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The UrbanBikini Project

fashion and beauty photography by Jorge Parra

About Jorge Parra and UBIK The UrbanBikini Project (UBIK) started just as a fashion statement ,with models shot in lingerie and swimwear in the urban landscape. It’s future shape will include the new concept: “UrbanBikini Goes Green” As our approach will include our comitment to use fashion and fine art photography to convey an eco-friendly message. Jorge Parra and his team will be heading this extended version of the project. Stay tuned.

The UrbanBikini Project Fashion and Fine Art Photography in the urban landscape by Jorge Parra


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a We make the UrbanBikini Project happen!! *Ubik Productions Group is commited to bring high end entertainment fashion shows and performances, Gallery Exhibits and unusual shows with an elegant and chic style. *UbikProductions Group works with short and long terms partnerships with many clients and sponsors from the fashion, fitness, music and entertainment industry. *Ubik Productions Group manages The Urban Bikini Project in the USA, thus involving and promoting Fashion models, Fitness models, Movies and TV emerging stars, DJ's and Musicians into fashion photography print media and video productions. *UbikPoductions Group has set up a strategic alliance with FashionTVStudio in Miami for the production of high end videos of our events and our special fashion shootings.

Contact The UrbanBikini Project: Photography by Jorge Parra Š 2005-2009 Jorge Parra / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Miami 786-222 94 05

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The UrbanBikini Project by Jorge Parra

The UrbanBikini Project: Fashion and Beauty in the urban Landscape  
The UrbanBikini Project: Fashion and Beauty in the urban Landscape  

This is a brief compilation of images from the UBIK project. Stay tuned for more.