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Winter 2011

ST RIDE N at io nw id e STRIDE presented research and shared knowledge at an incredible national conference this past fall.

A note from the Director Dear STRIDE Friends,

The Obesity Society ’s Annual Scientific Meeting Who: Dr. Ann Yelmokas McDermott, Dr. Suzanne Phelan and Dr. Aydin Nazmi. When/Where: October 2010, San Diego, CA What: Obesity 2010 is the event of the year for obesity professionals from around the world. Over 2,000 scientific professionals attended this year’s conference. The meeting provides networking and educational opportunities by bringing together leading players in the field from world-renowned speakers, researchers and clinicians to educators, advocates, and policy makers. Five professors associated with STRIDE displayed scientific posters reporting data from STRIDE’s FLASH Study of the Class of 2013 and Class of 2014. Dr. Phelan was invited to speak at the meeting, and was given the great honor of being published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

With each successive quarter, more interested faculty across the campus are joining STRIDE, bringing their time, expertise and additional students onto the STRIDE team. The result: a more comprehensive and integrative approach to health promotion and a great learning opportunity for Cal Poly students. During 2010, STRIDE students experienced over 6,000 hours of service-based learning while interacting with 20 community member agencies. The second HANDs on Health symposium occurred near the end of October. Our A-Team students are working harder than ever collecting all the new data from our Freshmen and Sophomores who have been participating in our FLASH College Health Study. The Health Ambassadors have also finished implementing the first of three 6-week Pink and Dude Chef sessions ― Let’s Get Started ― at Mesa Middle School. We begin phase 2: Around the World this winter. We invite you to join our team in the new year as a volunteer, mentor, expert or participant!


W hat ’s H appening? Members of the STRIDE staff have been working with local organizations to make produce more accessible to the community.

Pink & Dude Chefs learn how to eat healthy and prepare meals on a budget.

FLASH kicks off the new school year with physical assessments and online questionnaires for freshmen and sophomores.

Dr. Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD, MS, LDN stride director

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STRIDE in Action 2 FLASH - One of the Largest Young Adult Studies to Date 3 HANDs on Health Symposium 4 Iron Chef Winners 4 Striding Forward 5 Featured Staff Profile 6 Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

San Luis Obispo, CA

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STR I D E Quar ter ly | Winter 2011 | Page 2

STRIDE in Action - Interacting with the community Agriculture in the Classroom Conference


Cliff’s Hotel, Shell Beach, CA

Pink and Dude Chef Program Coordinator, Erin Miller (FSN 2010), gave a workshop presentation showcasing the after school cooking and nutrition education program health for middle school kids. Site Managers Hands onuis obispo, CA , San l (undergraduate Food Science and NuCal poly trition students) Anna Harris, MiSTRIDE and the chelle Lourenco, and Marissa CAFES Center for SustainKanemaru also attended and supability co-hosted the second anported the activities durnual HANDs on Health event. The ing the workshop.

“four-part” lecture symposium, Nurturing Healthy Children and Healthy Families: Why is it so Complicated Today? focused on the individual, environmental and national arenas of obesity issues.

Safe walking & biking environment oceano, CA

Dr. Jun-Hyun Kim, a Landscape Architecture Assistant Professor, just completed work with a studio class to design solutions for the challenges Oceano faces in planning a walking/biking safe environment. Since students and faculty at STRIDE just completed two years of School Wellness Policy in Oceano Elementary Schools, we’re very excited to see the ideas Dr. Kim’s students have shared with the community.


oceano , CA gets fit

Oceano Elementary School’s administrators, teachers and staff, Heal SLO, STRIDE and the community at large have been working to develop policies that instill healthy values. Monthly, students are introduced to new produce and engaging in Bike to School Days and Bike Rodeos. Other healthy activities include the Monday Mile Club and Jog-A-Thon.

gn health posters , ca Students desi , san luis obispo Cal poly

Assistant Professor for Graphic Design, Charmaine Martinez’s Typography III class created posters in conjunction with Heal SLO and Living Principles for Design. The posters target children and address FairCA common foods and their impact on , Health chool their health. These fun, creative S Grande High posters can be seen at www. ArroyoGrande rroyo The A.G. Health A Fair was coordinated by CAPSLO Health Services to involve the community in the effort to promote health in high school students. Strategies for a healthy environment, active living, and healthy eating encouraged students to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. STRIDE’s booth at the fair included four sections: Name that Food! – a display of exotic looking fruits and vegetables to identify, a Taste Test – with a variety of apples to sample, Stability Ball Exercises – demos using the stability ball for exercise, and a Theraband Demo – resistance workouts without expensive weights.

Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

San Luis Obispo, CA

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STRI D E Qu a r ter l y | Wi nter 2 0 1 1 | Pa ge 3

FLASH - one of the largest young adult studies to date


LASH Longitudinal College Health Study successfully tested and surveyed over sixteen hundred freshman and sophomores this fall making them one of the largest college health study in the nation. FLASH conducted online questionnaires as well as physical assessments, and was able to establish a basic health and fitness profile for each student tested. The profiles help to gain an understanding of each student’s health status and illustrate current trends in health-related behaviors. In addition to the large number of participants, one of the greatest values to the medical and scientific community is its longitudinal design - the study follows individual students over their college years and monitors change in behavior and health outcomes. The Assessment Team (A-Team) consists of trained research assistants comprised of Cal Poly undergraduate and graduate students from across the campus. Many were part of the Kinesiology Advanced Laboratory class; others volunteer to build their skill sets and improve their resume. The A-Team is responsible for study marketing, promotion and participant recruitment, the development of assess-

ment strategies, training and mentoring new A-Team members, study quality control, data collection and entry. They measured and recorded participant body mass index, resting heart rate, waist circumference, body fat, and blood pressure. Plus, this quarter a new component was added to the protocol- student phlebotomists collected a fasting blood sample from a subset of freshmen. Through the generous support of local businesses, the FLASH participants this quarter also had a chance to win prizes for participating in the study. In a raffle, 10 freshmen and 10 sophomores won Chipotle gift certificates for parties of four and another 20 won gift certificates to Big Sky Café. Smaller prizes included $10 gift cards to UniverCell, manicures at Ci-Ci Nails and spa treatments at Planet Beach & Spa. Grand Prize winners will receive FREE Books for winter quarter – donated by El Coral Bookstore! Thank you to all our generous sponsors! FLASH faculty researchers and A-Team will be spending the Winter Quarter returning to their strategic plan, systems evaluation, data analysis, program planning and getting everything ready for our Spring 2011 Testing kick-off.

FLASH numbers 2008-2010 Questionnaires

Physical Assessments







(Freshmen & Sophomores)



Total to Date



2008-2009 (Pilot Study)

2009-2010 (First Year)

Fall 2010

Heart Health Test

(fasting blood finger stick)


(Freshmen only)

~213 Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

San Luis Obispo, CA

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STR I D E Quar ter ly | W inter 2011 | Page 4

HANDs on Health - Why is being healthy so complicated today?


n Oct. 22, STRIDE held its second annual HANDs on Health event. It was located in the PAC Pavilion, and the room was almost packed. We were very excited to have four high profile professionals lecture on improving healthy living through different strategies.

She was followed by Dr. Steven Kelder, also a Professor of Health Promotion at the University of Texas. Dr. Kelder is also a principal investigator of CATCH, and Co-Director of the Michael & Susan Dell Center for the Advancement of Healthy Living.

Congresswomen Lois Capps began the panel by speaking about National Involvement. She has had a lifelong involvement in health promotion, and her position in public policy makes her an integral advocate for health on the Central Coast.

Roots of Change President Michael Dimock was the keynote speaker, and he finished off the event discussing Obesity Issues at a National Level. Roots of Change is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that is working to spawn a sustainable food system in California by 2030.

Dr. Deanna Hoelscher, a professor of Health Promotion at the University of Texas, spoke next about Individual and Family Health. She is a principal investigator for the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) program, and the director of the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Advancement of Healthy Living.

All of the speakers were well-received and answered several audience questions in a Q & A session at the end. Small seed packets of salad varieties, compliments of SLO Seed Exchange, were then given to attendees after the symposium. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and speakers who made this event possible!






Dr. Hey’s Iron Chef - The top three winners As their final exam this quarter, Dr. Hey’s Kinesiology 443 class had an Iron Chef Cook-off. Students were asked to prepare a quick and healthy meal or snack that included at least five steps in the preparation and followed nutritional guidelines. Loren Aispuro, Candice Nosworthy, and Adam Dale were dubbed the first, second and third place winners.

What was the inspiration for your food selection?

