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VOLUME 3, 2010, ISSUE 2

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Looking Back The destructive eruption of Mt. Pinatubo almost two decades ago inspired FPPF to offer a photography seminar, somehow to share some knowledge in photography among fellow Filipinos who lost their sources of income. It was a type of training which did not need prerequisites like curricular background, age or health requirements. FPPF was ready to teach principles and techniques in photography. FPPF thought that the three day photo seminar at Nayong Pilipino was sufficient enough to open simple opportunities among simple people who wanted to continue their lives with dignity. The eruption devastated many areas not only in Zambales but also in the neighboring provinces like Pampanga and Bataan. Some people responded to the offer, but these people did not actually come from the affected areas. They came from everywhere. The class was held every Sunday at Nayong Pilipino. It became bigger and bigger until FPPF opened another class on a Saturday. Still, there were more clamors forcing FPPF to move to bigger venues, two adjacent chambers at Fort Santiago.

FPPF PUBLISHERS Eduviges Y. Huang, Chairperson Dr. Amado A. Castro, Finance Officer Lito N. Beltran, Project Director EDITOR-in-CHIEF Cecilia S. Angeles, CONTRIBUTORS Raneil Antonio Ibay, Dariel R. A. Quiogue, Mark Lindo, Lito Beltran, Gary Valdez, Relewelyn de Arroz PHOTOGRAPHERS CSA, Lito Beltran, Rudy Fontanilla, Rod Vicente, Raneil Antonio Ibay, Maria Macabio, Edi Y. Huang, Sam Molina, Dofran, Brian Lee, Bebelyn Villacruel

Aside from the Basic and Advanced Photo Workshops FPPF now conducts specialized photography workshops to suit every whim and interest of the participants. Cruise Ship Photography is designed for those who like to work on board luxury liners and at the same time travel around the world while earning. Wedding Photography does not only deal with creative shooting the ceremony but also important sidelights which every photographer must know: sequence of the ceremony, business side of the wedding, necessary courtesies to observe and a lot more. Food Photography not only emphasizes how to capture mouthwatering pictures but also the trade secrets. Recently, Travel Photography was included to provide participants of the preparations before and during the onthe-spot photo sessions. So amazing that quite a number of participants are legitimate professionals already like doctors, nurses, engineers, priests, lawyers, artists, housewives, employees. Sometimes husband and wife attend together with their children. The lure of photography may not be totally on the monetary side, but on the joy participants derive from photography. (CSAngeles)

SECRETARIAT Karen de Guzman GRAPHIC DESIGN FMCulata, Mark Lindo • Foto@Work Creative Group Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros , Manila 1002 Tels: (632)524 7576; 525 5792; Telefax: (632)528 0371 E-mail:;;



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Breaking away from the noise of the city, Edi, Maria and I flew to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. Pedrito Ensomo and his sister, Claudine, met us and took us around. Through our recollections of past travels especially those with students and fellow camera club members, I discovered that Pedrito was the same suki of Kameradare travels. I recalled a special banca equipped with an improvised toilet. “Akin yon,” he bragged. I also mentioned that our boatman used to dive into the deep sea and upon surfacing on the water he had some catch for our meals. “Ako yon.” Pedrito quipped again. I marvel at how photography connects people even at unexpected times. We went around the city. We visited a butterfly garden. We went to parks, visited bakawan plantation and the underground river. We went to Dos Palmas, a little island named after two towering palm trees. Only one remains still upright and proud today because the other one succumbed to the wrath of nature. Our tour guide


enthusiastically identified the hills, the distant ranges, even the rocks along the route of our ferry. Despite the heat of summer the sea breeze and the roar of the ocean made us comfortable. The vast Philippine sea was a sight to behold. I clicked and clicked my shutter to capture the grandeur of nature we passed by. Nearing Dos Palmas, we received colorful flower sprays from a group of boatmen, making us feel like celebrities. At the end of a long wooden bridge, live music and cold drink welcomed us at the reception hall. From there we explored on foot the whole place. Dos Palmas offer a lot of amenities. Beside the home-like cottages, it offers lessons in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming and other sports game. It has an Olympic size swimming pool for those who prefer to swim in a tamer water than the sea. International food on two buffet tables is guaranteed to satisfy even the most fastidious eater. Ah, it was hard indeed to bid Dos Palmas adieu.




Come November some 80 hobbyists from 5 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines will be in the Visayas for a 6-day photo shoot. The event is called “Crossing Bridges”. According to its founders, Eddie Ng of Singapore and Kristupah Saragih, of Indonesia “Crossing Bridges” started In 2004 where representative photographers from different online photo for a meet to shoot not too famous locale, destinations, unique attractions and people. This is a big chance for the Philippines to promote these little known but interesting places to shoot. With an estimated 500,000 online communities, photos taken by participants will be the subject of discussions and may even result in encouraging Asian photographers to come and experience the Philippines. The Philippines joined Crossing Bridges last year. The venue was Padang, Indonesia and a small group of 6 Filipinos went with 70 others and lived through a fearful night of a 7.6 strong earthquake. This year, the FPPF will host the 7th Crossing Bridges which will bring the photographers in Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. As always, we need to go to the places where the group will be brought just to be sure the preparations are done well. We say, “Welcome, our friends from Southeast Asia.” Local officials, camera clubs in Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod, the Department of Tourism are all supporting the project. The photos will be exhibited at the annual PhotoworldAsia 2011. (Lito Beltran)

Julieanne Kost’ s

Evangelism at FPPF

By Cecilia S. Angeles FPPF has invited Julieanne Kost, American photographer, to teach at the coming PhotoWorld Asia 2011. She has been a speaker at many design conferences and trade shows around the world. Evangelism connotes a limited concept of propagating religious beliefs and principles. Julieanne Kost's evangelism relates to digital imaging for Adobe Systems. She has spread the world over ideas, concepts, and the fast rising popularity of the Adobe Systems used in photography. Adobe digital imaging technology has touched so much the world far and wide that even young children do digital imaging today. Julieanne Kost's evangelization includes costumer education, product development and market research through her writings in books and other publications, speaking at design conferences and teaching in workshops and fine arts schools around the world. Soon, PhotoWorld Asia 2011 participants will learn from Julieanne Kost the latest tips and techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

After the FPPF seminars on weekdays, weekends and year ends, FPPF mentors deserve to isolate themselves and ponder or engage in their personal interest. Today they group together once more at Adamson University Art Gallery on 900 San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila to showcase collectively their expressions thru the shutter, the computer, the brush, the palette, the pen, and colors. This is not a relief from the teaching pressures from the photo seminars throughout the year, for they do not feel these. This exhibit is simply to share what other fine enjoyment the versatile FPPF mentors have. This is another proof of their creative personality. Together they work. Together they enjoy. Together they feel happy. May the viewers feel equally happy viewing the FPPF Mentors' Creative Symphony. Participants include: Prof. Cecilia S.Angeles, George Cabig, Lito de Guzman, Rod Banzon, Joey Tañedo and Vic Sison.

FPPF mentors, Ador Pamintuan and Vic Sison, recently conducted an outreach Photography Workshop at San Fernando, La Union. Some 37 enthusiasts from the Ilocos Region learned basic lessons in photography, a booming art among hobbyists. The participants were very grateful to FPPF to have received the extension of the workshop which seems difficult to realize because of distance and material consideration.


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