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an homage to Mark Rothko

Photographs by Peter Sorel Poems by D.E. Green

On the cover: Before sunrise, 2012


an homage to Mark Rothko

Twentyone views of Lake Michigan and the sky above

Photographs by Peter Sorel Poems by D.E. Green

August 2, 6pm

Under a dark slate sky above black waters the end of the world a blazing horizon

Aurora I.

Faintest blue whispers bleed Yellow, orange. Rose, rose, pink rose. We fall through pale blue, then bluer, And level at unpolished steel.

January 31, 9am

Ice, ice, ice, ice. Gray winter groans under suffused white light. No color nor possibility of spring.

Aurora III.

Thoughts pass like dark clouds across the red dawn of the mind: Their shadows deepen the blue surface.

Aurora XII..

The jetty confines me to the dampened shore far from Aurora’s glowing castle in the clouds.


A horizontal bisects a plane—sea and sky: Earth’s geometry.

Blue ice, 2011

mist light cloud mist cloud light mist rose risen pink streaks risen rose ice bluest bluer blue ice blue ice blue

Daybreak, August 2013

When the dawn strikes a stray cloud salmon-red, The blues and blacks of my sky and my sea Flow out toward you—always beyond reach.

Early winter morning, fog, 2012

Rose tints dawn’s blue horizon. A ribbon of white light illuminates green waters. And then—the thought of you.

Getting cold, 2012

Winter’s not hopeless: Ice melts. We will swim To the jetty. The waters Will blue, the sky brighten.

July evening, 2010

Sapphire world: aqueous opacity beneath pastel-soft skies. Between— a ruby line glows, wavers, and subsides.

Midsummer morning, 2012

Warming in the yellowing sun One cool blue stripe A distant violet haze Chicago unseen behind us

Morning storm, March, 2012

Behind lowering clouds—a breath of light blues the distant sky. There onyx waters touch a luminous horizon.

May 9, 6pm

A swirling lapis sky—a hint of rose— two parallel streaks—of turquoise— we ride—the surface—of our lives

Morning light, 2011

Why is life always over there beyond the near blue boundary? Move out, out toward the horizon— lilac ad fuschia melting skyward.

Not yet 6am, April 21, 2011

Out of darkness and the deep Rose light, rose orange light Wisps across the bluing sky

Stormy afternoon, April 19, 2013

Irradiant liquid green grades to solid blue against sfumato sky.

Sunrise, summer, gulls, 2013

Sunrise rainbow—gulls on the jetty Now—she turns to him Let us begin the day

Sunrise, fog, summer morning, 2013

A palette of fog and mist suffused light窶馬o horizon the lines have disappeared

The blues...2012

Despite white light and blue skies The hard edges of your moods Stripe the approaching seas: Opaque teal, stippled steel-blue.

Winter, 2014

Between us—islands of frozen white the green bar of chill water and the blue beyond reach

PETER SOREL is a photographer in Chicago. He is represented by Arica Hilton at Hilton/Asmus Contemporary. D.E. GREEN has taught literature and writing at Augsburg College in Minneapolis since 1988.


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An homage to Mark Rothko. Photographs by Peter Sorel


An homage to Mark Rothko. Photographs by Peter Sorel