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Meet Khadeil


My top 5 Media

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The Impact of Mass Media on Khadeil pt. 1

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My Love: Music

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My Deep Appreciation for Motion Pictures

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The Impact of Mass Media on Khadeil pt. 2

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YouTube Much? YouTube Overload TV Shows: A (Necessary) Part of My Life

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Meet Khadeil: A peek behind the veneer of aloofness Some call him distant, cold even. Others think he is shallow or just another pretty face. What they don’t know is that he is like a magic mirror that lets you see what you want to see. Khadeil Wallace is actually a warm, kind, caring person but only those closest to him truly know this. Others will probably only see glimpses of that aspect of his persona if they are lucky. He has a handful of close friends and many more who call him friend yet know very little about him. He is mysterious so much so much so that even when you are sure you know, he causes you to question what you know. He is pessimistic to boot but he is optimistic when the situation requires it. He is the type of guy that fits into every crowd, from a congregation to ravers at a party, with little or no effort. Khadeil is one of those persons that people are drawn to; some to their detriment. He possesses a charisma that allures both males and females alike but mostly females. Khadeil has that unique gift of making anyone feel welcome and wanted. He is understanding and can relate to most situations having lived so much. So many go to him for guidance and advice that is evident he is a natural leader. Though this may be he likes to stay out of the spotlight however. He plays in the band at church and at school as well as he is the life of the party. Many females have fallen prey to his charms. Men have learned the hard way at times that he is one to be taken seriously. Wherever he goes, he leaves a mark. That’s just Khadeil.


My Top 5 Media #5

BOOKS I love reading. Books have taught me so much. In my younger years, I read a lot more I do now. My wide vocabulary is testament of that.




What would life be like without some good TV shows such as Californication, Two and a Half Men, Entourage and The Big Bang Theory? It would be very dull and boring I assure you. I enjoy the luxury of having different genres of TV shows as well as the fact that they are readily available online.

MOVIES Where to begin with movies? Probably horror movies. A well directed horror film is a treat that I rarely pass up. I enjoy almost every other genre too. My favourite movies are those released before 2000 and during the early 2000s. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg movies are a must see for me as well.




You’re probably wondering why the internet didn’t make #1. Believe it or not I have a greater love. The internet provides so much. It is my main source of information and entertainment. The day when torrents were invented was truly one for the history books.

#1 MUSIC My passion. My love. My muse. My leisure. Music is more than entertainment for me. It defines me. It offers an unmatched medium of expression.


The Impact of Mass Media on Khadeil pt. 1 It is startling now to realize just how each thought and action has been influenced by some form of mass media. Mass media carries out functions such as socialization, transference of culture, social utility, surveillance, diversion, relaxation and expression. Persons keep up-to-date through news which is a form of mass communication. News is also an example media performing the surveillance function. Mass media also influences how people interact. Interaction with society takes place through the use of interpersonal communication, machine assisted communication and social media. Messages from mass media may be transferred using these means and more. The main types of mass media are print media, electronic media and new-age media. These types include newspapers, magazines, books, photography, television, radio, computers, smart phones, other electronic gadgets such as the Amazon Kindle and the Internet. With all these available to society, how could Khadeil not be influenced? He is impacted by books, internet, television, music and to a lesser extent, newspapers and magazines. Khadeil read many books growing up. He read about inventions, travelling, mythology, other subject areas as well as novels. His vocabulary grew as a result and it is evident especially when he writes and speaks. In this digital age, everything is online. As such He garners information from the internet and keeps up-to-date by visiting all his favourite news sites especially tech news. The way he dresses is influenced by Drake, a famous Hip Hop artiste. Mass media has influenced this young man throughout his life and continues to do so.


