based document such as account application forms, customer surveys, invoices or time sheets •O  ur capabilities allow customers data to be converted from native formats into commonly used and interchangeable formats used by other programmes PHS Recordsmanagement imaging capabilities offer our clients extensive access to digital solutions and our consultative approach to problem solving ensures that they receive best value in every instance.

T: 0800 970 4871

Confidential Destruction Confidential Destruction

PHS Recordsmanagement offers a complete cradle to grave service with security at every stage. With the increase in the number of privacy and information disposal laws, secure, permanent destruction of sensitive information is a constant business imperative.

One single instance of unauthorised access to personal or confidential information could have far reaching consequences for a business including damage to its brand and reputation, hefty fines, loss of market share and erosion of customer trust. PHS Recordsmanagment takes a responsible approach and issue annual reports to alert you to those records which are due for review.

Destruction Process •PHS Recordsmanagement adopts a proactive approach. •We notify clients with a monthly, quarterly or annual report on all boxes due for destruction. •Records are then signed off and authorised for destruction. •Confidentially cross shredded, pulped and recycled. •Certificate of destruction issued. •We use PHS Datashred, our sister division who are accredited with BS EN 15713:2009 security shredding standard. •We meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

T: 0800 970 4871

Data tapes, DVD’s and other media pose potential threats in terms of information leakage if not securely destroyed. The digital media and information contained on them accumulates and becomes what many businesses try to avoid: a security risk that no one realises exists. With PHS Recordsmanagement you can be 100% sure your digital media has been permanently destroyed and can never be recovered.

Online Access Online Access

Pinpoint is our web based, bespoke, computer system, which delivers a flexible document management program to our clients.

PHS Recordsmanagement’s encrypted web access portal was designed with our customer’s needs in mind. It offers secure and intuitive access to your inventory allowing you to identify the information you need and request it with the minimum amount of fuss.

Our online customer portal:

Each of our customers are issued with a unique user name and password allowing access to the system. Once logged in, and based on the permissions and rights they are given by their managers, they are granted “hands on” management of their account, with a multi search criteria function for ease of use, ensuring the smooth running of their data storage programme with us. 

•Order consumables such as archive boxes.

T: 0800 970 4871

•Real time, online access to your account. •Inventory and destruction reports. •Opt for email invoicing.

•View complete box and file audit trails. Our data centre is located in the UK with access restricted to key IT staff via programmable fobs. The data diversity and resilience includes mass storage devices with high levels of redundancy, 24 hour support, multi servers and replication of data to a disaster recovery site and offsite daily backups. The environmental controls in place are humidity, moisture, temperature, VESDA and air conditioning.

Case Study Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd CASE STUDY

“It was felt that PHS Recordsmanagment demonstrated a level of professionalism not seen in other suppliers” David Jones, Executive Design Engineer

The Brief Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd faced many challenges after making the tough decision to move some operations away from its TV Design Centre in South Wales. The company had created over a decade’s worth of technical information, many concerning thousands of products, as well as over 200,000 sheets of technical data, and the preservation of these documents was legally required as well as being vital for providing customers with technical support.

The Solution PHS Recordsmanagment was recruited to complete a confidential scanning service to accurately conserve these papers within the required strict time deadline. With just 6 weeks to complete the project, PHS Recordsmanagment brought in a security-vetted team to a special scanning suite on site at Panasonic Manufacturing UK. They were tasked with not only electronically imaging the documents but also indexing each individual file. Initially, the documents were separated into sections using barcodes. These would be later read by the software to automatically produce indices as the files were scanned. To ensure everything was copied only once, specially written operating procedures were devised, tracking every document while it was in PHS Recordsmanagment’s possession,

T: 0800 970 4871

minimising operator error and saving time. This painstaking methodical approach added extra security and also enabled the team to trace back and rectify any defective images attributed to a particular scanning machine.

The Result Once all of the material was securely stored electronically, it was important to Panasonic Manufacturing UK that the original papers were destroyed prior to the plant closure as they could not risk documents being found at landfill sites. By utilising the mobile shredding facilities of PHS Datashred, PHS Recordsmanagment was able to provide a full “cradle to grave” service, ensuring that items were confidentially shredded and appropriately recycled.

Phs Recordsmanagement  

Phs Recordsmanagement

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