L: I was looking for something that would be tasty and good

Loren Aispuro

Candice Nosworthy

Adam Dale

Kinesiology Raising the (Energy) Bar

Communication Studies Summer Rolls

Education Healthy Spelt Salad Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

for any time of day. C: Families enjoy making and eating these treats together, and children can learn to be creative in cooking and food prep. Summer rolls can be made with a range of healthy and tasty ingredients and individuals can fill them with exactly what they like best. A: I made this healthy spelt salad because I really enjoyed it this summer and was growing 3 of the ingredients (cucumbers, tomatoes and basil) in my garden. San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 756-0673

DEaQ u arl yter S pr i2ng 0 ge | Pa STRIST D ER IQu r ter | ly Wi|nter 0 1 21 0| 1Pa 5 ge 5

Striding Forward - Some program highlights Pink & Dude Chefs

This Fall… Pink & Dude Chefs completed the first of three 6-week courses: “Let’s Get Started.” The course will now be reviewed by focus groups and through questionnaires. The Train the Trainer webinar series is close to being completed so other schools will be able to implement their own Pink & Dude Chefs program. Both “Let’s Get Started” (pre-program background skills) & “Nutrition 101” (the 1st of the 6 week program series) have been filmed.

Up Next... The second course of the Pink & Dude Chefs program will begin: “Around the World.” Program managers will be finishing up the last details involved in expanding the program nationally. We will be working with agencies to test our webinar series as well.


This Fall… STRIDE Club expanded by gaining more students this quarter. The club held a fun food demo for healthy breakfast and snack ideas in the dorms. Guest speaker and Kinesiology faculty member, Dr. Marilyn Tseng discussed research on the link between diet and cancer. The last event to top off the quarter was a Kickboxing and Body Combat Class hosted by Brittany Pults from Equilibrium Fitness!

Up Next…. Plans are currently being set for a health event with ASI (Associated Students Inc.) on Jan. 18. STRIDE Club is also in the process of becoming a member of the COSAM Council. The club is interested in writing a weekly column in Cal Poly’s Mustang Daily and attending Farmers Markets to spread the word about healthy living to the community.

Fit Moms & Choose to Lose

This Fall… Fit Moms issued the program participants their final assessments. Data was collected and analyzed for this program and written into a grant proposal. This grant was resubmitted in November and will hopefully be approved early next year.

Up Next…

Choose to Lose for Women will be in full swing. Participants have been randomized into their groups and will be attending either weekly or monthly behavioral weight loss meetings. The participants will have blood drawn to compare their hormone levels from the study entry to completion in mid to late February.

Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

San Luis Obispo, CA

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STR I D E Quar ter ly | W inter 2011 | Page 6

Featured STRIDE Staff Profile The STRIDE team is responsible for making our vision a reality. STRIDE offers a variety of unique opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community members to take part in promoting healthy living across the lifespan. The STRIDE Quarterly will highlight one of our valued and involved members each quarter. We appreciate the diversity of our team and hope our readers will get to know STRIDE a little bit better with each issue.

Name: Kristina Wong, KINE B.S. 2010 Past Involvement: Volunteer, Student & Program Coordinator Current Involvement: STRIDE Administrative Support Assistant Involved with stride since: 2007 What personal and/or professional skills has STRIDE improved or helped you gain? STRIDE has greatly improved and developed my knowledge of what it takes to create, implement and operate an organization and it’s programs. I’ve gained valuable skills in public speaking, teaching, managing, event planning, and various office and technology tasks. Favorite healthy food: It is always changing, but right now its banana cinnamon oatmeal. Favorite way to be active: Any team or group sport.

How can i help cultivate healthy habits for healthy futures? Adopt-a-Program The 6-week Pink and Dude Chefs program is currently offered at Mesa Middle School. We have schools on a waiting list, eager to become a part of this exciting and effective program. Donations large and small all add up to make this a reality - bringing Chefs to students at local middle schools, training trainers throughout the county and providing service based learning opportunities for Cal Poly students. Call the STRIDE office for more information.

Serve as a helper - short or long term We have varied needs from short term event staffing to a long term position as a part of the STRIDE team. Currently, we need videographers, graphic designers, web designers, writers and database managers who’d like to donate time while enhancing personal and professional development skills.

Support education for our involved students Get involved with the future of healthy living, nutrition and physical activity by supporting students! Please contact us if you would like to be a guest speaker or lecturer during a STRIDE club meeting or STRIDE-affiliated class. We are currently creating a resource list to help enrich our students’ learning experience.

Serve as a community health ambassador - spread the word on health! Join the STRIDE Health Ambassador Program to reach out to your networks and communities. You have a powerful network, so use it to share your interest and passion for healthy kids and families. Call the STRIDE office to get an informational packet of materials to share with your contacts. Kinesiology Department, Bldg. 43A, Room 458

San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 756-0673

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