My Love: Music Music for Khadeil was just a recreation until his third year of high school. In that year, he was transferred to another high school. It was a life altering move. At this new school, all students were required to play a musical instrument. He embarked on his musical journey with the bugle but that was not the instrument for him. He tried the snare drums afterwards but the instructor quickly had him try another instrument. It seemed all had failed thus he got the easiest instrument in the band, the cymbals. His mother would not have it though and requested he try something else. He was then introduced to the instrument that would become an extension of himself, the saxophone, specifically the alto saxophone. He played that saxophone and fell in love. The more he played the stronger his love and appreciation for music grew. Slowly music became more than an enjoyable leisure activity. He began to explore the different genres, artistes and composers. Classical music which before was scorned became a treasure. As a result of his newfound love and appreciation for music, Khadeil began to change. He became more disciplined. Studies have shown that children who play a musical instrument are more disciplined than those who do not. He started collecting a plethora of music. Today he possesses over a million dollars worth of music. He uses lyrics to express himself or just to show off. He still plays the saxophone but not as much. When he does though, it is with gusto and a passion that is truly beautiful to behold. Music changed him; music made him the man we see today.


My Deep Appreciation for Movies We all agree movies allow us to escape—and there’s value in that—but it’s more than simple escapism. Movies take us to places we’ve never been and inside the skin of people quite different from ourselves. They offer us a window onto the wider world, broadening our perspective and opening our eyes to new wonders. I think we can watch movies out of more than escapist motives or desires. I think you agree that it goes beyond mere escapism. I think a good movie performs the function of catharsis. Movies can help us deal with our own lives, mourning for things we must let go of, celebrating joys we know. Movies, I think, have the powerful potential to help us deal emotionally with various parts of our lives, especially the hard parts (like you say, “Movies are visceral”). They can guide us through grief. This is why I like sad movies sometimes more than comedies. Not because I feel my life is better than those tragedies, but because then I can mourn with them for the losses I’ve experienced or for the sacrifices I have made for things I’ve KHADEIL’S FAVE Movies love. Movies are polysemic thus allowing  Saw Series each person to interpret  Matrix Trilogy them as they see fit  Disturbia depending on their  Flypaper socialization.  Domino

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Hell Raiser Series The Exorcist (1973)


The Impact of Mass Media on Khadeil pt. 2 Newspapers Newspapers have been around since the days of Caesar about 500 years ago. Newspapers were always around the house as my parents loved to stay informed. While my parents looked for credibility from these newspapers I looked for comics. Andy Capp comics were my favourite and it was fun to wait for each issue to see what would be coming next. Andy and Flo were the characters featured in the comic strip. Andy and his wife, Flo, lived out the epitome of functional dysfunction. From the pub to the bedroom, Andy’s misadventures paint an indelible portrait of an extremely British battle of the sexes. Their banter could be hostile, caring, sarcastic and adorable: the perfect ingredients for a lasting marriage. Their witty conversations have inspired my dry humour and candour.

Magazines Every young man goes through his fair share of magazines which are mostly sports, cars and pornography. I too went through this phase. I read Xbox Magazine, Guns Illustrated, g4 Magazine, Playboy and Penthouse Forum were the main source of entertainment between us guys at school. We had our own book club featuring the aforementioned magazines and many others. I was less influence by magazines as reading them was mainly to fulfil my need for information.

Radio Radio was more a part of my life in my younger years. I remember the days when I would sit next to the radio recording music onto cassettes to take to school to share with friends. Those were the good old days. I remember too listening to Alan and Dorraine in the mornings then the Jenny Jenny Show in the later years. Radio plays a lesser role in my life now however as online radio was introduced to society after the invention of computers and the internet.


Internet I have internet! OMG! I will always remember the days when internet meant waiting minutes for a computer to connect to the internet via dial-up. Remember that annoying sound that was played while it connected? When it was connected though, it was voila I have net that was facilitated by the Internet Explorer web browser. These days there are many other browsers my favourites being Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as Internet Explorer is becoming extinct. The internet has become a necessary part of life for me. It is the first option for research on any subject matter. It is my main source of entertainment. It is necessary for connecting with friends via instant messaging, emails, voice and video calling. The internet is a must have on-thego thus I am all about smart phones and tablet PCs. The internet has influenced me greatly as through its content, my worldviews and perspectives on life have been readjusted. It still continues to influence me as I delve deeper and deeper into the online world that is the Internet.



YouTube Much? YouTube Overload is the world’s largest video sharing community. Pretty much any and everything is on YouTube. Billions of video span the categories from entertainment to education, music and sports plus many more uncharacterized videos. Like fire to humans, YouTube became an essential asset to humans. It is a self-help guide to virtually anything your mind can imagine. To Khadeil, this was his playground he began his quest with simple searches that led to his acquisition of diverse and vast amounts of knowledge fellow acquaintances only dream about finding. Khadeil found himself fascinated about the Greek culture, Caribbean history and the new direction towards DUBSTEP music. As one of his top sites, his subscriptions surpass 273 users. If you spend as many hours on YouTube as Khadeil does, you may be suffering from a YouTube overload. Curb your YouTube habits!

TV Shows: A (Necessary) Part of My Life TV shows, bring humour to the home and offset the stress of a hard day at work. Through TV shows, Khadeil, learned how to socialize with all niches of people; no longer were persons unapproachable to him, his speech and linguistics skills were honed into tip top shape. Sarcasm became his strong suit and irony his companion. Like House on House M.D. his comments were like sarcasm shaken not stirred, with a twist of irony on the rocks. Because of his immense exposure to a plethora of TV Series, he is at liberty to twist and mix puns and jargons as he likes. Among information science majors this slang is often thrown around, “We are IT professionals. We see only 0s and 1s. Only 1s admitted here.” This is misinterpreted by a lot persons as it an example of semantic noise. He often classifies his persona as a mix of character traits from TV show personalities: Barney Stinkson, Gregory House and Hank Moodie. For example someone says, “Khadeil I have a problem”, he answers “Ok, I got feet, hands, $73 and you whining in front of me, what else is new?”


My Media, My Way The term “social media” is not just a hype word for me. The web has made far-reaching changes to the way many of us consume media. Here are the top 6 ways in which my media habits have changed. From a content “consumer”, social media encourages people to also create content. So, I no longer am just a consumer, but a part of a system that consults on technology and electronics offering my expertise to others. I write articles on my blog, create photographic content, video content etc. And, it’s not that I had a major change in my life which made me a “content producer”. It’s is the very nature of the “Wikipedia economy” to make people “active”, rather than “passive” in the ecosystem. Social media has weaned me off traditional media. I hardly read the newspaper these days. It’s quite a big “object” to hold in the hands anyway. Instead, I prefer to read all the news / blogs via Google Reader on my Blackberry. It is always available, easy to use and serves me fresh content. Not that I am a big TV fan, but I was quite sure that people cannot imagine their lives without the idiot box. But, I can see a lot changing there. More and more video content is moving to the web (Hulu, YouTube, on-demand movies etc.). Not only this makes content available on demand, rather than fixed show timings, it is also a great way of content “discovery”, rather than being tied to the content you subscribed for. Also, there are possibilities to buy specific content that you like and watch it at your leisure on the phone or computer. So, I don’t like all shows on g4 TV, but I can definitely download X-Play through iTunes. I have an audio cassette of one of my favourite artists, but I don’t know how to play it, in fact who even uses cassettes anymore. With music moving to digital formats, we made the content more portable. The iPods provided a great interface to run through and organize your music on-the-go. And, then phones doubled up as your music player. Even more, now I don’t necessarily have to store music, I can hear it streaming from the web legally though sites like, Last.FM, Pandora, etc. While the radio still is in fashion (somewhat), you have tons of web apps offering streaming radio. The social media makes the content timeless for me. So, I am free to go back to look at the content repeatedly with ease. Best of all, my content is no longer confined to me. It’s out there in the open – for sharing. Always available to everyone – on demand! Many of these changes we see in this new web-driven world are very disruptive, changing attitudes, behaviour and even ways of doing business.


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